Date Nights

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As soon as I entered our apartment I knew something was up. My roommate, Samantha, and I had been up drinking wine and talking incessantly until after midnight. I was expecting to come home to a mess. Instead I came home to a spotless house with all the blinds pulled and wonderful smells filling the air. I dropped my bag by the door and walked through the living room to find the kitchen table set for two, candles lit, covered pots giving off heat sitting on the stove.

“Crap.” I thought “Sam’s got a date.” I was exhausted and was looking forward to ordering some take out for both of us and watching trashy TV with the air conditioner blasting. Now it seemed I’d be finding somewhere to hang out for a while. I didn’t recall Sam warning me that she had a date night coming up but I was never good at keeping track of such things. Oh well, I guess I could just as easily munch on popcorn while taking in a trashy movie.

Sam came around the corner from the too small bedroom that we shared. “Oh, Cheryl, Hi. I didn’t hear you come in.” she greeted me, surprised.

“Oh, yeah. I’ll be out of here in just a minute. I’m gonna go catch a movie or something.” I let her know that I wouldn’t be in the way. “By the way, it smells fucking great in here. I get dibs on leftovers.”

“Leftovers? I made you dinner.” She informed me.

“Wow, this is for me? That’s great; I just didn’t expect… thanks.” I didn’t have to be told twice. “I’m going to go wash my face and change, I’ll be right back.”

“Sure. Dinner will be a minute, and hey, put on one of your nightgowns. Mine is a casual bistro.”

I washed my face and tied my hair back. I changed into my favorite white nightgown as requested and took a seat at the table. Sam had already poured me a glass of wine. She went about her business, stirring this and tasting that, moving to the beat of her favorite mix CD. Brian Eno, Rufus Wainwright and Leonard Cohen mingled with various DJs she’d discovered online or at warehouse parties in the city. Her energy and good cheer were contagious and my hangover and exhaustion faded away as she served up dinner.

I had a full forkful of sweet coconut rice and a Thai stir fry with chunks of fried tofu. Sam was an amazing cook. Garlic and Basil and spices I knew nothing about thrilled me and it was a struggle to take my time and savor every bite. Sam ate slowly and watched me eat. I think she enjoyed feeding me more than actually eating her cooking herself.

When my plate was empty Sam hopped up and cleared it. She hurried me into the living room, to sit on a blanket where she set in front of me a plate with small pieces of various dark chocolates. I had a piece with bits of red pepper mixed into it and it was surprisingly nice. My palate expanded constantly living with Sam. The leftovers from her date nights were a favorite and when she actually cooked for me, well I would be at her mercy. It seems that might have been what she had in mind.

“So, are you wondering what this is all about?” She asked.

“What’s that?”

“Well, this… dinner, the candles the music.”

“I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Why, do I have to do the dishes for a month now?”

“No, not exactly.” Sam was being flirty and mischievous and I wondered what she was up to. “Cheryl, remember, when we were drinking casino şirketleri last night and you said that you’d always wanted to be with another girl. Well, I didn’t say it at the time, I guess I was afraid, but it’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. I… Um, I would like to also. To be with a girl I mean, with you Cheryl. I’m hoping that I could be that girl for you.”

I was stunned. I was supposed to be the wild one, and I just assumed Sam, who had no shortage of good looking male suitors was on her way to marriage and a great career and two beautiful kids and maybe the occasional weekend visit from that crazy roommate she had in college. I looked at her now, as she waited, visibly anxious for my response, her big brown eyes staring into mine. This girl was drop dead sexy. Half Irish and half American Indian, she was curvy and long with long brown hair that hung to her shoulders in soft curls. Her mouth was my favorite of her features. Her small mouth with full round lips was such a contrast next to my mouth which was big both figuratively and literally. I stared at that mouth, pursed in anticipation, and I leaned in, placed my hand beneath her chin and kissed her.

Sam kissed back with such force and hunger. I could believe that she had indeed been thinking about this all day. Now that she had permission she moved full speed ahead, throwing her arms around me and running her tongue along my lips, sucking at my tongue, and pushing me forward until I was on my back with her on top of me. Being kissed like that was exciting, more so because I’d never been kissed by soft female lips and I kissed back with all I had.

Sam and I rolled around kissing, and petting and taking quick breaks to stare at each other for ages, or at least through more than one extended remix. We were breathing heavy, and lying on our sides facing each other. ‘Now what?’ hung in the air.

We both smiled, thinking the same thing, but both shy about taking the first step. As I reached out to unbutton Sam’s red men’s dress shirt, she untied the top of my night gown. Unbuttoned and untied, we raised ourselves to our knees. She kissed me again before lifting my gown over my head, Sam took a good long look. We’d been roommates for over a year, and had seen each other in every state of undress, but never before had she let herself look me over so thoroughly. She took me in with her eyes and then she stripped her clothes off for me, slowly removing her shirt, her bra, and her black pants. She had on a pair of dark blue boy shorts style underwear which hugged her hips and her mound.

Sam put her hands on my shoulders and gently lowered me to my back yet again. She straddled me, and put my hands above my head. I was taken by surprise that sweet Sam should take the lead, but I was more than happy to let her. She kissed me again; her tongue circling just inside my mouth drove me crazy. I squirmed beneath her touch but kept my hands above my head where she’d placed them. I felt her bite at my lower lip and then nibble at my chin. She gave me lovely sucking, kissing, bites along my neck. My nipples hardened and my pussy grew wet. The girl was making me crazy. She licked and bit at my shoulders and across the top of my chest, down my ribs, and across the bottoms of my breasts. Finally, she reached my nipples, squeezing casino firmaları the right between her fingers while cupping beneath my left breast and sucking at my left nipple. She alternated between breasts. I put my feet flat against the ground and pushed my hips up at my beautiful roommate. I was burning up and I needed her to fuck me.

