Fagboy Finds His Alpha Straight Man Ch. 02

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I walked home from Donnie’s house, running his words of praise over in my mind: “That was nice, fagboy. You did good.” He’d really meant it, I thought, and I smiled. I could still taste his sperm in my mouth. I laughed to my self giddily, looking up at the night sky. I was a happy faggot!

Lying in bed later, I replayed the evening. I loved especially the image of his ballsack hanging inches above my face, and the crack of his ass just behind it. I had wanted to kiss his ass then, but just wasn’t bold enough. Maybe another time. But would there be one? He had said that I was a good cocksucker. Surely, he would allow me another chance to pleasure him. I masturbated twice with the image of Donnie’s haughty, smirking face in my mind’s eye, before falling into a deep sleep.

I didn’t see Donnie for several days, though I scoured the areas of campus that he frequented. I didn’t waste my time at home. The day after being with Donnie, I went to a sex store, a porn place. There I perused a shelf displaying cocks made of silicone. I chose one that best resembled Donnie’s. It had a nice, big head and veins running its length, though they were not nearly as beautiful and intricate as his.

At home I honed my skills. I always stripped naked and knelt for these practice sessions. I watched women on web pornsites giving head, and I got many good ideas from them. I felt a kinship with women in general, and when I passed one on the street, I thought – ‘she loves cock, too’.

One day, at the food court of the town shopping mall, I wrote a simple declaration on a piece of paper, folded it, and left it on one of the tables. I then went to a nearby table and waited. Once or twice it was ignored, but then a middle-aged woman carrying shopping bags sat there with a cup of coffee. She scanned the room and sipped from her cup. At one point, she picked up the paper and unfolded it. She read the words there:

I am a cocksucking faggot.

She got up abruptly, leaving her coffee. The look on her face as she read gave me a wicked kind of thrill. ‘That’s right, lady’ I thought, ‘There are men out there who like nothing better than to get down on their knees and get a mouthful of cock’.

Two days later, I did see Donnie. He was leaving a classroom, and he noticed me standing nearby. He walked past me.

“Tomorrow at ten.” he said, not stopping.

I watched him walk away. The day was cool, and he wore a black leather coat with a black and blue checkered scarf. As he proceeded down the hall, a pretty young woman approached him, and he put his arm around her shoulder. Men like that, I thought as they walked away together, ones with that animal magnetism, would have doors opened for them throughout all their lives. As for me, I would simply follow behind, hoping for a crumb of their attention.

On the appointed night, I arrived ten minutes early. I walked around the block, not wanting to seem that I was loitering. When I rang the doorbell, the same young woman answered.

“Hey, come on in. Donnie’s waiting upstairs.”

She extended a hand. “My name’s Birch.”

“Conrad. I’m Conrad.” I said.

She was barefoot and wore well-worn bluejeans. Through the ‘fashionable’ holes in the leg fabric, I saw smooth, tanned skin. Above lively green eyes speckled with bits of bronze, her ash blonde hair, cut short, was cutely disheveled.

“Well, let’s go see Donnie.” she said, and headed up the stairs. Her escorting me upstairs threw me a bit. We arrived at his door, and she knocked.

“Yoo, hoo! Let us in, big shot.” Birch said loudly. There was movement beyond the door.

“He likes to keep us on tenterhooks, whatever the fuck that means.” she said, turning to me. “I mean, just what is a tenter…”

The door opened, and we looked into the room to see Donnie, in underpants and tee shirt, walking towards the bed.

“Well, get your asses in here.” he said, flopping down. The air smelled of pot. The bedclothes were strewn about on top of the bed. The room wasn’t a total mess, but one could see that Donnie didn’t put a high premium on housekeeping. As I entered and looked around, I wondered iff there were some of his worn underwear thrown into a corner somewhere. The thought aroused me.

“Hi, Donnie.” I said, feeling very happy to be in his casino şirketleri room once again.

