Doing Three Ch. 4

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Chapter 3: Golden Shower’s

The story has yet to reached fruition.

Things had changed for me a great deal. Looking back now, I had found myself desiring things I shouldn’t desire. But hell, I was young and in love. Why not experience life while I still could. I had never met anyone quite like Angel and for all intense purposes I believed I was truly in love with her. I would do anything she asked of me without hesitation. I think that is what got me into trouble.

The thing I most remember about that week was lying there in the guest room dressed in nothing but panties and a bra while I listened to my girlfriend make love to a man we had just met just hours earlier. She was fucking the same cock that had minutes ago been buried in my ass and not much longer than that, was cuming down my throat. Yet I wasn’t repulsed or jealous or angry. I was in such a state of arousal I would cum twice while listening to her call me a faggot queer in my mind.

Like I said Angel had me body and soul.

It would only get better (or worse depending on your forte of fetish)

After Andy the salesman had his fill of my Angel and my ass he gathered his clothes and left without saying a word. I had a feeling we would never see him again. That was okay with me because I knew a new world had opened up for me. Scott and Mary was due over in just a little more than an hour.

As Angel directed I was to be prepared for Scott. She would be the one to help me dress for him. In a way I was thankful that my mistress took the time to take me shopping earlier that morning. I now had a collection of underwear and dresses that fit nicely. I had felt a little uncomfortable wearing her clothes. It wasn’t like they were tight or anything, (we just so happened to be about the same size) I just didn’t feel like I belonged in them.

Anyway, my mistress ordered me to the bathroom and then directed me to strip. I stood there as she inspected all of my body parts for hair. If there was evidence of hair growth she removed it. Next she used tweezers on my eyebrows. During this process I was not allowed to watch what she was doing. Funny, I had never felt so naked in my life.

She then applied black lipstick and appropriate eyeliner. I was to wear a black corset with matching thong. And to top the ensemble off a red mini skirt with five inch heels. Of course throughout the day I had never removed my beautiful burgundy wig.

When the finished product was revealed to me I was completely speechless. Standing before the mirror was a gorgeous woman. It couldn’t have been me. I refused to believe that an average man could be as attractive as a woman could. I could feel my cock grow and strain against the corset. It wasn’t just the thought of me dressed as a woman- it was a combination of anticipation of Scott taking me as his “girl” and me exposing this new side of myself to Angel.

When they arrived I couldn’t have been more excited. It didn’t bother me a bit to answer the door dressed as I was. I wasn’t ashamed; on the contrary I was proud of the way I looked. I could tell the moment Scott laid eyes on me I was right to be so prideful.

At first he didn’t recognize me, actually he had to look twice. He laughed and then whispered something to Mary before he pushed right passed me and walked over to where Angel was standing.

Even though he was attempting to ridicule me I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was fucking my mouth and pounding my ass.

I walked over to him and brushed my hand lightly against his ass and then moved right passed him and sat down on the sofa. If either Scott bahis firmaları or Angel got off on ridiculing or humiliating me they would have to step it up a notch because I was beginning to feel immune to their attacks.

“You little fuck.” Angel barked, “Who do you think you are?”

I believe my little tease attitude wasn’t pleasing my mistress. I knew I would pay for that later.

“I’ve been dying for this all day.” Angel moaned as she reached over to stroke Scott’s cock through his jeans. Then she kind of melted in his arms. Again I felt my erection grow to its full five inches. I used all of my restraint to keep myself from pulling my little clit from my thong and stroking it.

Scott roughly grabbed her breast and pulled her closer to him. Through this I was surprised to see Mary sitting down next to me on the couch. “Are you okay?” She questioned.

I remember thinking that was a strange question to ask at a time like this. I just shrugged my shoulders and nodded yeah to her and then I stood up and politely excused myself by saying, “I need to freshen up.”

“I didn’t excuse you.” Mistress barked at me as she let go of Scott. “If you wish to be excused you will ask.”

I had almost forgotten I had given up complete control of myself to Angel. I lowered my head apologetically. “May I please be excused to the bathroom?” I questioned.

