First Meeting – From Webcam to Real

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Before you read this, just a couple of points. The characters are NOT fictional. We exist, and enjoyed the online friendship described initially. Obviously, names have been changed, but other than that, many of the initial details are accurate, if a little enhanced! Beyond that, you might like to think of this as a fantasy, or a dream — whatever dreamworld one goes to when thinking ‘what if….’ It will never happen for real, but it’s fun to dream.


Chapter 1: Getting to know each other

He wasn’t sure if this was going to be the climax of something wonderful, or another disappointment. It couldn’t really be disappointing, he reflected — meeting people is always good, especially people who you know and have shared so much with.

It had come totally out of the blue — logging on one morning, and Marnie just dropping into conversation: ‘We’re coming to the UK in March’. It turned out that Maria had entered one of her stories for a competition — and unsurprisingly (to those who read them), she had won a tour of Europe! By discussion with the competition organisers, they had managed to arrange a three day break in the UK, away from the planned schedule, on condition that they make all their own arrangements — and that meant Des!

From then, he had just one thought — he had to meet them! His closest on line friend and her closest friend. They had shared secrets, good times, bad times, good moods, bad moods, health and sickness — clothes and nudity. In some ways, he felt he should feel a little embarrassed meeting her — but all he really felt was that knot of apprehension and fluttering excitement which he hadn’t felt since he was a small child on Christmas Eve.

He knew the flight had landed, and they would now be waiting for their luggage. He reflected on their friendship — the virtual strip poker games (played for photographs, viewed in a tiny format on the website, in various states of undress), the uncertainty of any on line relationship — was he really talking to the stunning woman in the pictures, or to someone who was just leading him on — and her friend — gorgeous again — could he really have just happened across two such beautiful women — one a professional model — by coincidence?

Not just that — they seemed such lovely people — intelligent, good conversationalists, open and honest — though he always felt a little bit of holding back — which in light of their further conversations was hardly a surprise. He knew she had had many challenges in her life, mostly as a result of a relationship where she had been betrayed, almost to the point of being abused — but her resilience and strength were just one more thing he admired and respected about her.

The first passengers came through — he actually wondered if he would recognise them — or if they would know him. From the first couple of harassed looking businessmen, who seemed so full of their own importance, more people passed him, some relaxed, some rather awe struck, some just plain confused. Gradually, the trail of people diminished. He knew it — they hadn’t come. All a wind up. Shit — never mind — just five more minutes.

Suddenly he felt an odd sensation in his groin — a strange tingling — somehow oddly familiar — his ‘phone on vibrate! He looked at the text: ‘2 mins — finding trolley — M & M’ ‘M & M — sweet!’, he thought — smiling inwardly at his appalling, juvenile joke. They were here! He could hardly believe it. Of course they were — he should never had doubted them — he hadn’t considered so many things — customs, lost bags — all the irritants which modern airports seem designed to entail.

Around him, there were people hugging and kissing — family reunions, lovers together again, business people shaking hands formally and playing power games (he knew all about the use of handshakes to indicate status). Now he really had to think — how should he greet them? Hugs, kisses, handshakes — or just a smile. Relax — go with the flow — they feel just the same!!

And there they were .. Marnie and Maria ..looking relaxed, if a little tired, and gorgeous. They were pushing two heavily overloaded trolleys — no surprise really — two women here for a three day stay — they’d need vast amounts of clothing!

He considered himself to be very resilient to the physical charms of young women — after all, he worked with hundreds of women in their late teens and early twenties every day, and some of them were very, very attractive. To say he didn’t notice would be a lie, but in his work he overlooked such obvious attributes, and what might be a baptism of lust to some was just something to look past for him — he had trained himself not to gaze longingly at breasts, no matter how much cleavage was exposed, nor to ogle a wiggling bottom in tight jeans going along a corridor. He prided himself on this, as he knew not all his male colleagues could boast the same.

