Done Here Now Who? Ch. 01

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Vacation at a ‘Senior Living Community’

I flew into a town outside of Daytona last month. The weather was great. The temperature was at 85 degrees and barely humid at that point. Jan Henderson, a resident for the last 12 years was my realtor and partial guide. She’d get me situated at a local rental condominium for a ‘short-stay’ while I was on assignment and a partial vacation as well.

This assignment wasn’t very important. I was completing a series of articles of which the last could be written while on a long overdue vacation. It had been just over three years. I arrived at 1:30PM Wednesday. She arranged for me to be picked up by cab, but they weren’t available for some reason when I arrived.

Nevertheless, Jan came and met me; she gave a tour, because from their research, I was seriously interested in a permanent retreat in the area and it offered, price wise, great housing and other amenities.

Jan picked me up at the area airport. I didn’t expect her. She didn’t expect to have to pick me up. I suppose I could have rented a car, but not knowing the area well, she was an easier consideration.

I am 39. Jan’s eleven years older. Jan doesn’t look a day older then forty. She definitely had it going on. She wasn’t tanned, but she was most definitely in shape for fifty years old, and she dressed in style for her age. She never acted fifty either, but on the other hand, she wasn’t trying to act 30 or 35.

An outwardly and personable woman, she made me feel extremely welcome. She was graceful, charming, sweet, and quite a conversationalist! Her voice alone settled me in and made me feel welcome to the area. She asked many questions.

My name is Conklin Binkleman. Everyone I know, practically, calls me “Conk”. Most people I dated all the way back to my high school days began calling me that. It was cool and it was just easier to call me that, thus I let it stick. For the most part, I introduced myself as Conk.

“So Mr. Binkleman how was your flight down? Was it a smooth one I hope”, she asked pleasantly.

I felt as if she was being sincere with her questions. I found out later, she was sincere and it was her nature to be friendly with all visitors.

I was told to heed a word of warning. “She can be slightly deceptive in her intentions, sometimes”, one woman mentioned that lived next door to me. That woman also was quite ‘friendly’. She also was about 50, but looked and dressed much younger. That made me even more curious. I didn’t begin developing opinions of anyone, other then that they were pleasant and fit.

Everyone in the area seemed to be in good shape. All the women walked around in either bikinis or shorts and bikini tops. All the women, around fifty or more, dressed as if they were 30 to 35 years old, single, and searching.

One to two of the three were right. They were searching and they may be single. If they were not single, no one ever knew it. I liked this community. They were all attractive, vibrant, energetic, fit, and lively women. They were on the hunt and I was their victim! Or would I be actually?

They were looking for much more then I imagined. But I would more then hold my own with them. They got more then they expected too. They wanted stuff I only heard about in online news reports or in special articles here and there. They wanted any kind of fucking I was willing to offer. What the heck, this was vacation and it all piqued my interest.

Jan Henderson dropped me off at my condominium. She let me in and showed me around. She showed me to my bedroom and even jumped on my bed and showed its resiliency. Not once did she ever lie back on it as to say, “Jump my bones and fuck me, but she had a smile that said, try me on soon, we may get it on very well!”

I read that in her eyes and body movements.

I thanked her and she said I was welcome. She shook my hand, but offered an invitation to a beach party being thrown for the older crowd. Not often do we get too many male adults, she mentioned.

I thought, “Who do you get, children coming to your parties?”

She left and I walked out onto my balcony. I noticed two elder women sunbathing on theirs. They noticed me and sat up quickly. Of course, they were in bikinis and looked damn good for about fifty years old! Yep, they had great figures for their age. Did I rent the right place or am I falling into a trap?

“Hiiii called out one to my left. I waved and said hi back to her. How are you, she asked me. I’m Joannie, she continued. Are you moving in permanently or is this a short visit?” She said it amicably, I felt as if we were on a date.

“Hi, I am Conklin. Everyone calls me Conk. It’s nice to meet you Joannie.”

“That’s an interesting name, Conk. Quite cute, as a matter of fact, if there is anything at all you need, Cornelia there on your right, or me, can help you out at anytime.”

“Thank you very much, I appreciate that, I said as I looked over at Cornelia. She was a striking woman. She was very quiet, but she smiled the whole time. Cornelia waved to me canlı bahis in an adorable manner. She had very beautiful long brown hair, which I found to be perfectly suited for her, regardless of her being fifty.

