Float Therapy Session Pt. 02

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(This is a continuation of Float Therapy Session. If you’re interested in what previously happened, please revert to that story. Thank you and enjoy!)

We step into the hallway and there’s an assistant there waiting on us. I immediately blush, wondering if she knows what we were doing in the floatation pod. Her demeanor remains completely professional. She’s either a very good poker player or she has no idea what just happened. We’re led into the massage room.

“Sir, you may sit in the chair in over there. Ma’am, please remove the robe and lie face down under the sheet. The therapist, Sharon, will be with you shortly,” she instructs. She closes the door behind her on her way out.

You come up behind me and kiss my neck as you slowly slide the robe off my shoulders. You hold the robe and gently pat my behind. I walk over to the table, pull the sheet down, and slide in. I glance over and your eyes devour my every move. I turn onto my stomach and ensure I’m sufficiently covered by the sheet as you sit down in the chair. The chair has the perfect vantage point to watch the massage.

A few minutes later, there’s a light knock on the door. It cracks open and a voice asks, “Are you ready?”

“Yes ma’am,” I reply.

A pretty woman about my age walks in. She’s wearing blue scrubs and has long brown hair up in a ponytail.

“My name is Sharon and I’ll be your massage therapist today. Are there any particular areas of pain or tension?” she asks.

“My pendik escort lower back and shoulders generally hold the most tension,” I reply.

“Ok, I’ll focus on relieving stress in those areas as I go. The main purpose of this massage is for relaxation so let me know if I need to change the strength at any time.” She says.

“Yes ma’am, will do,” I reply.

She puts a wrap around my hair to keep it out of the way, rubs oil on her hands, and starts rubbing my shoulders. I don’t know what kind of oil she’s using, but it smells like a warm spring day. It’s soothing and the strength she’s using is perfect. She slowly works out my knots and swipes her hands over the back of my neck. It feels amazing and I feel my body begin to relax under her touch. She massages my arms, legs, and feet. Then back up to my back, shoulders, neck. She even massages my scalp which I absolutely love.

She wipes her hands on a towel and says, “I’m going to take a short break. Relax and I’ll be back in just a few minutes.”

After she leaves the room, I hear “Turn over,” whispered in my ear.

I turn over and you’re hovering over me. You’re bare chested and I can’t help the arousal flooding through me as I admire your physique. I reach for you, but you step back. I’m puzzled but lie back, waiting to see what you want. You place your left hand gently around my neck and kiss me. It starts as a soft pressing of lips. Then you open kartal escort my mouth and snake your tongue in, tangling with mine. You suck my tongue into your mouth, shooting desire to my core. I moan as you devour me.

Your right-hand slides down my body. Your calloused fingers scraping my oiled skin with a delicious friction causing goosebumps to pebble all over. You take your time exploring my body as if it’s the first time until I’m begging for you to touch me where I need it most.

You enjoy listening to my moans and pleas for release. The table moves slightly as you get on your knees between my legs. I wrap my legs around your waist. You slide your cock through my wetness repeatedly.

“Please!” I groan.

You tap your head against my clit before plunging in deep with one smooth stroke.

“Oh God YES!” I moan loudly.

You place your finger over my lips, telling me to quiet down. I bite my lip to keep from making more noise. You grab my hips tightly and thrust into me. You maintain a quick, battering pace. I groan each time you hit my favorite spot deep inside. Each hard-thrust shoots sparks through my body, building in intensity. I’m thrashing around, trying to get you to move faster. You maintain your same pace. I think you just enjoy teasing me. I’m so close.

“Please,” I beg, “Please let me cum!”

That does it. You finally have mercy on me. You go faster, harder. Using my hips as maltepe escort leverage, you plunge as deep as possible. Again, and again you drive into me. Desire swirls through my body, exploding in pure pleasure as it rips through my body and mind. I convulse around you. Milking your cock as I feel you thicken and begin to pulse. You hammer into me as deep as possible and hold there. I feel fire explode from your cock deep into me.

You hold still as we both calm down, reveling in the feeling of the physical connection. After a few minutes, you get off the table and get dressed. I lie there in a state of complete bliss while you sit back down in the chair, watching me with a look of content.

A few moments later, there’s a knock on the door. It’s cracked open a tiny bit, just like before a voice says, “Are you ready?”

“Yes ma’am,” I reply while quickly getting back on my stomach.

Sharon comes back into the room. Again, she rubs oil on her hands and starts to work on my back and shoulders. She gives me quick rub down. My body is already completely relaxed in afterglow, but the massage is very nice too.

When she’s finished, she says, “Make you sure you drink lots of water. Your muscles got a good workout today and toxins that have been held in those knots have been released. Don’t be surprised if you’re sore later and get lots of rest.”

I nod and tell her, “Thank you! That was a fantastic massage!”

She grins and winks at me. You wrap your arms around me and lead me to the car. You kiss me sweetly and hug me tight.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” you ask.

My smiles beams at you and I respond, “What do you think?”

You give a deep chuckle, knowing my thoughts without my voicing them. I can’t wait for my next spa day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32