“Hey there, fagboy. Have a seat, both of you. Relax.” he said. “How about a drink?”

“Put me down for one.” Birch said as she sat on the edge of the bed. She rested a hand on Donnie’s leg.

Birch turned to me as I settled into the armchair.

“So, Conrad. I can’t go calling you fagboy.” she said, and began rubbing Donnie’s thigh.

“I guess it’s alright to call me fagboy, if you like.”

“Okay. I’ll consider it an option. You don’t mind it? Being called that?”

“I like it when Donnie does. He gave me the name. And, well… it’s what I am.” I said, feeling embarrassed saying this to a cute young woman.

Donnie got up from the bed and prepared our drinks. When he stood, I could plainly see that he was becoming erect, and my mouth began to water. Birch seemed to notice my looking at him.

“So, you like dick, right?” she said, breaking up a marijuana bud and loading the pipe on the table.

“I’ve had girlfriends.” I said defensively. It was hard to admit to myself that I really wasn’t the normal guy I once believed I was.

“”But what you really like is cock. At least that’s what Donnie tells me.” she said, then fired up the bowl.

Hearing that Donnie had talked about me, describing me as a cocksucker, aroused me, and I found all I wanted to do was drop all pretense of being straight, of being normal, and own up to being a born faggot, and, so I was beginning to discover, loving it.

“That’s right.” I said, leaning forward to take the pipe from her, “I’m a cocksucker. I love dick.”

“Me too.” Birch enthused, taking the paper cup of bourbon from Donnie. He brought one over to me, as well.

“Thank you, sir.” I said.

“Sir?” Birch said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, ‘Sir’,” Donnie said. “Wouldn’t hurt you to show some respect yourself, whore.”

Birch leaned back on the bed, supporting herself on an elbow.

“Well, maybe if you fuck me as good as you did yesterday, I will.” she said coquettishly, then laughed.

I laughed too, but mostly from nervousness. We sat around for awhile, drinking and taking hits on the pipe. I hadn’t been that high in quite a while. The weed was super good, and the booze created a nice fluffy plateau for the buzz to play on.

Donnie and Birch had begun kissing, and I sat there and watched. It was so cool to watch Donnie being sexual with a woman.

“”Hey, Fagboy. Come join the party.” Donnie said as he stood and tossed his empty cup into a trash bin. Birch was sitting on the side of the bed, her feet on the floor. I noticed that she wore a ring on one of her toes.

“Let’s go! Wallflowers are not allowed in my bedroom.” he said, then turned to Birch so that his crotch was in her face. Birch reached out and gave him a kiss through the fabric of his underwear. I felt even higher than before as I watched all of this play out. I finished my drink and came over.

“Sit next to her.” Donnie instructed. I sat next to Birch, and she gave me a friendly jostle with her shoulder.

“Okay, listen up.” Donnie said.

“Aye, aye Sir!” Birch joked. Donnie gave her a light crack on the head with his knuckles.

“Wise ass. Okay, then. I’m looking for some teamwork here. If it’s done right, then me and my cock are going to have a lovely time in your company. If, that is, it’s done right.” he repeated with emphasis.

Of course, I was ready to do whatever was asked of me. I was there to serve him, after all. And I was feeling comfortable with Birch. We had something in common: loving Donnie’s cock. We were like sisters.

At this point, he was visibly turned on by the prospect of having two devoted mouths to direct and enjoy. I watched his penis squirm slowly in his shorts as my decidedly less imposing member became harder, still.

“Ready for the unveiling?” Donnie said.

Birch sat up straight as a schoolgirl with the right answer on the tip of her tongue.

“Ready, waiting, and salivating, Mister dong.” Birch said. Donnie turned to me.

“Yes, sir!” I said with enthusiasm.

“Love the sound of those words, just gotta say.” Donnie said.

