Exchanging Fluids

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To say that Jamie was frustrated was to put it mildly. An 18 year old high school senior on spring break, both his parents were at work all day, leaving him alone with Tatiana, the incredibly gorgeous Russian exchange student they were hosting. Blonde, blue-eyed and buxom, the 5’5″ college student had the poor 5’9″ brown haired senior on edge. She was flirtatious and funny, often making fun of her own mistakes with the English language, but mostly she was gorgeous and often pranced around the house wearing tank tops and boxers. Not when his parents were home of course, it’s just that that’s what she wore to bed and so that’s what she was wearing in the morning when she came down for breakfast… and watched TV… and talked to him… until she would finally go up and take a shower and he’d sit and think about that gorgeous body getting all wet and soapy until he had to go to the other bathroom and relieve some of the pressure.

Jamie wasn’t exactly a popular guy around the school, although he wasn’t unpopular either. For the most part, he was just a rather average high schooler. Unfortunately, that meant he was also a virgin – although he’d been getting blow jobs for awhile, he still hadn’t made it past that final goal line. Having a sexy older vixen in the house didn’t help his thoughts about that either, especially when a good portion of the time she wasn’t wearing a bra under those tight tank tops. He estimated that she was a 34D, but a perky one with round boobs that barely sagged at all out of a bra. All in all, he spent a lot of time readjusting his pants to hide his hard dick from her.

Walking out of his room to go downstairs for breakfast, he saw her coming out of the bathroom. Blonde hair wet and curling around her face and shoulders, the short towel barely was held in place just above her nipples on the round curves of her breasts. She smiled at him and turned away to go down her room and he thought that if the towel was an inch shorter he’d be able to see the curves of her ass as well. Watching as she walked to the room, the smaller towel she was rubbing her hair with slipped from her hand and fell to the floor. Jamie’s heart was pounding as she bent over from the waist to pick it up, giving him a clear view of her ass cheeks, her completely bare pink pussy and a peek at her crinkled asshole. He almost moaned out loud as she straightened up. Apparently unaware at the sneak peek she’d just given him, she continued walking forward and went into her room.

Now his horniness definitely outweighed his hunger, and he stepped back into his room and kicked at the door with his foot to close it as he rushed over to his bedside to pull out the well used Hustler magazine hidden underneath. The centerfold was a blonde with huge round breasts, playing with her open and spread pink pussy… in a lot of ways she resembled Tatiana. Fumbling with his pants, he pulled out his fully hard dick, 8″ long, and began stroking it as he sat on the edge of the bed looking at his magazine. Still, it didn’t turn him on as much as the picture in his head, finally he closed his eyes and rubbed the head of his dick with his fingers as he re-formed the image of water droplets clinging to Tatiana’s almost exposed tits… the round firmness of her ass, and the silky pinkness of her perfect pussy. Groaning, he pumped his shaft hard, using his other hand to cup the undersides of his balls and squeeze them gently, furiously wanking his dick.

He didn’t even notice that his door hadn’t been fully closed until Tatiana’s sweet accented voice said his name from the doorway.

“Jamie?” her blue eyes were wide as she watched the teenage boy open his eyes and look at her, horrified and ashamed at being caught, especially with such dirty thoughts of her running through his head. For a moment, his dick almost felt like it would shrivel, but she was wearing one of her tightest and most low cut shirts, her bursa escort tits looking like they were ready to pop out. And she didn’t look horrified… she looked intrigued. Looking him over, she smiled and walked towards him, and he noticed that she was wearing a pair of his old boxers with her tank top. Sitting on the bed next to him, she tilted her head and studied his face as he blushed beet red and tried to hide his straining dick with his hands. Suddenly, she looked comprehending, “Ah, you are shy yes?”

“N-n-n-noo…” he stuttered a little, and cursed himself. Of all the times to look blatantly uncool, even more so than he already did.

“Oh!” she sounded surprised, “Then you are… how do you say, virgin, yes?”

Looking away from her, even more ashamed, he quietly said, “Yes.” sure that she would want nothing more to do with him, and even more humiliated.

Tatiana paused for a moment, looking at the dejected boy, “I have never been with virgin before… you like to be with me?”

Startled, Jamie looked back at the blonde beauty. Suddenly her face seemed to be very very close, “B-b-b-e with you?”

She nodded, frowning a little as her grasp on the words she wanted to use failed her, “Yes… ah… be with me… you know,” her hand reached forward and slid under his before he could stop her, wrapping her slight long fingers around his increasingly hard dick, “Be with me… like man and woman, yes?”

