College Swimming

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During the course of this story, I switch between first person and third. I hope this doesn’t cause confusion. Understand that I’m not aware of the conversations that transpire between the friends, Lisa and Lizbeth.

In high school, we had that dreaded swimming day. I felt awkward being tall but skinny. I liked being skinny, but I didn’t like wearing a swimsuit with all my classmates in the same pool. High school was over. I’m 18 and a college freshman. I thought my swimming days were over, but I was dead wrong.

This is Jason Azzinaro, and I was a bit naive for most of my life. Everyone has to go through the swimming class during high school. Having to tread water was the most agonizing part of the class. Swimming a lap across was saved for last as it was in previous years. Even though I was in college, we still had to take a physical education class as part of the curriculum.

I thought I would take a PE class and get it over with. However, I dragged my feet with choosing one in addition to not being aware of the PE requirement. Behold, only swimming classes had spots open. Three times a week for 2 hours was the offering. I would spend six hours a week of this hell for 30 weeks because it was two semesters. I decided to sign up.

First day of the class came on a Monday morning. I was feeling resentful about the whole thing. The instructor, Mrs Versai was nice. She was a woman with brown hair in her late thirties. It was apparent to her I wasn’t a strong swimmer.

She asked to stay on the end lane during the initial evaluation. This initial evaluation was no different from the swim days in high school.

Lisa Spinelli tells me, “You can swim with us.”

I told her, “All right.”

We introduce ourselves, and she introduces me to her best friend Lizbeth.

She had such a sweet face. Her dark brown hair was slicked back from her face by the water. As her chocolate brown eyes looked at me, it was unclear if she liked what she saw. Lisa looked sexy in her dark green swimsuit that hugged her 32b breasts. Since she swam first, I had the pleasure of looking at her tight butt as she moved toward the other side.

Her friend waiting at the lane with me was Lizbeth Anzi also looked stunning in a black and blue swimsuit. She told I me I was going next as she discreetly jabbed a nail in my side. I moved away slightly trying not to bolt. When it was the next round, I started making my way across. After that was over, I was glad.

Lizbeth and Lisa were the best of friends. Lisa’s house has a beautiful backyard and good sized pool. It was warm enough for them to lay outside in the back. Talking about everything and hatch new schemes. The pair were 20 already, and I think they knew I was socially awkward.

Lizbeth told Lisa, “I gave Jason a poke with my nail after you swam, so I can see he’s not used to being touched.”

Lisa asks,”Why would you do that? He might be cute, but he was awkward.”

Lizbeth responds,”That’s what made it fun.” She continues, “I think you like him, and you’re the one who’s been without a guy for too long.”

Lisa contests,”I get laid alot. There’s lots of guys I’ve taken for a ride.”

Lizbeth retorts,”When was the last you hugged a guy’s penis? You haven’t ridden anyone this year.”

Lisa replies,”I know, but my last guy sleeping with my mortal enemy. That hurt. I want a guy who will be loyal.”

Lizbeth responds,”It’s time to move on. I say you groom Jason to be a good lay.”

Lisa answers,”I love the idea of grooming a guy to be a good lay, but I don’t even know if Jason is legal.”

Lizbeth tells Lisa,”It’ll be a problem if you screw him now whether he’s legal or not. Here’s the proposal. You have the pool, the backyard is private enough, and you could use teaching him to swim as a guise.”

Lisa says,”If he says yes to letting me teach him to swim, I can watch as he gets more endurance. He’ll get used to me seeing his body. Then, I’ll be able to start breaking the touch barrier in more intimate ways. Then the last day of school, I’ll bring him to my bed. He’ll be my sex toy; I’ll be in total control of him.”

Lizbeth responds,”First, we need to be sure he’s of legal age. We’ll have to ask him.”

The scheme is hatched.

The other class the three of us had together was Biology 101. I’m listening intently to the biology lecture. Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, is the topic of discussion. My attention is divided between Lisa and the lecture. Her velvet brown pants are tight and really showing off her cute ass almost as much as her swimsuit did. I closed my eyes and imagined myself nibbling on her earlobe.

