Endurance Test

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She came home from work as usual at 5:30pm. He never knew her name, but only referred to her as “Ms. D.” as she instructed. Ms. D. also instructed him to wait for her on the couch, wearing nothing but boxer shorts. In preparation for her arrival, she often left an assortment of video tapes for him to watch. They were all of a pornographic nature and always were of a solo older woman getting herself off. Toys, fingers, you name it, it was on these tapes that she had more than a hand in making.

“Hello, my sex toy,” she said when she walked in. Ms. D. wore a tight blue dress that just barely covered her large, 44D breasts. Over her dress, she had on a black suit/jacket, that was buttoned in such a way to accentuate her breasts. Her hair was black, slightly wavy, and a little over shoulder length. Ms. D. was not exactly thin, either, but she wasn’t fat. She had a full face and a full figure, and was in her mid to late 30s, early 40s. Her ass was round and large, but not obese. The pantyhose she wore covered her full thighs nicely, and the black high heels she wore clicked on the floor as she walked closer to him.

Bending over to him, her face neared his and she searched his eyes. He stared back, inhaling her perfume and noticing her heaving breasts.

“Did you like watching those videos?,” she asked. “Tell me what you saw,” she said as she reached her hand down and fondled his manhood through the material covering his crotch.

“I saw a lot of older women getting off by using their fingers and toys while you videotaped them,” he responded.

“It seems it didn’t make too much of an impression on you, since your cock is not hard. Those women are intimate friends of mine and you will soon learn what makes an older woman attractive,” she told him as she squeezed him tightly.

She then reached her arms up behind his head as if to hold him, but instead reached for a collar hidden behind the couch and deftly fastened it around his neck. “Come with me,” she instructed.

He got up and followed her into the bedroom. She led him over to the bed and said, “Lay down on your back now.” He did as he was told, and she released the collar from his neck. In its place she fastened his ankles to straps secured to the bottom of the bed, with his legs slightly apart. Ms. D. took his wrists, positioned his arms by his sides, and fastened them there to the bed.

“I saw how you looked at my tits when I walked in,” she told him, “I am now going to give you a closer look you will not soon forget.” With that, she undid her business suit top slightly, leaned over him, and thrust her breasts in his face. She also straddled his left leg, forcing her thigh and knee into his crotch, while both of her legs clamped around his thigh. Cupping her arms around the top of his head, she began to rub her chest forcefully against his face, while she rubbed her clit against his thigh. At the same time, her thigh slid up and down into his growing manhood, making him let out a muffled moan.

“You like how I am fucking you, don’t you?,” she said, “You enjoy me titty-fucking your face.”

“Mmmhmmmrrrrr,” he replied.

As her simultaneous grindings increased, Ms. D. began to sweat and rub her breasts harder and faster into his face. She stopped for a moment, looked down at him, and saw the sweat on his face. He saw his saliva on her chest, as much of it as he could lick while she rubbed his face in it. She smiled wickedly down at him and let out a long, slow stream of spit onto his face.

“You look like you could use some lubrication,” she said. He swallowed her spit greedily.

“Now you will need more, just for that,” she told him and began to let out several more long, streams of spit. It soon covered his cheeks, eyes, nose, lips, his entire face. She spat from above him, she moved her face closer to his as if she wanted to kiss him and spat from there, she cradled his head in her arms in the most gentle way and then spat on his eyelids in an erotic fashion. She spat long, forceful streams on his cheeks. She spat quick, short saliva onto his chin. She stared at him and worked some more spit around in her mouth, pursed her red lips, and then spat onto his nose a long, wet glob of her saliva. She moved her face closer to his again, and let some saliva roll off her tongue onto the space below his eyes. She spat quickly and forcefully again onto his forehead. Finally, Ms. D. let out the longest stream of all onto his lips. With his face now glistening from her saliva, she continued. Pressing her full breasts against his face, she pushed them hard against him. He felt her soft flesh completely engulf him as her hard nipples pushed into his face.

Ms. D’s legs clamped tighter around his thigh, so tight he could feel her wetness seep through her pantyhose and onto his bare leg. He could feel her hard clit against his flesh. She began to ride his thigh like a giant penis, her eyes closed as she entered her own world. At the same time, her thigh was slamming violently, yet erotically into his hard 8 inches. She once more cradled his head in her arms and ground her breasts into his wet face.