He put his thumbs into the waistband of his jockeys, and began to slowly ease casino firmaları them down. I looked on with no small degree of fascination and awe. Finally, the large head leveraged its way past the elastic, and the beautiful penis emerged in full; standing proud and erect. We two just sat and watched. I felt as though I were reunited with an old and very dear friend.

Donnie scratched about in his pubic hairs, causing the cock to move about some.

“Ah, freedom!” Donnie exclaimed. “The air feels good out here. Alright now. For starters, why don’t you two little cocksuckers freelance on my friend here for awhile.”

I felt shy in Birch’s presence, but she led the way, reaching out a hand and running her fingertips along the shaft. For my part, I started slowly, giving Donnie’s thigh a soft kiss. He turned and spoke to me.

“Take your time faggot. It’s a little different with someone else here, but you’ll get into it.” he encouraged.

While he was saying this, Birch had begun to cup his balls in her hand and massage them gently. The cock moved about jerkily in response to this.

“Hey. Jump in, Conrad Fagboy.” Birch said, then gave the swollen head a quick and audible kiss.

I moved closer. I could feel heat coming off of the cock, and the odor it emitted was intoxicating.

“I like the way you smell, sir.” I said, and my heart raced at the audacity of my words.

“Hear that, Birch? he likes it.” Donnie said with mock accusation.

“Well, i think it stinks to high heaven.” she said.

She let the head rest on her upper lip and inhaled.

“Stinks so good, though.” she said in a low husky voice, giving me a wink.

With that, she began to lick the bulbous head, causing it to engorge further. Its skin drew taut and shiny. As she continued running her tongue along the edges of the helmet, I ventured to kiss Donnie on his cock shaft. He gave a low moan, something I was delighted to hear. I gave a few more soft kisses at different parts of the shaft, at one point coming close to his pubic bush. This too had a distinctive smell to it. I nuzzled my nose into it, and felt Donnie’s hand on my head as I did.

“Good boy. That’s my faggot boy.” he said, and I could hear the ardor in his voice. I felt more relaxed after hearing these encouraging words, and kissed my way back up the shaft. I looked up to Donnie as I did, and he gave me a quick smile and a pat on the head.

Birch now had the helmet fully in her mouth, and from the sounds Donnie was making, she was working some magic with her tongue. I sat and watched her. She looked very sexy with her lips stretched so wide. She turned to me, mouth full of cock, and took my hand. I squeezed hers back. She slowly let the cock slip out, and it stood at its proud angle, glistening with saliva.

“Your turn, my friend.” Birch said, moving over a bit. It was a special moment to be once again face to face with this most beautiful penis. It jerked up as I came closer, almost as in greeting. “Hello!’ it seemed to be saying ‘so nice to see you again, faggot.’

I was glad that I’d been practicing on my silicone model at home. After a small greeting kiss on the head, I began taking more and more of the cock into my mouth. It was so warm, and its signature taste combined with Birch’s saliva made for a very tasty recipe! I was feeling proud of how I was able to take more in than I had before. The cock pulsed and throbbed in the dark warmth of my mouth. Had I gone to faggot heaven?

Birch, meanwhile, was staying busy by touching Donnie’s balls lightly with the fingers of one hand, and stroking his asscheeks with the other. It was great working together with her.

Donnie withdrew from my mouth and rested his cock on my face. He moved it about, brushing it against my lips and my nose. He was looking down at me; me, his personal faggot cocksucker. I felt so proud, as though I had found my true purpose for my life.

“Okay, mouseketeers” Donnie said, “I’m gonna need one in front and one in back for the grand finale. Any volunteers?”

I felt embarrassed, as this had come so suddenly. I was privately ashamed that I had fantasized about making love to Donnie’s ass, and I’m sure I colored slightly upon hearing his words. Birch looked at me.

“You’re the guest. Take güvenilir casino your pick.” she said, nonchalantly.

“We’re waiting, fagboy. Make up your mind.” Donnie said impatiently.

