Duplex Ch. 09

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I stood naked in my living room, my hands rubbing my throbbing, fiery red bottom, and with fresh tears streaming down my face from a “goodbye paddling” over Helen’s knee before she had left. I would be feeling today’s spankings for a few days. I was glad I didn’t have to go to a job. It would have been humiliating to yelp every time I had to sit down.

Looking over at the clock on the wall, I saw it was almost time for Mary to get home. Slipping through the kitchen door into the garage, I pushed the dryer aside and crouched down to retrieve my wireless external drive that had recorded everything today. As I crouched down, my very sore and throbbing naked bottom touched the cold, hard cement floor of the garage. The shock caused me to push my hips forward and I lost my balance, falling backwards onto the cement. The pain of the initial shock was then multiplied tenfold and I rolled onto my side, crying out as the throbbing pain sharpened.

I’m not sure how long I lay there, whimpering and crying, remembering Helen’s paddle but eventually I managed to pick up the external drive and take it inside. I was so tempted to see what was on it, but then I remembered Mary wanted to see it first. I had cracked the video monitoring program code so that the automatic editing program would scan for the clearest views of faces. I hoped it worked.

The sound of Mary’s automatic garage door opener told me she was finally home. Picking up the external drive, I slipped through the back door to my garage and into the backyard. I walked past the hot tub that had started all of this and just shook my head at the way things turned out when she caught me naked in it. After a minute or so, Mary appeared in the bright yellow sweater and black skirt she’d worn to work. Her red hair was tied up in tight bun, making her look like an austere mature librarian. She smiled and it made me weak in the knees. She was so beautiful. She opened her sliding glass door and waved me inside.

She greeted me the way she always did with a big, wonderful embrace and a deep kiss that always sent sparks through my body. As always, she towered over me even after kicking off her heels and her arms just wrapped me up and pulled me in – it felt so safe being held by her. Taking my hand she led me to her kitchen table. Sitting herself down, she turned me around and bent me over, saying, “Alright, let’s get a look at your little bottom.”

Mary’s fingers caressed the welts and bruises for a moment. “My goodness! She did a number on you, didn’t she? Looks like you’ll be sore for the next three or four days.”

“She used a paddle,” I told her, “twice.”

Using her hands, she spread my cheeks wide and looked at my reddened anus. “She put something inside your bottom, too, didn’t she? Oh I can’t wait to see what happened.”

I turned around and handed her the hard drive. Taking her laptop out of her purse, she told me to plug in the drive. As it bedava bahis was supposed to do, the drive synced with her laptop and started downloading the captured video. After a few minutes, it was complete.

Mary led me into her bedroom and we climbed onto the bed. Putting a couple of big, fluffy pillows behind her, she sat up against the headboard. She sat her laptop on the bed next to her and then pulled me up next to her on the opposite side. My head rested against the side of her soft breast.

“Now let mommy see what the mean lady did to her little boy,” Mary said, her fingers running through my hair. “Maybe mommy will get a few ideas!”

Mary started the video. She fast forwarded through images of me in a towel waiting for Helen to show up. When I answered the door, she played it at normal speed. Mary laughed when she saw Helen take my towel. As Helen pulled me over her lap for a hand spanking, Mary was starting to breathe heavy. I could tell she was getting aroused.

I was feeling quite the opposite. While being spanked is humiliating, I learned its far worse to watch myself getting spanked on a video. I seemed so weak and childish, crying and begging for Helen to stop. I reached up under Mary’s sweater and slid my fingers inside her bra. Without looking away from the video playing on her laptop, Mary slid off her sweater and unhooked her bra. I took her nipple in my mouth. She supported my head with her arm, letting me suckle.

As the video continued, Mary was getting more and more aroused. When she saw Helen pick up the butt plug, her hand slid down my back and her finger gently caressed my anus. As Helen inserted the plug in me on the video, Mary also penetrated me with her finger. I yelped at the same time as my video self yelped. I also became very erect at that moment and my hips gyrated, rubbing my erection against Mary’s skirt.

Remember what Helen had me do next, I released Mary’s nipple from my mouth and slid down her body. Pushing up her skirt, I pulled at her panties. Mary lifted her round bottom off the bed enough for me to slide her panties down and off her legs. With her skirt still up, I moved in between her legs and put my mouth against her vulva. My tongue and lips found her clitoris quickly.

Mary’s moans became stronger and one of her hands grabbed my hair to rub my face against her very wet crotch. Soon my face was sticky wet with her juices. Using my fingers, I penetrated her vagina and found her g-spot. Rubbing it slowly but firmly, her moans soon became louder and louder. Her hips were grinding against my face so hard my jaw began to ache. When Helen came on the video, Mary had her orgasm, soaking my face and the bed. Later I learned that Mary had squirted, the first time she ever had a female ejaculation.

Pulling me up against her, she said, “I want you face down over my lap!”

