Born to Suck Ch. 08

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We both finished rinsing off and I shut my own shower off once Sven had turned his off. I reached for one of the towels he’d brought in and looked at Sven as I started drying myself. He had a scornful look on his face and stood there with his hands on his hips shaking his head in disapproval.

“Wh….what?” I asked, totally confused.

“You’ve still got a lot to learn, Kid,” he said firmly. “Remember what we talked about earlier; you need to take care of me first.” He nodded towards the other towel on the bench and I understood immediately. I felt ashamed of myself for forgetting about our earlier discussion. I put my own towel down quickly and grabbed the unused one.

“That’s better,” he said as I reached up and started drying his big muscular body. He stood there patiently as I worked the big fluffy towel over his rugged masculine form. It felt so good to run my hands over those firm muscles as I dried him from head to toe. I could feel the drops of water cooling on my own body as I took care of him. I took my time drying that beautiful big cock and those two sperm-filled balls of his, hoping I’d soon have my lips and mouth back on them.

“That’s good,” he said as he just walked out of my grasp, apparently satisfied with the drying job. I quickly grabbed my own towel and finished drying myself before wrapping it around my body modestly and walking out of the shower room. I walked over until I was outside the door to his room and looked in. He had turned on the lamp on his bedside table and I could see him kind of half sitting/half lying against a stack of pillows he’d mounded up against the headboard. His eyes met mine and I saw a wickedly sinful leer cross his face as he drew his knees up and let his legs roll apart to each side. I gulped as I saw that long dormant monster lying on the sheet come invitingly into view. I felt myself moving forward unconsciously as the big baseball-sized head seemed to draw me in hypnotically.

“Get rid of that towel and get where you belong,” he said firmly as he nodded to the empty space between his spread thighs. Without ever taking my eyes off that mesmerizing tube of flesh, I felt my fingers automatically undo the knot at my waist and let the towel drop to the floor. I crawled onto the bed and moved into my required position on my hands and knees between his spread thighs.

“You might as well settle right down and get comfortable,” he said as he looked at me approvingly, “you’re gonna be there for awhile.” I lied down on my stomach and bent my legs up behind me. I looked like a little kid lying on the floor watching Saturday morning cartoons; only what I was looking at looked like a big sleeping serpent instead of a cartoon character. I could smell the clean fresh scent emanating from his masculine body. As the powerful warm fragrance drifted onto my senses, I felt a feeling of comfort and contentment roll over my body. I brought my face closer to his groin and breathed deeply.

“Aaaaahh,” I let out a little gasp of satisfaction as his masculine aroma invaded my senses.

“You like that, Kid?” he asked as he looked down at me with a smile on his face. “You like the smell of my crotch?”

“Oh gosh yes. I….I love it,” I confessed as I brought my face even closer and inhaled hungrily once more.

“Good, then you won’t mind getting your face right in there,” he said firmly as he took hold of my head and pushed it into the warm crease between his thigh and groin. It felt beautiful as my face was pressed against his warm flesh. I could feel his cock lying against my cheek as my nose was buried into the soft skin of his silky bag.

“There you go, you should be able to smell me real good with your face right there,” he said as I felt his hands release my head. “Now, I want you to let me see how good that sweet little tongue of yours is. I want you to just take your time and work that tongue all around there before I let you worship my cock.” I felt a little shudder of desire go through me as there was nothing I would rather do than lay between this beautiful man’s spread legs and worship that big majestic cock of his. “Worship”….that was the perfect word for the way I wanted to serve his long thick beautiful cock. I only hoped I could prove myself worthy.

“Yes, sir,” I mumbled softly as I slithered my tongue out and started to take long loving swipes across his abdomen. The stubbly skin of his shaved groin felt funny under my tongue as I slowly licked and laved away at his exposed skin. I could taste a little bit of his warm salty sweat as I licked along the soft crease where his leg met his torso. For the next ten minutes or so, I slowly bathed the whole area above and around his virile manhood with my warm flowing saliva.