Angel scowled and moved over to where I was sitting and then smiled. “Hell no. You have already pissed me off twice since our friends arrived. Now you are going to have to just suffer. Maybe after today you will realize how pathetic you are and who is in charge.”

“Please, Angel, please may I go to the bathroom. I really need to go.”

Mary glanced over at me while I was pleading with her. I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment I wasn’t sure if I was embarrassed because Mary was looking at me or because this humiliation was turning me on more than it ever had.

“I really have to pee.” I mumbled almost incoherently.

“Then piss, but you better not do it on my sofa and your queer ass better not go in my bathroom either. For all I know you will jerk that tiny cock off in the sink or in the floor. I want to keep my eye on you the entire night.”

It seemed that every time I had gotten accustomed to our games of humiliation Angel would increase her attacks. I rubbed my cock, not only because I horny as hell, but also to relieve the pain that my bladder was causing me.

Angel then lost interest in me and returned to her new lover. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and gave him the most romantic kiss I had ever seen her give. I remember thinking “she never kissed me like that.”

Scott fumbled with his belt and zipper until he removed his semi-hard cock from its confines. He stroked it once or twice before she wrapped her beautiful hand around the shaft tightly. Scott moaned and before I knew it she was kneeling before his dick gently licking and sucking it.

Her eyes were filled with lust as she swallowed the shaft and then reached beneath him and started to fondle his balls.

I was very uncomfortable through this my bladder ached for release. I crossed my legs quickly to try and relieve the pain.

Sympathetically Mary reached over and took my hand. “Sorry.” She said as if she understood the agony that I was in.

Angel allowed Scott’s cock to fall from her mouth. Then she stroked it one more time before allowing it to fall from her hand. “My jaw is getting tired.” She said with a smile.” Kenny.” She barked. “Come on over here and finish what I started.”

I kaçak iddaa didn’t hesitate. Since our last encounter I had been wanting to put my friend’s hard meat into my mouth. That and I figured that if I took my mind off of my predicament the pain would ease. I slid off the couch to my hands and knees and kind of crawled over to where Angel was kneeling.

“I never had a fagot suck my cock before.” Scott growled as he waived his dick in my face. Guess there is a first time for everything.”

Lustfully I took Angel’s place sucking his beautiful cock.

Instantly he grabbed the back of my head and started jabbing away at my throat. I gagged once or twice at his forcefulness but quickly became accustomed to it. I wanted nothing more than to taste his hot seed pumping into my mouth.

With my entire concentration being on pleasing him, I had lost my erection. The problem with this being, the pain of having to go to the bathroom became unbearable. I realized that I would either have to stop what I was doing and excuse myself (no matter what Angel said) or just give in to human nature and go right there on the ceramic floor.

I briefly glanced back at Angel. Sometime during the time I had been sucking Scott’s cock she had managed to dive down between Mary’s legs. Neither of the girls was paying any attention to Scott or me. Mary had her eyes closed while Angel gorged herself on her pussy.

“Suck my cock bitch.” Scott barked as he slapped my face with his erection.”

I knew what I had to do. Again I swallowed his shaft all the way down his hair sack. Then I paused briefly and allowed myself to “go.”

I felt the warm urine first fill my panties and then run down my legs. I knew that it puddled on the floor beneath me. I had never realized that such a sensation would turn me on- but it did! The slight smell of ammonia filled the room.

That was the moment that Scott’s back arched and he filled my mouth with his cum. It had been what I was waiting for all day. I swallowed a mouthful before he pulled it from my moth and squirted the rest of it all over my face.

I reached down and played with my straining cock through my wet thong.

“Hey Angel. Stupid fuck just pissed all over the floor.” He said as he let his limp cock fall from his hands. “Sometimes I don’t know how you can put up with his shit.”

“God damn it!” Angel said as she stood up and moved away from Mary. And as she stormed in my direction I could see her face grow red. I had never seen her so mad.

