Check Mate Pt. 01

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“Hey, Mr Wilson.” She smiled at me, tossing her blonde curls over her shoulder.

“Hi, Emma, what can I help you with?” I asked.

She stepped through the door, her backpack slung over one shoulder, her short skirt bouncing off her legs as she walked.

“I have a question.” She said.

“About your essay?”


She sat on top of one of the desks, twisting one of her curls around her finger. She bit her lower lip, her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Are you alright?” It wasn’t like her to be so shy.

“Not exactly.”

“What’s going on?”

“I want to join chess club.”

“Oh.” I had not expected that. It’s not that Emma was partier, but it’s not liked she was that in to her school work either.

“Is it okay?” She asked.

“I didn’t even know you played.”

“I don’t.” She admitted.

She looked up at me, with those huge blue eyes, her smile turning sheepish. She had applied a fresh coat of red lipstick and her sweater was tucked in. It hadn’t been when I had seen her this morning. I wondered if she was to trying to appeal to me.

That sweater was so tight. I could see it outline her breasts, her waist was so narrow, her skirt flaring out over her hips. Her long legs were toned, muscled. Did she play sports? God, they went on forever. Wait, was I checking her out?

The thought startled me.

“Does that mean you won’t let me join?” Her shy smile had turned into pout.

“This isn’t a few students sitting around playing chess.” I explained. “There are competitions with other schools.”

“Well, I can learn, right?”

“Our club members need to be strong players.”

“Please.” She begged. “I’ll try really hard, I promise.”

Fuck, it was so hard to resist a girl who was begging. “Have you ever played chess before?”


“Then why would you want to join chess club?”

“I wanted to start playing?”

“If you’re going to lie, you should be more believable.”

“Okay, fine.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest. “I was talking to the guidance counsellor and he said my SAT scores were good enough, but I didn’t have any extra-curricular activities and I needed those to get into the college I want.”

I admit, I empathised with that. I knew how stressful applying for college could get. But chess club had been my project. Since I had taken over, I’d turned it from four kids playing chess storage closet at lunch to a team that had won the state competition for three years in row. I didn’t see Emma putting in the time and the effort she would need to become a reserve player.

“I know applying to college is a difficult time. But there are a lot of clubs at this school. Maybe you could try drama?” I suggested.

“But chess club makes you sound like you’re smart!”

“Your extra curriculars should reflect your interests, your hobbies, not things you pick because you like the way they look on applications.”

“Please?” She leaned forward with that pout on her lips again. I watched as she crossed her legs, her skirt sliding down her thigh.

“I don’t think you’d like chess club.” I told her.

“Look, I know I’m never going to get into Harvard, but I am smart enough to get into state.” She stood up, taking a step towards me. “Just let me join, I promise I’ll work hard.”

She was so close it felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want to take a step back. I didn’t want to seem like going I was giving in. She stepped closer again. I could smell the fruity perfume she wearing, I could see that her pale blue eyes had ring of yellow around them. I could feel the warmth coming off her body.

“Please? It’s my birthday.” She stood up on her toes.

Her face was so close to mine. My heart started racing. It seemed so intimate. I walked back over to my desk and picked up my phone. I didn’t need it for anything; I just wanted to get away. I looked at it for a second, before turning back towards her.

“Happy birthday.” I told her. “Is it your eighteenth?”


“Why would you want to stay after school on your birthday?”

“I’m joining chess club.” She smirked.

“I haven’t said yes.”

“But you haven’t said no either.”

“I didn’t realize you were so persistent.”

“Probably because you don’t know me very well.”

I didn’t want to tell her no. She seemed so sincere. “Come by Thursday after school.”

“You’re letting me join?”

“I’ll teach you how to play. We can go from there.”

“Thank you!”

She kissed me on the cheek and ran out the door.

Oh fuck, what had I gotten myself into?


“Emma, you can’t do that. This isn’t checkers, only the knight can jump over other pieces.”

“Sorry.” She put my pawn and my rook back on the board.

She had been so excited to take my pieces. I felt mean.

“It’s alright.” I said. “I know there are lot rules to remember.”

She rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it.”

She leaned back her chair, crossing her legs. She was wearing a short skirt again and I was glad. Damn, those legs of hers. I eryaman otele gelen escort shook my head my head, trying to clear away the thought.

“Hey.” She smiled. “I can still take your pawn.”

