Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 08

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Warning: This story contains scat and poop scenes. If you don’t like this sort of thing, this story is not for you.

* * * * *

He held on to his mother’s hips as he pumped his load up her ass. When he was done he pulled out his big prick and his mom crawled over and put it in her mouth.

“Oh yeah Mom! Suck it. Suck your ass off my dick.”

She bobbed her head and sloppily sucked her son’s tasty meat. She licked his balls and kept moving her face further between his legs.

Danny looked at his mom greedily licking under his bare sack. “Mom, could you suck on my ass again?”

“Mmmm yes baby! Turn around and give me that delicious bottom of yours!”

Danny got on his elbows and knees and moaned with the wonderful pleasure of his mother rimming his butt hole. Dianne loved eating her sons ass out like this. She licked long, wet fat stokes against his shit hole, slowly loosening him up.

Danny felt the tip of her tongue press against his hole, starting to dart in and out. He loved the feeling of his mom’s face in his ass crack as she was pumping her tongue in and out and making a sloppy mess of whole crack .

“You mind if I stick a few fingers in there?”

“Do whatever you want mom.”

Dianne licked her index finger and pressed up against his shitter, then slowly worked it in all the way. Pretty soon she had two fingers in, and began pumping them in and out of her son’s butt.

Danny stuck out his ass for his mom to finger- it felt so good, he just grunted and moaned, “Ughhh, Ughhh yeah, that feels good…”

“Feels like you’ve got a turd in there Danny. Do you have to go poop?”

“Ughhh, Ughhhh,” He grunted. “Yeah I guess so.”

“Well, lets go to the bets10 bathroom honey.”

They got up and walked to the bathroom and his mother told him what to do.

“Now stand up and straddle the toilet facing the wall. I’m gonna get behind you and help you go potty baby.”

Danny got in position and felt his mother ‘s fingers digging back in his ass. Dianne was squatting in front of the toilet behind her son, working her fingers in his ass. She was moving three fingers in and out and managed to squeeze four in. She kept him plugged this way, working him up. Then she stood up behind him holding three fingers in his ass, pressed her huge breasts into his back and put her mouth to his ear.

“Now just relax sweetheart. I’m going to pull these fingers out of you and then I want you to push real good. I want to hear you grunt when you push. Now practice once for me.”

Danny pushed his ass open with his mother’s fingers still plugging him up. He pushed his sphincter open even more, letting out a grunt, “Ughhh.”

“Yes baby, that’s my boy. Now here we go. Are you ready?”

“Yes Mom!”

She pulled her fingers from his ass and he immediately let out a couple logs of shit, splashing in the bowl below them.


“Push baby, push it all out.”

She squatted back down below him and held his ass cheeks apart, watching her son’s ass pucker and push out the last log. She put her fingers back up his butt and Danny felt his mom dig out the last of his shit.

“All done?”

“I think so.”

Dianne the put her face back in his ass and licked him clean.

“Mom, can you shit for me too?”

“Oh honey. I think I’ve got a big poop too. You wanna watch your bets10 giriş mother push out her bowels?”

“Yeah mom, please!”

“Okay. Let me get in there and you can watch me.”

Dianne straddled the toilet with her thick legs and fat ass as her son had, while Danny kneeled down behind her. She arched her butt out and reached around with both hands to pull apart her fat ass cheeks revealing her wonderful puckering anus. He loved this nasty view of her fat, wide ass about to take a dump in his face.


“Yes honey?”

“Do you think you could stand over me and drop your poop on me?”

“Oooo, you want me to shit on you sweetheart?”

“Yeah Mom, I want to feel it on me.”

“That’s my baby. Lie down honey.”

His mother’s ass was truly enormous and her legs very thick as she stood over her son. Danny looked up at his mom’s big, fat ass. She reached around with both hands to spread her cheeks, once again exposing her beautiful asshole to him.

Dianne bent her knees slightly and began pushing and grunting.

“Ugghh!… Ughhhhh!”

Finally her shit-hole puckered open and the tip of a dark log made its way out, slowly poking through her opening ass hole. Then suddenly she pushed really hard and a huge log poured out of her butt and Danny watched as it plopped down with a dull thud on his chest. It felt very hot and smelly. Then another rolled out, and another, her hot moist logs of crap now piled on his chest.

“Go Mom, Go!”

Dianne grunted some more. “Stick your fingers in my ass, get it all for me darling.”

Danny reached up and worked two then three fingers up his mother’s shitty rear.

“Oh yeah, that feels good honey. bets10 güvenilir mi Get more in.”

Danny fit four of his fingers in his mom’s shitter up to his knuckles. He ass fucked her with his hand and it seemed like she wanted more. He began working all five fingers in his mother’s ass and she rode his hand, moving slightly up and down.

“Oh that feels wonderful honey, keep going.”

Danny lay their on the floor beneath his mother with a pile of her hot turds on his chest while he worked five fingers in her bum. She was pushing and grunting and he was all the way up to his knuckles in her sphincter. She pushed back on his hand and he pushed against her ass until his knuckles just started to go in.

“Oh yes honey! Stick your whole hand in there. Get your hand all the way in my bottom.”

His knuckles spread her sphincter until finally there was less resistance after his knuckles, and he squeezed the large part of his hand up his mother’s rectum. Her ass was so fat and juicy above him and he watched his hand disappear in her butt up to his wrist. Her ass felt warm and soft and he massaged her sphincter by pulling down on his hand.

Dianne was rubbing her clit and loving the sensation of being fisted by her sweet son.

“Oh yes! You’re gonna make me cum! My baby’s making me cum, that’s it sweetheart, YESSS!!!!”

Danny felt his Mommy’s muscles spasm around his hand as she climaxed on top of him. She let out one last grunt as he pulled his fist from her ass.

She turned around and looked down, smiling sweetly at her son who lay there with a pile of her shit on his chest.

“That was fantastic my little darling. Do you like it when I shit on you?”

“Yeah Mom, it feels great. Its so hot and your big butt looks good when it comes out.”

“Oh honey, I love it too. You’re such a good boy! Now lets get you cleaned up and we can continue later.”

“Great Mom, I love you!”

“I love you too, sweetheart!”

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