Brod: Breeding Osaka Pt. 02

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The doors opened before them. They entered the spa area we’d commandeered. With every nubile new arrival I laid eyes on, I felt a slight pang in my balls. My sperm were multiplying. I swear I could feel it! I felt pressure increasing as their scent reached me. I felt the shift deep in my gut, the deep breath in my chest. I needed them, but I squeezed the back of the chair and kept my composure.

And directly ahead, they’d see me, standing behind my custom-built chair. It hid everything from my sternum on down. Behind me was a bed, and behind that was a wall of glass. The morning sun lit the Osaka skyline. I stood in the middle of a recessed circular area adjacent to the window. This area usually housed spa tables, and it had a drains around the edges. If you’ve read my stories, you know how important that particular feature is.

The space was airy and warm in color, with a lot of bamboo. Surrounding the recessed area were rows of chaises, radiating outward. We’d had to fill most of the space with them, because I’d be serving about sixty women each day I was here. Each chaise and the bed had a cover over it—they apparently make cloth-like fluid-proof covers for mattresses, and covering the furniture herein with the same material was a lot cheaper than me going to the trouble of buying new furniture. And, really, it was hardly noticeable since it did indeed feel like cloth.

I was dressed in a luxurious purple robe. But with how heavily I’m hung, the halves don’t really cover my junk so much as drape to either side of it. I had pulled the halves forward so even if they came around the side, they wouldn’t immediately see my equipment.

But they couldn’t see my lower body. They just saw my shoulders and my smile. The ladies mostly looked somewhat confused as they looked around the room. I beckoned everyone forward and spoke up in Japanese. “Anata wa, mawari no shushu dekiru yo daremoga, no chikaku ni kimasu.” Everyone, come as close as you can, gather round.

The chaises made that difficult, but a woman is much smaller than a chaise so they were able to fill the circle around me. They looked at each other, some swallowing, some biting their lips. A lot of stomachs were turning, pushing upward into throats.

Some began questioning their life decisions, some began wondering what the baby would look like, some thought I looked sort of like a sumo. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I could smell the subtle perfumes of all of them. I drew slow breaths, controlling the rumble deep in my balls. I could feel the burning libido in my loins, the pressure, the iron grip of my instinct to make mommies. That grip was squeezing my balls, and it wouldn’t relent—especially now that their emptying was imminent.

After a couple of minutes, they’d formed a rough circle around me. They stood at the edges of the recess. Thalita and Valeska came in, their stature drawing their fair share of stares, even though the women had passed the two outside.

It probably didn’t help that they were both wearing masks over their mouth and nose. With their skimpy swimsuits, they looked sort of like they’d just stepped out of Mortal Kombat. Yara appeared as well, dressed the same. Nahid was still in her bath. I wasn’t sure where Mariam was. Jane wasn’t there, but she didn’t really care about watching. One of the reasons I hired her was specifically because she doesn’t experience sexual desires and thus could conduct my operations with a clear head. Mariam wasn’t as much of a minx as her mother—but I’d taken care of her more than a few times.

My nuts were boiling and pressurized. I felt a glob of jizz leak from my cock and splat on the floor. I heard a couple of gasps. I opened my eyes, saw all of them watching me. Most were dressed very plainly, as instructed. But others had ignored our suggestions and dressed in fairly nice clothing.

Ms. Shizuka entered the room, prim and proper as she’d been described. She didn’t have a facemask on, but she also wouldn’t be here for very long. She very politely shuffled through the crowd and bowed to me. I returned the gesture and spoke in English, “I’m pleased to finally meet you, Shizuka-san.”

“And you as well, Kanayama-san. The stories precede you,” she said, offering her hand. I was slightly surprised—native Japanese did not usually shake hands—but then again, Western culture was penetrating theirs as much as I was penetrating their women. Her tiny hand disappeared into my meaty paw. I squeezed it. She gave a firm shake and continued, “My colleagues have told me about your … events. If I may make a comment, I was skeptical when I heard such a thing was even legal.”

I chuckled. “Legally speaking, these are fertility treatments,” I explained.

“That is what I’m told.”

“I’m only going to need you for a short time, but please remain available,” I told her. “What were you told about your role for the next two weeks?”

“I am to help with the orientation casino oyna of your … patients … and to translate your opening remarks. Then I am to remain available if you need me during the event,” she answered.

