First Class

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Legs Spread

The second Thursday of every other month is our service review meeting in London, It is a chance for all the managers to get together and raise and fix any issues that have transpired in the last 8 weeks. I attend in an engineering capacity to discuss the points that affect us at the work face. A task a world away from my daily look of combat trousers and polo shirts, screwdrivers and software media. Here I get my one opportunity to put on a shirt, trousers, a tie and shoes. For a day at least, my opinion matters and I’m not judged on my attire.

The meeting is always scheduled for 2pm, so this is like a half day for me as I do not have a morning booking. I do not use this as an opportunity to lie in bed, I like to get in fairly early, just after rush hour and soak a little of the London atmosphere I left behind me several years ago. That is the beauty of London so much to see and do. Some days I would spend the morning exploring, some weeks a 3 hour visit to one of the many museums or galleries, and on the few days of nice weather I would sit outside one of London’s ever so many coffee shops. I would just sit and watch the world and people go by, there are people that fit so perfectly into the London ethos, but in any other city would look a million miles out of place.

The post rush hour journey worked well for me, and the timing of the bi-monthly meetings meant that I could purchase my train ticket weeks in advance. Anyone who buys tickets in advance would be aware how a first class ticket costs no more than a standard return on the day. I was not exactly what you would describe as a first class passenger but I enjoyed the guaranteed seat, the laptop power supply and the sparse, yet well-presented English breakfast. The biggest draw for me however is the endless cups of complimentary coffee. This was certainly worth any excess in the ticket price.

The carriage was very empty today, only a handful of passengers were in First Class and they were at the other end of the carriage. It was a quiet commute, only the odd mobile phone ringing would interrupt the sound of wheel on track. The only person I had spoken to was the breakfast lady and the ticket inspector, but that is not all that surprising on and UK transport.

The small commuter towns fell like dominoes, Welwyn Garden City made way for Hatfield, the train stopped and people got on and came off. Not in my carriage, but you could see them from the windows. Potters Bar would be the final stop before we would be into the m25 and just 20 minutes out of Kings Cross.

Here I would be packing away my laptop. To be honest today, I had wasted the journey reading the news as opposed to actually working. Still I shut down the laptop, folded the lid down and placed it in my shoulder bag. I always use an inconspicuous bag, especially whilst in London. As the train pulled away from the platform. I picked up my bag and made my way along the carriage to the toilet at the other end. Walking along a moving carriage is not always the best idea when using a shoulder bag, but I did manage to successfully navigate the few people in the carriage way to the toilet.

To anyone who has been on a modern train will know that technology has even been introduced to the train toilets, rather than a simple door, handle and lock, now you are faced with a myriad of buttons requiring gamer style skills to be able to open, close and lock the door. Ok so I am a computer engineer but some things have just been over-complicated, however I managed to open the door, complete with flashing leds, and close it behind me.

In my bag I always carry a tooth brush, now this is not due to an ocd style issue, but I just like to brush my teeth after breakfast, and certainly after several coffees, it’s extra important when I am going to be in close proximity to others for the afternoon.

The toilets themselves, are not exactly nice places, the older style toilets that actually flushed onto the tracks seemed nicer than these new airport style toilets, complete with the suction flush. In dimensions I would say that a generous 1×2 metres, is all that allows. Stainless steel and grey plastic finishing, give the impression of sterility, but I somewhat doubt they are anything near that. Apart from all my reservations, there was a fully functioning basin with mirror, so for all intents and purposes, fully adequate for me to brush my teeth

I began to brush when all of a sudden the train came to a halt, we were only a minute out of Potters Bar, so just another typical delay. I heard a noise behind me as the door opened on me, I half expected to see a member of staff informing me that I had to evacuate the train or something, but no this was nothing like that. I was pushed ever so slightly against the sink as a woman rushed through the door, pressing the çatalca escort close button in the process. I was going to say something, but the words just completely escaped me. She had flipped up the toilet lid, pulled down her knickers and sat on the toilet.

