Cyclone Sally

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Authors Note: Thank you very much to J. Who helped with proofreading/editing this story. All your hard work is very much appreciated.

Rachel pushed in the clutch and ground the gears until she found reverse on the old truck. She raged at herself for once again agreeing to do something she really didn’t want to do. Her kids were both away at college and being a single mother with no prospects on the horizon in their small town, her large group of family and friends just expected her to drop everything to do these out-of-the-way things for them. Each time she reluctantly agreed she swore to herself that this would be the last time.

She was everyone’s go-to-girl. It was a burden of her own making, as during the years following the acrimonious divorce she had kept herself busy by helping out wherever she was needed in the small community. This time took the cake, though. Her brother had asked her to go pick up an old utility truck he was planning to recondition for his youngest son, before the threatening storms hit the coast.

“Sure it’s bloody drivable! It’s a great little truck!” she yelled in frustration, echoing her brother’s words and cursing him for the condition she found the heap in, as she crunched the gears yet again into first. She had caught a lift with a trucker on his way back up north, so she had no choice but to drive the old truck back home. Rachel could only pray it made it that far.

The storm clouds that gathered off the coast looked menacing and once she was back on the highway she tried to turn the radio on to listen for any weather warnings. It was cyclone season after all and in this part of the country storms could turn into something crushing and terrible in a matter of hours.

“Of course the radio doesn’t work!” She gave a derisive laugh, gripping the steering wheel tighter, as she felt the truck shudder over a stretch of road riddled with potholes. She leaned over to where her bag sat on the passenger’s seat and rummaged around finally finding her phone and promising herself she would clean the clutter out of her bag as soon as she got home.

“No bars, that’s just great,” Rachel grumbled. Reception in these isolated areas was always hit and miss. She threw the phone back into the chaos of her handbag and pushed the accelerator to the floor. The last thing she needed was to be driving this old rust bucket through the massive storm that was rolling in from the sea. “You owe me big time for this,” she muttered under her breath.

Taking a deep breath, Rachel concentrated on the road and tried to race the storm home. It was a four and a half hour drive, and she was barely halfway into it when the wind picked up, and she found that she was struggling to steer straight as it buffeted against the truck. She reduced her speed slightly and stared straight ahead fighting off the sense of dread she had as the storm clouds raced toward her.

The rain, when it came, fell in large drops splattering the heavy film of dust and dirt from the hood up onto the windscreen. “That’s just great,” she muttered again. She had patiently cleaned what seemed like years of grime from the windscreen after stopping for petrol when she had first picked up the truck. She was in the middle of nowhere. It was too late to turn back to the small township of Koumala, so she fought against the wind and the rain forcing her to drop her speed even more, determined to make it to Rainbow’s End.

Small stones of hail popped against the hood and almost forty minutes later she pulled into the tiny town of Rainbow’s End. Rachel parked the truck outside of the only in place in town that seemed to have life in it, the pub. She noted that the windows had been taped with large crosses and, though light streamed through them, the door was shut.

Taking her chances, she ran from the truck toward the building and began to knock loudly on the pub door. Hail stones continued to hit the tin roof of the old building making the noise almost deafening. In desperation she began to bang louder, almost punching the door with her fist.

“It was unlocked lady!” A gruff man, who dwarfed her in stature, yelled over the noise as he reefed the door open. It hadn’t even occurred to her to try the handle before she began knocking, and she sheepishly let the bear of a man drag her inside before he slammed the door. Grateful for the warmth of the room, Rachel rubbed the rain from her arms and clothes as an attractive woman came forward to offer her a towel.

“Bad day to be on the road,” she said peering out of one of the windows at the old truck. “What brings you through this way?”

“I was picking up a truck in Mackay, for my nephew, my brother is going to do it up for him for his birthday,” she said, with a half-smile. “They love the old classic cars.”

“Well, classic is not the word I would use for that rust bucket. Looks like you were lucky to make it this far. Where are you headed?” she asked, making conversation as Rachel dried off properly.

“Emu Park,” Rachel answered, waiting for the inevitable question casino şirketleri about where that was exactly, but the woman surprised her.

