Command Me Ch. 02

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Calista hurried home as soon as she got the package receipt notification. She has been anticipating it’s arrival since she received her second command the day she met Iris.

Iris’ scent and taste lingered in her mind as she got in her car. Her bare bottom brushed against the driver’s seat and sent a shiver up her spine. Calista felt her pussy twitch in response and reached down to feel her wetness.

As she turned her car on, she felt her nipple stiffen against her tight blouse when the air conditioning hit her body. She has been opting out of panties and a bra since her first command and it has worked to help her maintain a constant state of horniness. The thought reminded her of the package and she quickly pulled out of the parking garage.

Four days ago, Calista just got home with her pussy still dripping from her encounter with Iris. Before she could take her shoes off she heard a chime from her phone. Her heart sped up as she reach for her phone. A notification from Command Me flashed on her screen.

As Calista unlocked her phone to see the message, her other hand wandered lower to her still drenched pussy. The message read “Hope you enjoyed your first teaser command. Be prepared to receive a package in a few days. Happy cumming. xo”

Before she could even close the app, Calista had shed her clothes and headed towards her shower. The hot water cascading down her back had a luxurious feel and elicited a moan of content.

Calista started lathering her body savoring the feeling of her slippery fingers. She gently cupped her breasts and used her fingers to slowly draw circles towards around her nipples. Before reaching her nipples, she moved her hands and lathered lower and lower on her body enjoying the tease.

She massaged her stomach, feeling the heat build in her stomach and even lower. “Mmm” Calista purred as she moved on to her buttocks. The hot water feels amazing sliding down her butt and between her legs she thought.

She reached down to lather her legs going from her feet to her ankle then higher and higher until her inner bursa escort thighs. She slowed down as she massaged her inner thighs until her hands reached the wetness between her legs. She traced her pussy lips lightly and dip the tip of her finger in to the first knuckle. She teased her lips like this for a few seconds before removing it to see a trail of pussy juice connect her fingertip to her cunt.

She raised her finger to her lips to have a taste. Calista had always savoured the slightly tangy taste and was reminded of Iris’s flavor. Calista shuddered from excitement.

She reached for the razor to shave her legs. Her razor was one of those power razors that vibrated a bit to get a closer shave. As the handle moved up her inner thigh it sent a delightful wave of pleasure through Calista’s body. She moaned and her body ached for more. She has never felt this sensitive before.

She continued shaving her leg and each time her razor handle reached closer to her pussy she felt that delicious shiver and throb. Body shaking from need, she leaned against her glass shower door and felt her tits and nipples press against the glass. She stuck her ass out and leg apart and slowly rubbed her razor handle against her pussy lips and clit.

She groaned as the vibrations hit her clit almost sending her over the edge. She moved the handle off her clit and inserted it into her dripping cunt. Slowly she inserted the handle in and out enjoying how ribbed the handle is in her pussy. As her juices coat the handle she felt the slippery handle slide deeper and deeper into her as she fucked herself a bit faster. She screamed out as it grazed her g-spot not expecting to cum so soon from penetration. She slowed her rhythym to bring herself back down before removing the handle and rinsing her body off.

Calista had fun the next few days just teasing her body and keeping it on the edge of an orgasm. It continued to excite her to brush her hand across her pussy under the table at a work meeting or having brunch with her friends to feel her wetness. But by day four her body ached bursa escort bayan for release.

Calista was at work and in her boss’ office explaining an idea for an improvement when her phone chimed. Immediately her pussy throb at the sound. Without a thought her hand slid to her inner thighs and moved up to find her wetness. Calista apologized for the interuption and said she was waiting for an important notification.

“No worries” her boss replied. “If its that important, our discussion can wait. We’ve done enough work anyways, why don’t you head home?”

Relieved, Calista excused herself to hurry out the door hoping the the drip down her leg was not noticeable.

Alison, Calista’s boss, smirked as she watched Calista’s delicious looking body stumble out the door. She licked her lips as she noticed the wetness shimmering down Calista’s leg.

Calista didn’t even remember the drive home due to her excitement. Her heart was beating fast as she took some scissors to open up the cute little parcel in front of her. Inside it was a lacy black thong with an silicone phallus attachment about 5 in long and 1 in in diameter.

Calista knew exactly what to do. She quickly rinsed the toy with soap and water and slipped it on and into her already dripping pussy. She felt the attachment fill her up and gasped as it nestled right up to her g-spot. Walking with it was a hard feat as it would press up against her g-spot with each step and send a wave of pleasure through her body. She felt another trickle of wetness slide down her thighs. Her phone chimed

Shakily she leaned on her end table for support and reached for her phone. It was her friend Lottie asking if she want to check out a sample sale at her favorite store. “Yeah, meet you there in 15” Calista responded as she drew a breath to steady herself before she straightened up and headed out the door.

The store was not far so Calista decided to walk and try and cool off before she reached the store. With each step she felt her oragasm build up but surprisingly it was not enough to send her over. escort bursa A little bit disapponted Calista headed into the little boutique.

Inside was mobbed with people. There were so many people she could not find Lottie. Soon she even forgot she was there to meet her because her body was being pushed in multiple areas by the arms and legs of all the strangers looking for a good deal.

Calista was perusing a rack when she spotted this gorgeous blue dress. When she touched the dress she felt electricity radiated through her body. She felt her pussy gush in response and she gasp and grabbed the rack for balance.

She made her way to a dressing room panting and let herself in and closed the curtain behind her. In the dressing room she moan and came to the realization that the attachment was vibrating. What she didn’t realized before was that there was a silicone patch of small bristles where the thong met her clit. The vibration of the attachment not only stimulated her g-spot but massaged her clit and another wave of pleasure hit her as the vibration increased.

Calista stifled a moan as she felt her climax building and threw her head back as the vibration ramped up another notch. Her thighs are now a sticky mess with her juices steadily dripping out of her stuffed pussy. She coated her fingers with her juices and sucked them as she pinched her nipple through her blouse.

With the next level of vibration the head of the attachment started moving in a come hither movement on her g-spot. Calista stifled a scream with the blue dress as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her hips thrusted in time as she rode the intense orgasm.

Since Calista is not the one controlling the toy, it was unrelenting in the pressure on her clit and g-spot. Another orgasm shook through her body that made Calista gasp and bite her knuckles. Calista was breathing heavily now and every cell of her body felt electrified. The attachment suddenly turn down to a low hum so she can catch her breath.

That was when she heard her phone chime. Her heart skipped a beat when she read the notification. “I hope that was as ejoyable for you as it was for me. I wish I can be there to hear you cum for me. But this is not over yet. Do Not remove the toy except to clean it daily until your next command. xo”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32