“Lock the door” she said to me, the tooth brush still in my mouth, I just pulled a look on my face to say “what”.

“Lock the door” she gestured to me press the lock button. For some reason I just went ahead and pressed the button. The red leds lit to indicate the door was locked. Ok I now realised that I had not done this the first time, but still you don’t expect this.

She was a small lady, perhaps in mid-30’s, quite busty, oh what was I doing? I was checking out this strange woman sat on the loo, she was having a wee and I was looking.

Ok so it must have been a slightly bemused look from me, but I was looking.

A wave of complete embarrassment flooded over me and I turned to the mirror. Not that this did much good, I was still looking right at her, but this time the mirror image.

I spat the paste from my mouth, and used the mouth wash I had to clean my mouth. I was trying to ignore what was going on behind me. I wiped my mouth, and put away my toothbrush. This should have been the end of my ‘ordeal’ but it couldn’t be. I couldn’t just open the door and expose her to the world, could I?

Now I began to notice the trickle sound, I just didn’t know where to look.

“Don’t look so uncomfortable” she said, with her fairly deep, yet alluring voice.

“I am uncomfortable” I replied accompanied by a nervous and obvious laugh.

“I’m sorry, I just had to go, and you left the door unlocked” it was a very light hearted and welcome tone. I felt immediately eased by the absolute absurdity of the situation.

She stood up, wiped and pulled her knickers back up, her dress covered her genitalia from my view.

“Well you know you are comfortable with each other when you can go to toilet in from of them” I joked to her.

“Well yes…” The tannoy announcer cut her off mid-sentence.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, due to an incident at Hadley Wood, we are being held at a red light. Oh great I thought, more delays.

“Looks like we are not going anywhere then” she said

“Well you are, come on I need the loo” was my response. I motioned her towards the door. She moved towards the door and just leant against it. I looked her up and down, a very pretty lady in a nice black dress, and a white top underneath it. She was just looking at me with a smile on her face.

“Come on let me go to toilet” I said to her.

“Well I’m not stopping you am I? do you want me told hold it for you?” well I’m not prudish one bit, but this slightly caught me off guard and I think I might have even blushed at this point.

“No I think I will be fine thank you” I told her. She was looking at my crotch area.

“Doesn’t look that way to me” she giggled. It took me a second to realise, but she was referring to the bulge in my trousers, I don’t know how it had happened but something in the situation had actually turned me on.

“Do you get turned on by girls peeing, do you?” came her cheeky question.

“No, No, I didn’t even see anything” I found myself trying to make excuses for myself. I’m not sure why but I found myself feeling guilty for having a hard on.

“Come on, let me help you” she moved forwards, and I let her, She unclasped my belt, and unclipped my trouser fastener. She pulled my boxers straight down, and just grabbed my shaft. She was not gentle at all and she pulled me over to the toilet, I tried to shuffle along at the same speed, desperately trying not to trip over the clothing round my ankles.

As I got to the toilet bowl, she moved behind me and pointed my cock downwards. I would not describe it as painful, but as a guy bending a hard penis is fairly uncomfortable.

“There you go, now wee for me” she enticed. I tried to wee, but it is difficult, for a few seconds I struggled, then it began to flow. The more it flowed the quicker my erection subsided, making it easier still. It was so strange to have someone hold it. Eventually the flow began to cease as the last few drops were expelled.

“All done are we?” she asked. She then gave it a little shake. “There we go, that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

“No, it’s not hard at all now” I joked back. I bent down to pick up my boxers.

“Ah Ah Ah” she said as she moved me backwards. She pressed the flush and flipped down the toilet seat, she sat down on it. She was little higher than my waist level. Ok so she wanted to dress me. She bent forward to pick up my boxers, or so I thought, as she moved forwards, in one moved she took my flaccid member into her mouth. esenyurt escort I was so taken aback I felt the urge to back away. She must have sensed this and placed both hands on my ass cheeks to hold me in place.