“Now down here,” he said as he reached down and lifted his heavy cock and laid it up along his abdomen. He motioned towards his relaxed wrinkled sack and I looked down at those huge egg-shaped orbs contained within it that I hoped were just surging with a fresh load casino şirketleri of semen for me. His distended bag was lying on the sheets, his relaxed balls resting within the protective sack. I moved closer and slithered my tongue out as I slid it lovingly over the silky wrinkled surface. It felt so amazingly soft under my tongue as I licked and slobbered over every square inch as I nuzzled my whole face all around that soft silky bag, all the while licking and chewing on it tenderly. There was more of his warm sweat beneath it and I lifted his heavy balls gently in my hands and ran my tongue all around the soft tender skin on the underside.

“Now, one at a time, I want you to take those balls into your mouth,” he said. He didn’t really have to tell me to take just one at a time, there was no way both of them would have ever fit in my mouth together! I pressed my mouth against the silky soft skin and opened my lips as wide as I could get them and then kind of softly sucked one of those big swollen nuts into my mouth. I felt the incredible weight of it moving inside the protective sack as it settled on my tongue.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” he said softly as he looked down at me slavishly sucking on his cum-filled balls, “give that baby a nice warm bath. Of fuck yeah.” He let out a soft groan as I rolled the big round nut all around inside my mouth. I drew on it softly with a gentle sucking motion and let him feel the insistent tug as I moved my mouth slightly backwards. I then swirled my tongue all around that sperm-filled beauty and coated it liberally with my warm gooey saliva. I let that ball slip softly out of my mouth and repeated the procedure with his other one. I gently switched from one ball to the other as I pleasured them for the next ten minutes or so.

“Okay, Kid, time to work on my cock for awhile,” he said. I let the spit-coated ball in my mouth slip out and settle back onto the sheet beneath him. I could already see the darker wet stain on the sheet where my saliva had slid down off his body. I lifted my head slightly and could see that his cock had become partially swollen while I had been working on his balls. It lay across his abdomen like a long fat snake, just waiting to pounce on its prey. I leaned forwards and pressed the flat part of my tongue against the base of his protruding ventral ridge and started to lick upwards.

“Mmmmm….that’s it. Just take your time and let me feel that sweet tongue all over my cock.” I slowly licked all around the base of his mighty shaft and then started to work my way northwards. I could feel the warm shaft stiffening and thickening as I kissed, licked and sucked at his hardening erection. As he had instructed me, I took my time and was thrilled to see that by the time I got just beneath the broad crimson knob, his magnificent cock was sticking straight up, hard as a rock. I sat back slightly and looked at the beautiful throbbing shaft, shining with a glossy coating of my warm spit. I saw a noticeable throb go through his long thick cock and a silky gob of pre-cum pulsed from the gaping red eye at the very tip and started to run sluggishly down the inverted “V” on the underside of his cock.

“There’s a little sample for you, Kid,” he said as he looked down at me with a sinfully wicked smile on his face. I dove forward and pressed my tongue against the wide throbbing shaft just below the sliding drop of pre-cum. When I felt the silky fluid hit the surface of my tongue, I ran it slowly upwards, gathering it all up on my tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred as my tongue touched the spongy membranes of his cockhead. I adhered my lips in a pursed kiss around the oozing eye and sucked.

“Oh yeah, fuck you’re good,” Sven said with a low groan as I let the tip of my searching tongue tease into the hot red opening of his piss-slit. Once I got a taste of his warm silky juice, there was no stopping me. With my mouth pressed against the hot pebbly surface of his cockhead, I let my lips follow the inviting slopes of the wide long cap down until my stretched lips slid over the pronounced ridge of his corona. I could barely fit the whole knob into my mouth but I sucked and licked as best as I knew how. His pre-cum continued to flow onto my waiting tongue and I wrapped both hands around his gnarled veiny shaft and started pumping them up and down in unison as my slobbering mouth bobbed up and down.

“Easy there, Kid,” he said in a soothing voice. “Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get that big mouthful you’re waiting for. Just slow down; you can keep doing what you’re doing for now, but I want you to just take it nice and slow.” He kind of wriggled back and settled further into the stacked up pillows and for the next twenty minutes or so showed me just where and when he wanted my mouth. He showed me how he liked me to stop my hand movements while I gave his engorged cock-head a warm swirling bath in my spit. Then he showed me how he liked to see me slowly pump a gob of his warm fluid all the way up that long 11″ shaft until casino firmaları it burped out the tip as I waited with my mouth open for it to ooze out onto my tongue. I was in absolute heaven as he taught me exactly how he wanted me to suck him. My mouth was just buzzing with the slow friction between my moist oral cavity and his hot hard cock. I could tell that my lips were swollen and they felt stretched and sore from the number of times I’d had them on and off that thick hard erection of his. His stiff upright cock was just glistening with a fine coating of my spit and I could see the wet spot on the sheet growing where the excess had slid off his bag to make a damp stain. When I gave off another little needy squeal as he pulled my mouth off his cock and drew the hot dripping head all around my face, he finally spoke.

