Discovering Piss Play in Rome

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Caitlyn and I had been dating for a couple of years. She had recently graduated college so we decided that we would celebrate with a trip to London and Italy. We were traveling on a shoe string budget so we spent most of our evenings in hostels and other social accommodation. But when we made it to Rome we decided to splurge a little bit and ended up in a small pensione which, when you leaned out the window, provided a view of Il Vaticano. It was a beautiful sight and as happens to many who travel to Rome the beauty of the city ignited the usual lust we had for one another and we spent much of the day sequestered inside having adult fun.

Years earlier we had discovered that she could squirt like crazy. She could soak through the bed, or fill a large bowl or, my favorite, cover my face in her cum and drink as much as I could from the source. It was glorious. The pensione that we were staying in had one of those small bathrooms where the shower is just a part of the bathroom, right by the toilet. canlı bahis We immediately realized that this would make cleanup easy so we lustfully made our way to the bathroom and started making out.

I leaned down and her full lips found mine. Our breathing quickened together and we hurriedly removed our clothes. The buttons flew off of her top and he briefly chastised me for ruining one of only two nice blouses she had brought with her. But we were both too turned on to care. I leaned down and took her dark, firm nipples into my mouth while her hand reached down and sought out my now throbbing cock. She deftly undid my pants, dropped her knees onto the cool tile of the bathroom floor and took me deep into her mouth. Rather than slowly tease me with her mouth as she usually did this time it was straight to the back of her throat. Again, and again. Her aggressiveness immediately turned me on and I had to taste her pussy.

I lowered my ass toward the floor pulling her head with my hand bahis siteleri as I went. Once down, she knew exactly what I wanted and flipped around such that her pussy was directly over my face. Her skirt was still in the way so I quickly unlaced it and found that she was already dripping onto my face. I admired her asshole for a moment before diving in and licking her clit and pussy to the rhythm of her head thrusting up and down on my cock. We loved 69 and continued to pleasure each other that way for some time, each of us almost reaching climax and then pulling back just before the brink. My face was soaked and I had to have her cum. So I thrust three fingers deep into her, found her g-spot, and stimulated her erogenous zone until I felt her body tense up. She took me deep into her throat and held me there her signal to me that she was about to cum. I brought my mouth close to her pussy and the next thing I knew it was completely full of her cum, my face was covered, and I could feel it soaking bahis şirketleri my chest and my hair. My cum spurted out of me straight up into her throat. We were in heaven and I started relaxing into a post-coital glow.

But then, right when she usually let my cock out of her mouth she mumbled something inaudible. “What did you say?” I asked.

She slowly withdrew her mouth from my cock. “I want us to pee in each other, right here, just like this,” she said, her voice more full of lust than I had ever heard. Now, we had vaguely mentioned this before and had seen a couple of videos, but we had never actually talked about doing it. But for whatever reason this was clearly the right moment and we both knew it. Not another word had to pass between us. Our mouths simply opened for each other and, simultaneously and for the first time, each of us tasted the other’s piss in our mouths, flowing down our bodies, and bathing the floor.

We remained in that position in silence for a while, both of us coming to terms with what we had done, both of us realizing that our play was changed forever. “What did you think,” I eventually asked.

She paused, licked my cock, and replied. “Let’s go drink some more water.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32