However, as he looked at Marnie and Maria, their physical beauty made eryaman bayan escort him catch his breath. Maria was a few inches shorter, and lacked the languid grace which Marnie, as a result of her profession, he assumed, carried with ease — she almost floated, with a smooth, flowing, liquid movement. Maria exuded sheer energy — not that she lacked grace, but her walk was firm and purposeful — the walk of a beautiful young woman who is confident in her body and doesn’t care which bits bobble and bounce!

She was wearing a plain, black t-shirt and comfortable jeans which did little to hide her shape, but equally little to expose it — she had dressed for comfort, and didn’t care who looked nor what they thought! The contrast with Marnie was evident — Marnie wore a long, flowing skirt and knitted top — both selected to hide her shape and deter unwanted attention. It was odd — walking together like this, it would be Maria who would attract the lustful eyes of male lechery — yet Des knew that, while different, both were equally deserving of admiring glances. Of course, they had exposed so much more to him during their on line poker games.

As they rounded the corner, both spotted him at the same time, and while their appearance had brought back to him the photographs he had seen, their eyes on him made him feel as naked as he had been when it was their turn to win. He tried to think how far things had gone — had they seen him on webcam? If so, what had he done? A flutter of embarrassment went through him — but so what? It had all been fun — they were adults, playing games and no-one had been hurt — in fact, as he remembered it, everyone (even the loser) had had a good time.

As they got close to him, Maria deposited the trolley and walked/dashed round to him, a beaming smile lighting up her whole face. It broke the spell which had enchanted him and he smiled, his facial muscles finally relaxing. She threw her arms around him and planted a kiss on his cheek, before pressing her body into his in a long hug. He could feel her breasts flatten against his chest and her hips against him, but his eyes were drawn to Marnie. They were almost the same height, and their eye contact was easy, even through the barrier created by the trolley.

He returned Maria’s hug and they broke apart, a grin teasing her lips as she saw her friends gazing at one another. She didn’t mind — they had shared so much more time together it was inevitable they would be fascinated by one another.

‘Well’, she said, ‘are you going to say hello?’

The spell was broken and Marnie’s eyes started to flicker and avoid full on contact as she moved around the trolley, hand extended in formal greeting. Maria laughed:

‘You two formal!’.

He took Marnie’s delicate, manicured hand in his, as both smiled nervously, not a word passing between them. He didn’t want to break the physical contact, as all around them seemed to fade into the background, as if they were the only two people in a post-apocalyptic world. She made no move to pull back, and it wasn’t until Maria’s laugh brought them back to reality that they realised that they had perhaps over done things a little.

‘Come on — it’s been a long trip — we’re knackered and we’ve got a long drive ahead. Let’s get going and leave the romance for later’.

They released one another, Marnie’s face flushing slightly at Maria’s teasing. She was right of course — we had three days — but first they had to drive to the coast of South Wales, to Des’s two bedroom holiday flat where they would all be staying.

They had joked that the accommodation would be paid for in modelling services — Des’s love of photography and Marnie’s professional skills being well matched for that — but he had no intention of taking advantage of that little bit of online banter — he was delighted to save them money, and for him, just having them there was payment enough.

So they began the long haul to Des’s Toyota, crammed in the luggage (making Des wish he’d hired a removal van) and began the long drive up the M4.


The journey took about 3 hours. Marnie sat in the back for the first part, dozing fitfully. The flight had not been good — a crying baby and a rugby team returning from a tour had made proper sleep impossible, and while Maria had grabbed a few hours, Marnie had been unable to relax.

Conversation was mostly casual — the weather at this time of year, various landmarks and places of beauty, work, plans for the next couple of days etc — until Maria decided to ask what had clearly been on her mind:

‘What do you expect from these few days?’

Des had no idea — he was willing to just play it by ear and see how things turned out. He said as much.

‘That’s good’, said Maria, ‘We haven’t really any idea ourselves, but ..’ did he really see a twinkle in her eye? ‘We are determined to have fun!’

After that, they returned to their previous pusillanimous ramblings, enjoying each other’s company and finding escort etimesgut they had far more in common than their previous discussions had ever led them to believe.

They pulled off the Motorway south of Worcester and headed for Ross on Wye. Des knew the area well, and had in mind a pleasant pub for lunch — so much better than Motorway services, and a chance for Maria to experience something authentically English (and Marnie too, he supposed — she had left London as a child, so her memories would be at best sparse).

