Eat, Drink and be Married

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This story features cream pie, watersports, submission and humiliation. If this is not for you then please choose another story otherwise enjoy….

2:32 am, the room was dark, the silence broken with the sound of the key in the lock. My loving wife was returning from her night out, please God she would be in a good mood.

There was a pair of voices in the hall, my wife and “A.N. other” unidentified male. My nightmare evening was beginning to unfold.

Lying awake, in the guest bedroom, I could only listen to the sounds that came from the master bedroom. My lovely wife had “pulled” and was now being fucked senseless. The headboard was banging, Lucy was squealing, moaning and commanding that She be “fucked like the whore was She”. This continued for what seemed an age before his voice was eventually heard, announcing his impending orgasm. I tried not to listen, pulling a pillow over my head. Their, now muffled screams, could not be removed entirely.

2:54, One single, conjoined release and it stopped.

2:57, He was leaving, must have got his pants up in a hurry, wife was probably waiting at home.

2:59, He’s out the door, it closes, then the key turns, locking the world out canlı bahis and me in.

Just go back to bed, just go back to bed, just go back to bed, I’m chanting this over and over in my head. Of course the reality is that She isn’t going back to bed, She’s coming here.

3:01 My door opens, the harsh white light cutting through the room. “Oi!”, “Oi you don’t even pretend to be asleep” Her harsh tones, mixed with derision and fuelled by alcohol.

“I’m awake, why not just go back to bed?” I suggest.

“Fuck that” She spits out “Finally find a use for you, and you try to wriggle out of it – now open!”

I pull the covers down, lie back and open wide.

Lucy yanks off the small cotton pants, who’s only purpose must have been to provide some degree of modesty while escorting her guest to the door that and holding back the mess inside her, stop it spilling down her legs. She straddled my face “Hurry – its running down my leg”, She tilted to her right side, pressing her left thigh against my mouth. I begun to lap at the salty load and run up her leg. Once the “run” was cleared She straightened up and sat down properly on my face. It fucking stank, her thick, matted, pubes pressed against bahis siteleri my nose. She began to recall her evening and torment me.

“That was what I call a fucking…Fucking”, She said with a drunken giggle, obviously pleased with her iteration of “fucking”. “Cum, Jesus I though he was gonna rip me a new hole – Thats what you call a real man” and then it came, as I knew it would “Not like you, you little neddle-dicked wanker!” She then changed topic again (as drunk people often do) “Hurry-up, I need to piss, then go to bed, Oh, and your getting fuck-all tonight” She said as she reached behind and yanked my flaccid small cock.

I had already cleaned the worst from leg, and bush and moved inside. As I did a hot sticky dollop slid down, right across my tongue to the back of my throat. It was disgusting, and the more disgusting it was the more aroused I was becoming. Now eating with a bit more fervour my tongue was entering more freely, coaxing out more of the thick liquid, nose and chin soaking with saliva, pussy juice and cum.

“Fucking hurry up, Don’t you be fucking getting carried away down there, I’ve told you your getting nothing, Just clean me up – told you I need a piss”

I sped bahis şirketleri up as best I could, it wasn’t easy She was in some mess – I doubt She had a single cock tonight and then it came.

A small squirt at first, it shot to the back of my throat, forcing a cough to allow me to breathe again. It was nasty, strong tasting piss. “Fuck it” She said “told you to hurry up – might as well use you as my toilet (giggle)” and the floodgates opened. My head trapped between her thighs, I swallowed as fast as I could, coughing and spitting had it spilling all over my face, stinging my eyes and soaking my pillow.

She giggled again, clearly enjoying this new low “It’s your own fault I told you to hurry up, just be grateful I don’t need a shit!” More giggles, more piss although it was slowing now. Few moments later it stopped. “Well dry me then, you want me to go to bed covered in piss?” She was right the top of her thighs and bottom of her stomach had been splashed (where I had failed to swallow or coughed) I lapped the bitter drink from her before She stood up, grabbed my duvet and rubbed herself down.

“I’m going to bed now – and no fucking wanking when I’m away”

She left, the room again went dark. I waited until She was safely in bed and asleep and crept into the bathroom. I was sick a couple of times, brushed my teeth had a good wash and went back to bed where I cried myself to sleep “How could things have gone so far?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32