David’s Scottish Cousins Ch. 04

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Mary McAllister, my hostess, decided I could do with cleaning up as I was stinking of vaginal fluid from orally pleasuring the previous four ladies. My face and hair were so sticky. “It’s no good Davy we’ll have to give you a wee shower.”

I followed her upstairs staring at her curvaceous bottom delightfully encased by her green and blue pleated tartan skirt, to her bathroom. I got into the bath and she showered me with a hand-nozzle making sure I was thoroughly clean and did not wank.

“We’ve still got to keep you perky for the other ladies, haven’t we?” she smiled wickedly. She helped me dry off and sprayed me with ‘4711 Cologne’ rubbing it over my face and testicles. On our way downstairs we met Betty and Maggie in their duffel coats who were leaving having cleaned themselves up somewhere else in the big house.

Back in the east wing drawing room the fire had been stoked by Molly, Mrs. McAllister’s young home-help. I was led in again naked. My penis was quite small and the ladies eyes followed it around the room as I regained my position lying face upwards on the floor with my head towards the fire. “Molly you can leave us now dear.” Molly, openmouthed in wonderment, backed out smiling incredulously at the scene she had left.

Yvonne and two others, introduced as Martha and Linda, sat on the sofas to each side of me smirking contentedly at the new clean eighteen year old waiting on the blanket. Martha, a large woman in her fifties, walked over me edging towards the fire and stood astride my head. Staring up her pleats I noticed her smooth white lace-trimmed nylon petticoat contrasted with the rougher plaid texture of her skirt. Above me I saw black thin-denier stockings held up by crisp white lacy suspenders and between them the flouncy lacy hem of her French-knickers covering a large tuft of black hair.

Molly reappeared with some tea. Yvonne and Linda, seated on the sofa, edged forward to receive their cups and saucers, knees modestly together but feet apart. Yvonne’s white nylon net petticoats cascaded downwards behind her legs making her stockings appear blacker than ever. Linda was wearing a plaid pleated skirt and again I could see a very ornate white petticoat on display under her seat. All around me were legs, shoes, stockings, suspenders and petticoats. Above me was a superb upskirt view. As an eighteen year old I was in a fevered state of sexual tension.

Martha, above me, was handed a tea by Molly, who squatted down, knees splayed, displaying her underwear, and asked if I’d like some tea too. I said I was not really ready for one but ideally needed her to wank me off. Red faced, she span round, stood up and walked out. A conversation was in full flow above me. Mary was talking loudly sitting on a chair arm and the other three were laughing and giggling.

What was it about these late middle-aged Scottish women? Why were they always drinking tea and talking about marmalade and the weather in the afternoon? Why were they so tall and their bottoms so big? Why did they mainly wear expensive plaid pleated skirts over delicate lacy lingerie? and why was Martha ignoring me when I was raring to go?

Martha’s skirt hem was only six inches above me. The pleats expanded and contracted as she shifted her weight from side to side or laughed. I was in a state of complete sexually frustration as I studied every detail of her hem and underskirt. I had nothing else to do as wanking had, unfortunately, been canlı bahis banned.

I noticed where her tartan skirt panels were sewn together underneath there were uneven stitches with little threads hanging down. Her petticoat seemed a little too wide for her skirt and became more gathered at one side until she moved her heavy buttocks. The white lace was very fine, mainly encrusted roses, supporting a flounced border with a thin lace hem. Over this was a second tiered flounce finished with an ornate tear-drop lace edging. The lace made a froufrou sound as they rubbed against Martha’s scratchy stockings.

“OK Martha it’s getting late and we’ve still got Linda to go.” Laughed Mary. “Are you ready Davy?” whispered Martha as she looked down at me over her shoulder, her dyed ash-blonde curly hair lit from the firelight.