I nodded, “That’s right. We don’t want you getting drawn into the event itself because someone around here needs to be professional,” I chuckled.

“I assure you I have the utmost self-control, Kanayama-san.”

“I’m sure you do, but you haven’t seen anything like what’s going to happen here today,” I told her. “It may sound like I’m bragging, but I will impregnate all sixty of these women and it’s likely that most of this room is going to be covered in my sperm.”

She shuffled slightly.

“I will be pumping them full of so much semen they won’t be able to move.”

She gulped.

I grinned. this was fun. “This pit will be knee-deep with my sperm, they will have to wade through it.”

“Mr. Kanayama, I … do not need to know the details,” she said, her voice a bit breathy.

I chuckled. “Let’s get going.”

She nodded.

I bowed to my “guests.” I held my robe closed as I turned to each side and bowed to the women around me. I spoke again in Japanese. “Welcome, ladies. I am honored to meet you all. I am Kanayama Minoru, but you probably know me by my American name, Brod. You can call me either name. I want you all to be comfortable. I understand that this is a strange event. But my staff and I want to make it a great day for you. First, I will take off my clothes so that you can see me. Then, my employees will strip. Finally, I will ask all of you to take off your own clothes. Then we will start. Are there any questions?”

I repeated the same speech in English. Shizuka-san repeated it in Chinese.

The women all looked at each other. One stepped down. She bowed. I bowed back. She was small and was slender, but she had wide hips. Not much of an ass or tits, but I hardly cared. The woman was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. “If no one protests, I would like to go first.”

I looked around the room. No one said anything.

“What is your name?”

“Keiko. Four of my friends had your children,” she told me.

“And are they happy?” I asked, smiling warmly.

Her cheeks dimpled as she smiled back. “Very happy! I would also be honored to bear your children, Minoru-sama,” she bowed deeply as she said this. It was all I could do not to throw her on the bed and pound her pussy right then.

“I’m glad you are here, Keiko. I appreciate your deference, but am here to serve to you,” I explained.

She nodded. “You are more humble than I thought you would be,” she said. “Given your … place in life.”

I smiled and gestured for her to step back.

“By now, Jane must have showed you the cast of my cock. Let me show you the real thing.” I stepped around the chair and slipped my robe off. Plush purple poured onto the ground. Jaws fell. Hands slapped cheeks. There were gasps and eyes as wide as saucers.

I let their eyes roam over my bare body. I am not especially tall—about six feet. But I am broad—it is my name, after all. I am not built like an underwear model—I look more like an offensive lineman or a strongman.

My thick-fingered hands settled on my hips. My arms looked bigger than their legs, powerful biceps under an adipose sheath, wide shoulders with huge deltoids defined in the light behind me. My core wasn’t chiseled, but one could see the outline of my rectus abdominis and the bulk of my pecs and the breadth of my lats. My legs were just as robust, each one as big as one of those ladies’ waists. Huge quads shifted under the surface. All was covered in skin baked to a honeyed tan in the sunlight of Tocobaga Bay. My black hair was cropped short, my face a rounded square with a sturdy jaw, sitting atop my thick neck.

But the star of the show was, of course, my monstrous cock. I was still 28 inches at this time. Soft, it was 19 inches in length and thicker than a two-liter bottle. The glans was the size of a large grapefruit. Each testicle was easily bigger than a volleyball or my head. All hung low in front of me, heavy and dripping.

I held on to control as I waved them in and said, “This is going to be inside you today. Get to know it.”

There was a moment of hesitation. One by one, then clumps, then the entire crowd approached. Women got to their knees. Some of them were already stripping. Keiko was at the forefront, kneeling directly ahead of me, her jaw open, big brown eyes looking up at me as her little hands rubbed over my ludicrous member.

More women got down on their knees. I groaned as my cock disappeared under their touching hands. My heartbeat quickened, my cock began to bloat. It began pulsing, swelling, growing.

“The dildo was real!”

“I can’t believe this!”

“It’s the size of a tree!”

Their hands caressed and hefted my balls. Even as big as they slot oyna were, they were obscured by the hands kneading the thick flesh, the fingertips caressing my fertility. I shuddered slightly and let out a groan. They were just stimulating more sperm production. It was pouring from my tip, but no one seemed to mind.

“They’re bigger than footballs!”

“So heavy. We’ll all get pregnant!”

