Filipina Maid

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Constructive criticism is welcome. Please enjoy my submission:

Someone’s in the apartment, I know it. How though? With their own key? As quick and as quiet as a cat, I jump down and slip off the bed, padding though the apartment on silent soft feet. It’s so late it’s become light, and early enough to have cooled, boxers alone are enough to wear.

Searching for the source of the sounds, I discover them in the kitchen. A short Pinay woman, in t-shirt & joggers, sturdy frame, bending over the counter, click-click-click coming as she taps away. Cleaning items sit on the worktop, redundant while her smartphone has her attention. The kitchen is just as clean as it was last yesterday, surfaces & fittings gleaming, she’s under-employed and equally redundant. Undetected, I stand there, observing, fantasizing, formulating a plan. Get her doing some work for me. Do I want to fuck every woman alive? Not quite, just the good ones, the ones who want to too, love it, the ones who can surrender to their urges. If those urges have been suppressed, even better.

She must be the maid, with her apron & basket of cleaning stuff. Maybe in her thirties, probably got a kid at home, her Mum’s looking after the kid, and the father is long gone. How long since she had sex? More to the point, how long since she had good sex, if she’s ever had. Since from what I’d heard about your average Pinoy, he’s short in every way, including time. Seems it was my duty to give her the best fuck she’s ever had. Make her day, a day she’ll never forget. I could fuck her against the sink, lifting her off the floor with each thrust, driving my cock to depths where she’s never before been touched. God but she’ll moan when I hit her cervix. My cock was growing at the plan I had for him, long and thick. Not yet had a Pinay who didn’t love it.

My cough sent her phone rattling across the worktop, as she spun round in shock. Looking confused, eyes darted up & down, big as she took all of me in. Her hand came to her mouth, open in shock, eyes wide now. She was staring at my groin, her eyes fixed on its centrepiece. I had my hand in my boxers, slowly moving it from side to side, right there in front of her. Her eyes remained glued. Bet she’d never seen a guy doing that before. She moved her hand away, her eyes betraying her thoughts, and as she was about to voice it, I put a finger to my lips.

“Shhh, Madame is still asleep.”

Very obedient, these Pinays, especially the simple ones.

“You can whisper what you want to say, if you like, but maybe I should do the talking.”

Her eyes kept glancing down, and fear was written all over her face.

“It’s OK, I’m quite harmless. I’m just a guest here, Pam’s still asleep with my mate.”

Probably best not to tell her the full details at this stage. Especially my involvement in them.

I leaned against the doorframe. “I’m Pete, and you are?”


“Nice name, Maria.”

She said nothing, but her eyes kept flickering. I took that as a good sign.

“It’s a religious name, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“A good girl’s name, right?”

She nodded, silent, like her mouth had dried. As if on cue, her tongue flickered over her lips like a snake’s. Nerves & excitement, two sides of the same coin, I reminded myself.

“You’re a good girl, aren’t you, Maria?”

“Yes, sirrr.” Emphatic. Trying to convince me, or herself?

“But a near naked guy with you in the kitchen, that’s got to be giving you some bad thoughts, hasn’t it?” I grinned at her. “If only the thought of getting caught.”

She glanced at the open door. “No sirrrr!” I şişli elit escort pushed it closed with my heel.

“Shouldn’t tell porkies, Maria, I can see your eyes straying.”

Her eyes held mine as I resumed stroking my cock, then they dipped, drawn involuntary, but submissively.

“Looking at it again, aren’t you, Maria?”

She said nothing.

“And what I’m doing with it. Bet it’s been a while since you saw one, hasn’t it?”

Again nothing.

I pulled my shorts down a bit. “Did you see one like this before, Maria, this big, this long?”

Her eyes were still downcast, but now staring. Her silence was all the come on I needed, as I took a step towards her. Her eyes shot up, meeting mine, pleading. “No sirrr.” Shaking her head.

“Didn’t see one like this before then?” She was hooked, of that I was sure, and like an angler, I continued reeling her in. “So this is the biggest, is it Maria?”

Confusion in her furrowed brow now.

“It’s so big, because you turn me on, Maria.”

Still shaking her head, she stepped backwards against the barstool, knocking it, it’s feet drumming a staccato warning on the tiles, before she put her hands on the seat to steady both it and herself.

“You don’t know me!”

