Crossing the Line

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Big Dick

Let me start off by saying I NEVER thought this would happen. I’m in my 3rd year of teaching, which means (when you add in my college training) I’ve had at least 7 years of being taught to avoid inappropriate relationships with students. And, beyond that, I’m not a pervert. I am completely aware that it is not okay to be sexually attracted to student. And yet…

I first met Tyler when he was a freshman in high school. I was a college senior, student-teaching in his Government classroom. I was 21, he was 15… I found him endearing, but nothing more. To be honest, he was always busting my chops, pointing out errors & basically being a cocky SOB. I graduated college, married my high school sweetheart, got hired at a nearby middle school, and frankly never thought of Tyler again.

Flash forward 3 years. My middle schoolers are attending the school district’s week-long camping program, complete with overnight accomodations, environmental-based lessons, and local high school students as counselors. As the camp teachers introduce my students to their counselors, I hear “Tyler Marcus, call your cabin names, please.” My head jerks up & I make eye contact with Tyler – only now, he’s not a scrawny, naïve, 15-year-old freshman… He’s a handsome 18-year-old senior with an athletic build. And he’s smiling at me with recognition.

“Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Uh…” I was so lost in how weird this was, I couldn’t think straight. Finally, my brain caught up.

“Yeah, I student-taught with Mrs. Dixon a couple years ago. Weren’t you in beşiktaş escort her Honors Government?” As if I didn’t know the answer already.

The rest, as they say, is history. We instantly clicked during that week at camp. Unbelieveably, he was the counselor assigned to my class. That threw us together for classes, meals, even night hikes. Once the week was over, we became Facebook friends. After a while, we started texting eachother. Constantly. After a month or so, Tyler actually called me. We spent hours that night, chatting on the phone, talking about any and every subject – what was I thinking?!? How much trouble would I get in if someone from the School System found out? I shudder to think about it… Yet, somehow, that knowledge wasn’t enough to make me stop our friendship. After about 3 months, we crossed another line – we started hanging out after school. We would meet at parks, random parking lots, anywhere we thought we’d be safe to sit Tyler is 18 years old – legal, but still 6 years younger than me, not to mention a current student in my school district.

Flash forward to last Friday night. I went to Tyler’s football game, as I usually do. It wasn’t the most impressive game for his school, but Tyler played amazingly well. So well, in fact, that he called me afterwards & asked him to meet at the park, to hang out. We got to the park – it was deserted, of course – and walked down to the pavillion. We sit on one of the picnic tables and light up a couple of cigarettes. As we’re smoking and discussing the game, beşyol escort Tyler scoots closer to me.

“So, you really think I played a good game?”

“Of course! You always play well – you’re a talented athlete, man!”

“Well, I think I deserve a reward, don’t you?”

“Listen, Tyler, if you think I’m going to give you my almost-full pack of cigs, think again. I’m always buying for you, and it’s kinda annoying.”

Boy, was I in for a shock when Tyler just shook his head, put the pack of cigs down on the table, and said “I was thinking of something else…”

He stands up from the table, turns to face me, and slides between my knees to stand directly in front of me. He lean in to kiss me, deeply, caressing my neck with his hands. Suddenly, his grip tightens on my hair and his voice turns sharp. “All those late night conversations, with many sex stories exchanged, I’ve heard tons of stories of how much you like to be controlled. I’ve thought about it so many times, but tonight… tonight, I’m going to have some fun myself.”

My first reaction was a nervous giggle, followed by “come on, Tyler, you’ve got to be joking. We can’t hook up! I’m a teacher, you’re a student… Not to mention I’m married AND 7 years older than you…”

But even as I protested, my stomach was fluttering with excitement and I was melting under his gaze. His fierce look disintegrated for a moment & he bent towards me to whisper, “I’d never force you to do anything you don’t want to do… But I think you want this…”

Oh, beykent escort Lord, he was so right! Cautiously I looked around, but there was no need – it’s 11:30pm, in a park with no street lights. We were all alone. I thought about it for a split-second, looked back at Tyler, and slowly answered, “whatever you say.”

Immediately, his grip tightened again and his voice got tougher. “That’s a good bitch. Now, get on your knees.”

I sink down on my knees in front of him & look up, waiting for instructions. Tyler unbuckles his jeans, lowers his pants & boxers, and sits down on the bench behind him. Hungrily, I take him in my hands and slowly start massaging. As he grows hard in my hands, I wrap my lips around his shaft and gently start licking. I move my head up & down the length, licking & sucking, doing my best job to make Tyler happy. And from the sound of his moans, I’m doing just that. His hips start to buck along with my movements, and his moans get louder and heavier. Knowing that he’s getting close, I slow down. I pull back until I have just the head in my mouth, and massage it with my tongue. I run my tongue up the length of his shaft a few times and kiss my way back down. When the teasing gets to be too much, Tyler moans “suck it, bitch.” Just the sound of those words makes me wet and excited, and I hungrily go back at it, wrapping my mouth around his dick and taking it in as deeply as I can. I swallow around the head a couple times, and from the sound of Tyler’s sigh, that does the trick. I can feel him starting to spasm in my mouth, and I wrap my lips tight, so I can catch every drop. He blows his load into my mouth and I swallow every drop. When he’s finished, I lick him clean & lick my lips.

As he comes back down from his high, Tyler looks down at me, smiles, and says “I always knew you’d teach me some amazing things…”

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