Cheating Wife , Cuckold Husband #04

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I dedicate this story to Walter from Southern California.


Something that all women say one time or another, “How do you like me now?”

After being unhappily married to his wife for more than 25 long, suffering, and sexually frustrating years, if Jay was to describe Ruth now, he’d say that she was a drunk, a cheating wife, and a cougar with an overactive libido for younger men. With him knowing her well enough to compress a complete description of her, that one, unflattering sentence encapsulated all of her. To simply define her as a drunk, an unfaithful wife, and a cougar not only explained who she was but also explained what his life has been like being married to her and living with her such a selfish, self-centered bitch.

From the time she opens her eyes to the time she falls asleep, with the world revolving around her, everything is about her. With her needing to blame someone, anyone, but herself for her actions, the reason why she drinks is somehow his fault. Convolutedly nonsensical, he’d like to know how she could possibly blame him for having sex with young men when she’s the one who rejects him from his marriage bed. Always willing to give her the sexual satisfaction that she needs, she doesn’t want him. She’d rather have a prettier man with a harder cock.

When some men wished they were married to a woman who’d readily have sex with other men while they watched, Jay’s marriage to Ruth was much different than that. He never asked her to have sex with anyone while he watched. Yet she readily had sex with other men but not while he watched. She had sex behind his back. She was a cheating wife. She was a cocksucker. She was a whore. He was married to a cheating wife, cocksucker of a whore, who not only never sucked his cock but also didn’t even want to have sex with him.

Only, more than that, so much more than that, she was a drunk too. With her so addicted to alcohol, she’d have sex with anyone, anytime for a drink, preferably a martini with two olives. She was a sneak and a cheat. She cheated on him whenever he traveled. Not only did she have sex with his friends and his neighbors but she had sex with young men she picked up at the mall.

Certainly, if he were to describe himself back then, he was a scientist, a physical chemist, an artist, a painter, a writer, a hunter, a health nut, an outdoorsman, and a marathon runner. Yet, with him not totally innocent, in the way that Ruth loved younger men, Jay enjoyed not only an abundance of younger women but women his age and older women too. Only, in the way that a painter surveys the landscape and/or his subject before painting his masterpiece, Jay was a connoisseur of women. Selective with whom he bedded, not just any woman would do in the way that any man would do for Ruth as long as he fueled her sexual desire with copious amounts of gin and vermouth.

Early in his marriage, with Ruth not yet a drunk, but on her way to abusing alcohol, he discovered she was a whore. He thought that he was marrying a good woman, a modest woman, a moral woman, and a woman who was happy to be married to him. He thought that he was marrying a somewhat sexually innocent woman. Instead, he married a whore.

Not expecting her to be a virgin, especially with all the making out and fooling around they did in the backseat of his car before marrying her, but he didn’t think that his wife was a whore. Yet, now with no ands, ifs, buts, or maybes, she was a whore. Ruth was a whore. His wife was a whore. He was married to a whore. It’s one thing for a girlfriend to be a whore, but it’s quite another thing for his wife, the mother of their child to be a whore.

Now with her already a whore and on her way to being a drunk, instead of just thinking of her as a whore, she was soon labeled by Jay as a drunken whore. While some men would never want to be married to a whore, some men would be happy to be married to a whore, while other men would only want their wife to be their whore exclusively. Unfortunately and alas, as he always suspected and soon discovered more and more, Ruth was every man’s whore but for Jay. The only sexual thing that Jay may get her to do, something that he could do for himself, was to give him a hand job, as long as he didn’t try feeling the tits and fingering her nipples. Unexplainable, somehow, her nipples were always sore for him to finger and suck but seemingly they were never sore for anyone else to finger and suck.

It wasn’t long before he discovered that his precious, loving wife, who he had just married, sucked and fucked his best man in the backseat of the limo on their wedding day during their reception. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t understand. He was hurt. Feeling cheated on, he felt rejected. Too angry to confront either one of them, if he had a gun he would have shot them both dead.

Then years later, during an argument, she confessed that she had sex with most of the men they knew, mostly friends and neighbors. Men he saw all the time and men he thought were his friends, canlı bahis he stopped seeing. Rather keeping to himself, he didn’t dare befriend another man to bring home to meet his wife. Instead, whatever new friendships he developed, he kept them from Ruth.