“Are you sure you want to?” I asked.


She reached across the table, taking my pawn off the board, and putting her bishop in its place. Under the table, she slid her leg so it was against mine. It had to be an accident. I reached forward, moving her bishop had left a clear opening. I took her queen with my rook.

“Check.” I said.

“I guess it wasn’t such a good move.” She frowned. “That means you’re about to win, right?”

“Don’t worry about being in check. Try to focus three or four moves ahead. Try to find out how I’m playing, what kind of game I’m playing. Try to guess what I am going to do next. Chess isn’t about what is on the board. Chess is played inside your head.” Even saying it, I knew I was going to check mate her in three moves.

“Okay Mr Wilson, what kind of game are you playing?” She asked, biting her lower lip. Her foot hooked around my ankle, she ran it along the back of my leg.

“Focus on the board.” I told her. “Tell me what’s happening.”

“Your castle is going to take my king?” her foot moved further up my leg, to my knee.

“What else?”

“Your horse is pretty close to my castle.” She said.

Her foot moved along my thigh. She was stroking the inside of my leg with her toes, the movement causing the fabric to shift. They brushed against my cock. I felt myself starting to stiffen.

“What else?” I asked.

“Your queen is pretty close to my horse.” She slid her foot away, back down to my knee.

“Good. Remember, even if having my pieces close to yours seems threatening, it leaves those pieces vulnerable. Now tell me what might happen. Try to put those combinations together in your head. Where will you take me? Where I can take you?”

She looked up at me, that little smirk on her lips. Her toes were running along my thigh, her foot inches from my cock. I was waiting for her to touch me again. I was already hard.

Fuck, what was she doing? What was I letting her do?! I pushed my chair back, away from the table. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Had I been flirting? No, it had been far worse than flirting; I had been letting her touch me.

“Is something wrong?” She asked, those perfect lips of hers pressed together. She was surprised.

Stay calm. You need to stay calm. I couldn’t stay calm. Fuck! What had I done? I couldn’t even get escape, if I stood up, she would see. I felt so ashamed; she had made me so hard so quickly. How could I have let this happen?! She was my student.

“Why don’t we finish for the day?” I suggested. I wanted her out of my classroom.

“Okay.” She said, but she didn’t move.

“You can get an app for your phone, computers are good at chess.”

“I’ll try it.”

She crossed her legs again, her skirt stayed put this time and I was disappointed. In my head, I put my hand on her leg, sliding it up and under her skirt. I wanted to kiss that pouty little mouth of hers, to bite that lower lip she was always nibbling on.

Shit. I did not want to be thinking like that.

“So what are you doing tonight?” she asked.

“I hadn’t thought about it.” I answered.

I would be drinking a lot of wine, trying to drown my disgust at myself for perving on my student. Shit, the buttons on her sweater were coming open. The top she was wearing under it was low cut and almost sheer. I could see her red and lace bra underneath, the outline of breasts. They were bigger than her jumpers let on.

My hands were on her, pushing her skirt up around her waist, moving up over her breasts. I pinched her nipples between my fingers. She kissed me wrapping her arms around my neck. Her tongue pushed between my lips. I could bend her over the table and fuck her until that sexy little mouth was screaming my name.

“I don’t really want to go home.” She said.

Her interjection brought me back to the real world. She was still sitting across from me, her legs still crossed. She was dangling her shoe from her toes. Those toes that foot had been inches from my cock. It felt like she was teasing me.

I wanted to put some distance between the two of us. I was stuck hiding my erection under the table. I couldn’t believe I had just thought about fucking my student. My barely legal student.

I needed to make her leave.

“Emma, school ended two hours ago. I need to work, and your family is going to wonder where you are.” I told her.

“My mom isn’t home. She works late.”

“You don’t have brothers or sisters?”

“It’s just the two of us.”

“I thought you would have plans this evening.”

“Not tonight.”

Her social life wasn’t as busy as I had expected. Hey, maybe this was okay. If we talked for a while, I could sit here. My erection was already subsiding. But if we sat here and talked, there was chance she would bring up what had happened. What I had let her do. Or worse, she would sincan escort try to do it again.

“How’s your essay for class going?” I asked. That seemed like a safe topic.

“It’s okay. To be honest, I didn’t really like Macbeth very much.”

I laughed. “I’m not surprised. It’s a bit intense.”