“What is it, Kid,” he said as he drew his flowing pre-cum teasingly all around my swollen pouting lips, “is there something you want?”

“Oh please, sir?” I said in a pleading tone. I looked at him with a lustful look of desire in my eyes.

“What is it? What is it you want?” He asked in mock seriousness as he rubbed the very tip all around my full bottom lip.

“Oh please sir?” I was begging now. “I….I need it.”

“What is it you need, Kid?”

“Your cum, sir. Please, can I have it now? I’ve tried to be good.” I was almost whimpering with need as my tongue flicked out and drew the warm silky fluid coating my lips into my mouth.

“Okay, I guess you deserve another load; go ahead,” he said with a wry smile. I dove onto his cock and slid my lips as far down on that tremendous cock as I could. I still wasn’t even halfway down! I wrapped both hands around the velvety smooth shaft and started pumping the outer sheath back and forth. I pushed a mouthful of saliva to the front of my mouth and let it run out the corners of my mouth and down his pulsing shaft as I started to methodically bob my head up and down on the huge enflamed knob. I relished in the delightful tingling feeling of the warm friction between the pebbly surface of his glans and my soft full lips. My hands were sliding easily up and down that rigid thick shaft as my lubricating spit flowed down beneath my little fingers.

“Oh fuck yeah…..just a little more and then you’ll get a nice big load of medicine,” he said between ragged breaths. Like I had done earlier, I took my fingers and started scratching teasingly around the taut skin at the base of that stallion-like cock.

“OH FUCK…….OH JESUS……HERE IT COMES,” he grunted loudly and then I felt the first thick rope of cum jettison forth. The initial blast of his cum was massive and I could feel my mouth filling rapidly. A second and third ropey blast followed and I felt the incredible load of thick semen leaking from the corners of my stretched lips already. I swallowed and felt the warm viscous fluid slide down my throat.

“Mmmmmm,” I mewed like a kitten as the warm musky flavor filled my senses. Even as he continued to shoot, I could smell as well as taste his strong masculine flavor. I could feel his engorged shaft throbbing and pulsing beneath my fingers as the huge crimson knob ejaculated again and again into my waiting mouth. I had always thought Mr. Jarvis had a lot of cum, but nothing could compare to this massive load of Sven’s. It must have been because he’d had me working on him for so long that he’d primed a big load. Whatever it was, I certainly wasn’t complaining. My mouth was overflowing with his warm milky seed as he continued to unload onto my waiting tongue. I sucked and sucked until I had absolutely drained him of every drop that I could get. I could feel my own little cock hard as a rock between my legs and when his spent shaft finally started to slowly deflate in my mouth, I eased it out of my mouth and sat back. We both looked down at my throbbing shaft and I reached down to help myself achieve a much-needed release.

“No! Wait!” he said in warning as he held his hand out for me to stop.

“But…but sir. I need to cum bad,” I said as I looked at him pleadingly.

“Not until I say so,” he said firmly. “Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I nodded.

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you cum soon enough. In fact, I’ve got something in mind that I think you’re gonna love.” He slid his big rugged body off the bed and pointed to the damp spot where he’d just been laying. “You just lay down there for a minute. I’ll be right back. And keep your hands off your cock.” Curious but anxious to see what he had in mind, I willingly obeyed and lay down and waited.

I heard him go into the shower washroom area and heard some water running. He came back a minute or two later with a big bucket full of hot steaming water with a facecloth floating on top, and a razor and can of shaving cream in his other hand. My little cock was still hard as rock and in need of attention but he just ignored it as he wrung out the facecloth and applied the hot wet cloth to my pubic area.