Whether her cheating on him was his justification or not, or was just a fortunate sexual opportunity that presented itself, something he wasn’t tempted to do before, he was especially tempted to do now. Now, even more than just wanting to get even, he needed and wanted to have sex. With him always so sexually frustrated and horny, with his wife not having sex with him but freely having sex with others, that’s when he had sex with Marlene.

* * * * *

He was 24-years-old and barely married two years when he met Marlene, a petite, 39-year-old, divorced, Jewish American Princess with three kids. Even though she was a little pudgy, she was plumb in all the right places. She had a curvaceous, Rubenesque look about her as if she was a naked woman in one of Rubin’s or Rembrandt’s paintings.

In the way she made use of her hands, her mouth, and her pussy, she stretched the definition of MILF to super MILF. With women experiencing their sexual peaks at chronological more mature ages and men reaching their peaks fifteen years earlier, with both of them at their sexual peaks, they were the perfect age for one another. The opposite of Ruth, at least when it came to her sexual treatment of him, and with her more romantically in line with him, she was horny and always ready for sex.

Meanwhile, sexually making her way around the neighborhood with an empty martini glass in hand, he suspected that Ruth was already having sex with their neighbor, his best friend, Bob. It turned out that he’s the one who got her pregnant but fortunately for all, she lost the baby. God, she was such a drunken slut, even back then. Yet, now that he had Marlene sexually taking care of him, he didn’t much care what his wife was doing with young men when he wasn’t home. What Ruth was sexually doing with much younger men, Marlene was doing with him.

With him trying to make a good future for them, he was working long hours in the lab towards earning his PhD in physical chemistry. While he was trying to become the scientist he always dreamt of becoming, she was sucking and fucking men and more becoming the whore that she was determined and destined to be. It wouldn’t have hurt him as much that his wife was a bitch of a whore, as long as she sexually took care of him too but she didn’t. Rejecting him, making him feel unwanted, and making him feel that there was something wrong with him, she looked at him as if she skived him. She looked at him as if she hated the sight of him when he was the one supporting her, the stupid, ungrateful bitch.

* * * * *

Marlene worked at the college in the library as one of the librarians and with him always in the library when not in the laboratory, they had become friends. They sometimes had coffee together or lunch in the cafeteria together where they talked, laughed, and flirted. On good days when needing to get some air, they walked around the campus together talking while laughing. All so very innocent, they were just co-workers who had become friends.

It was raining hard one day when Jay saw her leaving the front door of the university library with her umbrella and rain hat. Normally she has her car parked in the back lot but on this rainy day she didn’t. He remembered she told him that her car was in the shop. With him not putting two and two together to offer her a ride before, when she first told him that she didn’t have a car, he offered her a ride now. Being that they were good friend, he looked forward to driving her home while talking about nothing and laughing over everything. Only, with him so naïve, he never imagined giving her a ride home would turn out to be more than just a friendly gesture.

An attractive woman with a very pretty face, she was a short but shapely woman. Something he liked about her and that drew him to her, when she talked to him, her dark, brown, expressive eyes were always locked on his sad and sexually frustrated eyes. She looked at him as if she could read him. She looked at him as if she knew who he was inside. She looked at him as if she could feel his pain and suffering sorrow that started with the death of his mother and continued with the drunken whoring of his wife.

Mesmerizing him with her eyes, as if he was the only man in the world, she made him feel important. She made him feel wanted. She made him feel that he could trust her not to hurt him. She made him want to tell her all of his sexy secrets and all of his sexual problems. Unable to hide anything from her, with her having the perception of a mother and the insight of a lover, she looked at him as if she already knew that he sexually wanted her. A cross between his mother and his wife, even though she didn’t look like any one of them, as if he was her adopted son, he couldn’t resist her motherly comfort.