She got some sense of the urgency and made her way slowly, so very slowly, down my belly. As she kissed down my body, her long, soft locks of hair felt smooth and gorgeous dragging over my shoulders. I felt her biting around my belly button and dipping her tongue in, giving a hint of what was to come.

Sam sat up and brought my knees together. I looked at her, completely in her power now. “Oh, fuck me, please.” I purred moving my ass back and forth. Sam smiled and with one hand on my ankles keeping my legs raised and together, she reached beneath me and pulled my panties over my ass, and up, past my thigh, knees, ankles and feet. Taking one ankle in each hand she spread my legs. I put my head back against the ground and thrust my hips forward and back. If she wanted to look at my pussy, I’d give her a show, and I would hope that she wouldn’t be able to resist me for too long as I was going out of my fucking mind.

I felt her lips on my left ankle, making their way down the inside of my leg. She reached my knee, my thigh, every step got me hotter. At last I felt her hot breath against my cunt, now aching to be touched. And then, a kiss against my right thigh, knee, ankle.

I opened my eyes, raised my head, and let her know I was out of patience, “Sam, god dammit, you’d better fuck me now!”

Sam laughed and placed my feet back on the ground. She knelt between my knees and pushed my thighs wide apart. She kissed both sides of my pussy, front to back. She bit my ass cheeks and then she parted my lips with her tongue, which she slid inside me and back out, circling my pussy. She licked up to my clit, doing lovely circles there as well, while sucking lightly. Her hands moved from my thighs to my ass, and she pulled me upward. As he sucked and licked me toward a screaming orgasm my hand found her head and I gripped her hair. “Oh, god Sam, oh, lord, yes.” I held her tight against me as I came, and came, and came. I was screaming now, neighbors be damned.

Sam was so smooth and gracefull as she continued to fuck me as I came without ever pushing me over the edge. I came longer and harder than I had in years. At last, I lay back, gasping, exhausted.

Sam lay her head on my lower stomach and pet my legs. She was so sweet. I ran my fingers through her hair, feeling stoned from being so thoroughly fucked. I had a quick thought that this had better have been as successful an experiment for Sam as it was for me. This was not something I could have once and then do without.

With this thought in mind I decided Sam and I were having a shower. “Sam, come on.” I hopped up and taking her hand I practically ran us to the restroom. I ran the water, letting it get warm, and I kissed my beautiful lady lover playfully, rambunctiously, on her lips, face, neck, ears, and shoulders. She laughed and threw her head back. I pushed Sam back against the bathroom door and continued to ravage her, kissing along those amazing curves, sucking at her nipples, feeling güvenilir casino her belly and soft pubic hair against my face as I continued my kissing attack. Her laughter turned to “oohs” and “ahs”.

“Okay, come on.” I pulled her into the shower with me, whipped her around and kissed the back of her neck, down her long spine, biting her tailbone and ass cheeks as I sank to my knees. I grabbed Sam’s hips, tilted them forward and kissed her plump pussy; just a quick tease. I stood and turned my roommie around and we locked lips again. I’d gotten her hot, that was clear. Her hands were up and down my back, and she was kissing me like mad while pushing her hips forward. It was her turn to put her hands over her head, where they gripped the top of the shower stall. I sucked at her nipples some more, not part of my plan but I could not resist.

I grabbed the shampoo, and started in on her glorious hair. I lathered her up, massaged her scalp, and grabbed ever opportunity to press my body against her. I kissed her mouth again, as I tilted her head back and rinsed her hair clean.

Next up, soap. I moved her out of the water, and lathered her head to toe. My hands slid over her soapy body. Over her arm pits, over her ribs, over her breasts and belly. I ran my hands up and down her legs. I washed her toes and her feet. I turned her around and washed her ass, sliding my hands between her round firm cheeks, and sliding my finger over her tight little asshole.

I put on the scrubby gloves and did her back thoroughly. She arched and purred. When I felt she was well washed, I took the gloves off and pressed the front of my body against her back. I grabbed her large breasts in my hands and squeezed and caressed. Sliding one hand down her belly I slid my fingers between her pussy lips. She pushed her head back wards, breathing in my ears and I fucked her slowly with my fingers. Her hands settled behind my head and held tight. I gripped back, with one on her throat and the other between her legs. I felt her getting close to cumming and pinched her nipples, one then the other and back again, a little harder with each pinch. I pushed my hips forward, pushing her hips forward, and two fingers held her open while the middle finger continued to slide inside her and then out and around her clitoris. She was even louder than I was. I’d snuck in late several times while she was in our bedroom with the door locked. I’d heard the sweet sounds she made while making love, but she’d never screamed like this. I was inspired, and flattered and hot as god dam hell. I fucked her more and when she turned around and placed her mouth against mine, cumming too hard to really kiss I was only too happy to let her slide her hand between my legs. She finished cumming, clamping her legs shut holding my hand still when she could take no more. She continued fucking me and I was cumming again in no time.

Sam and I went to bed, in her bed, naked and spent most of the night petting each other and smiling. I had not found the perfect girl to experiment with, I had, much to my surprise found a girlfriend.

We moved our beds out and a queen bed in a month later. We opened our toy drawers to each other, shared techniques and went shopping together for more. An old boyfriend of hers came around and we shared him. That was exciting and fun, something we’ll do again I’m sure. Sam is the sweetest, most exciting and romantic lover of my life. She is the love of my life. And I’m always so happy to remember what a wonderful start our relationship got off to.

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