The warmth of her mouth and the sensation of her tongue instantly brought me to life. Whilst she had me completely in her mouth, my cock was growing at a very fast pace.

I would not call myself large in anyway, at best I would guess at about 6 inches, not that I have ever measured, I actually think it’s a myth that all guys measure themselves, I have never felt the urge to do so. Anyway, as I grew I could feel her struggling to keep it in her mouth, then bit by bit my cock escaped her mouth. I was now as hard as could be, her tongue was still swirling around my head. She now began to bob her head, she was good. It certainly wasn’t the best blow job I had ever received, but in this situation the excitement was immense. I looked down on her pretty little head sucking and licking my penis. That’s when I saw her hand move away from holding my ass. It disappeared up her skirt.

Previously the only sounds I had heard were the sounds of her sucking my throbbing cock. Now she was emitting little whimpers. She was rubbing herself off. I had absolutely no problem with this, she deserved it fully for the pleasure she was giving me, but to be honest I felt a little guilty.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked, it was a little coarse I guess, but how do you phrase it differently? She withdrew her mouth from my cock immediately.

“Do you have a condom?” she said breathlessly.

“No, do you think I was expecting this?”

“Don’t cum in me” she ordered in a forceful tone. I pulled her up from the toilet and moved her over to the sink unit bending her over and pulling her legs apart. This really wasn’t going to be easy, there wasn’t even room to swing the proverbial cat, but I would make room to deal with this pussy.

She reached from behind and guided me into her warm wet hole, I felt as her whole pussy closed around my rigid cock. Oh she was wet but she was tight, as I slid into her there seemed a friction, a sexy friction, it was not uncomfortable in the slightest, but these are the pussies that extract cum so quickly and easily.

I held onto her hips and started to move deeper and faster into her. It was impossible to tell what she wanted, she appeared to be a spectator in this all just allowing me to fuck her, and she did not push back against me or move with me. She wasn’t dead silent, but every stroke, be it hard, soft, shallow or deep was met with the same quiet noise of approval. I tried changing my pace, and slamming into her with a force that would move her forwards with each pound, once again there was just the same noise of approval. In the mirror I could see her eyes closed and her gently biting her lip. It was a look of pleasure for sure. In all the concern I had for her having a good time, I think I forgot about my own pleasure and was treating this more like a job. If ever sex was pointless then this was it.

Now I was concentrating on my pleasure, I began to concentrate on enjoying my strokes inside her hot hole. It was working, I didn’t care what I got back, I was going to enjoy this surprise fuck that had presented itself to me. Whack, without thinking I slapped my right hand down firmly on her ass cheek, with this her body pushed against my cock, sending it deeper into her. Whack, with my left hand, again she buckled back further onto my cock. Either she was loving or hating this but she was reacting now. Whack, Whack I continued, building up a fucking and slapping rhythm.

Suddenly she pulled forwards off me, she looked tired, she moved over to the toilet and laid the top half of her onto it facing upwards. She did not have to say a word, I knew what she wanted. I moved between her legs and lifted them as I parted them. I was holding under her thighs as I lifted her up onto my cock. In such a confined space this is a really hard manoeuvre to pull off, somehow however, it worked. I was now plunging my cock into her pussy, her pussy lips were shaved, but now I could clearly see the large patch of dark hair above her lips.

As I began to deep fuck her pussy, she pulled down the straps of her dress, she lifted up her white top and exposed her beautiful breasts to me. These things were big, much more than a handful and exquisite nipples, you know those huge nipples with areola as big as your hand.

“They are fucking amazing” I even surprised myself saying that out loud. She sat up bolt upright and pushed them together. Well I wasn’t going to miss and opportunity like this. She let go of them as I pushed my strong erection between them. She closed them round my cock and pushed etiler escort them together oh so tight. Now the confusing thing for me is what’s is a tit wank, and what is a tit fuck? Does it depended where the movement comes from?

