Cooking the Chef

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“The Apprentice”:

Today is my first day as a sous chef at your restaurant. I am very nervous. You are one of a handful of female chefs in the business and have a reputation as being old school. Many budding young chefs have had run-ins with you that resulted in them quitting your restaurant in tears and tails between their legs. But you are an excellent chef and you have turned out some of the top chefs in the business. Furthermore, I have also heard that of the female head chefs, you are one of the most beautiful and it is always considered somewhat a waste that you should choose to hide in the kitchen.

I am determined to impress you on the first day. After the initial introduction, you sent me to my station to prep for service. It seems the harder I wished to impress you, the more mistakes I made. You were yelling at me left, right and centre. I was beginning to doubt my resolve and was damn near close to tears at the end of dinner service. And to top off my really bad day, I manage to splash a whole pot of tomato sauce when I was cleaning up my station. Drats, now I have to spend more time cleaning up! I got to scrub and eventually had my station spotless ready for tomorrow’s chaos once more. As I head off to the locker room to clean off my chef’s whites and wash off the tomato residue, I did not notice you have been watching me all this time. In the bathroom, I took off all my clothes and turned on the water for a quick shower. I am enjoying the hot water gushing on my tired and depressed body. Feeling much better and relaxed, I stepped out of the shower and changed into my spare t-shirt and mini skirt. Alas, I had forgotten to put in a change of panties when I left the house this morning. Never mind, I am heading off home anyways. So, I decided to go commando under my skirt.

Just as I left the locker room, you come out of your office and called for me to join you in the kitchen. You poured me a glass of wine and ask me what I think of my first day in your kitchen. I am taken aback; you were such a hard-ass to me the whole day. I am not sure how to answer. Your hand grazes my cheek and pushes my hair away. You tell me you found it heart breaking to have to be such a hard-ass on me as you find me very attractive and the more you yelled at me, the more I seemed at the brink of tears, the more heart-wrenching you felt. Meanwhile all you wanted to do was have me in your arms.

Looking into you eyes, I can feel your sincerity. Sometime between the wine and your sweet words, I could feel my pussy getting wet. I dare casino şirketleri lean forward to kiss you on the lips. You do not resist me. Instead, you kissed me back with fervour. Your hands slip under my skirt, grab my naked ass and pull me tight against you.

“The Chef”:

Your soft lips reach out for mine and our lips lock. We kiss passionately, our tongues dancing in unison. I could feel your warm tongue on mine, laced with your sweet breath. You place your hands behind my head, pressing me close to you. My left hand steadies your back & the other hand starts stroking your thigh. I could feel you sigh as I continue stroking your thigh. My hands continue its journey to the folds of your most intimate spot, pleasantly surprised with your uncovered pussy. My fingers reach your pussy lips and ever so lightly, they brush over them. I could feel the warmth of your pussy. Your juices are seeping out onto your pussy lips. I broke the kiss and start nibbling on your ear and neck, sinking my teeth into your neck and leaving a small bruise. I can hear you moan ever so softly.

I lead you into my office and push you down onto my leather couch while my hands catch the hem of your top and pulled it over you head in one move as you land your naked round ass on my couch. Aside from your mini skirt, which is now hiked up to your waist, exposing your shaved naked pussy, you were completely at my mercy in the glory of your birthday suit. I spread your legs, knelt between them and continue my trail of kisses down to your breasts. I bury my face in the valley between your breasts and kiss it. My lips make their way to your left nipple; I give it a gentle kiss. My tongue flickers out to lick around it and ever so lightly over it. I can feel your nipple harden with each flicker of my tongue. I place my lips over it and started sucking. Your breathing becomes more rapid with each assault of my tongue on your breasts. My other hands expertly work on playing with your nipple, tweaking them between my thumb and middle finger. They start to harden too like the other one. I shift my tongue and lip’s attention to the other nipple and my hand continues its descend down to your thighs….