“May I ask a question? You both may find this rude, but I see an unusual coincidence in this area. They said at the same time, feel free to ask us anything, as they smile and stood up. Of course, they allowed me full view of their bodies on purpose.

They definitely worked out. For fifty, they seemed toned up pretty well. I stared at their figures first, stalling on my question. I think they both appreciated me staring and stalling.

“Is everyone around here about the same age, except maybe me?”

“Oh yes Conk, responded Cornelia, normally guys around fifty won’t usually reside here. They spend more time at another complex. There are younger women, which they think they are going to hit on and get somewhere. If they have lots of money then maybe that might happen.”

“So, since that younger crowd gets the attention of the older gentlemen which is around 50 to 55, the younger guys around 35 to 45 may end up here. Usually they stay at other locations, but once in a great while we get someone staying here that’s special, such as you!”

“Special, I responded, you think I am special. Why am I special?”

This convo got into high gear; I saw Jan get into her car, looking up at me, and waved. I quickly waved back to her before my conversation with my neighbors became too in depth and as if we were close friends already. I knew we weren’t, but I sensed they felt they wanted me to be a close friend.

“So tell me about this party tonight at the local beach?”

“Ohhh you have been invited already? That’s great, I was kind of thinking about doing the same. Cornelia and I could be your escorts or dates, if you are interested. We would just make you more comfortable until you met others; how does that sound?”

“Thank you, I responded, I think that’s a great offer. Whenever you are ready, maybe I can order an early dinner and you two can join me and show me around here; what are good attractions besides the two of you.” They knew I kidded them on that part, but we all laughed at it. I did find them to be entertaining meals honestly speaking.

I sensed they would like a main attraction that evening and I was going to be that for them! They were going to seduce and cook me up “well done” or maybe the reverse. I was going to have a drink, which somehow would influence me and relax me as well; I would lose my better judgment that evening.

I put away my clothes and sat down to watch some news. About 20 minutes later, I heard this knock at my door. It was Cornelia.

I went to answer the door. She’s stood there, hair flowing freely down her shoulders, and still in her flowery bikini. She had a batch of cookies; she said that they had a special whiskey mix. They were best with a glass of water. Three of them could make my day.

“Make my day, I thought, what does she suspect I’m going to do? Gulp down three of them and see what happens to make my day, huh?”

She took the liberty of pouring a glass of water with ice and brought two of them back for us. “What was she up to”, I wondered suspiciously.

“Okay, Cornelia, I’m game if you’re game, what’s really going on?”

“Pardon me, she came back, I am only being neighborly. Conk, I am only trying make you feel comfortable for the short period you are going to be here.”

I, being a little outspoken as I can be, just laid it out on the table. “Cornelia, are you looking for some good old sex, or more then that, because, I’m willing to play along, if that’s what you are up to. What’s your pleasure?”

I caught her off guard! She didn’t expect me to get at the heart of her fantasy that quickly.

“What were you thinking, do I get foreplay first or do we get a little kinkier then, or for that matter, lots kinkier?”

I slammed her mind with the idea!

“Listen Cornelia, You are a very good looking woman, I think for well… someone who’s older then me. In fact, you look as if you desire to be turned on big time. To be honest, I am very game! Seeing this community the way I see it, I say we simply go back to my bedroom, or we can do it right here, and have lots of fun! My body is willing if you are too.”

That got her horny. She didn’t expect me to be as forward as I was! I jumped the gun on her and she became horny, quickly!

“Oh my, Conk, you sure know how to make a woman feel, well special all over, do you know that?”

“I hope so, I said. Do you have a special pet name or even a nick name some like to call you”, I asked.

“Well some used to call me, a while back, “Can-It” Campbell.” She giggled as I smiled at the reference.

“Can-It”, what does that reference mean?”

“It referred to a time in college, yes I know that’s a long time ago and since you asked, I’m telling you, but it referred to a can I’d carry with me, which I dropped trinkets of memories of guys or women who bahis siteleri I was involved with.”

“Women huh, I’d say that means you are an adventurous person.” I paused and thought about what she said.

“Can I ask you an erotic question then? She just smiled and nodded yes. Do you like anal sex or are you conservative, sexually? Have you ever had a cock put up between your titties for that matter while getting it on with a guy?” “Wow, no I never have had that Conk, never… ohh wow!” She blushed bright red after I asked her that!