“I know the place, it’s real pretty there,” she smiled. “Hope this cyclone doesn’t do too much damage there; it’s coming in hard and fast. Just as well you stopped. You never wouldda made it there in this.” Sally pointed to a large screen TV that had spotty reception, showing that a severe storm warning had been upgraded to cyclone conditions.

“I didn’t realise it had been upgraded to a cyclone, but I knew it was a severe storm coming in,” the woman looked at her and tilted her head. “Caught a lift up in a truck with a friend who played back to back Slim Dusty,” she pulled a face. “Then, with no radio in the truck and no reception on my phone, I guess I have been out of the loop for the better part of the day.”

“Well, you better call home and tell them you’re all right then. It’s only the beginning and I would say you’re stuck here for the night at least. The eye isn’t supposed to cross the coast for a while yet,” Sally advised.

Rachel pulled her phone out of her bag and, thankful for the reception, called her brother. “Hey Jase, had to stop in Rainbows End… truck is parked outside… there isn’t anywhere under cover… I’m not going back out in this… you have no idea how bad it is here… Just so you know I am fine thanks for asking…” she snapped the phone closed and said “Asshole,” louder than she had meant to. Embarrassed, she turned to hide her flushed face and stared out of the window.

“Husband?” Came the woman’s voice from just behind her.

“No, brother,” she sighed. “He’s more worried about the truck than about me,” she gave a half laugh and added, “Maybe I should move it. Is there anywhere close by with cover?”

“There’s a servo back out on the highway, take you a while to get there, though. I imagine there’d be some trees down back along the access road you took to get here by now,” she laughed. “Plus the boys here wouldn’t let you leave, because they’re the ones who would have to go rescue you.”

Rachel turned to see the half dozen men gathered in the bar. They wore the same orange State Emergency Service volunteer shirt as the woman, with SES emblazoned across the back in reflective hi-viz material. With nagging guilt, Rachel looked back out the window at the truck, watching the hailstones bounce off of its rusted roof.

“Look, I might be able to help you. Where are the keys?” the woman asked, as Rachel dug them from her bag and held them up. The woman snatched them from Rachel’s hand and smiled, “Now, when your brother asks why you didn’t move the truck, you can blame me.” She turned and walked back to the bar opening the cash register and throwing the keys in, before slamming it shut. “I’m Sally, by the way, in case he wants to come and see me about it,” she said with a wink.

After a moment of stunned silence, Rachel burst out laughing. Sally was right, to go out in a cyclone was ludicrous, she didn’t know what she had been thinking. “Well, looks like I am here for a while, so I may as well have a drink,” Rachel said when she finally stopped laughing.

“And so it begins,” one of the men said, as the phone he was holding began to make a noise that sounded distinctly like AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’. After a few minutes of talking, three of the men headed out into the storm.

“Just a tree down. It’s blocking the access road,” the gruff man who had opened the door called out to Sally, who nodded her understanding. The weather site came up on the laptop and the remaining men talked in hushed tones, as Sally found Rachel a bottle of red wine and handed her a glass.

“Thanks,” Rachel smiled, taking the bottle and glass. She went to sit on an inviting looking old sofa chair and pulled out her tablet. She had begun downloading books rather than waiting weeks for them to show up in her small town or making the long trip to the nearest library. She found that without the scrutiny of sales assistants or the postmistress, she had begun to browse through the erotic section of the ebook store. She had been pleasantly surprised with the quality she had found for just ninety-nine cents.

She was halfway through her second glass of wine when Sally joined her. “The full force hit the coast north of Mackay and its slowed down enough to be downgraded to a severe storm again. Not out of the woods yet, but it’s not the emergency we all thought was coming our way.” She poured herself half a glass from the already open bottle in front of Rachel and sat back at the other end of the two-seater sofa Rachel had occupied. “I think I am gonna let the boys club do it alone from here on in. I am barely their mascot anyway, as it is.”

“You hardly seem the mascot type,” Rachel gave a soft laugh.

“My Dad’s been in that crew for the longest time. It started out with me tagging along, so he knew where I was and that I was safe from harm. Now it’s just habit I think. Plus, I own this place, so it’s easy to set up in emergencies,” she explained.

“Yeah, casino firmaları habits like those are hard to break,” Rachel nodded in understanding. “Small towns have to have a go-to-girl, someone that can’t say no when asked for a favour.”