She grabbed the back of my neck and then forcefully pushed me toward the puddle that I had made on the floor. “Who do you think is going to clean this up? It sure the hell isn’t going to be me.” I could feel my head being lowered in the direction of the piss. The smell was growing stronger by the minute but she refused to ease up on her grip.

“You pissed yourself and all over my floor. If anyone is going to clean it up it’s going to be you.” She continued to growl. “Lick it up.”

With Scott’s cock sliding over my face and Angel’s abuse I would have done anything. I was so excited it would take only one or two strokes of my cock for me to cum.

The odor was pungent and strong but the taste was mild and salty. Every swallow of my piss sent my nerve endings into a frenzy. As I licked the final drops from the ceramic floor I savored them, as if they were to be my last.

Scott had worked his way behind me and began to work on soiled panties. I was afraid that if he started to stroke my cock the encounter would end too quickly. Thankfully Angel had other plans for kaçak bahis me. She maneuvered herself so that her pussy was inches from my mouth. “Suck my clit bitch.” She ordered.

Mary had reluctantly joined us and was standing over Angel just sort of watching. As I placed my mouth on Angel’s mound I noticed her hand sliding up Mary’s leg toward her pussy.

Angel’s cream was flowing out of her cunt. I began to tease her slightly by licking and savoring her sweet cum. A long stream of her juice connected my tongue to her pussy. I broke it off and then sucked it into my mouth.

Mary was now lowering herself to Angel’s mouth. I couldn’t imagine that it would get anymore exciting but of course it would. I could feel Scott as he pulled down my piss soaked panties and placed his huge cock against my entranceway.

I was going to be fucked, and knowing my friend, fucked hard.

Angel held the back of my head steady against her cunt while I gently tickled her clit. Her body became almost motionless. And at the same time that Scott drove his dick into my ass she let loose with a huge flood of urine. “Drink it up sissy boy.” She barked over Mary’s pussy. “Don’t you fucking let my floor get wet again!”

She filled my mouth with her golden piss. With a gulp I swallowed my first mouthful.

Mary began to grind her pussy against Angel’s mouth. I knew that she was about to cum. She moaned and purred as I watched Angel slide her tongue up inside of her.

Scott was relentless with his pounding. They where steady but forceful thrusts. I could feel his balls slap against mine. He would first pull his extraordinary long shaft from my hole to the point where I thought it would come out and then with a sudden thrust he would be buried completely inside of me.

“Drink it fagot.” She continued her verbal abuse until every last drop of piss was pushed from her bladder.

Mary shuddered and exploded first and she fell over on the floor exhausted.

Angel then forcefully pushed my face from her pussy and began to masturbate herself. Her face was covered with Mary’s spunk. As she began to convulse she crossed her legs and wildly thrust her hips upward into her waiting had. I had never seen her cum so hard in my life.

“You are such a hot slut.” Scott growled, as his fucking became faster and more erratic. “Oh gawd, I’m going to cum!”

Mary had moved over closer to my side and reached out and took my hand gently while Angel stood over Scott looking on lustfully.

“Fuck his queer ass.” She commanded, show him how you treat a sissy boy.”

Scott discharged his burning load into my ass. I could feel every spasm filled thrust pushing its way into my rectum. I needed to cum; my whole body demanded it. As he removed his cock I collapsed to the floor. Never letting go of Mary’s hand I somehow managed to turn onto my back and started to jerk my tiny cock.

Scott laughed as he maneuvered himself toward my head. He stroked is limp cock once or twice before he let loose with his full bladder. I tried to open my mouth and drink it up but he directed his piss at other portions of my body. First it splashed against my chest and cock and then he moved the stream toward my face. I couldn’t help it; I filled my hand with cum.

The excitement had ended. And as he shook the last drops of urine from his cock I turned my face so that I would have at least some small resemblance of dignity.

Angel moved in close to Scott and started kissing his neck. I think she was finally going to get what she wanted. (A nice slow fuck with her new lover)

Mary surprised me though, nurturingly she wiped a few of the droplets of piss from my face and she gently kissed my forehead. I realized that something was about to change.

To Be Concluded in erotic couplings in Doing Three: Silence…

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