Cassies New Friend

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Cassie’s day couldn’t get any worse, she had flown halfway around the world to see her boyfriend who was studying in England, and she had found out that he was sleeping with a girl on the same course. Needless to say she had packed her bags and walked out. So this was how she found herself walking alone through the streets of Leeds with no idea where she was going or what she was going to do. The first thing she needed was a drink and a bite to eat. Across the road was a wine bar that served food, it didn’t look a bad place so she crossed the road looked at the menu and went inside.

The bar was quite busy but she did manage to find an empty table, slid her bag underneath the table and looked at the menu. A waiter came over and took her order of a tuna salad and a glass of wine. He brought the wine over and politely asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing the table with another woman on her own. “Of course not” she replied, some company might be good.

An attractive, well dressed woman of a similar age walked over and introduced herself, “Hi I’m Jenny, thanks very much for sharing I do appreciate it.”

The two of them started to chat, passing the time of day. It turned out that Jenny was over on a business trip and was on her way back to the train station to catch a train home. The conversation moved on and Jenny asked Cassie what she was doing on her own in a bar. As Cassie started to explain what had happened she started to cry. Jenny moved to the seat next to her and gave her a small hug.

“look”, Jenny said, “I live alone in a small village about one hours train ride away and if you want you can spend the rest of your holiday there”.

Cassie couldn’t believe this, here she was hugging a woman, who twenty minutes ago she had never met and being invited to stay at her house. It didn’t seem right but there was something about this woman’s smile that reassured her. “OK”, she heard herself saying.

Ten minutes later they were at the station waiting for the train, chatting away as if they had known each other for years. It turned out that Jenny had gone through a similar situation with her boyfriend three months previous. She had come home unexpectedly to find him in bed with a neighbor. Since then she hadn’t even bothered looking for another man.

The train journey was pretty uneventful, the two of them spent the time getting to know each other a bit better. Both agreeing they were better off without boyfriends; they could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

They arrived at Jenny’s house just after 9pm, It was cold outside and both welcomed the warmth of the small house. Jenny suggested that she show Cassie where the bathroom was so she could go and use the shower whilst she prepared a bit of food for them both. Cassie agreed. The house was quite small but smartly decorated. Jenny got some towels for Cassie, casino şirketleri showed her how to operate the shower and went downstairs to prepare the food.

Cassie removed her clothes and stepped into the shower. She closed her eyes and let the water cascade over her body washing her aches and pains away. She then picked up the shower gel and started to wash. She started on her arms and neck before moving onto her breasts and stomach, this started to make her feel good, she shouldn’t be having feelings like this, but she didn’t stop. As she continued to rub her breasts her nipples hardened and became more sensitive, this made her let out a small gasp. She would have to be careful that she wasn’t heard. She then bent over and started washing her legs, moving up over her knees and onto her thighs, as she washed between her thighs she again let out a small gasp. One hand moved up to her breasts whilst her other was clamped between her thighs applying pressure to her mound. She should stop, she knew that, but this felt so good. A thought then went through her head, how many times had Jenny been in here doing the same thing as her. This thought seemed to make her even more turned on and she couldn’t help herself. She pinched a nipple and ran a finger up between her wet pussy lips, up to her clit, which seemed even more sensitive than usual. Her hand moved down from her breasts and whilst playing with her clit the fingers of her other hand explored her mound, rubbing up and down with more and more urgency until she couldn’t wait any longer. She pushed one then two fingers deep inside herself. She started to cum, her pussy clamping onto her fingers, she slid down the shower cubicle wall ending up sitting in the bowl of the shower her fingers still in herself. As her orgasm subsided she slowly removed her fingers from her pussy an brought them up to her mouth and sucked them clean. God she hoped Jenny hadn’t heard her. She finished her shower and dried herself off. She put some clean underwear on and then a bathrobe that Jenny had provided before going downstairs.

“Did you enjoy that”, Jenny said.

“What, what do you mean” Cassie said going slightly red.

“Your shower, did you enjoy it, I always find it helps me to unwind. Anyway here’s a sandwich and a bottle of wine”

They spent the rest of the evening watching TV, drinking wine and slagging men off. As the time approached midnight Cassie said she could do to get some sleep and asked where the spare room was, Jenny said she didn’t have a spare room and said that Cassie could either sleep on the sofa, or they could share her king size bed. As the sofa wasn’t all that comfortable, Cassie asked if she could share the bed.

