Dogtags and Ambrosia

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Nicole had never been able to control her urges when Mario came home from PT in the mornings. There was just something about the way he looked–glistening with sweat, all his muscles tensed and hard…and that smell…that wonderfully musky, manly aroma that escaped his skin after an intense workout.

Mario felt similarly about the way Nicole smelled after a long hot shower. She always smelled so sweet to him. He couldn’t be sure just what it was she poured on her skin in the shower while he was gone in the mornings, but from the effect it had on him, it could have been pure ambrosia dripped down from Mount Olympus by the Gods themselves.

When he walked into the bedroom, still humid from the steam that crept in under the bathroom door, she was sitting at her vanity putting one of her many magical age-defying potions on her skin. He stood at the door and watched her silently as she sang to herself and applied moisturizer on her neck. She looked so beautiful sitting there…the milky white skin peering out from under her clean cotton robe looked as if she were hand carved out of soft soapstone. She looked almost angelic. Mario watched as she leaned over and pulled the towel from her head, freeing her dark, lustrous curls, allowing them to tumble over her shoulders.

As Nicole ran her fingers up into her tangled hair, she saw Mario behind her in the mirror. She smiled coyly at him but said nothing as she turned around on the swivel stool under her. Facing him, but urging him with her eyes and mannerisms to stay where he was, she slowly ran her hands down her neck and into her robe. Although he couldn’t see what Nicole was doing under the heavy cloth, he knew by the look on her face and the positioning of her hands that she was gently pinching her nipples and tracing their outline with her nails. After a minute or bahis firmaları two, her robe began to part slightly at the top and to further entice her already visably aroused partner, she slid her robe halfway down her arms exposing her hard pink nipples.

He couldn’t help but admire the way her elegant fingers glided over her soft skin. All he could think of was replacing her fingers with his warm mouth. But he dare not move closer to her yet…the show was just beginning…or so he hoped.

Leaning back against the vanity and pulling her left foot up onto the cushion of the stool, her robe opened, leaving herself exposed from the waist down to the cool air and Mario’s stare. Her fingertips danced over her thigh and up her leg until reaching the smooth, moist skin Mario had been fantasizing about all morning. He stumbled to the edge of the bed closest to her and sat down facing her, making sure she knew she had his undivided attention as her fingers lingered on her wet, throbbing lips.

Looking at the growing bulge in his shorts, Nicole was getting hungry. She could almost taste him on her lips. The thought of having her soft lips wrapped around his aching cock was more than she could take. In one motion, she slid two fingers into her soaked pussy as she let out a breathy moan that shook Mario to his core. With their eyes locked on each other, Nicole’s back began to arch and her big beautiful green eyes were becoming tiny little slits as she started longingly at him while her thumb slid rapidly over her clit. The two fingers inside her found their way to her g-spot as she trembled. She wanted his cock inside her…not her fingers.

Looking at Mario with wanting eyes, she pulled her wet fingers up to her parted lips and slid them into her mouth. Mario let a low growl escape from his throat as he leapt off the kaçak iddaa bed. With one quick movement, he scooped Nicole off her perch and laid her on the floor in front of him as he dove head-first between her damp thighs and covered her slippery lips with a hungry mouth. Alternating between her clit and the vein just above it, his tongue worked it’s magic on her as his fingers mingled with hers and slipped in and out of her tight aching pussy.

When Nicole had had all she could take, she started tugging on Mario’s head. As his tongue found its way inside her, Nicole’s thighs began to tremble and clench around him. With his tongue inside her and her own fingers rapidly gliding over her clit, Mario could feel her entire body begin to spasm. Her screams and moans filling his ears and her hot, sweet juices filling his mouth, Mario couldn’t wait to be inside her any longer.

After her orgasm had subsided, Mario quickly pulled off his sweat soaked t-shirt as Nicole tugged at his shorts and boxers which he quickly kicked off along with his shoes. The light reflecting off the shine of his dogtags with the rapid rise and fall of his heavy chest drew her eyes downward. Nicole wanted his thick cock as deeply inside her as possible.

She pushed up off the floor and on still trembling legs, made her way to the edge of their bed. Spreading her legs wide and leaning over the bed, she could see Mario’s wicked smile over her shoulder as he rushed to his position behind her and knelt down to get one more taste of her inviting pussy and to cover her perfectly round ass with biting kisses. He rose back up to his feet, his dogtags grazing her ass on the way up. Standing behind her, he took a minute to admire the way she was laid out before him.

He ran his hands over her sides and down the outside of her thighs. Nicole squirmed kaçak bahis beneath him. She could feel his cock pressing against the back of her thigh and she thought that if she moved just right, he would slide between her legs. But her attempts failed, and taking some joy in her torture, Mario gave her ass a nice firm smack as she let out a muffled little moan.

After what seemed like hours to Nicole, Mario finally let his hard cock slip between her thighs. By this time, they were both covered in sweat and Nicole’s juices. Rocking back and forth, with his cock barely grazing Nicole’s aching lips, her legs began to shake again. That was all Mario could handle.

With one hand on the small of her back, and the other around the base of his throbbing cock, he slammed his cock into her deliciously tight pussy just in time to feel it tensing up around him. She began to scream and her voice grew deeper and more resolute as she told him to fuck her as hard as he could. He knew she meant it.

Grabbing onto Nicole by the hips and spreading his feet slightly, Mario thrust into her dripping pussy over and over again. He could feel her gripping his cock from inside as he fucked her sweet little pussy as hard as he could, periodically slapping her ass with his firm hand while she writhed before him.

As he sunk into her, her muscles gripped him tightly. Pushing as deeply into her as he could, and with Nicole pushing back against him, they began to grind their hips together rhythmically. She could feel every inch of him inside her warm pussy. And as the head of Mario’s cock rubbed her cervix and his thick pulsating cock filled her up completely, his balls started to ache and tighten in a way that made his whole body start to contort.

Feeling the pressure build, Mario had to relieve it and started thrusting into Nicole furiously. She met his thrusts and as he exploded inside her, filling her trembling pussy with his warm cum and still throbbing cock, he collapsed onto her back, still inside her as he gently kissed the back of her neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32