She ripped her bikini top off, her boobs dropped down, but her nipples were solid and you knew for sure this babe of fifty was fucking horny and wanted to get it on.

“Jesus those are nice tits Cornelia! You have real nice tits! May I suck them?”

“Oh God, oh my God, yes, do as you please to me. Please do it me as you wish?”

So I took off my shirt and showed my upper body. I unzipped my pants and dropped them as she saw my black striped knit boxers. I dropped those too right after that, so that I was naked for her.

“Let’s just start fucking, okay or did you wanna kiss first. What else should I offer? Tell you what; you get first choice between us, alright?”

She grabbed my cock and pulled herself up to me. She held it flawlessly as she stuck out her nicely shaped tongue. Approaching me with grace, she opened even wider. She closed her eyes, knelt down, and she wrapped her tongue almost all the way around my cock.

She sucked it in and she did a ‘wet-vac’ like action on me. That maneuver brought me instantly to a hard erection. I grew large and longer right inside of her mouth. She didn’t quite expect that! My cock went prematurely hard on me. I didn’t expect it to. Then she swallowed it even deeper into her throat.

Wow, she was fucking good! “Damn Cornelia, that’s amazing, that is damn good! Can I suck your cunt? May I suck your pussy now, may I please?”

She moved the coffee table quickly to the other side and took off her bikini bottoms. She was hairy, but she had these nice fabulously toned thighs, which were slightly flabby and skinnier. I didn’t see anything distasteful about them! She didn’t have any cellulite or any varicose veins.

“Wow, what a freakin babe she is”, I thought.

“Damn Cornelia, I gotta tell you, you are one hott woman! You are one sexy woman. I believe we should stay here all night, if you were willing, and have sex!”

“That’s a sweet thing to say Conk, it really is, however, other ladies here would love to bide your time, like you and I are now. I’m just trying to get mine in early, if it’s not bothering you.”

“You…umm, you mean to tell me, you ladies sit around and make arrangements to share men or people?”

“Yes, but we always have the best intentions. We always have wanted each person, such as you, feeling they are special. You are very special. I want you and so does every other woman believe me, to feel as special as this can become!”

With that, she took control of my cock once again. She swallowed it up as though she was some young college girl at a wild college party who had removed her closed, sucked a guys cock off, and then took it up her ass or in her pussy good and hard. Regardless, the result was a good, good time!

I never thought a woman of her age had that much desire and talent to be able to suck a man off such as she did to me. She had my cock in a jazz! I was sprawling all over inside. My blood was pushing its way up into my main socket.

Pulling out, I said, “Lie down ‘Can-It’, I’m gonna give you that titty fuck. You’ll love it. She did and I kneeled over her upper body. She was excited and horny when I did that. She tried grabbing for my ass at first, but then took her tits by each side and pushed them together as I slid my rod between them.

She adored the feeling of it as I kept cranking away. I became more and more aroused. In fact, if I let myself go, and didn’t concentrate I suppose, I could blow it right then. Cum would fly up into her face and hair. She’d get a special treat, I hoped, in her opinion!

“Stick me inside Conk, stick in me now. I wanna get it on even more honey-do!”

“How about up your ass? What do ya think about that”, I asked her.

She hesitated, so I said to her, “Maybe we need a few more of those cookies baby?”

I think she liked it that I called her baby, because she turned over and stuck her ass right at my dick and me. I went very, very slow into her ass. She had such a great looking ass, by the way!

“Damn Cornelia, your ass is even impressive.”

I hadn’t gone in yet, so I did something no one’s ever done to her, she told me later. I bent down, licked, and kissed her cheeks. Then I licked her ass again! She absolutely loved it and she felt it was erogenous!

“Wow, do that again, would you”, she pleaded with me.

So I did it again, and again, and again! She couldn’t get enough of my tongue and lips on her ass cheeks!

But I grew bored and wanted to stick her ass and see bahis şirketleri how much fun it would be. I started out slowly, pushing very carefully so that she would love the sensation and experience.

“Ohh myyy GODDDD, she screamed out! PULL IT OUT! PULL IT OUT! I did and she breathed very hard. But she giggled actually. I did it again regardless and she didn’t scream the second time!