The gentleman that he is albeit one bahis siteleri with ulterior, sexual motives, he walked her out to the parking lot while holding his umbrella over her head. Then, braving the rain, he held his car door open for her while she took her sweet time getting in his car. A time when the miniskirt was just starting to take hold of women across the country, she was wearing a short skirt. As she climbed in his car, with him too horny to avert his stare, he was hoping to see a quick flash of her panty. He was hoping to see something that he shouldn’t see of Marlene to masturbate over later. Had it not been for his wife refusing to do her wifely duty in caring for his sexual needs, he wouldn’t have been horny enough to sexually take advantage of his friend by trying to sneak a quick peek between her legs.

Only, instead of just being rewarded with a quick flash of her panty, he saw much more than that. As soon as she sat in the passenger seat, with her legs spread open wide, she took her time closing and shaking out her umbrella and situating her purse and feet on the floor of the car. A sexy, panty flashing show that he’ll be masturbating over later, no doubt, he saw all that he wanted and needed to see of her panty clad, pleasure pot. With her turned to him but leaning towards the driver’s side with her knees still spread wide open, he saw the inside of her thighs and a prolonged flash of her panty clad pussy.

‘Holy shit. Oh, my God!’

With her fifteen years older than him, nearly old enough to be his mother or at least his big sister, he felt like a pervert for staring but, unable to look away, he couldn’t help himself from leering. As if it happened yesterday instead of years ago, it’s not only amazing how much he saw of her in just a quick flash of her underwear but also how much of her that he remembers seeing. With her skirt raised high enough and her legs spread open long enough, he not only her questioned her motivation but also her morals and her modesty.

‘Was she deliberately flashing him?’ He didn’t know. ‘Was she trying to seduce him by enticing him and teasing him?’ He didn’t know that either.

Her white panties were unable to contain her black, bushy pussy and he saw stray strands of black, pubic hair peeking out the sides of her panty. Having never experienced such a perfect flash of a woman’s panty clad pussy before, he couldn’t help but wonder if she flashed him deliberately or inadvertently. Even though he suspected that her flashing him her panty was accidental, adding to the sexual fantasy that was already developing in his head, he enjoyed thinking that she flashed him on purpose. Thinking of her before as just a co-worker who was a divorced mother of three, now he thought of her as his kind of woman, a sexy, sexual woman who was ready and willing to play. As soon as he sat in the driver’s seat of his old Pontiac, with Marlene’s skirt still raised past her mid-thigh and just a few inches lower than the pleasure pussy palace of nirvana, he was already horny.

Having worked with her for a while, never had he seen so much of her legs. A big deal back then, prior to the fashion trend of the miniskirt, never had he seen the inside of her thighs. Even when he walked behind her while she climbed the stairs ahead of him, he never had a peek of her panty in the way he saw her prolonged peek of her panty clad pussy that night. Now with him unable to control his sexual thoughts for her, he imagined sticking his hand in between her legs while kissing her. Only, he didn’t dare ruin the fun and the friendly, co-worker relationship they had. Giving him plenty of fodder to masturbate over later, it was enough that he saw her panty and a sneak peek of her hairy, black pussy. Thinking of that experience now, so long ago, while driving her home, he recalled that she needed to use the ladies room.

“Sorry but I need to pee. Ever since I had children, I’m not able to hold my water and with you making me laugh, I don’t want to pee myself,” she said with a laugh while giving him a sexy look.

Jay filled up the tank while Marlene was in the ladies room. He was cleaning his windshield with the gas station squeegee when she returned and she gave him another slow show between her legs that he couldn’t believe. This time, with her skirt nearly raised to her crotch when getting back in the car, she gave him a show of her black bushy pussy.

‘Oh, my God! No way! Fuck me! She’s not wearing any underwear,’ he thought to himself while staring between her legs at her exposed black pussy. ‘Where’s her panties? She was wearing them before.’

Difficult for him not to notice, especially with her flashing him her naked cunt, with her wearing panties before, she wasn’t wearing panties now. Unable to think of anything else, a dozen sexual thoughts electrified his mind with sexual excitement. He just saw her pussy. Forget about seeing Marlene’s panties, he just saw Marlene’s pussy. He just saw his co-worker’s hairy cunt.


She must have removed them in the restroom. But why? Maybe she had bahis şirketleri an accident. Maybe she’s purposely flashing him. Maybe she’s sexually teasing him and trying to seduce him. Maybe she’s hoping he’d give her sex. With her so much older than him, nearly old enough to be his mother, and with him not very sexually experienced, he didn’t know what to think.

