Cousin Lovin

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Kathrine- Goes by Katie she is 20. She is 5.8 she has super light brown blonde hair that’s shoulder length. B Cup boobs but a little bigger that average ass. Cousin to John.

Jack- 18 kind of heavy short hair. Katy’s brother. Has very small penis 4.5 inches in length and 3.8 inches girth. Has a can do it attitude.

John- Has a hair fetish 20. Likes his cousin Katy. 6.2 tall. 6.2 inch penis with 5 inch girth. Wants to help his cousin.


Katie wakes up at 6:00 AM to give her brother the treatment he big dicked cousin has. She goes downstairs to his room and makes him up.

Katie, “Jack come on let’s do this.”

As he woke up Katie thought back to how this had started. John had told her Jack for some reason had showed him his dick and that it was small. Then in front of Johns house he pulled down Jacks pants to reveal his small penis at first Katie wanted to scream to her mom after all her cousin had just pulled down her brothers pants. But before she could say anything John told she in front of her demoralized brother lets help him make his penis bigger. She thought about it and John said if he got to mess around with her he would give her tips. The first tip was give him regular blow jobs on the morning. So her she was.

Katie said, “Jack, I’m gonna pull down your pants now.”

He nodded and bahis firmaları she preceded his little unerect petter flopped out it was about 2 inches long and 2 inches around. She grabbed it and gave it a big fat sister kiss. His cock jumped. Katie grabbed her hair and put it in a sexy ponytail. She bent down and blowed that little cock like there was no tomorrow. Jack put his hands on her head she worked the tip for about 10 minutes then tinny streams of cum roped out this was her 15 time doing this and John was gonna visit today. She grabbed a wet cloth and rubbed her brother and his cock down and went back to bed. She woke up at 10 and went down stairs and ate breakfast. At one her cousin John came over (he is not gay) and their mothers left. He walked over to Katie and gave her thick ponytail a nice tug. Katie was exited to maybe see John cock. They went with Jack to his room and asked him to pull down his pants and underwear he did. John went over and checked his micro petter. He told Katie to get it erect. She went over and started the process. While John slipped his cock out and went over behind his cousin. He grabbed her ponytail and layed his cock on it. Instantly blood rushes to his member. Katie continued to blow her brother. While John rifled his cock in his cousins hair. John pulled her away from her brother it was time to measure his cock they did kaçak iddaa sadly there was no change yet.

John took Katie into the other room.

John said, “Katie you know I think your beautiful and so is your hair as we take care of your brother for 2 weeks since are moms are gone I need you to step up like a mom and like my wife so first I need to see all your panties.”

She walked John over and opened her drawer. John took out Nike Pros for her ass and a workout bra and made her put them on. She looked hot.

John said, “This is your daily outfit and now to your beautiful in my opinion hair. I need you to put it down.” She did it amazingly fell down like waves and fell past her ears and then sat idle. John said, “Now we are gonna get you a very small haircut.” Reluctantly she sat down and John put a small cape around her.

He layout out his weapons. A comb, sheer scissors, a shaver, and scissors.

John said, “On second thought short is better. I think pixie long on top short on the sides.”

Katie, “John no please.”

But to no avail John grabbed her hair into a lose ponytail leaving a inch before her head. He grabbed the scissors and said, “I will let you grow out your hair to what it is now if you behave.” She began to get teary. He grabbed the rubber band and began to cut her thick hair. Slowly the cut strands of kaçak bahis her hair fell to their rightful positions. She looked in the mirror blankly as the ponytail was finally severed. John handed it to her and said, “This will feel good on my cock later.”

John grabbed another chair although not done with Katie is bowl cutted cousin needed a head shave.

John yelled to Jack, “Jack come down here.”

Jack came running down the stairs and he put a cape on him. Jack looked at his sister and her freshly shorn locks. John put a cape around Jack and grabbed the buzzer. He said, “Jack you need a haircut don’t resist.”

He didn’t John grabbed the back of his head and ran the 2 razor on it shaving it down. He then ran it over his head. Now John wasn’t gay but a nice head shave would still give him a boner. He sheared more and more of his cousins hair of and even his bowl cut bangs were not spared. He looked good sharp. John put on the one and did his nape and side burns before letting him up. All the hair spilled on the floor.

John told Jack to sit back down he did John thought it couldn’t hurt to go shorter Johns hair fueled boner raged. He ran it over Jacks head shortening the hair significantly told him to get up and he left now it was John and Katie.

John walked over and out the 3 clip on the buzzer and went up the sides of Katie’s head. 3 inch strips of the remaining hair fell to the ground. John took off the 3 clip and put on a one John ran it up Katie’s sideburns and nape shearing then down. John but down the razor. She was done.

To be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32