“The Apprentice”:

“This is wrong”, I keep thinking. You’re my boss, you’re attached, but oh, your tongue feels so good on my nipples. And that hand of yours, drawing very distracting circles on my inner thighs. I can’t seem to keep my head straight. Your warm soft tongue teasing my nipples in ever increasing urgency, leaving only in search of my other casino firmaları nipple to tease it with such torturous tenderness. I spread my legs wider as your firm hands seem to inch closer to my womanly folds ever so slowly. Your tender lips head south down my belly, leaving a trail of wet kisses. Your magnificent tongue explores my belly button giving me a preview of what you have in mind. Your hand caressed my pussy lips, gently plying them apart to reveal my swollen, glistening clit. Your finger circles my clit, careful to avoid it, while your soft lips and wet tongue drifts lower. I squirm and slip lower in my seat.

Just as I think this exquisite torment is going to drive me insane from wanting, your luscious soft lips kissed my clit ever so gently and your tongue, good grief that tongue of yours can command my body! I moaned deeply as your tongue drive my excitement to new heights. I can feel my pussy juices gushing out of me onto your leather couch, the same time I feel you lapping up all my eking juices like a kitten to milk. You lifted my ass and tucked your arms under either side of me, making my legs spread wider on either side of your head. Your tongue continues exploring every fold, occasionally plunging into my depths, rendering me breathless and yearning for more. Each time your tongue plunges into me, my pussy is more reluctant to let it go, clamping down harder on that nimble tongue of yours. You tongue fuck me harder as I press your delectable mouth to my pussy and clamped your head in place. Your hand reached around my thigh and fingered my clit while you continue to tongue fuck me hard. I was in absolute ecstasy when I finally came on your mouth. Your tongue seemed to be powered by energizer batteries and the royal fucking you were giving me seemed never ending. I cannot seem to stop cumming in your mouth and you seem to enjoy lapping up all the juices I am leaking as my hips continue to buck against your mouth.

My orgasm eventually subside, you lift your head out from between my legs, your face glisten with my juice. I pull your face to mine, kiss you deeply and roll you over so you are lying on the couch with me on top of you. I work my fingers to unbutton your chef’s whites. To my great pleasure, I find that you are naked underneath your high-collared uniform and you do have such beautiful petite breasts. I have always loved breasts that are just large enough to fit perfectly in the cup of my hands. The sudden exposure to cool air when I opened your shirt made your nipples instantly erect…

“The güvenilir casino Chef”:

You reach over and put your lips over my nipples and you suck on them exactly how I love them to be sucked. Whilst your other hand plays with my other nipple I push your head closer to my chest and continue to encourage you to suck. I can feel my pussy juices flowing. My underwear is soaking and I can feel it. You look at me playfully and unzip my trousers. I stand up and let my pants fall. With your teeth, you pull down my undies, teasing me. I so want you to just pull them down in a swift motion. The anticipation is killing me. I try to push your head to my pussy. You resist.

“No No… I do it my way,” you cooed. “You are not the boss right now”

You push me back onto the couch and you make your way down south, examining my pussy with your breath. With your fingers, you push the folds of my pussy lips open and blow a breath of hot breathe over it. You take a sniff.

“Hmmm… smells just right to be served,” you whispered in approval. “Now let’s see if the taste is right too”

You slowly flicker your tongue over my super exposed clit and you circle around it, teasing me painfully. I want to push your head onto it but you wouldn’t have any of that. You push my hand away and anchor them down with both your hands. Your tongue slowly travel from the top of my clit down to my pussy opening and then up again, following the contour of my pussy. The more you do that, the more my juices flow. You know the effect you have on me and you love it. You love how I am no longer in control, how I’m at your mercy, how I want so badly to be fucked by you and to fuck you. When I least expect it, you place your tongue over my clit and start flickering up and down. Up and down, a steady rhythm. I no longer resist. You place 2 fingers at my pussy opening and start rubbing it. You can feel that I’m losing control.

A steady stream of juices is pouring out of me. I can feel my clit hardening up and growing so big whilst you continue to suck on it. Soon, your finger slowly enters my folds. Just partly. You are building a steady rhythm in both areas. I can feel my orgasm building up. I can’t believe it. My wife hasn’t been able to make me feel this way for a while and here I have my female apprentice whom I’ve just met today, having a full on effect on me. I choose to let go and u speed up. You can feel my pussy walls tightening. I tell u I’m about to cum. It encourages u to give it to me with more gusto. And god… I came so hard just cannot stop cumming. It is years of pent up unreleased cums all in one evening. After 5min or so, I finally manage to catch my breath. My beetroot complexion slowly settles. You put your head on my shoulder and ask me “how was that chef?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32