Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 40

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Daisy was in the basement on her hands and knees.

She didn’t need a contraption to lock her into position; she knelt willingly. She had been dressed in a white body suit, but her father had cut two large horizontal holes in chest area, exposing her nipples as well as a great deal of flesh. Her tits hung beneath her now, a pump attached to each nipple, rhythmically sucking away at her aching teats. Her father had hung a small cowbell around her neck, which embarrassed Daisy, but she didn’t dare remove it. What was even more embarrassing was the tail he had given her. He had cut a slit in the gussett of the body suit from her lower back to her mound, exposing her ass and spilling her pussy between the two strips of tight fabric. If Daisy craned her neck, she could see the braided tail emerging from between her ass cheeks. Her father had shown it to her first, proud of the way he had secured the tail to a large glass plug.

“It’s big,” he cautioned Daisy, rubbing the bulbous end against her lips. “Open,” he said simply, and the plug slipped into her mouth.

Daisy looked up at him, her eyes wide. It was so large its sheer girth prevented her lips from meeting around the narrow part of the plug. Her father seemed pleased. He patted her cheek before taking the plug out of her mouth. “Ready?” he said, although it wasn’t really a question. Daisy immediately felt pressure against her anus, which spread wide to accept the intrusion. Daisy gasped and grunted as she struggled to take the plug in her bottom.

“Come on, little girl, you can take it,” her father urged. “Almost there. You’ll feel so much better when it’s inside you. Here’s the hardest part. Oh, good girl, good girl…look, there it goes!”

Daisy yelped as her asshole stretched around the widest part of the plug and, having swallowed it, yawned lazily closed. The tail now protruded from between her cheeks, perky and cheerful, making her look even more like a cow.

She expected the usual pump on her pussy next, but her father had surprised her with a treat: the fucking machine. He had queued up an enormous dildo which even now worked its way ever so slowly into her pussy before easing itself back out again. The agonizing pace maddened Daisy, but she did enjoy being filled. He had attached a small cylinder to her clit, which prevented her from making herself cum with her fingers. The pump turned on and off every five minutes, which was just enough to swell the sizeable nub, but not enough to make it numb. After half an hour of having both holes stuffed and her nipples pumped, Daisy was nearly insane with arousal.

This would have been enough, but her father had been kind enough to leave her with several videos. To Daisy’s horror, they were videos of her. In the first, she was lying on a reclining chair in the bright sunshine, but there was a naked woman on top of her. The camera angle took in only her bottom half, her legs spread indecently by a girl on either side of her. Another girl held a broom and was angling the handle towards Daisy’s bottom. She cringed as she watched the handle disappear between her cheeks. The girl seemed to push a decent length into her ass before she pulled it back out and plunged it back in again, fucking Daisy soundly. The girl atop her said something over her shoulder, and in a moment, a second broom handle was being eased into her exposed asshole. The bahis firmaları camera zoomed in to view the defilement of both girls close up. Daisy couldn’t stop staring at the way her ass swallowed the insertion, taking it the way a porn star might. She felt a little twinge of pride, followed by a surge of unexpected lust.

Then, the scene changed. This video was taken indoors in a dark room. The camera hovered a mere foot from Daisy’s ass (she was beginning to recognize it now) as a finger plunged in and out of her tight sphincter. Then, to Daisy’s horror, the mini toy basketball she had been shown later that evening was held up and pressed between her cheeks. She gritted her teeth as she watched her own anus slowly give way to the massive intrusion, opening wider and wider. Just when it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to take it, the ball slipped inside her. It sat just inside her sphincter, holding her open for a moment before it seemed to vanish inside her body, allowing her asshole to close. The next ball entered a little more easily, taking advantage of her loosened hole. This time, it didn’t simply slide inside. Instead, it held her anus open, which allowed the next ball even better access. When the third ball was stuffed into her ass, someone thrust what looked like an eggplant into Daisy’s drooling pussy. The object continued to fuck her as three more balls were crammed mercilessly into her tiny body, stuffing her bowels. Her anus closed only after several fingers reached in and pushed the balls further into her ass, and even then, the hole closed reluctantly and remaining noticeably slack.