It was probably bad timing as they pulled up next to the Saracens Head on the banks of the Wye. Marnie had just moved from her shallow dozes into a deeper sleep, and waking her was not popular. Des knew that one legacy of her past was the potential for sudden mood swings, and he watched in admiration as she controlled herself. It was a big step forward for her that she could now exert that measure of control, and while she remained taciturn and clearly not herself, she smiled and contributed to the positive atmosphere which the three of them were generating.

The weather was pleasant, and warm enough to sit outside, so they chose a table with a glorious view along the river, looking towards the rugged hillside opposite, dotted with cottages which looked as if they could slide down at any moment. Des knew enough about women to know that they would want to talk about him — it would be naive to think otherwise — so after some perusal of the menu, he went to the bar to order food and drinks.

As they sipped their drinks, Des pointed out some of the salient features of this beautiful part of the Forest of Dean, drawing on knowledge accrued when he had stayed at the cottage owned by his father, which was within walking distance of where they sat.

It was clear that both girls were shattered, so he took on the responsibility of maintaining conversation. The food arrived, and they ate in silence, both clearly relishing their first proper meal since leaving Canada. As the last mouthful disappeared, Maria looked up from her plate and — as she often seemed to do — said what was on everybody’s mind:

‘Let’s just get on the road. I’m sick to death of travelling, and I want to just put my feet up and sleep properly!’

This time, the car journey passed in virtual silence. Both Marnie and Maria dozed, while Des concentrated on the road ahead.

As the car lurched to a halt, both stirred and looked around them, taking in the sea front, the cry of the seagulls and the gentle shushing of the sea on the shore. ‘We’re here’, said Des — ‘welcome to your holiday resort!’

They all got out of the car, Des flexing his legs and arms, Marnie yawning deeply, while Maria stretched like a cat being told to get off the sofa, stretching her arms behind her, so that Des could hardly ignore her breasts pushed forward to their fullest extent, stretching the material of her t-shirt, showing every contour of her bra — and maybe even a hint of nipple. She noticed his glanced and giggled. ‘Sorry — giving you a bit of an eyeful!’ she tittered.

He smiled: ‘Feel free!’. It was the first suggestive moment between them, and seemed to almost dispel the taboo. For goodness sake, they had met on an online strip poker site — even if this wasn’t about sex, they should at least be able to have a bit of a laugh without the schoolyard embarrassment that can go with any mention of bums, boobs or willies!

‘Go on in’, said Des, tossing the flat key to Marnie — ‘I’ll bring your bags’.

He immediately regretted the offer, as he looked at the mountain in his car, but set to with gusto. Twenty minutes later, the bags were in the hallway and Des wandered through to the living room, where Marnie and Maria were gazing out at the beach, pointing out the boats, birds and general mish-mash of activity which was taking place. They had raided the kitchen, finding tea-bags, dried milk, a kettle and mugs, and a steaming cup of tea awaited him.

‘What are the sleeping arrangements?’ asked Maria.

‘Your choice — double bed in the room to the left, twin beds to the right’.

‘Twin, I think — we’re good friends, but not in that way’. Marnie gave a little giggle.

‘Fine by me’, said Des, ‘I can have that vast double all to myself!’. And it was indeed vast — he had often thought that three could sleep in it comfortably, but quickly banished the thought from his mind.

‘Do you mind if we have a lie down this afternoon’, said Maria — ‘it’s been a long journey’.

He had expected this, and had decided already that he would pop to the supermarket about ten miles away to buy necessary provisions. He explained to them that part of the reason he had been able to make this trip was that he would be delivering a paper at Swansea University at a national education conference, and he had also arranged to pop in there to meet various luminaries of that organisation and check the arrangements.

He would be due back at about 6pm, and had made bookings for them all elvankent escort at a local restaurant. The St. David’s Country Club sounded nice, and he had been drawn by their preference for formal dress — though exactly what was meant by ‘traditional Welsh fare’ had him completely baffled. Having checked if there was anything they wanted, he made his way back to the car.