She stood up so fast, her chair was knocked backwards. It clattered on the floor. She looked at me, her eyes meeting mine. She looked like she was ready to cry. She leaned forward, I thought she was going to shout at me. Instead, she kissed me. I felt her hand on my cheek, her tongue forced its way between my lips. I didn’t even have time to push her away. She picked up her backpack and ran out the door.

Fuck. What the fuck?! How had this happened? How had I let any of this happen?! Shit shit shit! Had I hurt her feelings? I wasn’t sure, I didn’t know what I would have said. But she was teenager. It could have been nothing or anything.

Oh god, she was a teenager. I leaned forward until my forehead on the table. How could I have gotten into this mess? Fuck the wine, I was drinking whisky tonight.


I waited for her the next morning. When second period came around, my eyes kept flickering towards the door. I kept hoping to see her long legs, her short skirts, her curls.

I wanted to grab her when she walked in the door. I shoved her up against the wall, forcing my leg between hers. I kissed her neck, pushing her skirt up, my hand tugging her panties to the side.

“Mr Wilson, we can’t. Everyone is watching.” She whined.

“Let them fucking watch, I don’t care.” I pulled my trousers open, wrapping my hand around my cock.

“Here. It’s my essay.” Her voice interrupted my fantasy.

Shit. Emma was standing in front of me, holding out sheet of paper.

I swallowed. “It’s not due until Monday.”

“I want you to have it now.”

“Are you sure you don’t want the weekend to work on it?”

“Nope. Now.” she insisted.

I took it from her, trying keep my eyes off her legs. She was wearing another short skirt today. She spun around on heel, heading towards her seat. God, just… those legs. Her sweater was tighter than usual, low cut. She leaned over to get something out of her backpack. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her tits, her round, perfect tits. I wanted to bury my face in them.

Wait. Everyone was looking at me, they were watching me check her out. No, they were watching me, expecting me to start class. I felt my cheeks turning red.

Lessons. I had planned lessons for today. What had I planned? My mind was blank, I couldn’t remember. I’d have to go check my notes to figure it out.

“Since your essay is due on Monday, I thought I would give you some time to work on it in class so you can ask for help if you need it.” I said. Fuck this was embarrassing.

I slunk back over to my desk and pulled out my lesson plans. Right, we were going to start ‘A mid-summer night’s dream.’ Of course we were. One tragedy, one comedy, that what the curriculum was, it hadn’t changed in five years. Emma was getting to me worse than I had thought.

I looked over at her. She had her notebook out; she was scribbling away. I thought she had finished her essay? It was crumpled in my hand. I set in on my desk, running my arm over it to flatten it out.

‘Dear Mr. Wilson.,’ I read. This wasn’t her essay, she had written me letter. Why hadn’t she just said so?

Because she knew I wouldn’t have taken it. She was more clever than I had given her credit for. I needed to give it back to her, to tell her I couldn’t accept it.

Except now that I had it… would hurt if I read it? Then I would know how to turn her away without hurting her feelings too badly. Why was I feeling so flustered about all of this? She was hardly the first student to have flirted have me!

Oh god, she was the first one where I had enjoyed it. She was the first one to have kissed me.

‘Dear Mr. Wilson,’ I started reading, ‘I’m sorry I kissed you yesterday. I don’t even know why I did it. I just wanted to. I’ve had a crush on you since, like, forever. My friends tell me I’m crazy but I don’t care. I think you’re hot and you’ve got a really great sense of humour. And I like you, so I’m telling you. I’m sorry that kissed you, I don’t want you to get into trouble. Actually, I’m not sorry. Fuck that. I like you so I kissed and I am glad I did it. Don’t hate me.’

It made me laugh. Emma looked up at me, she blushed. Other people turned to look at me, but I was focused on her. A tear slid down her cheek. She wiped it off with her hand. She I thought I was laughing at her. I was laughing at her. But not at her. She ran out the door.

I wanted to chase after her. I couldn’t. I had classroom full I students and I was supposed to be introducing them to ‘A mid-summer night’s dream.’ But they were all working on their essays, no one had even been talking before Emma ran out. They were all talking now, whispering, wondering why she had run away.

“I’ll go check on her.” elvankent escort I smiled. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

I headed down the down the hall, my heart was starting to race. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing, I wanted to make sure she was okay, but didn’t want to encourage her. I didn’t even know if would find her, where would a teenage girl go to hide? Where would I go to hide?