She descended onto my face while spreading her huge legs wide apart. Facing my feet, she shunted her vast lace-clad derriere onto my face. I parted the legs of her French knickers with my fingers as she flipped her petticoat and skirt over my face and arranged it evenly so that I was enclosed in her private warm dark underworld. Her buttocks slid backwards until my nose was trapped by the heavy flesh surrounding her anus. My tongue found her vagina and I set to work. We gradually built up a rhythm as her pelvic area slipped across my chin and lips. The aroma from between he legs was very strong, almost unbelievably so. Needless to say my penis was rock hard and the scratchy hem of her wool plaid skirt kept touching its head and making it twitch. We continued like this for many minutes until I felt her buttocks clench and tighten and wave after wave of shuddering orgasm gripped her lower body as I kept licking and probing with my tongue.

“Stop, stop,” she gasped as she pulled herself off me, her skirt and underwear entangled, and collapsed. “I’m far too, far too sensitive down there now you naughty young rascal.” Her flowing vaginal juices left a trail across my mouth, cheeks and neck. Black pubic hair was everywhere. My penis was sticky with precum. Mary threw me another flannel and Martha stepped off me, her shoe scuffed my face. She disappeared upstairs to calm down, urinate and clean up

“Well Linda dear, you are the last. Are you up to it?”

“Aye Mary. Wee Davy has been doing a grand job between the legs of these strange ladies he’s never met before. His naughty tongue must be ready for a rest soon I’m sure.” Linda winked at me with a huge smile. Her French perfume was quite strong and it made her smell very attractive. Her oval face was framed by thick auburn hair. Her eyes sparkled behind her glasses. She wore a green tartan pleated skirt and as she stood up I noticed a thick lace hem edging her ivory coloured petticoat.

Again I had a tall Scottish middle-aged woman her shoes to either side of my head facing my feet, straddling my face with her underwear in view. Again my penis rolled to one side then slowly extended to its fully erect position across my bare stomach pointing to my navel.

Linda spread her legs further apart and noticed that my erection strained even more. She was using my penis as a barometer to judge what I liked best. She lifted her skirt, sat on my face then let her lacy petticoat and pleats drape over by face and chest. Trapped under her ivory coloured loose-legged lacy knickers I nosed myself firmly between her inner lips and allowed her to take control, my tongue bahis siteleri ready for her climax. Ten minutes of furious rocking and bucking ended in Linda screaming the house down as she orgasmed over and over again. My face, including even my ears was were covered in slime and I could hardly breath as our combined sweat had created suction between our bodies.

“Oh my, Oh my, Oh my” she wept, shaking but laughing. Her hair was wet across her face and she looked very flushed. She then limped off to the bathroom holding her crotch.

“Another cup of tea anyone?” Said Molly who had entered the room to investigate Linda’s screams and to draw the curtains. Molly again appeared red-faced as she looked at me and my penis and I noticed Mary admonish her with a curt expression.

“Well Davy, you’ve done well, all the ladies seemed pleased. It’s been a lovely afternoon, thank you laddie.” Martha and Yvonne nodded approvingly over their teacups. “Now I think it’s you who needs to reach a climax don’t you?”

“Well I could basically do with a wank,” I said as eighteen-year old boys are usually to the point. “OK Davy, would you like me to ‘wank you’ as you put it?” “I can think of nothing better, Mary,” and grinned insanely at her.

“OK, we need some help.” She said standing up.

“Molly, what have you got on?”

Molly turned a deep shade of scarlet and said “The usual, Mrs. McAllister.”

“No I mean what have you got on underneath your skirt girl?” With that she strode over to the nineteen year old and lifted her skirt exposing net petticoats and various other white frilly things which I couldn’t quite make out.

“Yes, yes they’re fine now just go over there and stand with your feet on either side of Davy’s head facing this way so you can see what I am doing to him.

My penis jerked into life and squirmed into full erection mode. Molly shyly put one shoe then the other next to each of my ears as I stared up. Her young legs were firm and shapely as she stared down and waved coyly smiling nervously. I took in the view. Her legs were enveloped by pink stiff net petticoats trimmed in white ribbon and leaderline trim which made them extremely bouffant as was the teenage fashion in the late 1950s. Precum started to form at the end of my glistening knob,

“Molly dear, squat down and rest your bum on Davy’s face.” She ordered.

