Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 12

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Robert paced even as he drank his coffee, he could not sit still, I knew I would not see much of him today, he would be fussing over the bike all day. Finally at eight thirty we headed over to the bike shop, we would have to wait but Robert could not hold back, he had to get there.

When the doors opened Robert was out of the car and in the shop in seconds, he did not wait for me to get in with him, I even had to grab his helmet as he had forgotten about it as well. I walked in Robert was admiring the bike he longed to own.

“You’re here for the new bike Sir?” The clerk asked him.

Robert was lost in thought of his new motorcycle he did not see or hear anything around him.

“Yes he is, he is a bit mesmerized by it, he has wanted this for so long.”I told the clerk.

“I just need a signature from the legal owner and it is yours to drive away.” The clerk told us.

“Tom that’s me, I am the legal owner where do I sign?” Robert asked him.

Once we were signed off they opened the doors so he could push it out, I handed him his helmet and he started it up, the bike roared to life, Robert reved it up a few times. Sitting there on his brand new bike the man was beaming.

“Be careful drive safe Babe see you at home.” I told him as I kissed him.

“Love you Tom.” Robert said as he pulled in the clutch and put it in gear.

Robert was gone, I got in my SUV I would meet him at home. Robert was in the drive when I got there.

“Tom put the car away, come for a ride with me, this is so amazing, this bike is like riding on air.” Robert said to me.

He and I got on and headed out, he had to go show Eddy his new Bike, Eddy was so impressed with the newer model.

“Pretty sure Lisa will not let me buy a new one with our little one on the way.” Eddy said full of envy for Robert.

“Robert man you so deserve this, if there is a man on earth who deserves this more than you do I do not know the man.” Eddy said to Robert.

Next we headed to visit Robert’s Dad, he had to show him his new bike, he was like a kid with a new toy. Robert parked his bike we headed in to get his Dad, Robert kept looking back to make sure his bike was still there.

We walked in his Dad surprised to see us.

“Dad you have to come see the bike Tom bought for me, it’s here, I have it, it’s outide.” Robert told his Dad.

His Dad so happy for his son, telling him he deserved to have this motorcycle, the man worked and worked with no reward.

“Thank you Tom for being so good to my Son, you are one true gentleman.” Roberts Dad said to me pulling me in for a hug.

We tried to get his Dad to get on with Robert to go for a ride but he was to nervous he could fall and hurt himself. Finally he conceeded and decided to get on for a short ride in casino şirketleri the parking lot. Watching the two of them on the motorcycle was priceless, I took many pictures of the two of them on the bike.

We got his Dad back in his room, just in time for lunch, Robert was sick to go for a longer ride with his new toy. We said our goodbyes and headed out, Robert and I would take a tour of the city, eventually going out on the highway to try it out as Robert put it.

Robert and I rode all afternoon, stopping for lunch at an outdoor cafe, Robert did not want to take his eyes off of his new ride. After lunch we went for a tour, stopping at Lisa and Eddy’s. We had a drink with them then headed home. The next weekend we would be going on our trip to the B and B Lisa and Eddy had bought for Robert for his Birthday.

Robert was on edge all week, stressing about the trip, not able to wait till the Friday night when we would get to take this brand new bike for a real ride. The week dragged on, I caught Robert going in the garage more than once just to look at his pride and joy. We had bought a cover for his old bike so it would stay clean, Robert wanted to use the old bike to go to and from work.

“Babe I did not buy you this brand new bike for you not to use it, I want you to ride every chance you can. Don’t be saving it for special usage, I bought it for you to use it and enjoy it.” I told him pulling him close to me.

“Thank you so much Tom, you made my life so much better by being in it every single day, I could never love another man like I love you.” Robert said pulling me in for a kiss.

We were up at seven Robert up peeing his usual, he snuggled back in bed next to me, I could tell he wanted to get on the road as soon as he could. Our plan was to meet Lisa and Eddy at our place leaving right after we all had breakfast. I made a full breakfast to keep us filled up till lunchtime.

Robert was on the edge of his seat, he could not wait to get on the road, he could finally get to drive his bike for a long ride. We got all loaded up and soon were on the road, Robert was a very cautious driver. I would never have to worry about us getting in an accident.

We stopped for lunch at a small diner a couple hours out of the city, I was ready to get off the bike for a stretch, it was nice being tight to my man but my legs got a little stiff after being on the bike this long. We still had another two hours of driving before we would get there, Robert was in heaven driving this bike. We had a great lunch the server this older lady very friendly telling us what was good and what not to order.

We were soon back on the road, Robert seemed to be smiling the whole time he was on his bike, once we arrived we got to our rooms, ours across form each other, I was casino firmaları happy they were not in the room next to ours, Robert at times could get quite vocal when I made him cum.