“I know, but I know I like what I saw, your round ass and shapely legs. I was taking that view in for quite a while, Maria.”

She seemed to process my words for a minute, before whispering, “Not here!” Her first words since I’d begun my advance. I didn’t have to ask, ‘then where?’ but I did anyway.

“Outside. In the kitchen.”

Now it was my turn to look confused.

“In the dirty kitchen.”

Still confused, I tried humour.

“Not been doing your job properly, Maria?”

It seemed to go over her head.

“No sir, my kitchen, the other kitchen, in the yard.”

Now I got it. The place where the real cooking was done, not this vanity room that every condo contained.

Maria took me by the hand, shhh’d me, and led me to the back door. I love a girl with initiative, particularly now that she was showing we were both thinking along the same lines.

“Oh! I like that, Maria. A dirty act in a dirty room.”

Her smile showed she liked that I liked it too.

“Don’t you think we should get a little acquainted first? A kiss?”

My lips were on hers before she could speak, so she answered by pushing her small soft body against mine. As I guided her against the door, my mouth opening hers, tongues meeting, she pressed back with her hips, her crotch grinding against me. Awakened so quickly, she was revealing her gnawing hunger. I was swelling appreciably. Her joggers had just enough elastic to hold them up, but not enough to stop me tugging them down. Forgetting to whisper, she complained, tried to pull them back up, so I opened a new front, hand inside her shirt and up her back. Her breasts heaved with her struggles, and a deft flick round the back of her bra released them. Tricks a misspent youth had taught me. What a sight she now was – joggers and panties half down, and her bra going the same way, I’d half stripped her in just a few seconds. I was going to march her straight back into the kitchen and fuck her right there on the stool, but she slipped out of my arms and fled.

I followed slowly, and once in the yard I slowed, scanning the place she’d taken refuge in, taking in the belfast sinks and wood burning stove. Never seen a kitchen as basic as this before, and it explained a lot. I’d never really been a fan of bland flip-flop food. The lingering smell of fish reminded şişli escort me of why we were here. Maria was glancing around, tugging her joggers up to cover what little modesty I’d left her.

“What’s this place then, Maria”

“It’s the dirty kitchen.”

“Dirty kitchen for a dirty act?”

She laughed, her first. “Could be…. it’s where the real work gets done anyway, not in Madame’s pretty kitchen. That’s just for show.”

Oh, a hint of bitterness there. Good things can come out of conflict; changes, shifts of power. File that one for later. Back to the job in hand though. Her hand.

“You could let go of that now.”

A smile played on her mouth as she pushed her joggers back down, revealing her quite unflattering panties. I helped her with her shirt and she slipped her bra down her arms. Covering her breasts with her arms, her bra over the edge of the sink I’d manoeuvred her up against, her performance reminded me of girls I’d had before, shyly performing such an unbidden and brazen act, but ready to fuck like harlots.

I leaned back against the stove. “You treating me to a striptease now, Maria?”

The smile still played on her lips. “Maybe, Sirrrr… you like?”

“So far. Like what you’re hiding, like that you’re hiding them.”

She looked down, play-acted moving her hand to inspect what she had hidden, before placing it back and caressing in slow circles. Her look was both challenging and pleading.

“Soft?” I enquired.

Moving to a tune in her head, she nodded. They always are soft, in my experience.


Again a nod, and that playful smile returned. Not the right time to ask if she’d done this before, so I didn’t.

“Gonna let me have a feel?”

A playful shake of her head.

“I’ll trade you – yours for mine.” Mine was still thick & heavy, and I watched her eyes move. As she reached out her hand and stepped closer hers wobbled. Forget the priests and churches in this country, right before me was proof that God existed, who else could have formed flesh so perfectly? She might have been thinking the same. Hers were soft yet firm, so we had one thing in common. She moaned as I stroked hers, more when I brushed a nipple.

“You’ve made them all hard.”

“No, you did that,” she breathed.

“Did I make you wet too, Maria?”

Her response was lost in my kiss, fingers between her tufts of black curls finding the answer for myself. Soft and sticky like a honey pot. She stiffened as I explored further, deeper, my finger enveloped in her tight hole. One was a good fit, two made her groan, fucking her with them made her cling to me. Seeing as she was so ready, it seemed silly to hesitate.

“Pull your joggers down more.”