Mrs. Shwann called me back to reality asking me about ankara evi olan escortlar by asking me what plant Mendel used to attain his findings. I had no problem naming pea plants, and I even named the traits he documented. I’m not used being put on the spot, but I deserved that. Instead of getting laughed at the teacher gave me a bravo.

The biology lab is the last class of my Mondays, and Lisa catches up with me.

“Hey Jason,” she calls,”I have something to ask you.”

“Hi Lisa, OK. What’s up?” I respond.

“Well, here’s the run down. I’m not that great at the sciences, and I’m hoping you could help me.” She explains.

“All right. How do you want to do things?” I asked.

“Here’s the exchange. If you help me in biology, I’ll help you become a better swimmer.” She proposes.

At first, I’m disinterested. I tell her, “I don’t like being in a swimsuit with so many people around to begin with. I’m missing high school when it was one and done.”

As her proposal continues, “My house has a pool that’s ideal to swim for endurance. It’s private enough, so you don’t have to be concerned about others looking on. In addition, you’ll be welcome to clean up before you go home.”

I cave in, and say yes,

“Here’s the address and my number.”, She explains as she pens them down.

We shake hands on the deal. I’m pondering what swimsuit to bring with me to the house. Her long straight hair whips across my face, but in the crowded hall way no one notices. As someone who was on the swim team, she can teach others. Swimming season just ended. The weather is always warm enough to swim outside.

“Oh,” she catches me, “One last thing, how old you? I can’t have you over my house if you’re a minor.”

“I’m eighteen, and I’m gearing to cast my first vote.”, I tell her.

The weekend came; her parents weren’t home. I had no trouble finding her house.

When I knocked on the door, Lisa answered. She was wearing a button up shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Her legs were silky.

Lisa greeted me, “Hi Jason, come in. We can study our bio in the kitchen. “

I responded by asking, “It’s study first and swim later?”

Lisa answered, “Yes. Also, you’ll be able clean up before you go home.”

As I broke down the cell to its organelles, she complemented how smart I was. The pool was big enough to do laps. She let me know its time to swim. She could see I was uneasy, so she told me it’s fine. It’s just you and me. When I returned from the sun room in my black swimsuit, she gave me a smile. She started taking off her shirt and shorts to reveal a sky blue swimsuit underneath.

She teaches me how to use my arms and cup my hands. Learning to relax my body as I swim. We got close, and I caught a pleasant smell of her perfume. I have no idea why she had perfume to swim, but it was intoxicating.

After a couple weeks passed, I was swimming better. Lisa was finding subtle ways to touch me. She would move my hair out of eyes, and to be playful sometimes she’ll grab my nose. It’s been a pleasure admiring the beauty of Lisa’s body in the swimsuits. Her ass is perfect for grabbing I thought to myself as I stole a glance, one of many, seeing her adjust the backside of her suit and getting a good look at her tan lines. She told me tomorrow was a free day, and she needed to see her friend.

The next day, I was reading my magazines. However, my mind was flowing toward daydreaming about Lisa. I was wondering why she wasn’t wearing a two piece at any point during these swim sessions. Next month, the semester would be over and Christmas.

At the Spinelli house, Lizbeth and Lisa continued to discuss the scheme they hatched.

“Well, ” Lizbeth started to ask, “how are things coming with Jason?”

Lisa answered, “He’s becoming a much better swimmer. I’m improving on biology. He doesn’t really touch me.”

Lizbeth retorts, “But, he finds you pleasing to look at. I saw him look at your ass during our swim day. Why haven’t you worn a two piece yet?”

“I have to wait another month before I go seductive on him, remember. I’ve seen him get hard, so I know it’s taking alot of self control for him not to kiss me or even touch me.”,Lisa answers back.

“How sweet. He’s being a gentleman,” Lizbeth responds, “You still need to hug his penis with your vagina.”

“I will.”, Lisa answers, “I’ll wear the simple black two piece on his birthday. He likes black. “

Lizbeth asks, “We’re best friends, and we share everything. I was hoping you’ll let me watch you screw him. “

“No, ” Lisa answers, “at least not the first time. I need to set a stage where he feels completely safe. He’s a shy guy. These swim sessions elvankent olgun escortlar are getting him less awkward wearing swimsuit in front of me. “

“When the semester is done, are you going to grab his dick already?, Lizbeth asked, “Or is something more subtle in order?”