From his perspective, all he felt was her forceful thigh’s attention between his legs and all he saw was white flesh. He experienced alternating casino şirketleri sensations of the soft, white flesh of her breasts against his face and then the coarser, blue material of her dress. His head was completely encapsulated by her arms and he felt her soft arms around his ears. As she grinded herself harder against him, she pulled his hair and dug her manicured nails into his ears, in a forceful, sexy way.

Ms. D’s rapid grinding soon got the better of her, and she began moaning loudly. Her clit soon could take no more and she had the first of her orgasms. She came forcefully against his leg, her hips bucking against him, her thigh bucking into him. He felt Ms. D’s juices explode against him and run down his leg, making a stain on the bed sheets. Her breathing was heavy and ragged, blowing hot air near his ear.

After recovering, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at his face. “You didn’t come yet, did you?,” she cooed. She looked at his hard manhood, throbbing for release against his boxer shorts.

“I see you didn’t,” she observed in an ‘of course not’ way. With that, she turned her back to him while she lay on the bed with her right arm across his stomach. Carefully, she removed his manhood from his boxers with very little direct contact. Ms. D. did not want to make her toy come yet. Reaching between his legs with her left hand, she cupped his balls forcefully. Her right hand grasped his cock, right underneath the head. Running her finger between the “V” of his head, she grabbed him tightly, one hand on his balls, one of her hands on his manhood. Ms. D. aimed him towards the wall facing the bottom of the bed and jerked him hard.

“Come for me,” she instructed and jerked him faster.

He could not withstand her physical demands and within seconds exploded in a forceful stream that flew from the bed and landed near the far wall. He came for a full 30 seconds, while Ms. D’s attention to his manhood did not cease.

She slowed down and said, “My, you sure were ready for me today.” “Is there any left?” she asked, and began jerking him hard again. Still in a sensitive state, his body and manhood began to twitch and the bed began to bounce.

“Now, now, only I will make the bed bounce this evening,” she commanded as he tried to control himself.

Ms. D. got up and straddled his manhood. Before doing so, she removed her black suit jacket and hiked up her blue dress. She left her pantyhose on. Ms. D’s hot, wet center now straddled her pet’s manhood completely. He was completely surrounded by her warm, wet sex, but not fully recovered enough to become hard again. She leaned over and put her face close to his. Staring deep into his eyes, Ms. D. began to lick his face, in short and long strokes. She licked his cheeks slowly. She licked his forehead quickly. She licked his eyelids gently. She licked his nose slow and long. She licked underneath his chin slowly. She licked between his lips and stuck her tongue between them, probing. She opened his mouth with her tongue, and kissed him deeply and passionately. He felt her tongue explore the inside of his mouth and dance with his tongue. Her tongue moved purposefully and erotically inside of his mouth. Her sex became hotter and her thighs clamped around his body. Ms. D. held his head between both of her hands and used her tongue to tease and probe him in every way possible, all the while keeping both his manhood surrounded by her sex and his head enclosed within her hands. He could feel her hot wetness encapsulate him, her sex against his still sensitive manhood. Her hands around his head and ears made him even hotter, as he was securely within her control.

Ms. D. began to slowly gyrate her wet center against his manhood, causing both her wetness and his hardness to increase. As she felt his hardness stiffen against her sex, she licked and kissed him less. Her gyrations became fainter and farther away. By the time he was completely hard, her only contact with him was by her searching eyes looking into his own. Pushing down on his shoulders, her nails dug into his flesh slightly, and she lifted her hot, moist sex from rubbing against his manhood. She then backed off the bed and stared at his erect manhood. Turning around, Ms. D. bent over, giving her toy a perfect view of her firm ass. Slowly and erotically, she removed her pantyhose, causing it to almost drip off the curve of her rear. Ms. D. sat down on a chair in the corner of the room, removed her high-heels, and peeled her pantyhose off of her thighs and legs. While doing so, she made sure to run her fingers seductively along her thighs, calves, and feet. She stared at his toned body and hard manhood as she did this, licking her lips slowly. From his position, he saw her powerful body and felt like he was being observed as prey.

After putting her high heels back on, she stood up and walked over to the bed. She put one leg up on the bed, near the part of the bottom of the bed. This enabled her toy to get a full view of her shaven sex. Except for a little bit of hair in the shape of a “V” above her clit, she was completely shaven.

“Do you like what you see?,” she asked him as she ran her fingers over her thighs.

