For Love Ch. 05

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Ms. Ward and Liz were already seated when Renee and I arrived. Ms. Ward indicated for me to sit next to her while Renee sat by Liz.

I heard Liz ask Renee if she was okay. This was the first time I had heard her speak, She had a low smooth voice, which got me thinking maybe it used to be Leon instead of Liz.

I noticed Liz had her hand on Renee’s naked thigh, under the glass top table, and was rubbing her hand up to Renee’s crotch and back down. The back of her hand lightly stroking Renee’s cock.

A pang of jealousy shot through me. They were smiling at each other as Renee complemented Liz on her technique and how good it had made her feel. I was forming an insane dislike of Liz, though I knew it was only my jealousy

Renee did not belong to me and I had no right to expect her to only be interested in me. But damn that’s what I wanted.

The two of them continued their conversations with me staring lasers at Liz.

“You don’t need to worry” Ms. Ward softly said to me. “They’ve been friends since Renee joined us, and even lovers. But I see the way Renee looks at you. The way her eyes light up.” And I see how you look at her. The softness, the desire, the….love.”

“Maybe it’s a summer fling. Maybe by this time next year you’ll both have gone your separate ways. But for now, enjoy the moments. The caring, the yearning, the passion.”

“You’ll find there’s nothing like it in the world. Having someone who loves you so completely.”

“But in my home, you need to accept that Renee has bottomless love. More then enough for you, for Liz, for me, and who knows who else may step into her life. You must learn to accept this. Ours are not the “customary” types of relationships. There’s really no room for jealousy or the selfish claiming to have a person solely to yourself. I can assure you it’s the fastest way to lose Renee.”

I won’t say I fully understood what she was telling me. But I certainly appreciated the effort she was making towards me.

At that moment my concepts of Ms. Ward were thrown totally asunder. I saw her with different eyes and was beginning to understand why Renee stayed with her.

Ms. Ward was then asking me about my plans for after summer. I really didn’t have any other then to work.

I found myself explaining to Ms. Ward how I couldn’t afford college on my own and would not expect my parents to pay.

“Well perhaps I could offer some assistance.” Ms. Ward said as she casually reached down and began stroking me.

“My business caters to a large, and diverse clientele. You have certain….assets… that I believe could be profitable for you and I.” Ms. Ward gave my cock a squeeze as she mentioned assets.

“Are you asking me to become a prostitute for you?” I asked incredulously.

I’d never even heard of such a thing. I couldn’t imagine a man, or woman, paying to be with another man.

“Your so young and naive. I think that’s what I like best about you. That’s also why I think you would do so well.”

” You’ve shown that your not afraid to expand your sexuality. I fully expected you to run out the door when I had you solicit the waiter. But you didn’t. You were willing to test yourself.”

“I’m sure your initial thoughts were that I’d forbid you from seeing Renee again if you refused. But were you even thinking of her when you were responding to the waiter’s cock thrusting in and out of your ass?”

I had to admit, my thoughts were certainly not about Renee then. Paul’s fucking had felt good.

My fears reared their head again. “But I’m not gay.”

“My boy, you may not yet know what you are. Perhaps you are gay and have repressed it. You yourself had told me you hadn’t dated many girls. On the other hand, you certainly seem interested in my niece, a woman with more then the usual girls. She really is a beautiful.”

“The best thing you can do for your own piece of mind is try to forget about labels and allowing someone else to dictate what you are. Gay, hetero, bisexual, all labels, but really it’s up to each of us to decide how and with who we go through our lives to feel joy and love.”

“Tell you what. Accept my offer and let me provide you with some training and guidance. Let’s see where this takes you.”

I looked over and saw Renee was now staring at me. She and Liz had stopped their conversation and I could see her waiting for my response.

“Alright. I accept your offer. But I want to feel free to walk away from any situation I find disgusting or to troubling.”

“Fair enough. Though I think your ideas of disgusting have already changed in just the last week.”

With that, Ms. Ward told Renee and I to clean up the breakfast dishes and then the kitchen.

“Randy, when your done with that, I want you to present yourself in my bedroom. By the way, did you clean yourself out the way you had last night?”

“No Maam,” I responded red faced.

“Then after your chores, repeat the process Renee showed you. She can show you were everything is if you’ve forgotten.”

“And , I believe bahis firmaları you have your room and bathroom to clean today Renee. That should keep you busy for a while.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Mistress, Liz and I would like to go for a run along the beach later. Would that be alright?”