Her plain cotton knickers suddenly descended and her gusset was firmly planted on my nose. I noticed her panties were slightly soiled. Perhaps she had urinated recently and not wiped herself sufficiently. The odour however was sexy and warm and my penis extended further until my testicles were tighter than I could ever remember. Under Molly’s skirt everything was starched and pink as her stiff layers of net rustled noisily against her tan stockings.

I felt Mary’s manicured fingers lightly scratch my testicles and inner thighs. Clearly she knew what she was doing. I sensed that Molly was taking mental notes, probably because she had never seen an erect penis in Cairncarron before. Mary’s hand was sliding up and down my erection twisting on the down stroke. Her palm was moist. Had she used saliva? My testicles were squeezed then I felt a tongue tickling the underside of my scrotum. I felt her hair move over my thighs and I parted my legs.

She speeded up her movements and I began to lift my buttocks off the blanket at the same time probing Molly’s vaginal slit through bahis şirketleri her knickers which were clearly absorbing her natural juices. I felt Molly suddenly gasp as she witnessed Mary taking my penis into her warm mouth. “Oh wow, oh wow!” the young girl whispered above me, having never seen a middle aged woman swallowing an eighteen-year olds penis before.

My penis was on fire as Mrs. McAllister flicked her tongue over its head. I was bucking and holding on to Mrs. McAllister’s head, fucking her face vigorously. My buttocks were jerking and bucking, jerking and bucking, Mrs. McAllister gurgled to “Go ahead”. My face had a strained expression as I continued to rub myself frantically all under Molly’s pubic area licking everything within reach of my tongue, rocking my head from side to side under her swishing petticoats.

I felt my balls tighten, a sudden feeling of seminal fluid rising upwards then a final thrust. I pushed down on Mary’s head pushed my buttocks up and held her head with both hands while I ejaculated three thick globs of fresh warm sperm into her mouth. I held her tightly while I thrusted a further five times until every ejaculation had finished. I waited until my erection subsided and felt strings of slime sliding out of my penis like harp strings across my belly. Molly kneeled off me and sighed. She may have orgasmed too but could not tell. Mrs. McAllister was looking much disheveled. Her hair was damp and her dark red lipstick was smeared. From her mouth oozed sperm and saliva. I smiled at her almost apologetically and she smiled back, my pubic hair between two of her teeth. We grinned and then eventually got tidied up, and showered with the help of Molly and the others.

“Thanks Davy, for everything,” Mary said as I finished my tea on the sofa.

“Well thank you too, wow, gosh and all that,” I chuntered awkwardly in my teenage lingo. The other ladies had left, and so had Molly. The fire was almost out and I got up to leave.

“Where are you going Davy?”

“Back to the cottage Mary. Megan and Morag will be worried where I am.” I said.

“No they won’t, I told them yesterday that you’d be staying here the night. You’ll find your clothes for tomorrow as well as other stuff next to my, or should I say ‘our’ bed.”

“Well Davy I did say I’d give you a special treat didn’t I?”

“Well you certainly have, this afternoon Mrs. M,”

“No you are going to have your special treats tomorrow Davy. I’ve got a black taffeta and satin full flouncy Flamenco dress with white cotton multi-tiered lacy petticoats to wear under it, also crisp white cotton lacy French-knickers. You’ll enjoy lying on the floor with me standing over you in that dress.”

” I also have white stockings and black stiletto shoes. I also have my big pale blue ball gown in layers and layers of tulle and chiffon. Under this I’ll be wearing a white nylon net petticoat with several layers of soft nylon net. I haven’t decided which French-knickers to wear for you yet as I have so many. I may wear some bloomers. You’ll love being face-sat under baggy bloomers Davy, I have several cotton ones and nylon crotchless ones. I may decide to wear my bridesmaid’s dress that I had in my twenties. I can still fit into it. I have a special petticoat which fits under it but it’s a bit tight but I’m sure you’ll manage to squeeze your head under it…..”

Mrs. McAllister went on and on, listing all her various voluminous skirts and dresses. petticoats, underskirts, slips, knickers, panties, suspenders, shoes, lingerie and hosiery. It sounded as if I was going to have a long tiring day. I just hoped she had enough flannels and shower soap.


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