My cock reached its titanic full size. I needed to fuck! My balls just got fuller and tighter and heavier and the hands kept touching and rubbing their over-sensitive surface. Cups of pre and cum poured from my tip. Keiko let it all gush over her clothing, soaking her shirt and jeans, smiling happily as she gulped down mouthfuls of the hot fluid. The mixture oozed over her face, hot slime coating her lips, pouring around her nose, dripping down her neck.

Behind them, my girls were now all naked, but no one was paying attention to them.

“Take off your clothes,” I told Keiko. Apparently, a lot of the women thought I was addressing them, because a lot of clothes were disappearing and a lot of tits were appearing.

“We have racks to hang up your clothes,” I said, not that I think any of them noticed. I had an avalanche of flesh upon me, women at all angles. I was fine with this, because my balls were ready to explode!

I didn’t even make it to the bed. It was too much to take. Dozens of hands stroking my cock and balls. Fingers in every crevice. So many tongues lapping at my balls. Even for a normal guy. If that many women are rubbing you, how do you keep your composure?

I grabbed Keiko over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She yelped. I sat in the chair. My balls hit the floor. SMAK. I lowered her. Her hot, dripping, pink little pussy met my cock’s tip. I gripped my organ with one hand while my other arm lowered her from my powerful shoulder. She gripped the back of the chair. I grunted and pushed her down. I felt her stretching out around my cock like rubber. She howled. The crowd of horny women kneaded my balls. Hot precum and sperm gushed out and into Keiko’s snatch.

I let out a long groan as I pushed her downward, putting more pressure on her. Keiko made needy mewling noises. My hot fluids pushed up into her body, lubing the way. And finally schplop! My massive glans was inside her. Her flat, pale belly bulged out, outlining my monster. My fluids gushed into her, filling her with my heat. She screamed and erupted, howling at the Osaka skyline and clenching around me. Her legs went briefly limp. Her nails scratched my shoulders and neck.

A miasma of raw, uncut, mind-cloying, cunt-warming musk radiated out from us as my juices flowed. Left with little alternative, the pit was quickly devolving into a writhing sea of flesh. Bodies were everywhere. They were kneading and rubbing and licking and kissing my balls and each other. I began to push Keiko further down. Women clutched and stroked any available part of my shaft. They even descended on the non-cock parts of my body, tongues running up my shoulders, neck, stomach.

She came again as my cock stretched her belly out with its sheer size.. Her eyes rolled back, her legs kicked, her toes curled. I grabbed her hips tightly, bucked my own, and my cock slammed into her cervix. I felt her womb resisting me, my cock bulging up near her belly button. SKLLLRRRT! SKLLLRRRT! “Mmaaauugh! Haheeee! Hhaaaahhh!” she screamed, needing no translation. Keiko kept squirting, drenching my cock and the women under her in her sparkling juices. I heard squealing and screaming around as they were wet.

The whole room smelled like the inside of a dripping cunt, a musky lust-fog, and I loved it. All of them were dripping wet! I caught flashes, trickling rivulets running down thighs. Sparkling, clear streams on soft skin. The only ones remaining calm were my girls, watching from the back with the more conservative women. Even then, I could see dresses and pants with dark patches.

WHUMP. WHUMP. My cock rammed into the barrier, demanding entry to her womb. It obliged and yielded. GLURCH. She dropped lower with a howl, her legs flailing. Keiko kicked a couple of ladies. And again, she came her head off, her eyes showing white, her jaw threatening to pop off her head. My hands wrapped around her waist as I pumped her up and down my titanic rod, manhandling her like a toy. SKLLLRSCH, SKLLLRSCH. Juices squished and squirted as I used her petite body. This was not lovemaking, and I’m not sure a lot of people would even call it sex. She stretched around my giant organ, a fleshy sleeve, and I used her to empty my aching nuts.

Sweat rolled down my body as she howled again in my ear. I groaned. My balls rumbled. She’d never felt anything like it before, fire blasting her flesh like a spear, burning it with raw pleasure as her womb and cunt were devastated. I looked up at her, gritted my eyes. My toes gripped the floor. My hips bucked in the chair. Sex-syrup stuck under canlı casino siteleri my ass as I bounced. Sklorsch-sklorsch-sklorsch. It ran down my legs and over my feet and into waiting mouths.

There was no point holding back. I don’t know how long it was, but it was enough. I felt the quake in my balls. I felt the pressure build and release. The wonderful swell of my urethra, stretching out my cock’s throat. A solid column of sperm, stretching out the inside of my organ.