“That why you’re driving a death trap in the middle of a cyclone?” Sally asked seriously.

“Not really. Don’t mind me. I am just a bit flat at the moment. I love my family truly, and it wasn’t that much trouble. It’s not like I was doing anything important like working on a cure for cancer or anything,” she shrugged.

“But you were probably doing something you liked to do, right?” Sally pushed.

“Not really. I probably would have been baking for the school fete or some such,” Rachel admitted.

They continued to talk their way through the remainder of the bottle of wine and half of a second bottle. They got to know each other’s lives a little more. Both in their late thirties, Rachel was divorced with kids who no longer seemed to need her around and Sally seemed permanently single after a string of disastrously ending relationships.

“So, what do you like to do? I have heard you talk about what you do for your family and friends, but what is it you like to do?” Sally asked seriously.

“I guess I like to read. I have become a little addicted to the ebooks that people self-publish on Smashwords. Some of them are really great, and I like to imagine I am helping some poor starving writer who is pecking away at an old typewriter in some attic studio somewhere,” Rachel said dreamily, the wine making her more talkative than usual.

“You could write for Mills and Boon with lines like that,” Sally teased her.

“Except that my life is so boring I have nothing to draw on to even come up with an original idea,” she laughed. “What do you like to do, then?”

“Can’t you tell? I just love to serve the local drunks and get pawed at all night long,” Sally said acerbically.

“Well, sure, who doesn’t, but aside from that?” Rachel continued to laugh.

“I like to dance,” Sally pulled Rachel from the sofa and walked toward the stereo flicking around several CD’s before choosing one she approved of. She then took Rachel by the hand and led her to the dance floor.

“I’m not much of a dancer,” Rachel said, as she tried to resist the pull of the other woman

“Dance with me please,” Sally smiled and kept a grip on her wrist as the female voice and rock music sounded through the speakers, and then she began to dance around Rachel.

“Oh, I remember this song,” Rachel let herself get into the music dancing around awkwardly with Sally and laughing. The music slowed and a power ballad by the same artist began. Rather than letting go of her wrist though, Sally pulled Rachel into her arms and began to sway with the music. With a bravado fuelled by the alcohol and laughter she shared with Sally, Rachel closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the feeling of the arms wrapped around her. How long had it been since she had received anything but the most cursory hug from another person? She wondered in silence as she followed the other woman’s lead easily. Rachel felt so relaxed and dreamy that when Sally kissed her she returned the kiss, pressing against the warm body giving her the soft affection she had craved without even realising it.

“You’re so yummy,” Sally murmured after breaking the kiss. “I hope you don’t mind that I did that, I just couldn’t resist.” They were once again swaying in time to the music. Rachel was speechless. She felt as though she should be shocked, but in truth she had liked it more than she wanted to admit out loud. She had kissed a girl before, but it had not affected her the same way that Sally’s kiss had, at this moment, it had felt so right. She liked the feel of the soft body pressed against her own and the arms that held her gently rocking her in time to the music. Rather than answer and after a few silent moments in which Sally searched her face Rachel took hold of the moment. Indulging her own feelings, she leaned forward to kiss the other woman again, deepening the kiss and becoming the aggressor, if only for that brief moment.

“Well, I guess that answers that question,” Sally grinned, as she led Rachel back towards the sofa. Pouring the last of the wine into their glasses, she kissed Rachel again and whispered, “Grab your glass.” She then led Rachel through a crooked corridor to one of the hotel rooms available for guests too drunk to drive home.

Faced with the reality of what she was doing Rachel stood in the doorway and stared at the bed. Her bravado wavered, and she looked up at Sally with worried eyes, “I umm… I’ve never really… I don’t usually…”

“Shh,” Sally came and wrapped her arms around Rachel kissing her and pulling her into the room. “Let’s give you something exciting to write about before you run back to your boring life,” she crooned between kisses. “You were enjoying yourself and enjoying me, why stop now?” her hands ran up Rachel’s ribs lingering over the sides of her breasts as she pushed the güvenilir casino door shut with her foot.

“I don’t know what to do, what you like,” Rachel said softly, hesitantly and looked down as Sally took her glass of wine, putting it on the bench.

