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In your dream, you were wearing the same baby doll chemise and g-string in which you were sleeping. You were riding at the front of a sailboat that was moving quickly over the surface of the ocean, pushed by a strong wind … but since you were moving with the wind, there was a strange sensation of calm … and of absolute freedom. You were standing at the very front of the boat, in the “Titanic” position. You were the only passenger on the boat, and there was no other object on the ocean in any direction as far as your eyes could see.

You were completely yourself, no obligations and no burdens … wearing only the soft, diaphanous fabric that fluttered against your bare skin. The warmth of the sun on your face and breasts was wonderful, and you opened your legs slightly to allow the breeze to fan the burning there.

Maybe you stood there for a long time. You didn’t know, because aside from the movement of the boat over the water and the sun and clouds through the sky, there was nothing to indicate the passage of time. You pressed your breasts forward as far as you could, held your arms out over the railing, and hooked your feet at the bottom of the rail … flying through the air … needing only the wind on your sails for support. Absolutely free.

Eventually, you allowed your gaze to drop down to the ocean directly beneath your boat. You watched its prow slice into the water and gracefully move it aside, with only gentle ripples and canlı bahis foaming to detract from the oneness of the boat and the water.

Then, you noticed that you were not completely alone. Your companions were a pod of dolphins that swam through the water next to you … “just like in the movie,” you thought to yourself with a smile.

As you watched them, you noticed that the dolphins were incredibly sensual. And you imagined them all to be male. Virile males who were able to leap out of the water with great power and to re-enter the water with extreme grace. With just a simple motion from side to side, their tails thrust them through the water. And as you watched, you noticed their rhythm … up and down … in and out … of the water. As you watched, you noticed that your hips began to move in the same rhythm. Pressing forward and moving back at the same cadence.

They were visually striking, too, these dolphins. As they moved, the water flowed and shimmered over their sleek and muscular bodies. Very erotic … very phallic. Soon, you found yourself longing to be that water … to have these dolphins thrusting through you with the same power they used to thrust through the ocean. To hold them inside of you like the water held them … to feel them leaping up and down between your legs.

Then, the dolphins accelerated. And it was with some disappointment that you saw them moving ahead, away from your boat. Then you noticed that bahis siteleri they seemed to be moving towards an object up ahead in the water … an object that appeared to be a person … a person who was me.

As you approached me, your boat seemed to decelerate to slow motion … and you watched the dolphins swim up to me. I was floating in the water: my slim, muscular torso and chest rising out of the ocean with the sea green water lapping just about my hips. As the dolphins came nearer, they seemed to grow smaller and smaller and, by comparison, I seemed to become larger … until the dolphins were just about an inch long and swirling around my body … swirling around my hips … in a single, fluid movement.

Hypnotically, the dolphins circled my hips and transferred their graceful, powerful movement to me. Then the dolphins and my hips merged and the dolphins became those that were printed on the tiny bikini underwear I wore. It was the light blue pair with the dolphin print that you admire so much.

My hips began to move with the same motion. My body was moving powerfully, sensually, rhythmically, erotically in the ocean in the same way that the dolphins had before. And my dolphin bikini was wet and clinging to my body and revealing my cock becoming ever stiffer and ever larger and always moving with the same rhythmic motion of those dolphins through the water.

And now it was my cock you wanted moving up and between your bahis şirketleri legs.

And when your boat finally reached me it disappeared and it was only you and I alone and floating in the blue green ocean with the sun shining overhead. The thin fabric we each wore became very wet and with a few simple motions it disappeared and now our naked bodies were pressed against each other and surrounded by the water.

And we began to move with that same rhythmic pace and you felt me enter you just like you wanted those dolphins inside of you and now you had what you wanted and my cock was inside of you and your legs were wrapped around my hips and I was thrusting back and forth with the same power and grace of those dolphins and you threw your head back and felt the sun on your face and my lips on your neck and then on your breasts and after a very long time you felt your fluid flowing over my cock just like the water was flowing over those dolphins ….

And then you did feel the sun on your face … and you woke up. But you woke up right in the middle of your dream so that you remembered every part of it. You looked at the window and saw the sun just rising over the horizon. You knew it was very early in the morning and that you had a very long time before you had to get up. So you just lay there …

… and you enjoyed the tingle as your baby-doll moved over your nipples, and you enjoyed feeling the sheet pulled tight up between your legs, and you enjoyed the slightest bit of sweat that you felt gathering over your body.

Eventually, you rolled over to look at me. There I lay, on my stomach …

… the dolphins leaping gracefully across my buns.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32