His manhood twitched in response at the sight. She ran her casino firmaları fingers over herself briefly before mounting the bed. She now stood next to his ankles, towering above him. Ms. D. hiked up her blue skirt again and took two steps forward before lifting her right leg and bringing it on the other side of his head. From this perspective, he looked up and inhaled her sex. It smelled like a mix of perfume and her juices. Wasting no time, she sat down hard on his face.

“You are my sex toy and I am going to use you every way I please,” she told him. “Any attempts at resisting and I will fuck your face that much harder and for that much longer.”

From his perspective, all he could feel was her soft, white thighs clamped strongly around his head and against his ears. His nose, lips, and chin were mere centimeters from her hot sex because she deliberately positioned herself so he could contemplate what was about to happen.

“Lick me,” she commanded him. He began to lick her lips and clit slowly with his tongue.

“That’s not fast enough!” He licked her faster.

“That’s still not fast enough!,” Ms. D. yelled.

He looked up at her face and saw it in a scowl, at least as much of her face as he could see past her sex and her breasts. Ms. D. grabbed the top of his head forcefully with both hands and starting grinding herself into his face. Using her powerful hips, she bucked back and forth against his face. This caused her sex to forcefully rub his lips, nose, face, and chin, and leave a wet vertical streak on his face. The bed began to bounce from her thrusts. Alternating, she gyrated her hips clockwise and counter-clockwise, which caused her sex to smear her juices in circles over his entire face. Before long, everything from his eyebrows and forehead to the bottom of his chin was covered with her juices. As she continued to cover him with her wetness, Ms. D. became more and more aroused. The scent of her sex soon consumed him as it was all he could inhale. Her firm, white thighs clamped tightly against his head, cutting off any outside sound other than those caused by her rapid motion and her moans and commands. Her grasp on the top of his head tightened as she thrusted against his face.

“Oh, you are a good fuck toy, your face fits my pussy perfectly” she moaned as her sex slammed into him. ”I am going to make you drink every bit of my cum.”

With that her pace became frenetic and her clit hardened. Ms. D. ejaculated violently and a torrent of her cum burst onto his face. Ms. D. was one of the few women who could squirt when she climaxed. Not expecting this, her toy started to gag on her juices.

“Swallow it! Drink it!” she commanded. She clamped her thighs tighter around his face, thereby preventing him from moving in any way to avoid her ejaculation.

He swallowed her sex as best as he could, amidst her continued thrusting against his face. The rest of her juices ran down the side of his face, left streaks on his cheeks, and soaked the sheets underneath his head. His entire face was now soaked with her fluids. His eyebrows were wet, his eyelids were covered with her sex, some of her sex went up his nose, his lips tasted of her, and the back of his head was laying in her fluids after they had stained the sheets.

“Because of your impolite gagging and attempts to avoid swallowing my cum I am going to fuck your face for a full thirty minutes. Next time I come, you will open your mouth and receive me. You will swallow me as if you are dying of thirst for water. Do you understand?,” came Ms. D’s instructions. Her toy nodded as best he could with his head pinned between her thighs.

Ms. D. started thrusting against him again. This time she leaned forward slightly and positioned her clit against the ridge of his nose. As she ground her clit hard against the hard part of his nose, his nostrils were forced slightly between her lips. The scent of her sex was overwhelming to him at this point. Tiring of that, she clamped her thighs hard around his head and rocked him between them as she moved her hips from left to right. It was clear at this point that he was completely powerless and within the control of her dominating sex. Leaning back slightly, she brought both of her hands behind his head and cupped the back of his head. This brought his face completely against her intoxicating sex. She pulled her hands towards her sex and brought his face with them. Combined with her forceful thrusting from above and her cupped hands from below, he was sandwiched underneath her. He tried to lick her the best he could, but his efforts were quickly interrupted as she gyrated her hips forcefully against him. This caused her sex to completely block out anything and everything. All he could see was her sex and the insides of her thighs, all he could taste was her wetness. As far as her toy was concerned, the only thing remaining in the world was her sex, her hands, her thighs, and her impending climax.

“Yesssss….,” she purred. “You are submitting to me completely, that is the way to please me.” “I am going to come vvverry soon,” she informed him, “and I want you to open your mouth and receive all of my pussy’s gift to you.”

