First Time

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Betty moaned and trashed on the bed as her 18 year old pounded his firm member in and out of her cum drenched cunt. She rocked on the edge of ecstasy, torn between the pleasure flooding her brain, and the guilt she felt for seducing this young man.

He pushed in and out, then slowed remembering all that she had taught him. He moved his hips slower, gentler, rolling instead of just plunging. He drew his member out to the entrance of her vagina and used the sensitive head of his cock to tease her clitoris. This felt so much better than his first experience with his cousin Sharon.

Sharon was young, blond, and fun to be with. He, dad and his two brothers were staying on the farm with their Aunt Jo. Mom and dad had split up, six months before and dad was looking for a job, and a place for us to stay. Dad had the boys, mom had Fred. So for now he trailed after Sharon every chance he received. He had always fought with his twin brother, and sometimes little brother Terry was just a nuisance. Cousins were not off limits yet and besides, Sharon told him so many things. Some he understood, some he could only guessed at. Why once she shocked him when she told him, when Aunt Jo, his mom and Fred were on a trip to visit moms parents, she had heard Fred slip into the sleeping bag with mom. She said she lay awake all night listening to the sounds of their lovemaking coming from a few feet away. It was too dark, so all I could do was listen she had told him. Then she had asked him if he’d ever been with a girl like that. “No!” he said but gathering all his nerve, blurted out, “I would like to with you!”

They eagerly scurried off to the chicken coop for a little privacy. Once inside she lifted her blue flowered dress, and she stepped out of her white cotton panties. He remembered trying to slip the head of his rock hard bullet between the lips of her hairless pussy. Not knowing any better he unwittingly just toyed with the entrance, never penetrating far enough to experience warm flesh clinging to warm flesh. He slipped by, slipped under, and past the slick opening, never quite making it. Then of all things he heard his twin brother slamming and banging, headed their way. So restoring their cloths they quickly collected a few eggs, and exited the chicken coop.

The next chance would come two days later when they snuck off to go swimming in the small creek that ran behind the barn. As they frolicked in the shallow water of the creek he tried several times to sneak a feel. But She toyed with him playfully, never quite letting him reach his goal, then when she had had enough, she said “kiss me!” He kissed her on the lips like he’d kissed his mom a hundred times. Some how that did nothing for him. Sharon slipped bahis firmaları her tongue between her lips, and into his mouth. He didn’t know what was happening but he was starting to feel his bullet hardening in his trunks. Hmmm, just when it started to feel right she stopped, and pushed his head down, past her budding breasts to the V of her legs. “Kiss me here!” she demanded as she spread her legs and pulled her swimsuit aside.

Where just days ago his cock had been she wanted his tongue. Oh well he’d try anything with Sharon once. He slipped his tongue between the hairless lips of her vagina, doing to her pussy what she’d done to his mouth. He heard her moaned as she pressed his head tighter to her wet hot honey hole. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but Sharon was acting like she liked it. “Andy!” he heard his younger brother call. “Where are you?” “Aunt Jo wants you!” Foiled again, just when he thought she might let him fuck her. That was two years ago. They had never got the chance to do it again. Dad packed the kids up and moved to a little two bedroom house in town.

Now here he was buried to the hilt in Betty’s snatch. Betty was twenty eight, about five foot and a hundred thirty pounds. Her short brown hair, was set off by the sparkle of her deep blue eyes. But the thing that caught his eye were those full round mounds of flesh that jutted out from her chest. He had thought of nothing else since he first saw them. The night dad had taken him to baby sit Betty’s three children for the weekend. Funny he had never really notices breasts before but hers were so round, so full they just intrigued him. Betty’s, 7, and 8 year old boys, and 10 year old daughter were no trouble and the night passed quickly. After settling the kids in he fell asleep on the couch, and only slightly stirred when Betty returned at two in the morning. She tussled his hair and ask if he would like to sleep in her bed instead of on the couch. He stupidly declined, afraid she would see the embarrassing tent growing in his pants.

In the morning, he tiptoed to the bedroom door to close it(he lied to himself), and peeking in he saw Betty laying on the bed with half of one breasts exposed. With his heart racing, he slipped into the room and pulled the sheet gently down to expose a nipple. His blood raced, his dick hardened, as he licked his lips and started to bend over to get a closer look, maybe a taste.

A noise from the bathroom stirred him back to reality. He quietly slipped out closing the bedroom door and went to investigate. When he returned, to get another peek, Betty was sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette, clothed in a terry cloth robe that covered just too much.