They both went upstairs, Cassie went to use the bathroom first, then Jenny. Cassie removed her dressing gown and underwear and got into the bed making casino firmaları sure that the covers were tucked up to her chin, she couldn’t bear to sleep with any clothes on. She looked around the room and then noticed that the bedroom door had been left open and that the bathroom door was slightly ajar and from where she lay she could see into the shower cubicle. The shower then started and Jenny stepped in. Cassie’s immediate reaction was to look away but as soon as she had she took a quick peak back. Jenny was soaping herself all over. Cassie couldn’t believe the effect, of watching another woman showering, was having on her. Every time Jenny washed between her legs or breasts it sent a shiver down Cassie’s spine and jolt of energy to her pussy. Cassie struggled not to start touching herself again. With that the shower stopped and Jenny got out. Cassie could hear her getting dried and then getting dressed into something. Jenny then entered the bedroom wearing a long silk nightdress; she turned out the main light and got into bed. She turned to Cassie, said goodnight and gave her a little kiss on the cheek before turning over and switching off the bedside light.

Cassie lay there, unable to sleep, for what seemed like hours, all sorts of thoughts were racing through her head. She couldn’t believe how she felt towards this woman that she had only met a few hours earlier. She had never thought about sex with another woman before but here she was next to this woman and all she could imagine was watching her getting showered. That usual feeling between her legs was back and stronger than ever. Perhaps she could slip out of bed and into the bathroom to give her a chance to take care of herself, but as she moved so did Jenny. So Cassie lay there wishing she was alone so she could finish herself off. As she lay there she couldn’t help moving a hand down between her legs, she couldn’t believe how wet she had become, she easily slipped two then three fingers into herself. She lay there, slowly moving them in and out she could hear how wet she was and she hoped that Jenny was a sound sleeper. Jenny then stirred and turned over so she was facing Cassie but remained asleep. After waiting a couple of minutes to ensure Jenny was still asleep Cassie continued to play with herself. She slowly pumped her fingers in and out, her other hand had now found her clit and was gently rubbing it. Her actions became more and more urgent. Finally she came hard, letting out a low moan at the same time. Her juices had coated her mound and covered her fingers and she could feel them running down between her legs. She was sure there would be a stain in the morning. She could smell the scent of sex coming up from beneath the covers. She was sure that this alone would wake Jenny; she slowly looked over to her. Jenny was looking straight back.

“You’ve just finished yourself güvenilir casino off, but what about me?” Jenny asked seductively.

Jenny then put her arms around Cassie, pulled her close, and kissed her slowly at first then more passionately until it was a full on kiss. Jenny forced her tongue into Cassie’s mouth. Cassie’s hands had now started to massage Jenny’s back moving down to cup her bottom, pulling them closer together. Jenny pushed Cassie away and onto her back. She straddled her body, her nightdress bunched up around her thighs. She then slowly removed the nightdress pulling it over her head before throwing it on the floor. They looked at each other and then Jenny leaned forward and took one of Cassie’s nipples into her mouth gently sucking it, she then moved onto the other nipple sucking and gently biting that one before rolling off Cassie.

Cassie now replied in kind by doing the same to Jenny sucking and biting each of jenny’s nipples in turn at the same time one of her hands started exploring Jenny’s body, over her flat stomach over the skimpy panties she had kept on, as she continued rubbing her through fabric she could feel Jenny’s legs opening allowing for easier access, the material of the panties was becoming damp, Cassie pulled them to one side and for the first time touched another woman in her most intimate spot. Jenny cried out as Cassie’s fingers went to work, rubbing along the full length of her pussy pinching her clit and finally inserting her fingers deep inside. She alternated rubbing and pinching her clit and pushing her fingers inside. She then leant over and kissed Jenny’s breasts this sent Jenny over the edge and she started to cum hard.

“Please, suck my pussy, I want you between my legs, I want you to taste me, tongue fuck me, I want to cum on your face, I need you to eat my cunt” Jenny said as her climax had started to subside. “Make me cum again, please”

Cassie smiled at her new friend and turned herself round in the bed and said “If you want me between your legs then I want you between mine” she then climbed on top and buried herself in Jenny’s sopping pussy. She used both hands to spread the wet folds of Jenny’s pussy lips giving her much better access to her hard clit. As she started to lick and suck Jenny started to do the same to her.

Jenny had pushed three fingers deep inside and proceeded to pump them in and out all the time alternating between licking and gently biting her clit and running her tongue along the full length of her wet slit.

Both women started to writhe on the bed, their tongues lapping away at each other with more and more urgency until Cassie started to cum hard, her juices spilling into Jenny’s eager mouth. This then sent Jenny over the edge, she came hard grinding her mound into Cassie’s mouth, both women forcing there soaking pussies onto each other’s mouths until their orgasms subsided.

Cassie turned herself back around so she was facing Jenny; they looked each other in the eye and then kissed passionately tasting their own juices in the mouths of each other. They both then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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