The Evening Out

Having judged that they would have had a few hours sleep, he sent a brief text message to let them know that a table was booked for seven o’clock as he stepped in the car. He was well aware that if he had told them earlier, they would probably have foregone sleep in order to get ready for the evening, so allowing time for showers and changing was probably the best way — though no doubt they would still claim they were being rushed.

He hadn’t even started the car when his phone rang. Inevitably, it was Maria — what should they wear?! Having told them he would be wearing suit and tie, and that the restaurant expected formality, he emphasized that tonight was not the night for exotic ball gowns (he knew well Marnie’s penchant for this type of attire) — but talked about the formal ball at the close of the conference the following night — an event he would normally have avoided like the plague, but which he knew both ladies would adore.

He had managed to secure three tickets, along with the name of a high class clothing hire shop where he could get a formal suit and Marnie and Maria could spend hours ensuring that every eye in the room would be fixed on them. As he told Maria about this, he heard her passing on the message to Marnie, and heard her clap her hands in excitement at the prospect.

‘You realise,’ she said, ‘you’ve just sentenced me to two hours of going through gowns and three hours shopping for the right lingerie and accessories!’

He smiled, knowing that they would have fun, and plenty of time to tour the historic town while he was at the conference, sending delegates to the arms of Morpheus.

‘Wait, wait’, pleaded Maria, ‘What about tonight? What do we wear?’.

He laughed: ‘It says formal — I’m wearing a suit — you choose — I know you’ll both look gorgeous. If all else fails, just go naked and say you lost a game of strip poker!’.

Maria giggled — her giggle was infectious, and he was finding, very sexy and highly suggestive — what he might have called a ‘dirty laugh’:

‘Maybe afterwards’.

After brief farewells, and an agreement that they would be out of the shower when he got back, they terminated the call, leaving him to drive back.

The brief exchange had got him wondering — was she serious about afterwards? Surely not — just being flirty and teasing him — something both of them had done mercilessly in their on-line communications, frequently leaving him aroused and with little choice but to seek satisfaction alone. He dismissed the idea, not wanting to raise any false hopes, and reaffirmed his determination to take things as they came.

Arriving back, with some half hour to go before they needed to leave, he was greeted by a relatively peaceful scene — Marnie was nowhere to be seen — putting on the ‘war paint’ he guessed – Maria was clearly finishing in the shower, as he heard the water stop and the sounds of shuffling in the bathroom.

As he stood in the living room, just re-orientating himself and sorting out his own plan of action, the bathroom lock clicked, the handle turned and out popped Maria — dressed in an absurdly short towel, tied above her breasts and barely covering her backside. She was still wet and her skin pink from the hot shower, and he watched the rivulets of water run along the point where her thighs joined, wishing he could track them upwards to their point of origin.

She didn’t appear to have seen him as she covered the short distance from bathroom to bedroom — and he desperately hoped she found a reason to bend over — but she made it evident she was aware of his presence as she reached the bedroom door, lifting the bottom of the towel to flash one pert, smooth buttock and looking over her shoulder with a wink as he gaped. The bedroom door closed and he could hear the two girls giggling as Maria no doubt told Marnie about her the look on Des’s face.

He popped into the bathroom and showered himself, before going to his own room to dress in a charcoal grey suit, white shirt and plain blue, silk tie. On the way out of his room, he tapped on the door of the room opposite, shouting:

‘Come on — we need to go in five minutes’. He sat on the sofa to wait, and a few seconds later, heard the handle turn and the rustle of fabric as his two muses stepped forth. They stood, framed in the doorway, looking stunning. For a moment, he just stared, then returned to reality:

‘Wow! Picture!’

He grabbed his camera, setting it on top the cabinet, pointing at them and quickly made use of the time delay feature, so he could get an image of the three of them together. He didn’t plan to use their sojourn as a photo session, but this simply had to be captured. Standing between the two of them, Maria relaxed and smiled at the camera — Marnie instantly dropped a shoulder, shifted a leg and morphed into the perfect model pose as the flash dazzled them.

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