Boys Night In

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Big Dicks

Our wives have gone to the movies. They always do on Thursdays. It’s become a bit predictable. We – that is, you and I – sometimes go out to a bar in the city and watch Georgina, a beautiful drag artist, very sexy. But tonight we decide to stay in. We have a couple of beers and soon get bored. Until we start talking about sex, which is pretty good fun and somehow inevitable when we get together.

Because I’m a bit loosened up by the alcohol (we’ve both sunk quite few ‘Buddies’) I ask you a personal question – whether you’ve ever imagined your wife going down on another woman. You blush and say, “Sometimes.”

I tell you that I think about it a lot, and I even imagine my wife Helen, going down on your wife Sally. I can see it strikes a chord with you too. I ask you if you ever masturbate when you’re thinking about it. You grin and sip your beer, avoiding the answer for the moment. Your shyness is both amusing and endearing. I admit to you that I enjoy a good wank at the thought of the girls licking each other out. I tell you that one of my favourite fantasies is your Sally and my Helen, coming back from the movies in the car and pulling over into a quiet spot off the road and… well, you know… getting down to it basically. It really turns me on.

“Me too,” you say, blushing some more.

“Fancy watching a porno?” I say.

“Sure, why not?” You always get adventurous after casino oyna a few beers.

I crack us another couple more Buds and put on a DVD. A work mate has let me borrow this one, but I’ve not seen it yet. I wanted to watch it when we were together, like tonight, at my house, when we were both fresh to it. It’s called ‘Any Which Way’, but not the Clint Eastwood version where his best friend’s an orang-utang.

This one features a couple of high-school sweethearts who visit the girl’s aunt and uncle at their big house in the country, little suspecting that they are about to be educated in the pleasures of bi-sex.

First comes a session of normal sex. The aunt sidles up to the boy on the sofa and kisses him, encouraging him to feel her boobs. Meanwhile, the uncle has his niece sitting on his lap while he feels her up. Her skirt rides up and the camera zooms in to a flash of white panties barely covering her crotch. She seems to be enjoying herself. They all remain fully-clothed and indulge only in heavy-petting, but go no further. Soon they swap around. The woman takes the girl, and the man takes the boy.

The aunt then seduces her niece on the sofa and strips her in front of the men who take out their cocks and start to masturbate over the women. After a while the uncle persuades the young man that it would be quite nice to masturbate each other, which they do with some enthusiasm, slot oyna and soon they both shoot their pearly white drops over the ladies’ bare skin. Soon both sets of couples are engaged in really hot, gay sex which culminates in a kind of bi-sexual daisy-chain. The uncle stands nonchalantly with his hands on his hips while having his cock sucked by the boy who is kneeling subserviently before him. The niece is licking her uncle’s hairy arse while straddling the face of her aunt, who in turn is lying on her back eating her pretty young niece’s cunt.

It’s too much for me and I take out my cock, rub it a few times to get it nice and hard, and then I stand in front of you while you remain seated in the armchair. You look amazed at my audacity and cannot speak. I get hold of your hand and encourage you to do it for me. My eight and a half inches of hot and throbbing, blue-veined ivory, makes your guts melt and your own prick like a stick of rock. You oblige and it feels wonderful, for both of us. “Come on, J, suck me off, you faggot. You know you want to swallow my thick, peppery cum, you naughty boy…”

You blush hotly and remain reluctant. I feel I can’t back down now and lose face. I know I would feel embarrassed at my failed attempt to indulge in…

I get nearer, so my prick is bobbing right before your eyes. I clasp the back of your head and exert a little pressure.

“I don’t canlı casino siteleri think I can…”

“Come on, J. Don’t make an idiot of me. Just try it.”

I pull hip in close so that his lips are resting on it. It’s weird, a bloke’s mouth right on my todger when it should be woman. My cock is so hard it hurts. I’m really up for this, so I put some more pressure on the back of his head, urging him to do the honourable thing. And suddenly, while looking at the pre-cum that had accumulated on my knob, the head disappeared between his lips as he took me in. I moved gently against his face, kind of fucking it until I felt him take over and began sucking me off for real. I closed my eyes for the most part, occasionally opening them to watch his head moving against my groin. Sometimes a little suction noise would escape from his mouth. This was my first time with another guy and it was wonderful, J sucked so powerfully on me that I thought at one time he was going to tear the damn thing out by its roots.

I could feel myself getting close. My face was hot and my heart beat like a steam hammer. I could hear it in my ears. Then a kind of rushing, a release of lust and emotion as my cum spurted forth into J’s mouth. He recoiled in surprise and my spermy cream then hit his face with a force and intensity that I feared for a moment it would not stop. My guts melted away from me as I emptied my balls. J was coughing and spluttering, crystals of spent cum glistened on his eyebrows and lashes. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his sweaty head. It was then I heard a key scraping in the front door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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