“Yes, when your chores are done. And if Liz is still interested then.”

“I’ll be taking Randy shopping later for his new duties. I won’t need Liz to drive us.”

Renee and I collected the dishes while Ms. Ward and Liz went back down to the apartment.

“I’m so happy you accepted Mistress’ offer,” Renee said excitedly as she grabbed me in a fierce hug.

“Mistress is a wonderful teacher and can show you so much. It also means I get to see more of that naked body of yours,” She said playfully, giving my ass a squeeze.

I couldn’t help but smile at her excitement. I doubt what I was going to learn from Ms. Ward was anything I could put on a job resume. But I doubted I’d ever get such an offer for lifetime experiences again.

We quickly carried the dishes down and completed our task of cleaning up the kitchen.

Renee talked about music, television, movies, and just everyday events.

I didn’t think this was the time to really ask about what lead her to Ms. Ward. I was really too busy enjoying her company and her relaxed and happy demeanor.

But, I just had to know, so…

“Renee, have you ever worked for Ms. Ward? With her clientele I mean.” I was nervous as I asked. Afraid of the answer and yet wanting to know. Here was Renee, a happy normal person, and not seeming to be some depressed, drugged out zombie, hating her life as I imagined a prostitute must.

“Yes, I’ve worked with Ms. Ward on numerous occasions,” Renee responded with out hesitation.

“I’ve actually enjoyed them, though there were one or two that I felt were getting out of hand. Ms. Ward instantly set the other person right.”

“Mistress pushed my envelope of what I thought I could do and felt was erotic and exciting. She knows the type of person I am and has almost always arranged that the person, or persons I was with would deal with me to our mutual liking.”

“Don’t worry. I can see she likes you. Trust her. She really will look after you.”

Renee shooed me off as we neared the end of our cleaning. I located the enema bag, hose, and bulb Renee had used on me the night before. I began filling the bottle with warm water after adding some of the liquid soap. After lubing the nozzle and bulb, I found they were easier to slip into me then the night before. Seems I was starting to get a bit looser, or just more accustomed to having things up my rectum.

I repeated the ritual of cleaning myself out three times, then caught a quick shower. I also shaved off the hair that had begun to grow back in my crotch area. I wanted to please Ms. Ward for whatever she had planned. Something told me it would be involving this area.

I entered Ms. Ward’s bedroom and about dropped my jaw on the floor.

Lying on the bed was Liz, in all her glory. My earlier question of her being a Leon was definitely answered. There was no cock on this woman. Instead there was a shaved vagina.

I was no expert on the female anatomy by any means, but this woman could have easily graced the cover of any of the men’s magazines I had seen.

Liz had no tan lines on her body. Her breasts were firm and beautifully proportioned to her body. Liz was lying on her back with her legs slightly raised as her heels pressed into the mattress. As I had described her earlier, there was no fat on her body, nor was she a mass of bulging muscles. Just a tightness to her physique that showed the rise of her muscles.

She was slowly running a finger through her slit as she watched me enter.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?”

I about jumped out of my skin when Ms. Ward spoke. I had completely forgotten she would be here also.

Ms. Ward was wearing a shear robe that was untied and hanging open. Her breasts were covered by the material but they were visible through the sheer material.

Ms. Ward had a slight bulge to her stomach and her breasts hung a bit lower then Renee’s or Liz’s, but she was still a magnificent looking woman. She was the only one that seemed to be allowed to have any crotch hair, and that consisted of only a small patch above her vagina.

Ms. Ward moved over to the bed and began caressing Liz’s bare breasts. Liz had closed her eyes enjoying the sensations of Ms. Ward’s fingers on her rigid nipple.

“Yes, she is beautiful. Her lovely breasts, her physique, and her oh so hungry pussy.”

Ms. Ward began pushing a finger into Liz’s pussy as she spoke.

“Liz has been my love for the past five years. I’ve loved her like no other. Yet each time I see her before me, naked, waiting and wanting, I still feel my cunt start leaking.”

I had never heard a woman speaking so graphically, but as I watched Ms. Ward strumming on Liz’s sex and kneading her breasts, it somehow didn’t seem crass. kaçak iddaa

Ms. Ward was staring at Liz as her hands moved and caressed her. I could see the love and affection she had for her. Liz was raising her hips to Ms. Ward’s fingers, trying desperately to have more of those digits enter her.