“It’s güvenilir casino time to get rid of that peach-fuzz,” he said as I felt the comforting warmth of the steaming cloth seep into my skin. He left it there as he got his shaving stuff ready. He also reached over to his desk drawer and pulled out his big jar of Vaseline and set it on the bedside table. Seeing the Vaseline reminded me of watching him jack off and I decided to make a full confession.

“Sven, I’ve got something to confess.”

“Well, you’re just full of confessions today, aren’t you,” he said with a smirk. I felt myself turning red after he said that.

“I…I just wanted to tell you that I watched you jerk off,” I hesitatingly admitted.

“Are you talking about last night or the first night you were here?” he said with a little chuckle.

“You…….you knew!” I asked as my eyes flew wide open in surprise.

“Sure I knew. I guess I should look into fixing those floorboards,” he said as he nodded towards the doorway. So he had heard that telltale creaking as I’d sneaked closer. “And then after you went back to bed, I checked the towel. As I’d expected, you’d licked up every drop.”

“How….how did you know I’d do that?” I asked with an incredulous look on my face.

“I could tell by the way you looked at me the first time you got off that bus. You looked like somebody who’s been lost in the desert for weeks and comes upon an icy case of beer. You had a look on your face that you wanted nothing more than a mouthful of my cum right there. I bet if I’d whipped out my cock, you would have dropped to your knees and sucked me off right there in the street.” He looked at me intently and we both knew the truth; he was absolutely right. “So, with that cum-hungry look you had about you, I figured your curiosity would get the better of you that night.”

“And…..and you didn’t mind?”

“No, not at all. You’re just what I’ve been hoping for. Like I said, I like to cum a lot, and there’s nothing I need more than a little cum-hungry slave like you to take all my loads.”

“And…..and you picked me?” I said excitedly as I looked at his rugged masculine features.

“Well, I think fate just kind of helped us pick each other.”

“I….I guess you’re right.” As I thought about him describing me as his “little cum-hungry slave” I could feel myself getting excited again and my cock had resumed standing up between my legs.

“So you’re a pretty heavy sleeper too, eh Kid?”

“Wh…what?” I asked, not sure where this comment was coming from.

“Yeah, that first night, you must have been pretty tired from that long bus ride. After I knew you’d watched me jerk off, when I was ready with a second load, I came over by your bed and spoke to you, figuring you’d wake up. When you didn’t, I just started looked at that pretty mouth of yours in the moonlight and started to jerk off.”

“You…you did?” I asked incredulously. I had been right about those stains on my sheets.

“Yeah, I drew the tip of my cock along the line of your lips a couple of times and you didn’t even wake up. I was tempted to pump my load out all over your face but I still wasn’t 100% sure how you’d react, so I just shot it all over your covered body instead. I knew you were awake the second night, that’s why I shot one big gob right on your cheek. I assume you didn’t mind?”

“No sir, not at all. I felt it run into my mouth and when you left, I licked the rest of it off my sheets.”

“That’s good, ’cause in the future, if I wake up in the middle of the night and want to cum, I’m just gonna come over to your bed and I’ll expect you to swallow whatever I want to give you, okay?”

“Yes sir!” I said emphatically as a shiver of desire ran through my body.

“Okay, now let’s get you cleaned up,” he said as he drew the warm facecloth away from my body. “You just hold that little stiffy out of the way, but no playing with it. Understand?”

“Yes sir,” I said obediently as I reached down and pushed my rigid little cock downwards away from abdomen. He squirted some shaving cream onto his hand and I felt the cool sensation of the fragrant cream against my skin as he spread it all around the base of my cock. He took his razor and started to draw it across my sensitive flesh. It felt ticklish and nasty at the same time. I was thrilled that he was shaving me just like he shaved himself.

“So how did you like those stories you read on my computer?” he asked as he continued to remove my wispy-fine hairs.

“You….you knew about that too?” I asked, shocked once again.

“Yeah, I kind of figured you’d take a look so I set up a little tracking program that showed me what you’d looked at.” My mouth was just gaping open now; Sven had amazed me once again with his ability to know what I would do. “So which story did you like better, the one with the trucker and the hitchhiker or the one with the construction workers?” Wow! He wasn’t kidding; he knew exactly what I had done. I felt my face burning with embarrassment at having been caught. The good thing was; I now knew inside that Sven had kind of set things up that way. He’d wanted me to watch him, and then to see some of those stories he’d left on his computer.

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