Lisa answers, “Giving him hug while we have swimsuits on should break the intimate touch barrier. Then, I’ll kiss him on the cheek, let my lips inch closer to his, and I’ll see if his shyness melts away.”

Lizbeth asks, “When do you plan to bang him? I had no idea the long game would be so hard, and I’m not even the one who’s planning to thrash all over him. “

“If he’s comfortable sharing a shower with me, I’ll be able to take him bed with me.”, Lisa answers, “In the shower, I’ll be able to see how his hands feel against my body.”

Lizbeth retorts, “Isn’t this guy too shy for your liking? If he wasn’t shy, you’d be all over him.”

Lisa responded, “Since he’s shy, I can take charge in bed. He would do things that please me instead of some of the guys that were rough in bedroom.”

Lizbeth says, “Well, I think he’ll love his present and so will you.”

Class was in session, and we were discussing the various organelles of the cell. The nucleus houses the cell’s DNA, the mitochondria is the powerhouse, and so on. I get to see the pay off of the study sessions first hand as Lisa nailed the teacher’s questions. The final was coming up in three weeks, and I would be eighteen a couple days after the fact.

As she was teaching me to swim, I got better at it. I wish I could have her. She is so beautiful. Her dark eyes and chocolate brown hair, and I keeping envisioning myself giving her ass a major squeeze. I’m just helping her with biology, and she’s helping me become a better swimmer. I wonder if we’ll even talk with each after this is over.

We kept the swim sessions going, and I was making sure we got everything right on target for the biology final. The test was next week now, so we had the rest of the weekend to get ready. Out of the swimsuits I saw Lisa in, I think I enjoyed the sky blue most. Because she didn’t touch me alot, I thought I wasn’t that attractive to her. Finals came and went; I nailed it. Lisa didn’t make any facial expressions to convey how she did. She wouldn’t tell me either. She told me that tonight was a girls evening and to celebrate the way I normally would. With finals over, I was free to play video games all I wanted. However, Lisa was on my mind, and I was imagining what she would look like naked.

Lisa said, “I told Jason that this was a girls evening. He aced that final. I plan to tell him I aced it as well, so he was an excellent teacher. Also, I think I trained him well in swimming. “

Lizbeth told her, “Great job both you and him. Is there a chance to watch you two fucking, or how about a threesome?”

Lisa answered, “I told you before not the first time. However, I’ll let you watch on subsequent go rounds. I’ll have to see how he feels about you joining us. “

Lizbeth says,”OK. I think he’ll be too timid for a threesome. You’ll be able to touch him. Grab his dick in the pool.”

Lisa responds, “I’m still going with a simple hug, and I’ll finally start wearing a two piece. Besides, I saw him get hard. He can only hold back for so long. Once I put my hands on him intimately and kiss him, he’ll be like putty in my hands. I’ll Be In Total Control of Him.”

Lizbeth asked, “Then why keep doing things slowly, why not go full on sexual?”

Lisa answers, “I don’t want him to be afraid of me. However, one plan that carries a risk of scaring him off is joining him in the shower without asking.”

Lizbeth responds, “After grabbing his balls, you should do that. Get naked, and jump in the shower after he’s been in there a couple of minutes. Once he sees your bare breasts he’ll have an instant erection.”

“It’s been too long since I wrapped my hands around a guy’s penis.” Lisa begins, ” Having sex in my bedroom might be possible right after the shower.”

Lizbeth says, “Right on, girl. Your tits and pussy need some loving attention. Jason is infatuated with you.”

Lisa plans a summer, “I can have Jason come over, and we’ll screw every night. All this well start with his birthday, a hug, a kiss, and grabbing his balls.”

Lizbeth replies, “He’ll be yours to fondle.”

After my last exam was done, I came over to Lisa’s house. Christmas lights spelling ‘A Semester’s End’ decorated the poolside, and she was wearing a black and gold two piece. She hugged me without hesitation. As she was caressing my skin, she told me ‘Thanks to you, I aced my biology final.’ I told etimesgut sarışın escortlar her,’ Well done.’