“Hmm, patience my love. This is more for him then us today. But don’s worry, I’m not done with you yet.”

Ms. Ward removed her robe and laid down on the bed next to Liz.

“Tell me Randy, have you ever pleased a woman with your mouth?”

“No maam,” I was able to answer, barely above a whisper.

“Well, this will be your first lesson then. Come onto the bed between my legs, facing me.”

I complied with her request, placing myself on my knees before her.

“Now I want you to start on my feet and kiss your way up my legs.”

Now I have to say, I really never thought of feet as being at all sexy, or a part of the body to be involved in a sexual way. But Ms. Ward’s were perfectly manicured and soft to my touch.

I began to kiss her toes when she said, “Suck them.”

I placed her big to into my mouth, running my tongue around it like a small cock.

“Yes, that’s very nice. Very nice. I knew you would be good.”

“Now repeat that with the other toes, but not for to long.”

I repeated my adoration of each toe, then slipped all her toes into my mouth, running my tongue along the undersides.

Ms. Ward had turned to Liz and was in the middle of a deep kiss. Their tongues moving back and forth between their mouths.

Ms. Ward didn’t seem in any position to continue giving me directions. I thought of my night with Renee and began to slowly kiss and lick my way up her leg.

I heard a soft “yes” from Ms. Ward when I lifted her leg and licked behind her knee.

I continued working my way ever closer to her center. Her thigh was so soft to my touch, I couldn’t resist rubbing the side of my face against her.

When I reached the point where her leg and hip met, I burrowed into the soft cup formed by the junction. I spent several minutes there just enjoying the feel of Ms. Ward’s flesh surrounding my face.

“Nice warm up. Yes. Very nice,” Ms. Ward panted out.

“Now lick me Randy, Lick me baby. I want to feel your tongue in me!”

For the first time, I felt in charge now. I was controlling Ms. Ward. I was surprised how good that felt. I also wanted to please Ms. Ward. I was not looking to avoid some punishment, but wanted her to have pleasure from what I did.

Even so, my passion had grown through all my ministrations. My cock was rock hard by now, bobbing between my legs.

Ms. Ward had moved down Liz’s neck and was kissing and nipping her nipple. Liz’s hand was holding Ms. Ward’s head lightly, pulling her to her breast. Ms. Ward’s other hand was busy on the other nipple, pulling and twisting it incessantly. Liz was moaning her pleasure with soft yes’s coming from her lips.

I took a minute to look at the first pussy I had ever been this near to.

Ms. Ward’s lips extended out a bit, and there seemed to be several skin flaps leading to her center. I could see that Liz’s pussy lips were tight to her body, so it looked like a slit running between her legs.

I sucked one of Ms. Ward’s lips into my mouth and began pressing it with my lips as I pulled my head up slightly, extending it from her body. I could smell an aroma coming from Ms. Ward that was not at all unpleasant.

I moved my head down and around her opening, continuing to lick, suck and nip her with my lips and tongue.

I ran my tongue into the center of her lips as I could see them opening before me. I felt a small bump against my tongue as I reached the top of her opening.

Ms. Ward jerked when I hit it. I thought I may have hurt her and pulled my head up abruptly.

“No, no my little pussy licker, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Your doing wonderfully.” That was all I got out of her before her mouth was again entwined with Liz’s. Two of her fingers pumping in and out of Liz’s cunt.

I had felt wetness in Ms. Ward’s pussy and thought it was from my spittle. I noticed Liz’s cunt was also wet, an audible squishing noise coming from her cunt as Ms. Ward fingered her.

I searched for the source of this wetness in Ms. Ward’s pussy, pushing my tongue into her. I could feel the moisture coming from inside her and began my best to lick it up, pushing my tongue into her as far as I could. This brought a gasp from Ms. Ward’s lips.

I continued to thrust my tongue into her, occasionally running it over that small, hard nub.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Just like that, keep going, keep going.:”

Ms. Ward was moving her hips up to my mouth, trying to push more of her against me. Her eyes were closed and her hands were now pulling on her own nipples.

Suddenly her hips rose up from the bed, her legs tightened around my head and her hands pushed my head hard against her mound.

Sharp “Ohs” where coming from Ms. Ward lips as she arched her back, and became kaçak bahis rigid.

This lasted for several seconds until I felt Ms. Ward loosening her grip on my head. With each lick her body would make a small jerk. Ms. Ward was panting and out of breath, her eyes closed. A small smile on her face.