I thought she was going to spank me but she had bedava bonus other plans. With her fingers soaking wet from her own juices, she slid first one, then two fingers inside my anus to stroke my prostate. She held me like that as she continued to watch the video.

It was then that Mary heard Helen refer to her as an “old bitty”. Mary’s body tensed up at that and her fingers stopped for a second. I could tell she didn’t like that comment.

Within a moment or so, Mary’s fingers began moving again inside my rectum, caressing my prostate. It wasn’t long before a steady stream of fluid was leaking from my erection. It seemed like I was having a slowed down ejaculation that lasted an hour rather than a few seconds. Our fluids pooled together on the bed, adding to the growing wet spot between her legs.

At some point, Mary turned me over, opened her shirt and pushed her nipple into my mouth. With one of her hands continuing to rub my prostate, her other hand slid down between us to play with her clit. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on suckling her but I could hear the sounds from her laptop of the second time Helen paddled me. I didn’t have to look. My bottom was still red and sore from it. I knew I was over Helen’s lap with her strong left arm holding me in place while her right hand spanked my bare bottom with rapid strokes. What surprised me was how weak and broken I sounded, sobbing and begging for her to stop.

I could feel Mary’s hand moving faster and faster on her clitoris. I released her nipple from my mouth and adjusted so that we were face to face. With two of her fingers pushing further and further into my rectum, I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her. She opened her mouth wide and slid her tongue inside my mouth. I felt her lick my own tongue. The combination of the kiss, her fingers on my prostate, hearing the sounds of myself being paddled on the video and the smell and fell of Mary masturbating pushed me over the edge. I shuddered with a powerful orgasm but no semen spurted from my erection. Mary had already drained me completely of fluids.

Mary had an orgasm at the same time I did. Her body shook and she sucked in so hard against my mouth that it bruised my lips. After she shook a couple of times, she pulled her fingers out of my rectum, laid me flat on my back on her bed, then she moved so that her knees were on opposite sides of my head, straddling me.

“Suck my pussy,” she said in a harsh whisper, shocking me with her language. “Suck my pussy, until I cum again.”

She lowered herself onto my face. Her entire crotch was even wetter than it had been before. I tried to suck on her clitoris but she was grinding so fast and hard that I was licking her clit, her pussy and her bottom. Every few seconds or so, my tongue would push into her vagina or into her anus and she would take a deep breath and moan. After a few minutes of this grinding, deneme bonusu she had another orgasm, again she squirted but this time my face was directly under her. The clear liquid of her female ejaculation squirted into my eyes, up my nose, into my mouth and covered my face. I felt like I was drowning and panicked.

Mary’s response was to drop her entire weight onto me so I couldn’t move. I could feel her belly on my chest and her breasts on my own belly. She took my erection into her mouth and held it there, giving me a constant sense of warm pressure, until the last of her orgasm convulsions stopped. When she finally released my erection from her mouth and rolled off of me, I was lightheaded and we both lay there sucking in deep breaths.

Mary was the first to recover. She got up off the bed and grabbed my hand. Taking us to her bathroom, she turned on the shower and pushed me inside. As she soaked under the hot water, she gave me the wash cloth. I soaped it up and washed ever inch of her above the waist. Mary then did something I never expected. Spreading her feet wide, she closed her eyes, and urinated onto the shower floor. I stood there watching the yellow stream of piss flow from her pussy, hit the shower floor, then flow down the drain.

She kissed me and fondled my penis, which was now erect again. After the kiss, she whispered, “Finish washing mommy.”

After soaping up the washcloth again, I washed off her below the waist, paying particular attention to her crotch. When I’d look up, she’d just smile at me.

After she rinsed off, she took the wash cloth and began washing me off. With her forefinger and thumb, she took my penis into her hand. Looking me in the eye, she said, “Go ahead, make pee pee for mommy.”

It took a moment for my prostate to relax, but eventually I began to pee. She aimed my urine at the drain where her own had gone. When I was finished, she finished washing me off, telling me, “That’s a good boy.”

After the shower, we were both exhausted so we lay in her bed talking. She was caressing my face and asked, “Do you like it when Helen spanks your naked little bottom?”

I didn’t know what to say. If I denied it, then that would be a lie. If I answered truthfully and admitted that I got a sexual thrill out of it, it might hurt Mary’s feelings.

She saw the look of confusion on my face. “Don’t worry,” she told me, “I know you enjoy it. I know you like being stripped naked by a bigger, dominating woman who will spank you and shove things in your naughty little bottom. Your little penis was always hard, so I know!”

My face blushed with embarrassment.

Mary put her arms around me, cuddling me, making me feel safe. “Tomorrow I want you to call Helen and ask when she can see you again. When she tells you, let me know.”

“Okay,” I said, “but why?”

“Because this ‘old bitty’ wants to surprise her,” she said to me, smiling, “and it’s a surprise she’ll remember.”

I started to get nervous wondering what Mary would do. I asked her for more details, but she wouldn’t give me any. She just pulled me close next to her big, warm body and told me, “Go to sleep and leave everything to mommy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32