College Fun!

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I remember my first day at college, I had just moved to Northern Ireland with my parents, needless to say I was scared shitless. “You’ll do great Lucy.” My parents encouraged.

I nervously entered the class room and looked around. The tables were all set up in a big ‘U’ shape around the teachers desk and the whiteboard.

I took a seat on the left side of the room and quietly started unpacking my notepad and pens, and the course text book from my bag. I looked up when I heard the chair next to me pull out. “Hi I’m Roisin,” the girl stated.

“I’m Lucy,” I said smiling. The tutor entered the room then and introduced herself to us all and gave out a sheet that had 5 questions on it.

“Now then what I want you to do is team up with the person next to you and ask them the 5 questions on the sheet,” she explained, “You have 10 minutes to find out all about the other person and then you will be called to the front in pairs to introduce your partner to the class.”

Roisin turned to me and said “shall we be partners?” with an expectant look on her face.

“Yes,” I replied.

I glanced down at the sheet of paper in front of me and studied the questions.

1-Tell us a little about yourself. 2-Have you ever met a famous person. 3-Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 4-What do you want to do in the future. 5-Tell us about your hobbies.

After discussing the answers to each question, I got to know Roisin quite well and found out she had a wicked sense of humour. I could tell we were going to become great friends.

She was a pretty girl, slender but not too skinny, she had chin length white blonde hair that hung in waves and she had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.

I don’t consider myself to be pretty, cute maybe, I have dark brown hair that is shoulder length, and straight, and green eyes which I love. We sat and chatted for 10 minutes learning all we could about each other and taking notes on our sheets.

When our time was up the teacher stood from behind her desk and said, “Okay, who is brave enough to go first?” She moved her eyes around the room studying us each in turn.

I looked at Roisin and she nodded so I raised my hand and said, “We will go first.”

As it was technically my idea to go first I decided I should introduce Roisin to the class before she introduced me. So I cleared my throat and began.

“Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you to Roisin. Roisin is 18 years old, and has lived in Toome since she was two years old. She was born in the Ulster Hospital on 15th June 1987. Roisin has a sister and a brother who are three and five years older than her respectively,” I began.

“When she was younger, she and the rest of her primary school met Julian from UTV which she was very excited about, but now she is embarrassed that she met him.” Roisin started giggling as I said this which in turn made me laugh as well.

“An interesting fact about Roisin is that she can play the flute, the clarinet, the bass guitar and the piano. She loves Irish dancing and has been learning it since she was 5. When she was younger and she was asked what she wanted to do in the future she always said ‘be part of River-dance,” I laughed.

“But now she wants to be a nurse, which is why she is doing childcare, so she can do her nursing degree when she is finished. As for hobbies Roisin loves dancing, obviously, shopping, R+B music and movies.” I finished and looked at Roisin who was smiling encouragingly at me.

“Okay Roisin, it’s your turn to introduce us to your partner.” The teacher prompted.

“Hi there, this is Lucy-Mae. Lucy lived in a town called Leyland until she was 18. Leyland is where a lot of the trucks were made just in case you’re interested. She was born in Chorley Hospital on 24th July 1986, so she is 19. Lucy moved from Leyland to Bellaghy when she left school, she moved with her Mom and Dad as her three sisters are all married.” She started.

“Two of her sisters live here in Magherafelt and one still lives in Leyland. When flying from Leyland to here after a holiday visiting her sister, at the start of the summer, Lucy sat next to one of the boys from the TV show Hollyoaks on the aeroplane. She managed to pluck up the courage to talk to him, and they chatted the whole flight, keeping her cool she didn’t let him see how gorgeous she thought he was.” she started giggling as she explained.

“They exited the plane and went through to baggage, and as Lucy only had hand luggage she said goodbye, exchanging phone numbers with him, and went out in to the arrivals section, she quickly got her phone out and rang her sister back in Leyland as she entered the shop in the terminal “You will not believe who I was sitting next to!!!” she excitedly said to her sister just as he came around the corner to buy a bottle of water grinning from ear to ear as she blushed beet red and ran out the exit.” She was hysterical as she tried to finish the story.