I felt a sense of pride in bringing Ms. Ward to this point. I didn’t fully understand a woman’s orgasm, but I could easily tell that what I had done had definitely pleased her.

“Stop. Stop. God, that was good.”

“Well, I think we’ve covered pussy eating, and you definitely passed.”

“Now let’s work on what to do with that small pole between your legs. I’m going to let Liz be the teacher on that while I catch my breath.”

“I want you to lay on top of Liz and begin kissing her. I can’t imagine you not wanting to, but if it helps, think of her as Renee.”

Ms. Ward had again read my mind. I had felt some qualms of feeling like I would be cheating on Renee by kissing Liz. But, recalling our conversation in the kitchen, I knew Renee had been with others. Giving her body and perhaps her love to men and women Ms. Ward would direct her to.

I could feel my dick was having no problems with being with Liz. It was as hard as ever.

I moved over to Liz and felt her lips against mine. She surprised me by licking Ms. Ward’s juices from around my mouth, her hands running up my back and down to cup my ass.

Liz gripped my face in her two hands and pushed me back from her face. “I never let a man touch me. I live for Ms. Ward’s love. But I’ve seen the way you are with Renee and how much she loves you. My Mistress also wants this so I’ll let you fuck me.”

Holy shit.

My first woman was going to be this goddess. But more, I appreciated what she was going to allow me to do, even though I had figured out she was more into women and specifically Ms. Ward. The term lesbian, really something I had seen in books.

Liz had released my head and reached down with her hand to grab my dick.

“Raise up a little bit honey so I can position you. I’m already wet from Mistress’s touch.”

Liz guided my dick to her pussy. When I felt that warm, wet opening, I didn’t need any instruction on what to do next.

I pushed myself into her, feeling her cunt walls grip me.

So this is what they meant by a tight pussy. I could feel her gripping me as I moved into her.

“Slow down a bit champ. This isn’t a race. Let me get used to feeling you in me.”

I slowed myself, slowly easing downwards. I could feel the sides of her gripping me like thousands of tiny fingers rubbing the length of my prick. Pulling and pushing my cock all at the same time.

I heard a small sigh from Liz as I bottomed out into her. Our crotches touching, bare skin to bare skin.

I held this position a moment before beginning the trip back up, slowly moving, feeling her gripping me, her slickness, her warmth, her tightness.

I pulled out until just my head was in Liz, then started back down. Feeling her shift her hips up to me, I lowered myself faster then the first thrust.

Liz’s eyes were shut, her hands gripping my back, her fingernails pushing into me, leaving small trails of pleasant pain. Liz wrapped her legs around my waist, rolling her hips up towards me, allowing a few millimeters more of depth to enter her, my thighs pushing against her ass cheeks.

“Fuck yea, push into me! Fuck me.” Liz shouted out.

All my thoughts centered on our rhythm. Pushing into her, pulling back out. Feeling her with just my cock, the sweat building on my face and body, her thighs pushing me up and driving me back into her. Nothing else mattered but my prick slamming into this woman. Feeling my cum building in my balls. Burning to want to shoot.

Liz ‘s head was rolling back and forth below me, her mouth opened and closing as if gasping for air, her body rising up to me with each thrust and pulling me in as if to have my entire body enter her.

I could read her as if we were of one mind. I could see her approaching that moment. I gritted my teeth and stayed with it, pushing my thoughts of release back. Wanting to feel this woman buck beneath me.

Liz’s body rose up, slamming into me as she became rigid, her mouth frozen in a silent “O”. Her hands and legs gripping me, held there as her passion consumed her.

I heard a faint swish behind me as I felt a burning to my thighs just below my ass cheeks.

Ms. Ward beside me, raising the small wooden stick for a second strike. The sensations, the feelings, the pain, all combined to push me over the edge.

I grunted as the first spurt pushed up my shaft and shot deep into Liz’s womb. Burning as it traveled my length. My hands grabbed Liz’s ass, pulling her harder into me. Feeling my balls convulsing with each additional spurt. Hearing nothing, seeing nothing. Only my cock cumming. The clenching of Liz’s cunt around me. The intense release.

As my cock emptied, I came out of my fog. Liz was still having small trembles as small orgasms continued to ripple through her.

I collapsed onto her, my arms and legs no longer able to support my weight. Liz hugged me to her as she slowly opened her eyes. My cock softening, but still inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32