Well this was a combination of the both I guess, as I thrusted my cock in-between them she bounced them on me. I seriously could have just completed here, there is little better than being fucked by a sexy set of tits. What made this even better was every long thrust I did, her tongue would catch the end of my penis as it emerged from her cleavage, an extra-long thrust would result in a very brief suck. I couldn’t end like this, it wouldn’t be fair. I pushed her back down into the original position and once again entered her sweet hole.

Now I was thrusting deeper and longer and harder. Then we began to slide, the train was moving again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the track ahead is now clear and as you may have noticed we are moving once again. May I apologise for the delay caused to your journey” came the tannoy announcement.

“Stop, stop” she said to me. Well talk about ruining my morning late and now stopped before I had cum. She leant over into her bag, she rummaged around for a second or two, and then she pulled out a very small silver vibrator.

“You just happen to carry that around do you?” I asked.

“You never know when you will get that urge do you” she giggled.

I pushed back inside her, all the while my pace was building, I didn’t want to slow down but had no idea where she was. She pushed the little silver vibrator down onto her clit as I fucked her hot pussy. This had changed her, now each stroke I gave her and the vibrations on her clit made her move, her head was moving, her moans became erratic.

Then barely 2 minutes after we had resumed.

“I’m going to cum, please don’t stop” was her plea to me. She needn’t worry I was stopping for no-one.

She appeared to bite down hard on her upper lip. Her nails dug deep into my sides, her body began to convulse and her pussy pulsated onto my cock. I could not fuck her, her pulsations made it impossible to penetrate. Then as I watched liquid came shot out of her in one big gush. It landed at my feet soaking my underwear and trousers. The pulsating continued and a trickle ran from her. She began to calm down.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I haven’t squirted like that in ages, I’m so sorry” Well I had read about this, and seen video clips, but this was the first time it had happened to me.

“Don’t be its fine” I was happy that it had happened and I think that maybe she could sense that in my voice.

“Your turn to cum now, how do you want it?” she asked. I didn’t reply to her but lifted her up and bent her over once more. I plunged my cock deep into her loosened and very wet pussy. I held onto her hips and began to build momentum. The whole squirting thing had excited me to the point where I would not be able to hold for much longer.

I kept fucking her harder and harder.

“Don’t cum in me” she reminded me.

“I promise I won’t” I replied, I was nearing my climax and this was going to be a huge load. I could feel my cock beginning to explode. I pulled out of her, the first squirt shot over her back, but as my second began I turned her round and pulled her mouth onto me. She closed her mouth tightly just in time to collect my second load, then a 3rd, this huge powerful orgasm was draining my heavy balls with each and every shot. Quite how she managed to swallow them in time is quite beyond me. This was one of my biggest loads and greatest orgasms that I remember.

She took every last drop, from me, even after the pulses had ended this girl sucked the remains from me, and she did it with vigour, then licking the tip and shaft removing any last trace from it. She let go of it and pulled up my boxers, then my trousers and did them up for me. She apologised for the wet patch by my shins and she stood up. She adjusted herself ever so briefly and flicked her hair as she looked in the mirror.

We both waited in absolute silence until we heard the train pull into the next station.

“Ready?” she said. I nodded in reply as she pressed the unlock and door open button. She calmly walked out, and disappeared from view. I pressed the door close button, then waited as the train pulled away before picking up my bag and opening the door. I walked out and back to my seat, no-one looked at me, no-one suspected or had even cared.

The next station would be kings cross where I would get off for the day. I wondered to myself if there would be any way that the return journey would be as interesting as this had been.

As the train pulled into the station, I moved to the doors and got off the train, as I walked along the platform to the ticket barriers I could see her there in front of me. I didn’t even see her face, I just noticed the white stain on her skirt from my 1st cumshot. I laughed to myself thinking how many others would notice that today.

The life of a computer engineer is not always as dull as some would think.

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