Suddenly mad with sexual desire for his mature co-worker, Jay was beside himself with horniness. As soon as he saw Marlene’s pussy, with him horny from his wife refusing him sex, he wanted to touch her, finger her, lick her, make love to her, and fuck her. He wanted to do all of those sexual things with his co-worker that he longed to do with his wife. Only, with her fifteen years older than him, and with her having three children, someone like her would never have sex with someone like him. Compared to her, even though he was studying for his PhD, he was just a kid.

Yet, while driving her home and with her sitting beside him, he couldn’t stop from thinking that she wasn’t wearing panties. As if she had a black kitty between her legs, and surely she did, her black, bushy pussy controlled his thoughts. He couldn’t stop thinking about her naked, black bush of a pussy. As he drove her home in the rain, with the cool rain doing little to control his sexual desire for her, he couldn’t help but stare over at her.

Then, teasing him even more, as if she was airing out her pussy and/or advertising to get laid, she put her heels up on his dashboard. He watched her short skirt slowly slide even higher up her thighs. Now with her knees spread, her skirt was nearly up to her pussy. He wished he had a mirror on the dashboard that he could turn for a better view between her legs.

‘Fuck me,’ he thought to himself. ‘If only I dared, I’d love to stick my hand in between her legs and grab a whole handful of her naked cunt.’

Having to ponder no longer, she took control of the sexual situation.

“Stop here,” she said as they came up to a secluded spot.

Surprised that she wanted him to stop the car, maybe she needed to pee again. Obediently as if he was driving his mother, Jay pulled over and stopped the car. As soon as he stopped the car, she turned to him and gave him a look that made him want to kiss her. Unnerved by her look and afraid he may try something sexual with her that he may regret tomorrow, he gulped down his horniness and his hard to control sexual desire for his co-worker.

“What’s wrong? Why did you want me to stop the car?”

As if they were already lovers or soon to be lovers, she gave him a seductive smile.

“Wrong? There’s nothing wrong. I just needed to have your full attention before telling you something,” she said.

Although he suspected that she was angry at him for ogling her panties and naked cunt, he really had no idea what she was going to say? Maybe it was something about work. Maybe when holding the car door open for her, she caught him looking at her panties. Maybe while at the gas station, she saw him staring at her pussy.

‘Oh, my God,’ he was suddenly ashamed.

Suddenly embarrassed for sexually lusting over her, his mature, motherly co-worker, maybe his fly is down. With his cock already pulsating in his pants fueled by the sexual desire he suddenly had for her, he stealthily checked his fly before giving her his full attention. Maybe she noticed the growing bulge in his pants.

‘That’s embarrassing,’ he thought.

As if she was about to scold him for looking at all that she was inadvertently showing, suddenly he felt awkward sitting there next to her. Suddenly feeling like the pervert that he is for suspecting that she was deliberately flashing him, he was busy chastising himself. Beyond being embarrassed, he felt conspicuous in his sexual desire for her. If he had anyone to blame for his horniness, he blamed his wife.

‘Frigging Ruth, you selfish, drunken whore of a bitch,’ he thought to himself.

He looked at her with as much shame as he looked at her with curiosity. He just wanted to get over with her scolding him for staring at her panties and leering at her pussy.

“What?” As if he didn’t know. He knew she was going to chew him out for looking at her as if she was an exhibitionistic slut and looking at her as if she was his drunken, whore of a wife. He gulped down his pride before asking her his question while already knowing her answer. “What is it that you want to tell me?”

She removed her feet from his dashboard to move them to the floor. As if she was a sexual tease and she was, she raised her skirt a little higher. He couldn’t believe it when she raised her skirt instead of lowering her skirt.

“I put my panties in my purse, when I stopped to pee at the filling station,” she said giving him a naughty look.

As if his eyes were Atari pong balls, he looked from her eyes to look down at her naked thighs over and again. She moved closer to him on the bench seat. She was close enough, so close to him that he could smell her perfume. He could smell her shampoo. He could suddenly detect the musky aroma of her sexual desire for him. Then, she did something that he never expected a mother of three to do. She lifted the hem of her skirt higher and high enough to show him her naked pussy.

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