So eager, as she wriggled them down her thighs.

“Now your panties.”

Once around her thighs I yanked her hand off them and whirled her round, she held on to the sink for balance as I forced her forward and down, opening her up as I bent her over. She yelped as I forced myself into her and clung onto the sink as I hit bottom. Tighter than I imagined she was going to be, probably more than she expected too. So tight it hurt us both, especially after all the fucking last night.

“You’d better like it hard and fast, Maria.”

I drove home my point with a particularly hard and deep one.

“Oh shit!”

That was a surprise. Didn’t realize she was going to talk dirty too. This was getting better and better. I did it again to see if it was a one-off, and she swore again. “Fuck!” Perfect.

“Dirty mouth in your dirty kitchen, şişli eve gelen escort Maria?” I kept giving it her; slow, hard, deep thrusts.

“Oh Sirrrrr!”

Sir, I liked. Liked it so much that I gave her some short fast ones, the kind I knew would get her clit buzzing. Maria howled in appreciation.

Stuff was rattling from our fucking, the shoddily built lean-to no match for the results of consistent gym time. Maria was a match though, clinging hard to the sink as I fucked her hard and fast. A bottle fell over, and what d’ya know, it was cooking oil. Oh, what a gift…..

“What….?” started Maria as the thick liquid ran down her crack. Back to that swearing when I eased my finger in. I’ve not met one girl who didn’t want it again once I’d opened her back door, and the way this one was moving her hips as I fingered her slick ass, I wondered if it was already ajar.

“Pour some more oil on your ass if you’re ready for another finger, Maria.”

“But Sirrr?”

“Fucking do it, or I’ll carry you back inside like this!”

She reached back and tipped the bottle, and I gave her arm a jolt so plenty of oil ran down her crack, over my cock, and was probably dripping onto her joggers. Two fingers in her butt distracted her from checking though. Moans as I twisted them round, reaming her tight ass. Tight, but now lubed, and relaxing as I resumed fucking her. The slurp of the oil on my hard cock as I fucked it into her cunt sounded lascivious.

“Gonna fuck your ass now, Maria.”

Her moan was not one of complaint. I grabbed her hand and pulled it back; she knew what to do. Holding my cock against her tight starfish, she swore again as I slowly but steadily forced it in. She wriggled forward to escape, but ended up against the sink, not able to do anything but moan & swear as I slid my cock up her nicely oiled, tight hole.

“Hurts, sirrr….”

“For a minute. Just relax, Baby, I know you’re gonna love this.”

I eased back & out a bit, before sliding forward again, still slowly. And again, slow stimulating movements. She wasn’t complaining now. In fact, she was moving too. Meeting my slow thrusts. I knew she’d come round, they always do.

I stayed still and she stopped too.

“Keep going Maria, show me how much you like this now.”

She let out a gasp each time she pushed back, then a yelp as I gave her ass a slap, saw her soft brown flesh wobble. And again, the crack echoing across the yard. Her yelp followed.

“Shh, sirrr! People will hear.”

“Hear you enjoying some fucking English sausage?”

“Oh, you dirty man.”

I held her hips and took over.

“Dirty, am I, Maria? And you, here, in your little dirty kitchen, with my big… fucking… hard… cock… up your ass… – who’s dirty now, Maria?”

I was beyond the point of caring, this was now ‘me time’. As far as I was concerned, she was now just along for the ride, and it was going to be a hard and fast one with a sticky pile-up at the end. Which was approaching fast.

Hard and fast was what she wanted too, going by her moans and groans. But we were good, moving together like a well-oiled machine, slap-slap-slap as my crotch collided with her wet & oily ass.

“Gonna fucking cum, Maria…” It wasn’t a question. “Gonna fucking cum in your your tight ass, Maria,” this time through gritted teeth. “Oh… fuck….!”

Somewhere in the blackness I could hear wailing, but it could have been either of us. Sobs too, but those weren’t from me.

After what seemed an eternity, I pulled my cock out, twisted her round, and down, onto her knees, with my hand in her hair, and guided her mouth onto it. Ever the cleaner, she got to work, a final degradation of sucking me clean of the cocktail it was coated with. I hoped my goodbye kiss made up for it.

“Nearly breakfast time, isn’t it, Maria?” were my parting words.

“You naughty Sir, you still hungry…”

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