Doctor’s Orders

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Last year I found myself in London on business. It was a pretty boring trip, I was there by myself and other than giving a presentation I didn’t have any real connection to the other people at the conference. This made my nights pretty boring.

One night I was out late after a mediocre room-service dinner and ended up sitting in a pub for a few hours watching the rest of the world go by. After a few hours I was tipsy enough to know it was time to go home, and I ambled back the two or three blocks to my hotel.

I was at a decent-sized hotel, with a room about 8 floors up, so as I did my best to walk a straight line I headed for the bank of elevators and waited.

The elevator doors parted and there were two people inside. On the right was a man, mid-30’s, who was rather unassuming and just standing there, hands in his coat pockets. On the far left was a woman. She was leaning on the side of the elevator, eyes half-open and a half a smile on her face but otherwise fairly slack. Being a guy I paid more attention to her — early 30’s, shoulder length brown hair, dressed in a skirt and jacket, nice legs. Expecting them to get out (it was the ground floor), I had to hurry in when they made no move to exit.

As I entered I definitely saw the woman shudder. At first I wondered if she was tipsy or worse. I pushed my floor and the doors again closed.

I could smell something in the elevator as we started moving. Something musky to be sure, but my booze-tinged brain couldn’t get much past that.

I was standing between the two of them, a bit closer to the door, so I had to turn when the woman said hello. I turned to see her looking directly at me, her brown eyes looking straight into mine. She then shuddered and her eyes fluttered, her knees giving way just the slightest bit. Her arms were folded in front of her, holding her other arms. After this episode, she opened her eyes, a bit more heavy and glassy, and looked at me again.

“My doctor over there, ” she gestured to the man in the elevator, “says I need a hard cock to cure me.”

If kadıköy escort I had been sober I would have done a big double-take, but as it was I just smiled and just nodded. “Can’t your ‘doctor’ just give you that himself?” I asked.

“Oh, he does, but sometimes he says I need something stronger.” As she said this, she shuddered again, stuttering her words and letting out a soft gasp.

“What am I curing you of?” I asked, once she had recovered a bit.

“Press the tenth floor and you’ll find out.” Being more than aroused (not to mention intrigued) I pressed 10. She shuddered more visibly and moaned once out loud. She unclasped her arms and one hand pushed up against her pussy from the outside. I could see her nipples now (that I was more or less staring at her) straining against her blouse.

My cock was pretty hard in my pants at this point. The woman noticed and said, “I hope you know how to use that. If he keeps pushing that button I’m going to be forced to find out.”

Ah. I looked over at the other guy, who pulled a little remote out of his pocket and grinned. “Just a little shock therapy.”

We got out of the elevator on 10, me first with the woman on my arm. She was definitely not steady, and was not being helped by more stimulus from the vibe that her partner was administering. At one step about halfway down the hall, she ground her head into my shoulder and groaned loudly, hanging on to me for support. She quickly regained her composure though, her eyes electric and focused. “Next door on the left. Hurry.” She pressed the keycard into my hand.

The door opened and the three of us poured in. Her hand was on my cock immediately, giving it a firm squeeze. With her other hand she pulled my mouth to hers and jammed her tongue into it. She pulled away after a moment. “Get me out of these clothes.”

Her friend had moved to a chair in the the far corner of the room. I looked over in his direction. “Don’t worry about him, ” she üsküdar escort breathed. “He’s just here to watch.”

I quickly got to work on her clothes, first the jacket and then the skirt. I more or less tore off her blouse and popped off her bra in moments. She had beautiful tits, firm handfuls with nipples that were hard as nails. Her skin was beautiful, soft under my fingers. I traced my hand along the swell of her breasts, and bent over and sucked one in my mouth for a second.

She moaned loudly and her knees gave way again, and I shot a glance over to the corner. I pulled down her panties and finally saw the butterfly vibrator strapped to her pussy. “I think I found the problem,” I said as I ran my hands over her ass and legs.

She moaned, “I need you to fuck me, right now. He’s been teasing me for hours.” She pulled down my pants and freed my cock.

We removed the butterfly and was face to face with her pussy. It was hot and pungent and damp all over. Just my breath on her made her shudder. “Please, please, now,” she whispered.

But I couldn’t just yet. I pushed her back onto the bed, my mouth falling between her legs. I had my tongue on her clit, pulling her tight by her ass into my face.

“No! Oh gooddd! Yes!” she cried out as I hammered at her clit. She was writhing everywhere, overstimulated to the brink. Her hands pulled on her nipples, and her legs were clamping down on the side of my head. My face was soaked with her wetness, and I took two fingers and pushed them into her steaming cunt. Suddently her hips lurched up and she went silent, her hands slamming down into the bed.

“Aaaaggghghh!” What started as a silent scream became a shrill and desperate wail as her orgasm flew through her. I kept at her pussy, driving my fingers in and out of her cunt, long slow strokes as she spasmed around them. “Stop, stop, stop, oh god, auuuggh!” she begged, overcome by the sensation and then hit with a second strong orgasm. Her hands pushed my head against her.

“Fuck me fuck me tuzla escort fuck me fuck me, now now now now,” she started chanting, pulling me up to her and kissing me hard again to taste herself on my lips and tongue. She had a sheen of sweat on her forehead, her hair damp and matted against it. “I’m not yet cured, ” she taunted.

In one movement I pushed into her up to her hilt and began thrusting rapidly. “Uh! Uh! Uh!” she grunted out on each thrust. I ground against her pussy as I pushed in and out of her, grinding my pelvis into her clit with each thrust. Her pussy felt like fire against my cock, and she frantically thrust her hips off the bed to meet me. Faster and faster we went, her hands on my shoulders, on my ass, fingernails digging in as we frantically fucked. “Oh gggg — again!” she cried out, clawing my back with her hands as I thrust all the way in as she came. Her pussy was spasming so hard, it was milking my cock as she shook underneath, a long wail into my ear.

I wasn’t going to be long now. “I’m gonna cum any minute,” I gasped.

Immediately she pushed me off of her, and sat up. “Yes yes-this is what I need to cure me,” and she took my length in her mouth. She licked up and down my shaft, tasting herself, and then resuming a feather-light up-and-down on my cock as she worked the base of my cock with her hand. I was getting right to the edge when she moaned loudly around my dick. At the other end of the bed, her friend had been unable to resist seeing her ass pointed up in the air and was furiously fucking her from behind, so much so that she could barely keep her mouth on me. She buried her other hand under her and began to frig herself as he thrust in and out of her, jerking me with her other hand.

“Fuck I can’t take it,” she gasped, looking up at me with unfocused eyes, desperate to make eye contact. I stared back at her, smoldering, as she stiffened, unable to keep her eyes open any longer. This did it for me. I put my hand on the back of her head, and she realized just in time what was happening, taking me in her mouth as I exploded rope after rope of cum. I heard her friend gasp at that point, and with one last push he grunted and came inside her.

She collapsed forward onto me, her head resting on my abdomen.

“I think I’m cured for now,” she said weakly, opening her eyes again to look at me.

“I’m glad you followed your doctor’s orders,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32