Caught Ch. 01

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I have been best friends with Calvin since we were children. We fit together like two puzzle pieces, him being more assertive and me needing someone to tell me what we were going to do that day. He sometimes picked on me, but I always let it slide because of how close we were. We did everything together.

As time went on, Calvin developed a condition in middle school which caused his body to store excess fat around his hips and buttocks area. It was strange to see, as he was always average build, but taller and bigger than me, still. His butt became incredibly protrusive, sticking out far past his lower back. It became more and more plump, seemingly everyday I could notice a change. He was embarrassed by it, wearing a sweatshirt around his waist to hide his growing posterior.

By the time we were seniors in high school, his huge rump kept growing. In addition, he found that not only would eating dairy and sweets make his butt noticeably bigger, but it would make him exceedingly flatulent as well. The doctors had never seen anything quite like it, and prescribed him a diet made to control the situation. However, Calvin had a love for cheese and sugary foods, and his incessant cheating on the diet made it very difficult on himself. By the time high school rolled around, he had a booty that would put Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and J-Lo’s to shame. Despite any of the medications he took or diets he tried, nothing worked. His parents were very against the possibility of reductive surgery, and so they finally decided Calvin would be homeschooled.

Once casino şirketleri he was homeschooled, Calvin fell into a funk and gave up on his diet, eating whatever he wanted. I was the only person he hung out with now, the only real friend he had. I couldn’t help but notice strange feelings that his great bottom evoked inside me, that I had to suppress. I had always been attracted to big-butted women, but I could have never seen myself being attracted to a man. The curvaceous hips and buttocks of a woman was something that I never imagined I could find attractive on a man, but as the days went by it became harder and harder to control my urges. During our sleepovers, I found myself sneaking pictures of Calvin’s tremendously large butt, while he was sleeping, and masturbating furiously to them at night.

I had a whole library of pictures of Calvin’s butt, which I was grateful nobody else knew about. I was terrified of anyone finding out about this, as I couldn’t even justify my homosexual feelings with myself, let alone with anyone else. I couldn’t explain it. I would tell myself that it was a woman’s ass I was masturbating to, but it made no difference. Deep down, I knew the attraction was to my friend, despite how I would try to spin it.

I became more and more bold, stealing dirty underwear of his. To my delight, and utterly degrading arousal, the first pair I found had a large brown stain on the backside. I was in heaven that night, cumming multiple times with my nose in that stain, the smell of his shit casino firmaları embedding itself in the depths of my brain. Over the next few weeks, he mentioned how he kept losing his underwear, but I played dumb and said I’d help look for them.

I wish I could say my fatal attraction to all things associated with his bottom tapered off, but it only grew stronger. One day, while hanging out as his house, he needed to use the bathroom. Being in there for a while, I knew he was pooping and felt my cock growing harder and harder thinking of the poop coming out of that huge, round ass. Hearing his loud farts vibrating the door made me insatiably horny and, feeling daring, I knew I needed to go in there afterwards.

“Ooh god, I don’t think I’ll be going in there again for a while,” he said, crinkling his nose. “I’m going to keep the door closed.”

“Actually I really gotta go,” I lied, putting my hand in my pocket to cover my erection.

“What?? No, seriously man, you don’t want to go in there… it’s reaaaaally bad. Just go upstairs.”

My mind raced, trying to think of a reason to get me in that bathroom where I could smell his poo. “Ah, it’s fine man I’ll be in and out. Just gotta take a leak.”

He looked at me in shock. “Suit yourself, Will, but don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

“I’m just gonna take a quick piss, I can run out and hold my breath,” I laughed. Internally I felt giddy with excitement, my cock bulging against my pants. I hoped he didn’t notice.

As I opened the door and walked in, I güvenilir casino was bathed in an aroma of strong, pungent, bitter poop. I released my hand from holding down my cock, and it sprung up like a steel rod. The smell of his shit had me in a trance, and I breathed it in like a drug. I stripped out of my pants quickly, and mindlessly got on my knees by the toilet. I put my head down into the bowl and inhaled as hard as I could, sniffing the divine air as I rubbed my cock vigorously.

I couldn’t help but let out a small moan when I saw the brown streaks on the inside of the toilet. I wanted to cum right then and there, so I could finish up and get out of there so he wouldn’t suspect anything. But in the back of my mind, something told me that playing with his poop would give me the most intense orgasm of my life. I couldn’t help it. I put my finger in the toilet and wiped up a fingerfull of his wet, sticky poo. I put it to my nose and was filled with the most intense, powerful aroma I had ever smelled. A deep, earthy smell of manure overloaded my senses and I realized I was mere seconds from ejaculation.

A thought zipped through my mind quickly. It wasn’t a suggestion, but rather an order.

“Taste it!”

I put my finger in my mouth, as my penis began to be overwhelmed by immensely powerful, humiliating pleasure as I began blissfully ejaculating with my best friend’s shit in my mouth.

Then two things happened simultaneously:

I pulled my finger out of my mouth…

And the door opened…

“Dude, what’s going——”

My mind felt like it exploded, as I spun around quickly and saw Calvin at the door, bugeyed with his mouth agap. My finger was still brown and I had no pants on, with a huge puddle of cum in front of the toilet.

My mind went blank.

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