Cindy Gets Motivation Ch. 03

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Over the next couple of weeks Cindy and I fell into kind of routine with only slight changes. We were good friends and neighbors with benefits, in a manner of speaking. Every few days she would appear with an envelope with my name on it. I always paid great attention to the requests inside.

We continued with motivation sessions. The routine was almost the same each time. She would need to be spanked to be motivated and of course this was to be administered on a bare bottom. However, now I had a blank check on how this was done.

Like last time where I actually undressed her myself. I made the process slow, and made her stand in front of me, totally naked, while I gave her a small talk about Motivation. Then I would bend her over the arm of the sofa, that I now called Cindy’s Place, and spank her sweet bum. Once I even used a small leather paddle that had I purchased at a sex shop just to spice things up. I only had to smack her a few times to produced amazing results. After she exploded in one of her amazing orgasms, she would suck me off in her world class form. She had a lot of little tricks. We both were having, or what appeared to be having, the most explosive orgasms of our lives.

It had been a couple of days since I had received a note. I had just finished a late afternoon run in the park when I saw Cindy in her running gear, sitting on her steps drinking from a water bottle. She too seemed to have just finished a run.

“Hey,” I yelled as I came up. “Somehow I missed you on the trail. Looks like you had a good workout.”

“Hey yourself,” she said, which had turned into our standard greeting. “I took a new route today. It was tough.”

“Good to see you hydrating. You know, I read an article that after some water, a really cold beer was excellent for hydration.”

“Did you now?” she smiled. “What magazine was that, Brewers International?”

We both laughed and I invited her up for a beer. Since we were both sweaty in our running gear we just headed for my deck. I got a couple of very cold brews from the fridge and went out to the two loungers on my deck. It was a beautiful afternoon, and as I might have mentioned, my deck is very private being on the end of one of the buildings.

“Here is to hydration,” I said as I lifted my beer in a toast.

“To hydration,” Cindy replied. And took a long sip.

We sat and talked about nothing in particular. It was always easy from when we first met to just hang out. We never just sat and discussed our Motivation Meetings as I had come to call them. We kind of kept our good neighbor and friend relationship separate from our Motivation relationship. It seemed to work.

Cindy had on a nice little jog bra and running shorts. With her tight, trim body she looked great in her workout gear. But then, she looked great in anything she wore. Even better without anything to wear.

I looked over at her and realized something. “You know, I don’t think you have ever had on a bra up in my place since we met.”

She laughed. “I think you’re right,” she said. “If it makes you nervous, I can help with that.” Then she put down her beer and wiggled out of her jogging bra and dropped it on the deck. She smiled a sly smile and said, “Better?”

Well, it certainly was better. I never got enough of her wonderful perky tits and those amazing nipples. She had nipples that you could hang a Christmas ornament from. I had a vision of a Xmas card with Cindy in a stocking cap, naked form the waste up, with two little ornaments hanging from her harden nipples. It was a great vision.

I took a long look at her tits and said, “Much better.” However, I was a bit of a surprised with something so, well sexual. It was outside of our Motivation sessions. sarıyer escort This was new, but greatly appreciated.

She just smiled, lay back in the lounger, closed her eyes and let the late after soon warm her body. It was nice we were getting so comfortable with each other. Just like all good neighbors and good friends.

“Another one”, I asked?

“Sure,” she said without opening her eyes. She had the cutest contented smile on her face.

I came back with a couple of beers. The warm sun had quickly caused the bottles to sweat and they were dripping as I walk over to her. The devil in me made me hold her beer over her well-formed chest as the moisture on the bottle slowly slipped down its side. A drop was hanging on and I gently wiggled the bottle and it fell directly on her extended little nipple. A one in a thousand hits.

Cindy let out a little scream and grabbed her breast. “Oh, you’r bad. You are really bad,” She scolded. “Remember, payback is a bitch,” she smiled as she took the beer.

I knew there would be consequences and it was fun to speculate as sat back down on my lounger. We both sipped our beers and just lay in the waning rays of the sun as it headed West.