We went out for drinks, then we could look around, it was a pretty little place, so many things we could do to keep ourselves busy. We took in the sites, had dinner in a wonderful little seafood place the food was incredible, the service wonderful.

Our trip back home was a wonderful ride, this bike was incredible, it road like the wind, like Robert had said, so quiet, so comfortable to ride on. Robert was in heaven riding this bike. We stopped for lunch then on to home we said our goodbyes to Lisa and Eddy, then onward to our home.

Robert put the bike in the garage, we got it all unpacked, I had some laundry to get done, Robert and I would have a nice relaxing night in, him and I enjoying our last night before we both had to get back to work. Robert called his Dad to tell him about the trip, how well the bike travelled the roads, Robert eager to get back out there.

I got the laundry started, took out something for dinner, while Robert polished up the motorcycle. He had to be out there for over an hour, that bike would be sparkling clean for sure. Robert came in as I was about to take dinner out of the oven.

“Can you set the table Babe?” I asked Robert.

“Sure thing but I will need a kiss before I could possibly complete this task.” Robert replied pulling me into a kiss.

“Like I would say no to a kiss from you Mister.”I said to him, pulling him in tight.

Robert and I sat and enjoyed our meal, after dinner we were cleaning up putting dishes in the dishwasher, Robert putting away leftovers.

“Tom I would like to get some accessories for the motorcycle, a backrest for you so I can lean on you as we ride along, and few other things I saw at the cycle shop.” Robert said kind of asking.

“Get whatever you need Babe, they have my credit card on file just charge it to me. You don’t have to ask Babe, it will only make the ride for both of us that much more comfortable.” I told him pulling him in close to me.

“I just feel bad not being able to pay for it myself, but it will make the ride for both of us that much better.” Robert told me.

“Call them right now, I can approve any and all the accessories you want on the bike.” I told him.

Robert quickly got on the phone to the Cycle shop, telling them he wanted the backrest and the other two things he said would make our ride better. He told them we would be charging it all to my credit card. Robert could bring it in tonight, he and I would go over me following him in the SUV. Robert showed me the other things he wanted put on the bike, wanting me to know what he had in mind and how much he was güvenilir casino going to spend.

We found a few other things we wanted installed at the same time, we paid and were on our way home. Robert wanted to stop by and see his Dad before we headed home, we went in to visit for a couple hours, his Dad yawning before we left. Robert gave his Dad a hug as did I, and we were on our way home.

Robert was so excited about all the accessories he would have on his bike, they told him he could pick it up tomorrow after work. Robert and I had a quiet night in, early to bed, him folding me up and giving it to me, the man was a machine, he pounded me till his cock exploded inside me.

Robert collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest, I held him there like he would fall off of me. We laid there till I have to go unload the load he had just deposited there. I grabbed a washcloth and wiped the man off, he was laying there staring at me, not talking just staring at me.

“Are you okay Babe?” I asked him.

“Never better never happier. Did I tell you how much I love you today?” Robert asked me as I crawled back in with him.

“No I don’t think you did Babe, is it more than yesterday?” I asked smiling.

“Yes it’s more than that, Tom I love you so much, I could have never met a better man than you, you complete me in every way. Tom would you marry me?” Robert asked me.

I laid there looking at this man, this perfect specimen of a man, the man who I loved more than anything, more than life itself.

“Robert are you serious here? Would I marry you?” Such a silly question really, there is only one answer I can possibly give you Mister and that answer is Yes, of course I would marry you.” I told him as I got on top of him.

I gently kissed him over and over, Robert rolled us over so he was now on top of me.

“When Tom? How soon can we get married?” Robert asked me.

“Well Babe we need a marriage licence, we have to make plans, we can’t just say we are getting married tomorrow. Lisa and I will have so much to do before we can actually do this.” I said to him smiling.

“Tom I want to marry you as soon as we can okay.” Robert stated to me.

I was on cloud nine I would get little or no sleep tonight, Robert was out in a few minutes. I got up and texted Lisa telling her Robert had asked me to marry him. She and I texted back and forth for almost an hour. I finally crawled back into bed, Robert was sound asleep, I cuddled in close to him, kissed his cheek.

“I love you so much Babe.” I whispered to him.

“Love you too Tom.” Robert mumbled to me.

“Babe if Eddy will drive me I will get him to bring me to the shop to get the bike after work, so you can head straight home this way.” Robert said as he was about to get out of the SUV.

I grabbed him and pulled him in close.

“I Love you so much, see you at home Babe.” I told him.

Robert and I kissed holding the kiss.

“Love you too Tom, so very very much.” Robert said grabbing his lunch box.

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