“Yes…” he echoed her, and was even more surprised when her face lit up.

“Ah! Good!” and with that she was on her knees on the floor in front of him, removing his hands from their covering position and handling his hard dick with her own, “Is very big yes?!” she didn’t seem to require an answer as the moment after she asked her mouth was already on the head and sliding down his shaft.

“Jesus Christ…” he gasped, his hands clutching at her still wet blonde hair, she’d taken almost his entire length in her first plunge, making his dick twitch and convulse as unanticipated pleasure ran through it.

“Mmmm… is yummy,” she smiled wickedly up at him, then hopped up again, and began taking off his shirt, “Come, we… uh… we take off our clothes, yes? Or… you want to keep clothes on?” She paused for a moment, looking at him.

“Off! Clothes off!” he was still unbelieving in his incredible luck as she smiled widely and began taking off his clothes. His hands went back to his dick, stroking it as his eyes took in the site of her lifting her tight shirt off her head. Breasts bouncing freely, he almost groaned at the site of their hard pink nipples on the round globes of soft flesh, then she bent over and took off the boxers. Her whole mound was shaved clean of hair, giving him the most fantastic view of her soft wet folds.

Wriggling, he got back so that he was fully on the bed, and she cheerfully bounced on top of him, straddling his stomach with her long legs.

“So,” she said, “You ever… uh, feel girl up?” He nodded, “Did she have um… boobs like mine?” her hands cupped her tits, presenting them to him for further inspection.

“No, she was much smaller,” he assured her, and she smiled, “Yours are fantastic, the best I’ve ever seen.”

“You are sweet,” looking at his face as his gaze devoured the site of her gorgeous breasts, “You want to touch?” she leaned in a little so that her heavy breasts swayed gently in front of his face.

Groaning, he reached his hands up to the soft globes as she lowered on of her nipples into his open mouth. They were soft but firm, heavy in his hands, and she hissed a little as he sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth, savoring the taste of her freshly cleaned skin. He transferred his mouth to her other nipple, sucking like a starving babe at her teats while she watched with enjoyment.

Pulling her breasts away from his mouth, his hands continued to knead them as she bursa escort bayan asked her next question, “Have you ever… tasted yes? Tasted girl? Down there?”

Tatiana’s eyes lit up as he shook his head no, “Come then,” she fell off him to the side spreading her legs wide, “You taste, yes?” As he hesitated a little, unsure of whether or not he’d be any good at it, she reassured him, “I help you yes? Tell you how.” She nodded, confident, as he got into position between her legs. “Lick me, a little… just around here first,” her fingers traced a path around the outer edges of her pouting pussy lips.

She moaned as he began licking around her pussy, the heady smell of her musky sweetness filling his nose and making his dick even harder. Sliding her finger through the pink, wet part she told him, “Now through here, yes? Lick, lick hard… push your tongue into… into my hole, yes?” He licked her from the bottom of the pinkness to the top, savoring the sweet taste on his tongue. Making his tongue into a hard point and pushing around a little, he found her sweet hole and pushed his tongue into it as her hips lifted a little off the bed, “Yes, yes… like that! Oh… is good!” She moaned as he wiggled it inside the tight hole, and then slid it out again.

Using her fingers, she teased her little pink clit out of its hood, showing it to him between her fingers, “You see this? This is very good… is um… suck! Yes, good for sucking on.” she smiled at him, and moved her fingers away so that he could try. Gently he flicked it with his tongue and she moaned, then he sucked it into his mouth and sucked hard, like he had on her jutting nipples. “Oh yes! Yes… oh Jamie, that feels so good!” Her slender fingers were pinching and rolling her nipples as her hips bucked and heaved while he sucked on the little bud, running his tongue over it inside his mouth.

“OH… OH YES JAMIE!!! DA DA!!! OOOOOHHHH…” her voice went into her own language as he sucked hard on the bud, her fingers never stopping the manipulation of her nipples as she came, sweet juices covering his chin. Whatever she was saying, it sounded incredibly obscene in the harsh gutturals of the Russian language. It made his dick hard enough to burst, knowing that he’d just made her cum with his mouth, he couldn’t wait for everything else she’d show him. Already this was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Panting, she smiled happily down at him, glowing a little from within, “That was very good! Da, very good! Now, you ready? I pleasure you?” Jamie nodded and she patted the place beside her, where he had been lying before, “Come back here then, you lie here.”