Daisy was red with embarrassment. These strangers had observed this disgusting treatment of her body-better yet, one of them had done it to her! The sounds coming from her pussy disgusted her, although with the sheer volume of liquid dribbling and oozing from her cunt, she wasn’t surprised. The eggplant was still fucking her when suddenly Daisy saw her anus dialate. She gasped as it yawned wider and wider, distended outward as the balls inside her strained to escape. The neon orange of the object inside her in contrast to her lightly tanned skin was bizarre, almost sideshow-like. Daisy heard the reaction from the guests as the first ball forced its way out of her, then the next, then pop, pop, pop, pop, one after the other, she shit out the enormous objects in quick succession. Her pussy seemed to squirt as she did so, and Daisy had a vague memory of cumming violently as the balls were expelled from her bottom.

Funnily enough, the humiliation Daisy felt from watching her own degradation was not enough to quell her own intense arousal. She knew she was sloppy wet, not only in the video but in real life. She longed for the machine to speed up and pummel her pussy until she came. On the video in front of her, someone inserted the nozzle of a can of whipped cream into her gaping asshole and began to dispense the white stuff. They filled her so full that a little twist of cream extended out of her open hole. Eventually her anus closed around the little white tail, trapping most of it inside her and leaving a little dollop on the red pucker of flesh. Eventually she was instructed to expell the cream, and Daisy watched as her own anus distended outwards before it suddenly opened, spewing white goo in several large bursts. Each fluttering queef sent bits of cream kaçak iddaa splattering and flying. One of the men leaned down and licked her asshole clean.

Then the video changed to a side shot of her body. Daisy could see the tube leading out from her ass and knew she was taking an enema, which contributed to the size of the belly that hung beneath her. Even with that knowledge, Daisy felt humiliated. Her body would look like that soon, distended and unnatural. In the video, she looked 7 months pregnant.

The video finished with a montage of brief clips. Daisy’s asshole, spewing the enema several feet behind her. A point-of-view shot of a cock pissing in her hair. An image from behind and above Daisy’s head as she suckled from two full, fake tits; then, burying her face in a pussy coated in whipped cream. Piss squirting helplessly from Daisy’s unmistakeable pussy; a closeup of another pussy pissing on Daisy’s face. Then several shots from home: the doorknob, disappearing almost magically into her own swollen cunt. Her ass, bouncing merrily above a pussy impaled by yet another enormous object. A closeup of Daisy’s nipple inside the cylinder, distending with every pump and squirting thick streams of milk.

By the end of the video, Daisy was extremely aroused. She couldn’t reach her clit, and the toy inside her pussy was moving so slowly it only frustrated her more. Desperately, she thrust backward onto the fat dildo. It slammed into her pussy so hard she let out a groan of pleasure and began to hump backwards faster and faster. The cowbell around her neck rang out as it jostled against her swinging, bouncing teats, and Daisy could feel the slap of the cow’s tail as her ass gyrated back and forth. She knew she was cumming before she felt the splatter of juice on her inner thighs. Her screams drowned out the sucking, slurping sounds of the toy as it continued to force its way into her cunt, long after she stopped fucking it.

Daisy knelt on the carpeted floor, panting with exhaustion and feeling somewhat relieved. Her body was still being manipulated by various pumps and insertions, and she was still fitted with those humiliating accessories, but her orgasm had at least taken some of the edge off. She was still breathing hard when her father came down the stairs.

