Escape from Area 52

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I stretch feeling the soft high count cotton sheets against my bare skin. Opening my eyes to soft spring morning sunshine, I smile. The hardwood floor is cool as I walk over to the sheer curtains throwing them aside. The green fields of home flow from beneath my window as far as I can see.

The aroma of coffee sashays in, overlaid with the enticing whiff of bacon. I follow them to the kitchen. My darlin’, the love of my life turns and smiles. Then back to cooking. I kiss the nape of her neck patting her firm bare ass. She is naked beneath a body length apron.

I get a coffee cup from the cupboard, filling it, I sit down at the built-in kitchen table. I smile enjoying this moment, watching her move. Her ass tightens as she reaches up for a spice container on an upper shelf. I catch a brief glimpse of darkness. I tell myself no; we agreed not to do this again. Last time was so painful. Then I’m embracing her. My cock against her bare ass. She turns. My hard cock against her wet pussy. We kiss long and hard. Her touch warm and wanting.

She steps back pulling the apron over her head. Several strands of her long dark hair curl around her left nipple. Her wonton smile ekes a drop of pre-cum from my cock. Her breasts, not as perky as twenty years ago but still lovely and in need of suckling. I raise each breast lovingly, leaning into tease a nipple. She presses her hands against bahis firmaları my chest. Pushing me upright, her fingers squeezing my nipples. Her small paunch of a belly not quite large enough to hide her wanton pussy.

She runs her fingernail gently down my chest. Teasingly across the top of my cock, before pushing me away. I step toward her, she backs away, shaking her tits. Leaning against the kitchen table she runs her hand slowly down her belly. Between her legs, then between her pussy lips. I step closer, she places her wet finger to my lips. I caress it with my lips, before taking it into my mouth. I twist my tongue around it, sucking hard. Her salty juices stir my passion. I cup her pussy with my hand. She strokes my cock.

Our passion is desperate. Our longing insurmountable. Lifting her she impales herself upon my cock. Shrieking in delight as I stuff her voracious pussy. I smother myself upon her silken bountiful motherless breasts. We fight our overwhelming melancholy by constraining time. Our love expands to fissure the constraints battling against our mutual gratification, our craving. Alas, we know from our past attempts we must forgo the ultimate and settle for an unrequited lust.

As we near our climactic outcome, the bright spring sunshine fades. Her warmth, her ravenous need of me dwindles. Replaced by the sound of the guards’ baton against the bars kaçak iddaa coming closer. I open my eyes to grayness. Gray walls, ceilings, floors, and faces. I quickly disengage from the full lotus position to stand next to my bunk.

I wasn’t fast enough, the guard had already passed my cell. He steps back glaring at me. “Wait a minute. You were floating above the floor.”

“No Sir. I was sitting on my bed, which was wrong. I should be standing facing you when you walk by. Sir.”

The guard scowls. He knows I’m right, but he also knows what he thinks he just saw. The longer I’m silent, the less he trusts himself. I need to be more careful in the future.

“That’s right boy. You’re always wrong. I’m always right. Got that Prisoner 6497368”

“Yes sir.”

The light goes down for the night and I again drift away home to awaken to my love. This time is different. More than she’s in bed with me when I awake. This time the sheets are softer. The sunlight stronger. Her body warmer, as I turn feeling her naked heat. We spoon. Her hear upon my arm, against my shoulder. I pull her to me, cupping her breast in my hand. Her hard nipple squeezes between my fingers.

She moves her legs and ass allowing me to enter her. She too senses the difference. We take our time to make love. No fevered rush. Her soothing warmth caresses my hard cock. We undulate slowly, cherishing kaçak bahis each moment, each stroke of love. She reaches behind pulling me close. I fondle her breasts, fingering her nipples between my fingers. I kiss the nape of her neck. I nibble her ear. We slowly succumb to the growing urgency accompanying our passionate copulating.

Our lovemaking is surging toward its glorious satisfying outcome. With each submersion, I soar deeper and deeper. Her thrusting to my plunging. Her open and giving of her complete self allow us to ascend past the reality of the mystical.

As in all the times prior to the ultimate intimacy, I hear the imminent sounds of the guards’ coming closer. This time, however we acquiesce to the void. To its loving entreaties for allowing our joyous coalescing. She pulls me closer, deeper. I pull her tighter, wrapping her in my loving arms. We focus on ascension and our need for freedom.

In an incendiary blaze of raw passion we cum, our triumph and fulfillment assured. I tussle with the void for an instant. Just long enough to see the look on the guard face as my Cheshire cat grin is the last of me he sees.

“Yes! Oh Yes,” we shout as we continue our passionate fornication. The world with unifying synchronicity accompanies our gyrating cravings. It, as we cum together once more as our love shatters space and time.

We drift lost in amorous warmth, our desires, urges momentarily quenched. The dark void brightens and the universe expands about us. We witness the birth of stars. Galaxies form and propagate as a result of our copious love and our universal Big Bang.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32