With that instruction, she forced his head down against the bed by digging güvenilir casino her nails into the hair on the top of his head. Covering his eyes with one hand and forcing him to open his mouth by covering his nostrils with the other, Ms. D came. Her climax was less violent this time, but it lasted for much longer. For a full ten seconds a stream of her juices exploded from her sex. Her aim was perfect, as her ejaculation ran straight into her toy’s open mouth. He could do nothing but swallow. Swallow, and taste her powerful, sweet, yet slightly bitter ejaculation run over lips, onto his tongue, and down his throat. His adam’s apple moved in time with his swallows as Ms. D. let out a long, full moan.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss, swallow my cum, my pet. Drink it, drink it all!” she said as her demanding voice filled the room. “Here, I have some more for you,” she said as she squirted some more into his mouth. “You drank me as you were told and for that you will be rewarded,” she said.

Ms. D then stood up and turned around, maintaining the position of her high-heels on either side of his head. She sat down again. This time, however, she propped the back of his head up slightly with a pillow. After hiking her short blue skirt up and tucking it underneath her belt so that it would stay, she spread her full, white cheeks with her hands. Doing so revealed her sex again, but this time also her anus. He took in the up-close view of her full ass and realized that was all that he could see.

“Lick me and make me purr,” came Ms. D’s command.

He stretched out his tongue and made contact with her anus. He licked the edges of the inside of her ass, her licked circles around her clean anus, he flicked his tongue against her anus.

“Yessss….,” came her reply.

He probed with his tongue. He pushed his tongue hard against her anus and inserted it inside as far as it would go. He began to thrust his tongue inside of her anus, attempting to open it wide. His attention caused Ms. D to spread her cheeks wider with her hands and bring her ass closer to his face. He continued his attention on her anus while she began to rub her clit. She sat down forcefully backwards against his face, so that his tongue and lips were completely against her ass. Her ass cheeks he felt against his facial cheeks. His eyes were covered by her ass pressing against them. He felt her soft flesh on his eyebrows. His tongue on her anus and Ms. D’s hands on her clit soon had Ms. D. moaning again. He saw her cheeks block out his vision completely, her white flesh covering his eyes as she thrust backwards slowly.

“You tongue me well,” Ms. D. said with approval, “but I need to come into your mouth again and you need to drink me. You will swallow all of it like the obedient sex toy you are. Now please me.”

Following her declaration, Ms. D quickly turned around, smearing her sex fluids against him in a circle. She pressed her sex against him the hardest yet this time. Using the rear of her cheeks, she forced his jaw open and down while both of her hands grabbed the top of his head. Pressing the center of her sex completely against his open mouth, Ms. D. let loose a torrent of her fluids. Moaning loudly, she bucked her hips convulsively against his open lips while she climaxed. As she bared her teeth, her breaths came raggedly as her juices poured into him. He swallowed as best as he could, but since her full weight was keeping his jaw open, he had little choice. Her sex flowed into him as her thighs quivered next to his ears.

“Ohh!,” came her final moan.

She stared down at him. He looked up at her. She said nothing as she dismounted his face. She stepped down off the bed and removed her dress completely, letting it rest on the floor. She stood before him naked, her large, powerful breasts with erect nipples pointing at him. Her heaving breasts moving in rhythm to her subsiding orgasm. Her full thighs glistened from her wetness. She approached the side of the bed and undid the straps that fastened his wrists to the bed. His hardness twitched as she approached.

“I will now pleasure you, my pet,” she said, “and make you come as you have never come before.”

With that, she slid one thigh over his erect manhood to the other side of his body. As she did so, he felt the inside of her powerful thigh on his manhood and flinched again. She positioned her glistening sex over his shaft, grabbed him with one hand, and rubbed him against her opening. Feeling him twitch in her hand, she knew he was close and sat down on him immediately. He felt her sex swallow him whole. Exquisite sensations of a warm tightness surrounded him as she buried him up to his hilt inside of her. Leaning over to him, he felt Ms. D’s breasts and hard nipples press against his chest. As she did so, she began to raise her ass up, and then drop her rear’s full weight down on him, causing him to exit her slowly, and then enter her quickly and forcefully. She did this for a few minutes, watching the pleasure reveal itself on his face. Ms. D. then put her arms around his head, holding his face still so she could kiss it and taste herself on him. As her tongue probed against his, he put his hands around his mistress’ back, bringing her closer to him. She embraced him passionately and kissed him deeply and strongly. He felt her hot breath exhale into his mouth as she snaked her tongue inside of his mouth. Ms. D. then moved her hips side to side briefly and slowly, and then immediately thrust against him at a frantic and intense pace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32