I spoke in her ear. “Say hello to your new babies.” GLOOOOOOORCH. That column of jizz exploded in her womb, a tsunami of thick white heat.

“HAWAAAAUUGH! Give! Me baby!” she screeched as her legs dangled uselessly and she came again.

SPLUUUURCH, SPLUUUUURCH! Each wad of jizz left my cock with the force of a train, gushing for several long, uninterrupted moments as her belly grew bigger and bigger. The jiggling flesh swelled up and filled the space between us.

My own eyes closed. I panted, my hands slipping up and holding her under her shoulders as I felt the orgasm. The tingle, the magical sensation in my balls.

As good as an orgasm feels, it’s a different magnitude when I know I’m putting a baby in a woman. Nothing feels more natural. Nothing feels better than having my potence unshackled and making a brand new mother.

GLUUUURCH GLUUURCH GLUUUURCH. I came and came. The heat filled her. She went limp. Valeska started wading through the crowd. Keiko’s belly bulged out to the sides, engulfing my stomach and chest. She felt twice as hot as before, sweaty skin against sweaty skin as I pumped her full of spunk. I felt all the ladies squeezing and massaging my balls, encouraging me to fill her even more. Cupfuls of jizz blasted out around my girth, white sheets down my cock, down my balls, lapped up by their waiting tongues.

I saw one of the blonde women down there. One of the Chinese women. Thai, Russia. My cock brought them all together. No one needed a language to know what was happening.

Valeska grabbed Keiko’s shoulders. I relaxed against the chair. The Japanese woman’s belly had to be a meter across, more than doubling her weight, and GLURCH-GLURCH-GLURCH, I was still cumming.

The jizz coming out around my cock increased, gushing onto me by the liter instead of the cup. And, stupidly enough, a tiny part of me standing way in the background, in another room, perhaps, was proud that the chair didn’t even creak. I’d built it with this exact thing in mind. It was strong as hell.

“Too much! Too much!” cried Keiko before going limp again. I managed to nod at Valeska. She pulled Keiko off my cock. SCHLOOORPH! Keiko’s gaping cunt gushed jizz all over her naked neighbors.

SPLUUUURCH! My cock kept gushing. I’d already surpassed my normal, restricted orgasms. A column of jizz an inch thick snaked from my cock, a flying rope that splattered and painted women like geishas. Mouths latched onto my cock, hands pumped my slick flesh, and they fought over my potent sperm. They lapped and gulped for the next few minutes until I was done.

One of the white women appeared in front of me shoved past the smaller Japanese ladies. Maybe six feet tall, fairly athletic, faint wrinkles, freckles. Maybe in her fifties. She yelled something in Russian, turned around, and slammed her wet cunt into my cock’s head. Some of the women she’d trampled yelled at her and commented on just how rude Americans are.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to butt ahead?” I asked her. I don’t think she understood. “But if that’s what you want….” I chuckled. My hands clamped over her hips. She looked startled, her blue eyes widening as she looked back at me, her jaw falling. I think that it only now dawned on her what she’d just done.

My shoulders rolled back. My biceps flexed, my lats pulled, my hands held her fast. I wrenched her toward me and onto my raging fuckrod. That pussy stretched like a rubber band, forced to accommodate my titanic erection, much in the same way that a one-car garage can be forced to accommodate an eighteen wheeler.

She screamed in tongues. I had no idea what she was saying, but it sounded great to me. I don’t know if she spoke English, but I didn’t care. My thick arms flexed. Precum and sperm gushed into her pussy. She arched her back and started to gush in return, all over my cock, screaming at the crowd as I shoved my glans into her cervix.

Valeska carried Keiko’s limp body and put her up on one of the chaises. She splayed out like a ragdoll, her gaping cunt gushing sperm.

Some of the Japanese women lunged forward, shoving the Russian girl further back into my cock. WHRCH. I penetrated her womb. Underneath, her belly bulged and tented up past her cervix, hot liquid gushing into her body as she screamed again. It seemed the crowd was miffed by her rudeness.

I reached forward and grabbed the blonde’s upper arms. I rose out of my chair. Even though the girl’s feet reached the slimy floor, her legs were useless. They dangled as I pumped her whole body up and down my cock. Her fat tits jiggled and flopped. Her toes drew trails in the cum beneath us. The women continued to assault my balls from all angles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32