Jamie got into position, his hard dick pointing straight up towards his body as the blonde straddled her body over his, holding his dick straight up in the air towards her wet pink pussy. Smiling down at him, she positioned the tip of his dick at her hole, “Virgin, yes?” he nodded, and she sank down the entire length of his shaft, he groaned loudly as incredible sensations ran over his entire body. It was the most incredibly feeling ever… just soft and wet and inviting, so tight and just so incredible that it was even better than he’d ever imagined. His back arched as his entire dick was swallowed up into the tight hole of her pussy.

Giggling a little, she smiled down at him as she placed her hands on his chest for balance, kissing his lips lightly she looked at him, “No more virgin!” Her lips fell back down onto his, her tongue dancing in his mouth as she began moving her hips up and down on his dick, making him moan into her mouth as her pussy pulled and pushed at his dick, swallowing it whole while it pulsed and clenched around his shaft.

His hands were full of her body as she moved on top of him, his mouth full of her tongue and sweet lips, the smell of her filling his nose. It felt like she’d taken over ever part of him escort bursa with softness, wetness and pleasure. As she increased the pace on his dick, he realized that it was too much, he couldn’t contain himself… against everything he wanted, he started to cum, his dick jerking and pulsing wildly as he shot his first load into a pussy. Moaning, in both pleasure and humiliation, he looked at her apologetically as she pulled back to look at him.

“You go?” she asked, he nodded red and guilty feeling. To his surprise, she smiled, “Is ok… you um… you boy, you know? Um… horny, yes? So, not long.” He didn’t quite understand what she meant until her fingers toyed gently with his nipples, and his dick twitched, still encased in the warmth of her pussy. It wasn’t even halfway down and he could feel it starting to grow again, helped along by the fact that it was still inside the most wonderful place it had ever been in. Lowering her mouth to his nipple, Tatiana smiled as her involuntarily heaved underneath her, his dick starting to get big in her pussy again. She stretched her body out on top of his, rubbing her big breasts against his chest as she nuzzled his neck, moving her mouth up to draw his earlobe into her mouth. Jamie was shocked at his body’s reaction as she sucked on his earlobe, his dick was instantly completely hard again as the pleasure seemed to go straight to his balls… who knew his earlobe would be such an incredible erogenous zone!

Tatiana smiled at him as she pulled herself back up on top of him, “See? Not long at all!” She was right, he was completely hard again she began moving on top of him again, riding his body with her own. More ripples of pleasure went through him as she ground her body down against his, her pussy splayed wide open over his groin as her clit rubbed against his skin. Reaching up, he filled his hands with her breasts as her head fell back and she arched her back, pushing the heavy globes into his eager grip. With her hands on his stomach, she began really riding him hard, his hands squeezing her bouncing boobs and pinching at her nipples as she moved atop him.

“Oh Jamie… is good…. is good! You learn fast,” she smiled at him as he pinched her nipples between his fingers, pulling on the hard buds as she thrust his dick into her extremely wet pussy.

Then she closed her eyes as she began a non-stop grinding of her body against his, leaning forward to get the maximum length of his dick into her pussy. Jamie groaned as the new position and movements made his balls start really boiling, and he knew that he wasn’t going to last long with her rubbing her pussy so hard on him like that.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to, just before he thought he was going to die if he kept trying to hold back his orgasm, she started creaming herself on his dick, shouting out loudly in Russian as her pussy clenched around his hard member. The incredible pulsing and increased tightness of her pussy on his dick totally lost him, and as her body ground on his he shot spurt after spurt of cum deep into her wetness… and as she continued to grind on top of him the incredible orgasmic feelings continued despite the fact that she had completely milked his dick dry. Her pussy had him in such a tight grip that his dick didn’t even really feel like it was shrinking… it was just the feeling of release when there was nothing left to release. Jamie cried out loudly as it felt like the pleasure was just never going to stop, his body jerking and heaving beneath her as her pussy massaged his overstimulated dick.

Finally, she fell on top of him, her pussy releasing his dick from its death grip, and he groaned as the sensory overload finally wound down. He was completely exhausted, but very very happy as her wrapped his arms around her soft body.

Propping herself up on her elbows she looked at him happily, smiling, “See? No more virgin…”

“No more virgin,” he agreed happily, kissing her on the lips. As she nestled her blonde head into the space between his shoulder and his chin, his dick still embedded in her pussy, he wondered if she’d be staying for spring semester as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32