She had me do laps as usual. After laps, she was much more playful in the pool. She was getting me with her nails. Eventually, she backed me against the poolside. She hugged me even tighter. The intoxicating feeling of her body pressed against mine was paralyzing. Finally, she started to kiss me. Initially, it was on the cheek but inched closer to my lips. Once we liplocked, I was in heaven.

It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world It’s when you line have to hold back. When we lip locked, I hugged her tighter. Our tongues met, and I was loving the taste of her kiss. As I kissed her cheeks and neck, I just wanted to rip her top off. I restrained myself from ripping her top off. We stopped kissing for a moment as I was caressing her arms.

Lisa told me, “She wanted to do that for weeks.”

I told her, “I’ve been fantasizing about this since the beginning of the year.”

Lisa asked me, “How about less fantasy and more reality?”

Upon asking me that, her hand made its way inside my trunks. My balls got a squeeze, and she started massaging my dick. Caressing me with her nails made me hard as a rock, but then she pulled her hand out.

She whispered in my ear, “It’s time for your shower. “

I got out of the pool and made my way to the bathroom. The shower was the size of a small bathroom. The floor was made of the same material typically used for tubs, and the water is always warm. I dropped out of my trunks and slid the door open. Once the water was on, I led off with washing my hair as I always. Then, I thought heard something. As I rinsed my hair out, I saw the door slide open. Lisa comes in still in her two piece.

In total shock from her seeing me naked, I ask, “What are you doing in the shower?”

Lisa answers, “I think it’s obvious. I wanted to see you naked.”

“I’m feeling a bit embarrassed at the moment.,”I told her.

“Don’t be.”, she responded, “I love what I see, and I want you in my bed.”

She approached me and hugged my tight bringing her groin close to mine. My penis got so hard, and she knelt down. She kissed it lightly and followed with an aggressive blowjob. However, it was too quick to make me cum. As she got to her feet, I knew I wanted to get that two piece off her. I found the tie holding her top and undid that in hurry. Her nipples were a semi dark brown, and her breasts filled my hands.

I had second thoughts about this.

I blurted out, “Wait a minute, couldn’t we get in trouble?”

She answered, “Nope, we’re two legally and consenting adults. Aren’t we?”

I added, “We sure are”

As my hands went immediately back to her chest, I was kneading her breasts. She soaped my body down, and give my bare ass alot of attention. My attention was on her breasts for most of the shower. Finally, I removed her bottom and caressed her sweet ass. We dried off quickly but thoroughly.

Then, she grabbed me by my penis to lead me to her bedroom. It was a queen size bed with both boards white. This contrasted the bed spread that was dark gray and black silk sheets. She kept the lights on, and she pushed me onto the bed. I started getting under the covers, and Lisa moved under the covers as well.

As she laid on top of me, we started kissing. I was caressing her back, and I loved the softness of skin. The kissing was full use of tongue and teeth. She braced my penis in her hands; it was hard. As she massaged it, my penis was being guided into her vagina. My mind was blown as my penis felt such warmth and a tight squeeze.

With my penis being hugged by Lisa’s vagina, I started thrusting. She started to press back in a coactive maneuver. My kisses moved down her neck and toward her breasts. I enjoyed sucking in her nipples. Making her scream in ecstasy was unexpected.

After her scream, she pushed me to my back. She told me to stay on my back. My hands reached for her breasts, and she allowed me to softly caress them for a moment. Then, she pinned my hands down. A deep kiss filled my mouth. I was given instructions no hands just enjoy the ride.

My penis could feel every rocking motion from Lisa riding me. I complemented how beautiful her boobs are, and I love her smile as she rode me. The thrashing became more intense as she persisted. Finally, I ejaculated. I felt her vagina tighten and loosen around my penis.

We fell asleep in bed together. Her nails caressing my chest was the last I remembered before falling asleep. As I woke up to next morning, she wasn’t next to me. She came in with coffee and danishes. Her smile warmed me up more than the coffee. After a sweet breakfast and sweet kisses, I knew things weren’t over between us. There was at least one more semester of swimming and biology. After that, who knows. The one thing I’m confident about is there will be more sex sessions.

The holidays is a good long time off, and there will be fun I never expected.

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