I was bright red again, casino şirketleri not my finest hour, I can’t convey how gutted I was when I realised he had heard me after playing it cool the whole flight. Needless to say we never met up again, I was way too embarrassed to face him.

When Roisin had calmed down she continued, “Something interesting about Lucy is that she does a lot of fund-raising for different charities including comic relief and children in need, but on world book day last year she raised money for Macmillan Cancer Care, by dressing as the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland for the whole day, doing all her daily tasks including going to work in the evening!” She paused and looked me in the eyes.

“She is definitely a game girl this one. In the future Lucy would like to own an after school club for primary school aged children, so she plans to do her advanced diploma in childcare and education after finishing these two years of early childhood studies and then do a business management course.” She continued.

“As for hobbies Lucy loves reading, all types of music, I mean ALL types, metal, garage, hip hop everything. As well as that Lucy is a big movie buff.” As she finished she turned expectantly to me and I smiled and told her how well she had done.

“Fantastic girls, I can see you spent the time wisely, getting to know each other properly.” The teacher said. The morning went on and the class went to the front in two’s and introduced each other.

When lunch time came I didn’t want to assume she would want to get lunch together so I got my purse and stood up as she said “So, Lucy, Where are we headed?”

I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Where ever you fancy, I’m easy!”

She raised her eye brows and replied, “Hmmm, is that so, I can’t wait to find out!” she giggled loudly and I joined in. Her laugh was so infectious.

We became best friends very quickly and when I passed my driving test I would drive her home even though I basically had to pass my village to get to her house. I never minded as we were such close friends. We went on a couple of double dates together but they were always awful so we didn’t bother again we just went out together, movies and food our regular Wednesday night plan.

One night we went to the cinema to see a new film and I was going to park outside the door but Roisin said, “Park in the car park around the corner, just in case somebody would hit your car if you park it on the road.”

“OK, whatever you say, your so obsessed that someone is going to hit my car,” I replied and drove to the car park.

We watched the film which was a comedy and both loved it. When it had finished we made our way to the front door and can you believe it… it was pouring with rain outside. “Fuck me!” I yelled.

“Only if you ask nicely!” She said as she ran out into the rain, laughing. I ran out after her pulling my keys out of my pocket as I went. I reached the car and opened the door.

We both got into the car and I yelled, “Jesus Christ! I am soaking wet!” My white t-shirt was now see through and you could clearly see my white bra standing out from my skin.

“Hmmm, soaking wet huh?!? sounds good!” She said as she winked at me. I found it hilarious how she could flip everything around to a sexual meaning.


Things continued this way for the whole two years we were at college together. I never thought anything of what she said to me when she was teasing me, as far as I knew she was straight as an arrow like me, she had her fair share of boyfriends but as the end of college loomed she found herself single again. I had my own share of heart ache and was also single at this point in my life. By this time she was 20 and I was 21.

“Hey Lucy do you want to be my date for the leavers formal?” She asked me one day. “You know, make a no guy’s pact and just go to the thing together?”

“Yeah, that sounds fun! We’ll raise the roof!” I laughed. “As long as I can wear red… it is my favourite colour!”

We went shopping the following afternoon in Belfast to get our dresses. We tried a few shops and in the end we managed to find a dress to wear. On the Saturday of the formal I drove to her house where I would be leaving my car so we could both drink, and knocked on the door with everything I needed to get ready. The door opened and Roisin stood in a towel obviously just having got out of the shower. She let me in and we went to her bedroom to get ready. I did my hair and make up while she went to put her dress on then I did her hair and went and got dressed while she did her make up.

I came out of the bathroom all ready to go and walked into her bedroom. She looked absolutely stunning, her bronze dress was knee length and had gold beading detail around the top. It came up around the neck like a choker and bared her shoulders. Her hair was down around her shoulder blades, it had grown down her back over the two years we have been friends, but she recently casino firmaları got it cut and tidied up.

She turned around and gasped,looking me up and down she said “Lucy, you look gorgeous!”

“Fuck off! No I don’t!” I replied.

“No, seriously Lucy you look Fucking awesome!!” she asserted gazing up and down my body over and over again.