I did slowly and she lifted her head as if accepting my stiff dick in her pleasant looking fifty-year-old ass with pleasure! Yeah, a shapely and sexy looking fifty-year-old ass!

“I love my dick up inside of you Cornelia; it is so wild baby. Did you ever imagine, a cock in your ass ever in your life?”

She remained quiet for a moment. “I actually like it in there. Do you actually do a butt fuck or just leave it up inside?”

“Why, I asked, do you want me to pump your sexy ass?”

When I said “sexy ass”, I think that turned her on in a big way!

“Pull it out slowly, okay and then slowly push yourself back in, alright”, she asked.

So I did it repeatedly. But I did it slowly also. She loved it. She grunted and moaned and grunted some more, but she never once asked me to stop.

“I still think you’ve got one sexy ass and I’d do face time on it for hours babe.”

“Ohhh Conk, when you say something like that; when you say it the way you just said it, I get so horny baby. I mean I am so turned on I begin dripping. I want you to taste my pussy, but I love the way your cock feels in my ass too! How do I get the best of two worlds?”

I felt her pussy and she was not just moist, she was dripping wet. She wanted to be butt fucked, she wanted her cunt licked, and she probably wanted to be fucked in her vagi too! Can you believe it? This woman, at fifty years of age, wanted that and more. I don’t think I wanted to leave this Peyton Place type community.

Was it that actually? No, but it is the closest I came to as a comparison. I didn’t care what it was comparable to, these women were fine and fair enough and they were looking for someone to fulfill a fantasy or two… or three maybe. Time here would tell, I knew that and I decided, I’m going to do her, Joannie, maybe Jan, and whoever else would come knocking possibly.

I rested my horny cock in Cornelia’s ass. It was warm, tight, and different. It was as arousing as something exotic gets. Fucking her was exotic. Her tits dangled and swayed a little as her body rocked from me shifting myself in to her ass.

I actually liked, no I loved the way her tits swayed around and around in small circles. They looked as if they were hanging on for life, but preciously rocked like two old rocking chairs out in the country, on an old farmhouse; enjoying a summers evening breeze while one sits in it. I enjoyed the view of her dangling ‘rocking chairs’ as I slid back and forth in her ass.

Quite an analogy in hindsight, but thinking back, she was quite the sight for a stranger in a town who was unfamiliar with the people and somewhat unfamiliar with the customs too. So being approached by single older ladies but not too old was a fun and mysterious quest!

I finally pulled my dick out of her loose warm ass. “I’d do that again any day, do you know that Cornelia? That was fun for me, was it enjoyable to you?”

“I have to tell you Conk, I truly liked feeling that horse in me. I did, but you know, I am horny and I’d like to be done the traditional way. I’d love to be eaten out by you and eventually get it on the good ole fashioned way. Can we do that honey?”

“Sure as pudding in a pie we can, baby cakes; seeing as your tits are some sweet tasting tater tots!”

“What does that mean”, she asked.

“I have no idea. To be honest, I loved the sight of your boobs hanging down and swaying around when I was inside of your fabulous ass.”

“Hehehe did you now? So you think they are still precious huh?”

“Still precious, I asked her back, as if they were never precious prior to this time? I’m sure you sit in your tub sometimes, if you’re as horny as you’re letting on and you’ll play with those nipples and as well, your juicy vagina too.”

“Juicy? You are telling me you see my garden as juicy or even succulent?”

“Cornelia, every woman’s garden, is juicy and succulent! That’s relative! I suppose you’re gonna have to spread that badass body of yours open and let me take a dip in it. Yep, let me take a dip in your pleasurable pond of a pussy!”

“Hehehehe! Hehehehe! You sure come up with some of the funniest, cutest, craziest terms or figures of speech for the short time we’ve spent together. I hope you don’t become a stranger after you go back to where ever it is you’re from.”

I said back to her, “Well you’re helping the cause a lot, so why don’t you show me how good and tasty you actually are.”

She did exactly as she was asked. She laid out, flat on her back, spread her legs wide open, and generously invited my mouth and fingers up inside of her middle-aged patch. She loved it!

I found her full-grown pussy to be reasonably satisfying and as well, delightful. It still had its ‘tension’, which tightened up on me even after she had kids, which I found out later on. She discharged marvelously as if it was a fountain of life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32