“I’ll be… I’ll be the… the behind person.”

“There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Donnie said.

“No, sir. Sorry.”

“Can the apologies, and get back there. Hey, have you ever sucked ass before?”

“I haven’t sir.”

“Well, I do love a virgin asslicker. I’m sure you’ll find your way. Now get back there.”

I slid from the bed and moved behind Donnie on my knees. I took up position before his smooth, white ass. In my fantasies, I always felt as though kissing a straight man’s ass was the ultimate gesture of respect, and an acknowledgement of my status as a lowlife fag. Now, with the ass of a man I truly respected, even revered, in my face, I trembled. I didn’t want to provoke Donnie’s ire any further, so I started right in, planting a kiss on his right buttock. Though his ass was on the smallish side, it had a nice shape, and was soft and yielding under my lips. It was covered with very fine light, brown hairs. I gave the other buttock a kiss close to where it met his thigh.

“That’s it.” Donnie said to me. “Get acquainted.”

I could hear sounds of Birch sucking. Donnie’s asscheeks began to clench, and I watched them delightedly. I kissed more freely now, moving over both cheeks, and rubbing my face gently against them.

“There’s more than meets the eye, fagboy.” Donnie said, and I knew what he meant. My pulse increased as I began working my way into his asscrack. Leading with my nose, I took in the intoxicating odor of his hole. I stopped with just my nose gently embraced between his cheeks and inhaled. Mmmmmm. The ass smell of a beautiful virile man! And it was Donnie’s ass. And I was his proud fagboy.

“Time to step it up, fag.” Donnie said, and I could tell he was coming close to orgasming.

I gently placed my hands on each of the buttocks, and spread them. And there it was: Donnie’s sweet, brown anus. ‘I will be so good to you’, I silently vowed, and then brought my lips onto its tacky, corrugated surface. I kissed softly, feeling the sphincter tighten in response. Then, suddenly, I was licking it with broad, feverish tongue strokes. I lapped at his hole like a sunburnt wretch at an oasis pool. I savored its earthy, funk on my tongue. I would become good at this, I told myself. I would make Donnie happy he took me on as his fag.

I could hear Donnie’s breath becoming rapid, and I could hear moans coming from Birch’s throat, and I knew what i must do.

I placed the tip of my tongue against his asshole and pushed it slowly in. Donnie responded at once, his anal muscles tightening around my tongue. It was as though we were making out!

I worked further in, feeling the sweet contours and grooves of the new territory. All the while, the anal taste and smell delighted my tongue and my nose considerably. In that blessed moment, I prayed that I would be spending much time in just this position: my face warmly flanked by Donnie’s asscheeks, and my tongue up into his asshole, making love to him there.

“Cumming.” Donnie said in a broken breathy voice.

He began to buck, and I did my best to keep my tongue fully inserted. I held on tight. His anus squeezed onto my tongue, and I did all that I could to push still deeper.

When I heard his loud, satisfied moans, I knew that he had released his load. I only hoped there would be some left over for me to eat.

At Donnie’s instructions, I came back to sitting alongside Birch on the bed. There was semen dripping from her chin. Donnie’s cock was going through its slow descent, looking spent and satisfied.

Birch scoped up the cum from her chin, and held her hand out to me. I immediately and gratefully began licking and sucking her fingers. I looked at her.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Any time, partner.” she said, giving me a smile. “Hey, how about a kiss.” she said, leaning towards me.

Her mouth was very warm, and I felt a sweetly intimate connection with her. We both loved sucking Donnie’s cock. We were kindred.

As we kissed, Donnie rested the length of his cock on top of our lips, and rode slowly back and forth upon them. I looked into Birch’s eyes as the cock slid by.

“Nice job, kiddos.” Donnie said. “Very nice.”

We released our kiss and began the cleanup. Birch attended to some cum that had spilled onto the floor, and I had the honor of licking Donnie clean.

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