The rest of the day was half spent kaçak iddaa playing with the kids, and trying to sneak peeks at Betty, never quite able to catch her in a state of undress. Later, he watched her as she left for her evening of dining and dancing, dressed in high heels, a tight black skirt that showed off her plump round ass and a racy red blouse. “Don’t wait up!” she said as she climbed into the car.

About eleven he awoke to the slamming of a car door. He peek through the window and saw Betty stumble toward the door. As she entered the front door she stumbled again. He jumped up and grabbed her as she fell. His hands felt hot and trembled as they lingered a moment longer than necessary on one of her soft breasts. As he helped her regain her balance she smiled knowingly. As she stumbled to the kitchen , he heard her mumble something about that dumb jackass not knowing what he was missing.

From the kitchen he heard Betty asked if he would like a drink, and he quickly responded yes. She returned to the living room, with a drink in each hand, handing him one. “Hope its not to strong!” She sat her drink on the edge of the couch and went into the bedroom. She returned, sans panty hose, blouse and shoes, a black lacy strapless bra now holding those lovely globes he longed to touch. His eyes were glued to her breast, his “brain” was beginning to stiffen, somewhere in the back of his intoxicated head he heard a small voice ask if he had ever had whiskey before.

She sat next to him only inches away, and he could not take his eyes off of those tantalizing tits. Somehow he managed to stammer “Sure, lots of times!” he lied in answer to her question.

“I saw you this morning you know!” his brain heard the words, his pulse raced, his heart stopped completely.

Was he in big trouble or what? He’d been caught, he trembled and started to shake but he couldn’t take his eyes off of those damn golden orbs. He started to stammer an excuse, but stopped as she bent over brushing his cheek with her tit, and set her glass on the floor. She stood up, raised her hands to the bottom of her bra , slipping it around to undo the clasp. Freed them at last, in full view of his lusting eyes. Discarding the flimsy piece of material, she gently cupped one in each hand and offered, “Would you like a closer look?” As the nipples began to stiffen, he heard “Go ahead, touch them. Even Kiss them if you like!”

Everything was happening so fast. It seemed like it took hours for him to cover the scant few inches from his mouth to her breast. He kissed, first one then the other, then sucked a now firm hard nipple in like a new born baby. She moaned and directed his attention to not only the nipples but the valley between, kaçak bahis the underside of each, and only after he had spent an appreciable amount of time on every inch of her upper torso, did she rise taking his hand and pulling him into the bedroom. She didn’t ask if he wanted to sleep on the couch this night. Slipping off his shirt and casting it aside, she kissed her way down his hairless chest. Each nipple in its his turn, received the gently sucking only a woman can do. Her hands unzipped his pants and as she pulled them down he started to stammer his embarrassment at an adult seeing his stiffened boy cock for the first time.

She put a finger to her lips and all he heard was “Shhh!” as she freed his pulsating cock. The hot flesh of her fingers encompassed his throbbing member directing its oozing pre-cum juices to her waiting mouth. Like a cat hungry for milk, she swallowed him to the base of his spouting pubic hairs. Half fucking her face and half holding her head tight, afraid she would get away, he pumped her mouth full as his ejaculating cock spewed forth its hot liquid fluid .

“The night is young, Tiger!” she smiled, though her cum trenched lips, taking control she stood, “lets slow it down this time!” When her tongue entered his mouth, he could taste the whiskey they’d shared, her cigarettes, and a hint of his own cum. He sucked her eager tongue into his mouth this time. He felt the sensations of a full French deep throated kiss. When she gently pushed to change the direction of his attention from her mouth lower, he eagerly moved. He’d been there before. Sliding quickly past the breasts he’d sought so eagerly earlier, to her hair covered vagina. As he stabbed in and out with his tongue, again she had to show him the way.

She lifted his heard, “just the lips, start with just the lips!”

He surrounded her vagina with kisses, slowly bestowing one light kiss after another, licking his way up the valley of her womanhood, she began to shiver. When he spread those lips like the petals of a red ripe rose and sucked her clitoris between his lips she shuddered and began to shake in a full blown belly wrenching orgasm.

He froze in wonder and asked “what’s wrong, you ok?” She just shook her head and pulled him willingly deeper into her woman hood. Soon her wet quivering vagina swallowed his young hard cock as they rocked together in that age old wrestling match. Each giving, each taking their pleasure from the friction created by their clinging flesh. Humping, thumping, grinding, each other to climax.

Young studs, recover quickly so it took him hours to wear her out. Six o’clock arrived to soon and he knew he would have to go back to the couch, or face the quizzical looks of the kids. Oh if he could only tell them the wonders that awaited them. The joy of pleasing and being please he was only now discovering.


Next weekend: What would she teach him he wondered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32