Evening Absolution

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The tub was hot, the bubbles smelled of lilacs, the wine was icy cold and the book I had chosen “Erotic Tales for Women,” was one of the hottest I had ever read. I gathered the toys that I wanted to amuse myself with this evening and dropping my dressing gown on the side of the tub slipped in.

A man was nice and sometimes needed but a woman could make due nicely if required with the proper state of mind and good toys.

I slid into the bubbles laying my head back against the pillow enjoying the smoothness of the water. The silkiness of the bubbles as they were gliding over the curves of my body. The feeling of the heat as it wove it’s way into my body loosening the knots of stress my day had managed to provide for its care.

Tonight was my night to take care of me. I called to mind my favorite phantom lover. He was barely taller then me and stocky. A solid man, giving you a feeling of safeness in the worst of storms. He had a weathered face and a beautiful smile. He had deep penetrating eyes that could see to your soul, eyes that kept you from hiding anything from his gaze and a way of knowing when güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you weren’t telling the whole truth.

He stood next to the tub, dropped his towel and slid in behind me pulling me against his warm chest and cupping my breasts in his ample hands. “It’s been to long, my darling he growled into my ear. Why do you make me wait for you? You know that you need what I provide.”

I whimpered, as he started to tease my nipples pulling them out to the point of pain rolling them between his fingers and letting them go. It was delicious pain; it swept through me and made my body yearn for more.

“Please more, I begged.” He laughed as he slid his hand down my body and around my hip, reaching for my passionate center of pleasure.

“You want me to do the same to this little bud of pleasure?” He asked.

I nodded and said again “Please”

He reached for my pleasure button, teased, tickled, and tormented it while pushing one and then another finger in and out of my hot wet pussy. I had a fine rolling orgasm. Murmuring my gratitude as I returned to sanity, he güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri laughed.

” Oh we aren’t done yet, my darling, I have a surprise for you my pet, a new toy.” He reached and picked up something and made me stand up. He buckled it around my hips down and under my body and back up, then nestled it against my tingling clit. He turned it on and it pulsated beating a tune of pleasure against my bud coursing erotic feelings through my body.

I gasped in pleasure. “Oh! That’s delicious” He chortled, “and water proof too. Now for the other one” and he slide a wide long warm cock into my wet and waiting pussy. “Bend over now like a good girl and don’t drop the one in your pussy or I will have to spank you.” He slapped my arse now presented to him to show me what he meant.

He spread me wide open forcing my legs as wide apart as I had room for them. I was breathing hard as I realized the picture of wanton lust I now presented to him. Dripping wet, legs spread wide, clit being pulsated by his toy, pussy full and dripping with lust and now my arse spread for his pleasure. güvenilir bahis şirketleri A slut made available to his every whim. He pushed one and then another finger into my arse as I shivered and pleaded for him to fill me. Suddenly I felt a cold hard thing being forced into my arse. It felt bad, it felt good, and it set off nerves I didn’t know I had. It was wonderful. He kept pushing until it was past all resistance and seated deep inside me. He then took his hand and started to move first one and then the other in and out in a rhythm of strokes that built up a feeling in me like none I had ever known. A warm ball of pleasure started deep inside me and spread.

“Tease your nipples for me slut. Make them long and hard.” I did, as he demanded. It added another layer of feelings to my growing circle of pleasure. Vibrations were exciting me in every orifice of my body. It was heaven waiting to happen, then it hit me, and I collapsed into the tub as for minutes I shook and cried out in completion of my desires.

Finally recovered, I opened my eyes and removed my toys bidding my lover goodbye for yet again a little while. If only life imitated, desire and I could find such a man. Completed and wore out from my orgasm I still wanted a real man with a real cock to fill me and make me his own.

Ah! Well I was due to leave in the morning for a trip to Wales perhaps this time I would meet him.

© 4-30-04

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