First Taste Ch. 06

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The whole month of August was packed with open houses, packing and getting ready to start my first semester at State. It was a whirl wind of things to do and it was overwhelming at times. In all the chaos, I still managed to find time to go and take care of Jeff and Steve. I tried to get them both at the same time as it saved me from having to make 2 trips. It somehow helped me relieve stress by sucking them off! It’s hard to explain but I always felt better after servicing them. I would have the thoughts of everything I still have to do weighing on my mind and once my mouth was wrapped around their cock, all I could think of was sucking and stroking their cum into my mouth. Once in my car, the thoughts would return, but for that 10 minute span, my mind was free and focused on making them cum!

Since May, I had probably given around 50 blowjobs to Jeff and Steve! I had gotten pretty good at it and knew the styles they liked. Jeff liked when I used only my mouth and liked when I would suck him slow. He also liked it when I would just keep the tip of his cock in my mouth and just hold it there while he came. Steve liked when I used my hand with my mouth at more of a fast pace. He also liked when I would cup his balls. I found that I could usually get them cumming in under 5 minutes and was becoming a pro! Over 25 years of memories, I would get little flashes of things we had done but a few of them are still fresh in my mind like they happened yesterday. One of those memories happened on a Wednesday night in mid August.

I was relaxing in my family room waiting for south park to start (that’s how I remembered it was Wednesday) when the phone rang. My mom answered it and yelled to me that it was Jeff. I got up and went to the kitchen and took the phone from my moms hand as she went back to the sink, I said, “Hello.”

Jeff responded, “Hey man, you busy?”

I said, “Not really, just watching TV, what’s up?”

Jeff said, “My moms out tonight and Steve and I were wondering if you wanted to come over and play.”

I excitedly said, “Yeah man, I’m heading over now!”

I said bye and hung the phone up. My mom asked what was up and I told her that Steve had a little casino şirketleri job he needed some help with and that I was going to help him out. Always thought it was extra hot when I would say things like that to people who had no idea I was going out to get my mouth fucked! She told me to be careful and not to be out late. I told her I wouldn’t be more than an hour, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door. When I got in my car, I noticed that my cock was already pretty hard with excitement. It had been a few weeks since I was able to blow both of them at the same time!

The seven minute drive seemed to take forever as I managed to catch both red lights on the only traffic lights on the way to his house. By the time I pulled into the driveway, my cock was straining at my zipper to come out. I jogged up to the door, knocked, and went inside. From the front door I could see the back half of the family room and could tell the TV was on from the light. I kicked my shoes off and headed in expecting to see them in their usual spots stroking hard cocks. What I saw made my jaw drop and my cock squirt out a little precum! Steve was standing in front of Jeff and slowly pumping his huge cock in and out of his mouth. Jeff was on his knees stroking his own cock as Steve had both hands on Jeff’s head and was slowly fucking his mouth. I said, “Holy shit, starting without me eh?”

Steve glanced over and said, “He offered so I let him start on me”

Jeff just moaned a kind of, “hey, what’s up?”

I walked over and pulled my shorts down to let my cock spring free of its cotton trap. Steve put a hand on my shoulder and nudged me down next to Jeff. I got on my knees and watched Steve’s glistening cock slowly pumping in and out of Jeff’s mouth. I reached over and took Jeff’s cock out of his hand and started stroking it. He moved his hand and placed it on my cock. Steve pulled his cock out of Jeff’s mouth and turned it towards me, I quickly opened my mouth and let him slide it in. He let out a soft moan as he slowly pushed all 10″ into my mouth and down my throat. When I felt his balls hit my chin, he held my head there for a second before slowly sliding it back out until casino firmaları only the head was in my mouth. He then grabbed Jeff’s head and pulled it over to the side of his cock and told him to lick it while I sucked the head. I felt Jeff move closer and opened my eyes to see his open mouth engulf the side of Steve’s rigid cock. Steve let out a satisfied moan and said, “Yeah, work my cock boys, make me cum!”

I reached up and cupped his balls to feel that they were tight against his body. I knew he was close so I started flicking my tongue harder on the underside of his cock head. I felt a drop of precum dribble out on my tongue and moaned at the salty taste. Steve than said, “I’m gonna cum, jerk me into Bills mouth Jeff, jerk out my cum on his tongue.”

Jeff pulled his mouth away and grabbed Steve’s cock and started to pump it. I felt his hand bump my mouth on his up stroke. Steve let out a grunt and I felt a ribbon of cum explode from his cock and hit the back of throat and tongue. Jeff still slowly stroking Steve’s cock in my mouth said, “Fuck yeah, I can feel it pulse in my hand!” Another rocket of cum shot out and hit the same spot in my throat. Steve looking down said, “Mmmm, you like that, you like tasting my cum? Keep stroking Jeff, I’m still cumming.”

Jeff said, “I know, I can feel it!”

I let out an affirmative moan to let them both know how much I enjoyed feeling Steve’s cum filling my mouth. With every stroke, more cum was coming out, it seemed endless and made me wonder how long it had been since he got off. As the pulses started to subside and his cum was now just oozing out of the tip and pooling on my tongue, Jeff said, “I’m gonna cum too, you want it?” I moaned and shook my head yes as I felt his cock leave my hand as he stood up. I pulled off Steve’s cock and swallowed the massive load that had filled my mouth. Before I turned to face Jeff, I saw a pearly bead form at the tip of Steve’s cock. I leaned in and put the tip in my mouth and sucked any remnants he had left. While my tongue was flicking the cum at the tip, I heard Jeff grunt as a rope of cum splashed across my cheek and lips. I quickly pulled off Steve’s cock and opened my mouth güvenilir casino facing Jeff who was furiously stroking his rock hard cock. As soon as I opened my mouth, the second blast erupted and landed directly on my tongue. I moaned and wrapped my lips around the head so I wouldn’t miss anymore.

As he kept jerking, he too was quickly filling mouth with his cum, so much so that it started to seep out the corner of my mouth. Jeff pulled his cock out and told me to swallow. I closed my mouth and felt his warm cum coating my mouth as it made its way to the back of my throat as I swallowed it. As soon as I finished swallowing, I felt Jeff’s cock press into my mouth again as he smeared cum on my lips. As his cock slide across my tongue, I could feel cum oozing from the tip and coating my tongue once again. Being so lost in the moment, I didn’t realize that my cock was starting to cum until I felt the first pulse and felt a ribbon of cum come flying out of me cock and landing on the floor. I moaned in ecstasy as Jeff was still pouring cum into my mouth and my orgasm erupting all over the floor in huge squirts that you could hear hit the carpet. Jeff pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled it tight to the tip as a glob of cum formed. I stuck out my tongue and lapped up the remaining cum.

I sat back, swallowed what was still in my mouth, and looked down at the floor where I had unloaded. There was a few visible traces but the rest had blended in with the light beige carpet. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean off my cum covered hand and when I looked in the mirror, I noticed I still had Jeff’s first shot on my cheek. I laughed and wiped it off with a towel, then took the towel out to clean up my cum on the floor. When I went into the family room, I noticed that Jeff and Steve had both fully dressed and were back to watching TV like nothing just happened. I cleaned up the floor, grabbed my shorts and went back to the bathroom.

After I got dressed, I went back into the family room and told them I had to get going. We briefly talked, said our goodbyes, and I headed out. On my way home, I could still taste traces of cum in my mouth. I replayed the scene in my head and could not wait to relive it soon. We would hook up a few more times before first semester started and after that, it was a few weekends here and there. My next new experience would take place as an intern at Steve’s office, but that will be in the next chapter!

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