I blushed and said “Whatever! You look a lot nicer than I do! You look beautiful!” as I shrugged off her compliment. I can never take compliments well.

“You tease me, Miss Bradford! I like it!” she giggled winking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

I was wearing a scarlet red strapless dress that reached the floor and was a corset style bodice which made my 38DD breasts look amazing! (I really do love my breasts!) Just because we had a no guy’s pact doesn’t mean I couldn’t try and impress. My hair was hanging down to my shoulders and my make up was minimal, with a shock of red lipstick.

When we got to the venue I went to the bar to get us a drink and Roisin went to freshen up. I decided we needed a kick start to the night so I bought us a shot of absinthe and a vodka sunrise. She met me at the bar and I gave her the shot. “Bottom’s up girl!” I yelled.

“Mmmm maybe later!” she laughed. We counted to three and downed our shots. I coughed. I looked up and Roisin’s eyes were watering as she giggled. “Fuck yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Right in the words of p!nk ‘let’s get this party started’!” She said as she took her vodka sunrise and proceeded to take me to the empty dance floor.

We danced most of the night only stopping to refill our vodka sunrise every once in a while. I went and requested a song after we had emptied our 5th vodka sunrise. When Pitbull’s ‘hotel room service’ came on the two of us went crazy! We danced back to back and face to face, up close, poppin’ and lockin’ as best we could and then I used her like a pole and gyrated all the way down her body.

Roisin got a glint in her eye as I did this and as I came back up she stepped back as she carried on dancing. I thought maybe I had gone too far and got a little self conscious as I danced but then as Pitbull sang the line ‘2 plus 2 I’m gon’ undress you,’ she grabbed my dress at the top in between my breasts and pulled me close then he sang ‘3 plus 3 you gon’ undress me,’ she grabbed my hands and put them on her tight ass. The next line said ‘4 plus 4 we gon’ freak some more’ she had grabbed my ass by this point pulling us nice and close and started grinding her crotch against mine. I was completely taken aback at first but then she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I have been so attracted to you ever since that first day in class.”

When I heard them words and felt her breath tickling my ear I got goosebumps and my whole body started trembling as my breathing grew heavy. She saw my reaction and led me to a really dark corner in the place. I was a little nervous and apprehensive wondering what was going to happen but I was also very curious and excited. She manoeuvred me so I was against the wall and ran her fingers through my hair pulling me closer. When our lips touched I thought I would explode.

She kissed me so gently at first and ran her tongue along my bottom lip so I opened my mouth a little and our tongues touched. It felt amazing, her skin was so soft and she smelled so good with the mix of perfume and her arousal that I started to get very wet. We kissed more passionately for a little while not caring that if anyone came close enough they could see what was happening. I gently stroked my hand up from her hip to her cheek and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, grabbing a handful tightly, and wound my other hand around her back pulling her closer to me so our bodies made contact and our breasts were touching through our dresses.

She lowered her hand from my hair and ran it along the top of my dress and down under my breast cupping it in her small hand and squeezed it gently. She broke the kiss first and just as breathless as me said, “Come on let’s get out of here.”

I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice as I said “mmmm, yes, let’s!” we walked out side and she motioned to one of the taxis from the taxi bays she gave him the address and turned back to me and started kissing again the whole way to her apartment which the taxi driver seemed to enjoy, listening to him mmmm and ahhhh the whole drive back.

We arrived at her apartment and paid the driver who said, “any time you girls need a lift just ask for Shane!”

We made our way inside and straight to the bedroom … there was only one way this evening was going and we both wanted it so much.

Once we entered the bedroom she unzipped my dress as we kissed again. My dress slowly slid to the floor and Roisin groaned when she realised I had nothing on underneath it. I didn’t want to ruin the look of the dress with ghastly underwear lines.

“Sweet Jesus, Lucy, I could cum just by looking at you!” Roisin said as güvenilir casino she leaned forward and licked around my breast with her soft warm tongue, before licking my nipple and sucking it in to her mouth gently biting on it.

While she was playing with my nipples, twisting and sucking them, I started to unzip her dress, pushing it slowly down her body running my hands down her body as I did so.