“You know what women like, you are one. Just do to me what you like to have done to you and I guarantee I will like it,” Sally’s voice was gentle as her hands began to work over Rachel’s breasts pushing her back against the closed door. “Let’s just call me, and this,” she licked up Rachel’s neck slowly to her ear, “a little experiment.”

“An experiment,” Rachel laughed, lifting her hands tentatively to Sally’s breasts.

“So, what is it that you like,” Sally purred into her ear and began to nibble down the other side of her neck.

“I don’t know anymore. What you’re doing right now is making me rethink what I have always liked,” Rachel whispered, exploring the soft mounds of flesh she had captured beneath her hands.

“I can tell you that what you are doing would feel a whole lot better to me without this,” Sally smiled and stepped back lifting her shirt and throwing it to the chair in the corner. Rachel moved to where Sally had placed their glasses of wine when they had first entered the room and took a large gulp before turning back her eyes glued to the bouncing breasts with their high pink nipples. She suddenly became very self-conscious. Her breasts sagged and were covered in faded stretch-marks that were the result of breast feeding all of her children. During pregnancy, she had blown up like a balloon, and what were once pert little A-cup breasts had swollen and stretch out to an enormous size that she had never recovered her former perkiness.

Now topless, Sally approached her and seeing the worried look in Rachel’s eyes once again kissed her, taking the glass from her hand. Her fingers tickled at the base of Rachel’s shirt, slowly edging it up feeling the other woman’s anxiety grow as she lifted if further.

“Shh,” she cooed. “You’re beautiful, every inch of you. We can stop if you want to, no hard feelings,” She kissed Rachel deeply and pressed up against her again.

Rachel didn’t want to stop. She knew it deep within herself. She hadn’t sought this out, but it had been so long since she had felt this way. Her arousal and Sally’s kisses drove her to accept that perhaps Sally meant the words and that she wouldn’t turn away from the sagging breasts and small belly that she hid under her baggy clothes. Closing her eyes, she pulled away from Sally’s embrace and lifted her shirt over her head and keeping hold of her nerve she unhooked her bra and let it fall away as well. She couldn’t bear to see the disappointment on Sally’s face, so she kept her eyes closed and stood perfectly still, her hands at her sides.

She first felt Sally’s hands and then her soft, warm lips as she enclosed a large nipple sucking on it like a babe before releasing it and transferring to the other side. Letting out a large sigh of pleasure, she brought her hands forward to stroke up and over Sally’s ribs to the soft skin of her breasts, softly massaging and rolling the nipples gently as hers were being teased deliciously.

Sally’s hands pulled at the button of her jeans and having gotten over the first hurdle this no longer fazed her, and she allowed the soft denim to slide down her legs. Sally lifted her face back to kiss Rachel again crooning, “Oh so yummy, you are. I so want to taste you. May I?” Sally had placed her hand on the small rounded belly and began to slide it down, slipping fingers past the waistband of Rachel’s sensible underwear. She let her fingers slide lower still to smooth over and into the simmering heat of her pussy.

“Oh God,” Rachel breathed raggedly and whimpered a “Yes,” as the fingers delved deeper still, and Sally’s tongue rolled around the curve of her ear.

“You’re going to like this as much as I do, I promise you,” she said in a half groan and began to kiss her way down Rachel’s body. She pulled her hand from her panties and received a disappointed groan as she lowered the sensible underwear and threw them across the room. Sally gently parted Rachel’s thighs and sent a whisper of breath over her slit making her body tremble in anticipation and need. Another shudder coursed through her as Sally slid a finger over her clit and between her glistening pussy lips.

The first flick of her tongue over her clit was like a flash of fire through her, she whimpered and ran her hands over Sally’s hair as she began to lick her clit gently. With Sally continuing to tease her with one finger delving into her and sliding it in and out slowly, she felt the trembling of pleasure increase in her legs and she leaned back against the wall. Then she arched her hips attempting to push herself closer to the mouth and tongue that licked her so divinely.

Her fingers tangled in Sally’s hair just as she slipped her finger out and moved down to plunge her tongue deeply into her pussy. The feeling of that tongue buried in her, flicking, licking, was like no other. It was enough to push her need to new heights, and she ground her pussy against Sally’s face, her nose wedged against her clit, the waves of sheer delight flowed over Rachel, the trembling shook her whole body, and she came hard.

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