“Good little cow,” Tom said as he knelt beside his daughter. He hadn’t seen her orgasm, but he had heard it, and he saw her face and neck flushed with the effort. He recognized the slight swelling of her lips as well when she looked up at him, and a brightness in her eyes that only came after a orgasm. He stroked her hair affectionately, taking in the sight of her. She looked beautiful with her tits bulging out of the holes in her top, nipples distending rhymthically into the cylinders. Her backside was even more lovely, with the mound of her pussy all red and swollen from arousal and constant penetration and, above it, the cow’s tail protruding from those lovely round cheeks. Her clit was long and purple, and when he pulled off the cylinder, it only shrunk a little. Tom wanted to suck that fat nub into his mouth and tickle it with his tongue until his daughter came all over his face, but there would be time enough for that later.

He unhooked her teats from the pump, and stopped the fucking machine, removing the large dildo from Daisy’s sloppy pussy. She gaped a little, kaçak bahis and he peered inside, even using his fingers to pry her open a bit wider. She groaned and thrust her ass higher in the air. Tom smiled. “Make that pussy fart,” he instructed her, and he watched as she clenched her muscles, trying to push the air out of her cunt. She was so loose it only made a soft, airy sound, so Tom waited until her pussy had closed. “There you go, you little slut,” he said, stroking her fat lips. “Make that nasty cunt queef.”

Daisy pushed once again, and Tom felt her pussy lips quiver and flutter as the air was forced out. He watched her face turn beat red, but he patted her twat and said soothingly, “Good girl. That’s just what I wanted. Good girl.”

Tom helped his daughter to her feet. She was a bit sore from being in the same position so long, so he let her stretch a little before ordering her upstairs. He had intentionally left the plug inside her ass, enjoying the way it swung back and forth, slapping her cheeks lightly with each step. He followed her, of course, enjoying the view of her pussy as it peeked out at him from between her thighs. His cock was rock hard, and he nearly took her right there on the stairs.

He managed to make it to his bedroom upstairs before he ordered her onto her knees in front of him. Daisy obeyed, and did not hesitate to open her mouth when he pushed the head of his cock crudely against her lips. She looked up at him, wide-eyed, as he thrust into her mouth and down her throat. One, two, three thrusts, and then she gagged, coating his shaft with her saliva. “Good girl,” he murmured, stroking her head, as he fucked her mouth again. She was so lovely, so innocent and willing and pliant, that he longed to fill her mouth, or perhaps her throat, with cum.

But Tom didn’t want to finish just yet. Abruptly he slid his cock out and ordered her onto the bed. “Get up onto the bed post,” he told her, and Daisy obeyed. Her fat pussy bulged out around the round knob, but there wasn’t much resistance after taking that huge dildo all morning. She began to slide down onto the knob, her labia spreading wider and wider. Daisy moaned.

“Tell me how it feels,” Tom said suddenly.

She grunted. “Oh, Dad, it feels like…it feels like I’m being torn in half. But it also feels good, like this thing belongs inside me. It feels like my pussy was meant to be filled like this, like it should be stuffed like this all the time.” She was breathing hard.

Tom reached down with a wet thumb and stroked her stiff, swollen clit. Daisy yelped. “Oh Dad,” she moaned, and the words were like music to Tom’s ears. “That feels so weird, but so…god, it’s so erotic. Oh god, it’s going in. Oh, I’m so full…”

He watched as she slipped down another inch, and the knob settled inside her. There was a slight bulge beneath the larger bulge of her pregnant stomach, and the sight of it made Tom even harder. He knelt down on the floor beside the bed and sucked on her clit the way he’d wanted to earlier, running one hand over her pelvis, feeling the hard protrusion of the bedknob inside her pussy, while he used the other to stroke and squeeze the flesh of her labia.

Suddenly Daisy screamed. Tom thought she was cumming, and he sucked and licked her harder. “Cum for me, baby,” he said, her clit still in his mouth. But Daisy went on screaming, and she wasn’t squirting or even spasming like she always did. Her screams didn’t really even sound like the ones she made when she was cumming. She sounded…horrified.

Tom turned. Standing in the bedroom doorway was his wife.

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