She looked so sexy, she was wearing a red lace halter-neck bra and red lace panties, her breasts were perfect 34c size that were beautiful, she was a little shorter than me, without our heels on, at 5’5″ to my 5’6″ and had such a pert butt that I couldn’t stop myself grabbing it and pulling her closer to me.

I ran my hands up her body and back to the clasp of her bra and took it off her slowly. Our tongues were still wrestling as I took her bra off but as soon as her breasts were free I had to taste them. So I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked them into my mouth. Her nipples were rock hard as were mine, and when I reached down and took her panties off I realised the crotch was soaking, this turned me on even more causing my own cunt to become dripping wet.

The smell of our arousal was super strong and sexy as fuck. We moved backwards until we hit the bed and tumbled down side by side. Once comfortable we started kissing passionately again, lying facing each other on our sides. I stroked my hand down her body and to her very juicy pussy. She gasped in to my mouth as I stroked her slit.

My nerves had officially vanished by this point and I let my instincts take over as I started rubbing her extremely hard clit. “mmmm Fuck Lucy ooohhh that feels so good!” she moaned.

The smell of the room was intoxicating and I knew what I needed to do next so I moved myself lower down her body kissing and licking her soft skin as I went, and got closer to her pussy. When I finally got down to her pussy and spread her lips I was amazed how perfect she looked! So juicy! She had a small triangle of short blonde hair above her slit and small well defined inner lips.

“mmmm, Please Lucy!” She breathlessly whispered as she lifted her hips slightly bringing her pussy closer to my mouth. I inhaled deeply and leaned in closer, closing the gap between us, and licked from her opening to her clit. She bucked a little as I touched her clit, so I began moving my tongue in little circles around her clit then flicked my tongue over it. It was so hot and I was so horny I had to remind myself to take it slow and not to rush her pleasure. As I have been told by others, it is not about the destination, but the journey you take!

After a few minutes of teasing her clit and tasting her sweet juices I moved my tongue lower towards her hole and pushed my tongue inside her, marvelling at how tight her tunnel was. I started tongue fucking her and she started to writhe around on the bed moaning over and over.

After a few more minutes I removed my tongue from her hole, much to her disappointment, but I quickly replaced it with two fingers. As I finger fucked her I resumed licking and sucking on her hard little clit. I was now so intoxicated by the smell of her sex, I could have stayed licking her forever.

Her moaning and her writhing grew more erratic telling me she was getting close, so I focused on bringing her to an explosive climax. I sucked hard on her clit as I pumped my fingers in and out of her, pleasuring her g-spot as I did so.

“Fuck, Holy fuck, ooohhh, Jesus Christ, mmmm” Roisin yelled as she thrashed on the bed and I hungrily lapped up her juices. I moved back up her body listening to her heavy breathing and watching her breasts raise up and down. I laid down next to her as her breathing started to return to normal. I felt her hand on my stomach stroking me as she moved her mouth to mine and started kissing me again.

“Mmmm I can taste myself on your tongue!” she moaned “It is so sexy! I could literally come again.” She pulled me closer and kissed me again, wrestling her tongue with mine.

She moved her hand along my body as we kissed, twisting my nipples then stroking my stomach as she moved her hand still lower and down to my thighs. She gently stroked higher but kept teasing me by moving her hand so close to my mound but not quite touching it before moving her hand lower down my thigh again, repeating the motion over and over.

By the time her hand made contact with my slit I was dripping wet and practically desperate for her touch. She parted my lips with her fingers and gently stroked from my tight hole to just below my clit, careful not to make contact just yet. I tried lifting my hips to meet her hand but she was too quick and lowered her hand before contact was made.

She moved her mouth from mine and kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples gently biting them as her slender fingers finally made contact with my now fully engorged clit. “Mmmmmm, Oh fuck, Roisin!” I tried but failed to hold in the moan that escaped my lips.

She began her expert manipulation of my clit … rubbing circles around it and rolling it between her thumb and finger, nipping at it, sending me delirious with pleasure. Her fingers felt so soft against my sensitive clit.

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