My car. Or the bathroom? The woman’s bathroom was right down the hall from my class. I knocked on the door before pushing it open.

“Hello?” I called out. I definitely heard crying. I walked in.

“Emma, I know you’re in here.”

“Go away!” she shouted.

I found her sitting on the floor in one of the stalls. She was leaning against the pink metal divider. I sat down next to her.

“I’m supposed to be adult.” She sniffled. “I shouldn’t be crying over some boy.”

I reached for the roll of toilet paper and grabbed a handful. I handed it to her. “Adults cry, I cry. There’s nothing wrong with crying.”

“Do you really cry?”

“I cried last week. I found out my mother was sick.”

“That’s actually… really sweet.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” I said.

She used the handful of toilet paper to wipe the tears off her cheeks. “I guess I’ve really messed up my eyeliner now.”

“I’m sorry for giving you the impression I was laughing at your feelings.” I reached out to tuck a stray curl behind her ear. “I want you to know I take your feelings seriously.”

“I feel like such an idiot.”

“Don’t. Your letter, it was… charming.”

She turned to look at me. Her face was flushed. Her eyes were red from crying. Her sweater was pulled down over her shoulder.

“Is this the part where you tell me you like having me as student but you aren’t interested?” she asked.

“I thought that went without saying?” I could feel my heart racing again. Oh god, I wanted her. I did.

“Say it anyway.” She leaned closer.

I could smell her fruity perfume again. She put her hand on my leg. I closed my eyes. I knew she was going to kiss me again and I didn’t want to think about what would happen when I knew I could have her.

But she didn’t kiss me. I heard her shuffle to her feet. I opened my eyes. She was standing over me. I was looking up her skirt. Her panties were blue lace.

“Coward.” She said. And she walked away.

I heard the door swing closed behind her. I stood up, slamming the door shut of the stall shut. I locked myself in.

Emma in those blue lace panties. What if she had kissed me? The two of sitting on the floor. Her hands were on my shoulders, shoving me backward. She climbed on top of me, her legs on either side. I grabbed her ass, pulling her against me. Oh god, that perky ass of hers. Her fingers were tugging my belt off. She pulled my trousers open, her hand wrapped around my cock.

Fucking hell, I couldn’t take it. I yanked my trousers open, my hand wrapping around my cock. It was nice thought, looking up at her, my dick between her legs. I wanted it to be her hand, that was working its way up and down, while she was grinding herself against my leg, she would be getting so wet. I could reach under her skirt to pull her panties to the side. She would slide down onto my cock. I wanted her to being riding me, her tits bouncing as she moved.

Oh god, I wanted to be fucking her, I wanted my dick to be buried in that tight little pussy of hers. I would reach between her legs, my fingers on her clit. She would moan with pleasure, riding me faster, her curls sliding over her shoulders as she leaned forward to kiss me. I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her over so she was underneath me. She slid her hand over her stomach, her chest, cupping her breast. She teased her nipple between her finger tips. I leaned over, running my tongue over her breast as I moved inside of her. My teeth grazed her nipple, causing her to gasp. Her arms wrapped around me, her fingernails were digging into my back. She was going to make me come.

“Harder. Fuck me harder.” She whined.

I gave it to her hard and I gave it to fast, her hips were rising to meet me. She ran her tongue along my shoulder, biting down on my neck. I felt her tighten around me, she cried out as she came. Oh god, I was coming so hard, I could feel it in my toes.

I leaned against the wall and tried to catch my breath. Holy fuck. I had just jacked off in the women’s toilet at work. My students were in the classroom waiting for me. What the fuck man, seriously what the fuck is wrong with you?!


“Okay, what the hell is wrong with you?” My sister asked.

“This isn’t good place to talk. I can hardly hear you.” I shouted over the music.

“Look, I’m exhausted, you’ve been dragging me around for days!” She complained. “I just want to sit in bed and eat nachos and watch movies!”

I had been dragging her around. Dinner and drinks on Friday, museums and the movies on Saturday. Sunday I’d driven her a hundred miles to watch a football game and I didn’t even like football. Yesterday I’d taken her to gallery opening and then to trivia night. I thought if I kept busy it would keep me from thinking about Emma. It hadn’t worked. Every night my hand still reached for cock, fuck, I hadn’t jerked off this much since I was a teenager.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32