I was feeling a little buzz from the beers, the breeze was soft and cool, and relaxed didn’t seem to cover the feeling. I looked over at Cindy and she look like she was feeling almost the same. I just loved her being topless.

She looked over and noticed where my eyes were and I saw her hand move up her stomach to her right breast. She gently rubbed just the bottom of her tit, then move her thumb and forefinger up and gently took hold of its little protruding bud and gave it a slight twist. She let out a soft little moan.

I smiled and said, “Are you trying to come on to me?”

“No,” she said in a sultry voice. “Just trying to get your attention.” Then she looked down at my running shorts where a small tent was beginning to form. “I see it is working,” she said with her little sly smile. This was also a new way of interaction, and I loved it.

“You certainly have my attention,” I said.

“Good,” she said as her smile got bigger. “Let’s get a pizza!”

I had to laugh. Then she let out a little girl giggle and said, “Boys are so easy.”

I jumped up from the lounger and came over and took her hand and said, “Let’s go take a shower.”

She gave me one of her sly smiles again, took my hand and we went into the condo. I guided her down the hall as she was finishing off the last of her beer. I was taking off my shirt as we walked. She was ahead of me there. When we got to the bedroom, I kicked off my shoes, and stripped off my running short, exposing my half hard member. I looked over my shoulder and saw Cindy was smiling, already shoeless, and was pulling down her shorts.

I went into the bathroom and got the water running and as I turned around there was Cindy, with her wonderful boobs, hard little nipples and sweet little trimmed bush. God, I think those nipples stayed hard all the time.

“Come on,” I said as she followed me into the large shower. My shower was one item that I loved about this condo. The bathroom had this wonderful walk-in shower, with a little tile bench built into the wall. The little skylight was wonderful and the shower had two shower heads. One was directly above and was a rain head, and the other was one of those handheld types that you could take off the wall and spray anywhere.

The water was just right, I pulled her close and we let rain soak us with its warm water. I was in heaven. I smiled and said, “We need to get you clean.”

I think she was thinking just like me about all the fun soapy esenyurt escort bodies could be. “You’re the boss when it comes to showers,” she said, and stuck her arms straight out from her sides and spread her legs wide. I didn’t need a verbal invitation.

We soaped, we scrubbed, more soap, more scrubbing. I am pretty sure we covered every inch of each other’s bodies. She did spend a lot of time down between my legs with my male member as she was calling it now. She had fun watching it grow as she talked about my male member and how it needed good cleaning. She also had fun playing with my balls. I think that one was more like a new toy.

I had a marvelous time washing her body parts. Of course, I covered the regular territory and spent a lot of time on her boobies. Cleaning her perky nipples several times, just to be sure. But I had a lot of fun doing her back and tight little ass.

She held her arms out straight, facing the shower wall, with her legs spread wide. As I started working on her butt, I let my fingers run up and down the crack of her ass across her little puckered hole. Then I started to pay attention to her little anus. l let my fingers run all around it. She wiggled her ass just a bit. Then I took my soapy finger and began to massage it just a little, dipping just the tip in her little bum-hole now and then. She reacted by actually pushing her butt a bit further out. I realized I may have found another “light switch” spot. As I massage my finger went in a little further each time. When about half of my finer was stuck up her ass, she let out a groan and push back against my finger. I pushed further in as she pushed back. Then I slowly began to fucker her ass with my finger. Slowly in all the way to my knuckle, then slowly out. In…Out…in…Out. I noticed her breathing began to pick up and as my finger lodge all the way in, small moans escaped her lips. I made a mental note to explore this little “light switch” later as I slipped my soapy finger from her little hole. I reached around and grabbed her breasts and whispered in her ear, “Time to rinse.” Sometimes deferred gratification can lead to great pleasure I always say.

She got fully rinsed first, gave me a kiss on the cheek and slipped out of the shower. I finally got all the soap off places I didn’t even know I had, turned off the shower, and went into the bedroom.

