Eva’s Hotel Pee Flood

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This is a story about a daring pee flood by Eva, and it is absolutely true as written.

We were on a short vacation without our daughter Leona which was a rare occasion in and of itself. Our vacation plans included stops in the Mexican cities Aguascalientes, Queretaro and Mexico City. This story happened in Queretaro.

We planned to stay two nights in Queretaro, one night was a free night for us to spend together, and the other was to meet up with a friend who loves to fuck Eva and I enjoy watching him make her cum. This evening was our free night.

Our hotel was a brand spanking new multi-story luxury hotel that had only recently opened. You could smell that new carpet smell and the staff were still trying to figure out how to make things work.

My wife Eva and I went downtown for dinner and we enjoyed a very nice evening. If you have never been to Queretaro, it is a beautiful old colonial style city nestled within a plateau in the mountains. It was founded in the 1500s, and it is where the Austrian Maximillian met his demise. It is one of Mexico’s most beautiful and interesting cities.

Upon our return to our hotel we were not yet ready for bed and so we decided to sit at the bar and check out their selection of scotch. We figured a cocktail or two on top the wine we enjoyed for dinner would be perfect, and it was.

Our bartended bahis firmaları explained to us that the hotel was new, and obviously he was new to the hotel. He was a nice guy who spoke perfect English and Spanish thus we had a good time. I think it was approximately half an hour later that Eva said she had to pee. If you have read our other stories then you know that when Eva says she has to pee, there isn’t much time or control remaining until there is a flood happening. To her dismay I ordered us another drink and then I paid our tab so that we could escape whenever the moment of emergency arrived.

As is often the case I suggested to Eva that we should find a naughty place for her to pee, and of course that place would not be a washroom. My wife is the most beautiful sexy woman that I have ever met, and she is always up for risky and sexy activities. We thought about several pee locations and finally we decided on the hall outside our room. By the time our last sip of scotch was gone Eva was only minutes away from peeing right where she sat. Of course, I would have loved that but since the bar was in the lobby area, it was too exposed for her. Off we went to the elevator with just seconds to spare.

As the elevator made its way up to our floor, I put my hand under Eva’s dress to feel her beautiful wet pussy. She never wears a bra or panties on date nights, and kaçak iddaa her pussy was wet with natural lubricant, and not yet pee. Peeing in naughty places makes us both unbelievably horny and that was again the case in this moment.

As the elevator door opened on our floor, I looked down the hall both ways to see if we had company, and we did not, the coast was clear. However, I did notice several security cameras spaced evenly along the hall ceiling and I knew we had better be careful if we didn’t want to be shown the door out of this hotel, or worse yet spend the night inside of a Mexican jail cell which is a very expensive and dangerous proposition for a gringo like me. In Mexico if you are foolish enough to tell the police as an American gringo that you know your rights, they will be happy to quickly educate you on just how many rights you have and do not have.

Just about this time Eva said I can’t wait another second, let us go to our room and I agreed. As we approached the door to our room, I noticed a recess in the wall to our right intended by the architect to house lighting fixtures. It was about 18 inches deep, just deep enough to hide Eva from the security camera. A little farther to our right, maybe six feet, was a huge glass floor to ceiling wall that looked out onto the city about seven stories below us. We could clearly see people below and they kaçak bahis could see us if they were looking our way.

As I looked at Eva, I knew it was now or else the doorway to our room would be soaked. I pointed to the little alcove and I also made her aware that everyone below could possibly see us. She backed into the alcove, pulled up her dress to expose her beautiful pussy and within microseconds a really hard stream of pee came gushing out. I was standing in front of her and I put my hand down to feel the wonderful never-ending stream of clear pee. It was a really sexy experience for a pee fetish lover like me.

Maybe two minutes later Eva had this look of relief on her face and her pee stream trickled to some drops and then stopped. I hugged and kissed her enthusiastically and then like magic we were inside our room and naked. Our sex that night was awesome as it always is, and Eva had orgasms until she was exhausted. My wife is so sexy, and she is my dream woman come true in every way. I cannot be more thankful for her than I am.

We had an occasion the following evening after our friend fucked Eva and left, for more pee play which took place in front of a full-length mirror in our room. The carpet was soaked within a circle of probably five feet across, and the following morning we left a jug of water tipped over on the spot as a decoy explanation for the huge wet spot. That day we left for Mexico City and a visit that evening to one of our favorite swinger clubs. If we write about all our pee play experiences, we will have thousands of true stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32