What greeted me, and my half hard cock, was Cindy in the middle of the bed, on two pillows, with her head down and her ass stuck up in the air. Her legs were spread wide open. I could see her pussy was glistening with copious amounts of her juices, her vulva was gaping open, lips enlarged and wet. She looked at me, and then fixed her eyes on my cock. It has a brain all its own sometimes, and begin to go from half-mast to a full blown hardon. She was smiling.

I went over to her, knelled down so I was close to her ear. “Have you been playing with your little Kittie?” I asked her.

She meekly replied, “Yes. Just a little.”

“You know you’re a bad girl, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she meekly said.

“Show me what you were doing.”

She looked back at me and said, “Oh no! I can’t. I can’t do that.”

“Yes, you can. Now show me how you play with your little Kittie,” I said in a stern voice.

I swear, she actually bit her lip just a little while looking back at me. My cock was so hard it was now in that good, but painful stage of erection.

Slowly she moved her hand back between her legs as she continued to look directly at me. She shifted her hips upward just a bit and moved her legs wider as her hand reached her very exposed womanhood. Slowly she began to rub the palm of her hand up and down her glistening avrupa yakası escort slit, then slowly slipped two finders inside her wet opening. It was mesmerizing watching her fingers begin working in and out of her vagina.

Her fingers began to move deeper into her opening and with each slow thrust she let out a guttural moan. As her fingers moved faster, she began to make small gasping sounds. Then she stopped and looked back at me. She pulled her slick fingers form her opening and with two fingers she spread her swollen lips wide, exposing her little bud. Her clit was actually swollen and the tip, like the small tip of a pinky finder, was protruding.

She looked back towards me, her face flushed, and said raspy voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I think my cock gained new territory with its hardness. This was a new ballgame. I was up to bat and I was going to put this one out of the park.

My cock was twitching as I stood up. She kept looking at it. I stood there, letting her gaze at for a moment. It just kept twitching.

I leaned back down and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

I got behind her. She certainly didn’t need any more warming up. Her pussy was wide open and extremely wet. I put just the tip of my ridged male member, now an angry shade of reddish purple, to her opening, and ever so slightly ran the tip up and down, coating it with her juices. She groaned.

I slowly as humanly possible began moving my cock into her a little bit at a time. We had done a lot of sexual things over the last several weeks. We both had experienced momentous organisms. But this was different. This was another level of closeness. She was offering me what was special. I could not have been happier as I pushed up all the way inside her and heard her groan loudly and just say, “Yes.”

And true to my promise to her, I fucked her brains out.

It seemed that we both attacked each other. I would thrust as she pushed back against me. Our bodies slammed together with surprising force. We had moved into a different place. A place where pure passion takes over the senses. Our bodies were controlling what was happening. Our minds were just along for the ride, surfing the waves of pleasure as we joined in explosive thrusting. Cindy was letting out guttural sounds from deep inside her as I impaled her time and time again. We began an animalistic dance that our bodies seemed to have pulled forth from some deep repressed place. Time seemed to stand still as our bodies continued to move instinctively towards finality.

Then, without notice, I let out a loud moan and pushed as deep as I could go, holding her as I released streams of sperm into her quivering opening. She let out a small scream as her body started contracting. It was a full-body spasm. She jerked back against me several times and then her body just seemed to shake all over. “Oh God!” she screamed, falling across the pillows like a limp doll.

This was the first time we had actually fucked, and it was incredible. Once again, our climaxes were off the charts. This seems impossible, and maybe our memories of the current moment are so much more vivid than the past that it just feels that way. I don’t care. It was amazing. I am sure I should find other superlatives, but it was amazing just seems appropriate.

After we caught our breaths, and she found her ‘brains’, we moved together and held each other close. We seemed to fit just right. I could feel her heart that was still beating quickly. I put my hand over it. She put her hand over mine and said, “You did that.”

She held my hand tightly against her breast and I could feel her hard little nipple in my palm. “This is where your hand belongs,” she said softly and closed her eyes.

I’m not sure how long we had dozed when I felt her stir. When I opened my eyes, Cindy was awake and smiling. As I look down, I could see a mischievous look in her eyes. She pulled back just a bit and said, “Pizza?”

Well, I couldn’t say no to such a beautiful naked lady. “What topping?”

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