Forbidden desires Ch. 01

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What I was doing was wrong and I knew it. It wasn’t fair to Dave, he would hurt so badly if he knew. And I couldn’t even make up a decent excuse in my head.

Why did I agree on meeting this guy?

It started out innocently, on a stupid website. I was really bored, and initially I just looked for someone who’d talk to me, to kill time, someone who, despite what this site was clearly for, wouldn’t ask anything sexual of me. I was loyal and faithful to Dave then.

I don’t know what happened, maybe I was hurt from all the conversation closed in my face, bored even more when the only conversation I could hold was oh-my-god-so-boring. And angry maybe, when Dave wouldn’t text me back.

So the next guy that asked me to take my dress off got his wish. And then I turned off the webcam, scared, ashamed. But I got back there. it was thrilling. The shame subsided, the guilt did too, and after a few runaways and a few very embarrassed I-can’t-do-this, I met him.

He was kind, didn’t push me, but could really make a girl blush with compliments, once I tossed my dress away.

I let him see me, all of me. I blushed at few of his requests, not being so confident with my body as it seemed. But he made it worth it. When I accepted to bend over for him and let him see my ass-cheeks spread and my folds wet from the thrilling experience, he showered me of compliments, appreciation, thanked me even. I blushed even more, but felt good about myself as I hadn’t in a long time. We moved on from looking to touching.

I touched myself under his instructions, and despite the guilt I felt later, in that moment I thought, wished, those hands were his, not mine, not Dave’s.

And as I came stifling a moan, still shy to moan over a microphone, splattering my fluids over my hand, seeing him cum on his hand too, on the other side of the screen, I was amazed at how intense that was. He never pushed but he surely was good at talking me into things.

I let him watch as I explored a part of that had never been touched. My asshole. And what a discovery that was. Inexperienced as I was in the all out-of-the-ordinary-sex department, a finger in there was so new and surprising to me I didn’t even hear my conscience telling me to stop. It was too thrilling. And most of all, it was forbidden.

I wasn’t supposed to do it, I could have been busted, Dave could leave me for it. But I couldn’t bring myself to stop.

Every now and then, when I was alone, or really bored, at first. I’d chat him up, asking him to ease me out of my boredom. Then I became addicted. He was good with words, over chat, he made me wet my underwear several times, and I couldn’t stop chatting with him even when I was out with friends, or had Dave on the phone.

There were a few guilt trips, days in which I didn’t answer to his texts or emails, days where I went back to be loyal and faithful. But I always came back. He was too much to pass on.

We exchanged pictures, at the most inappropriate times I would get a photo of him stroking himself over a photo of mine, and desire, pride of having a man desiring my body so, excitement at the forbidden affair I was having, all this filled me, and spurred me on to continue.

One time I was shocked to realize we didn’t even know each other’s names. I learned he was Brandon, I told him my name was Sally. Last names weren’t necessary, but from then on, we did know a bit more of each other bahis firmaları not-sexually-wise.

It went on for months, during which I felt guilty not just towards Dave, but towards Brandon’s wife, who I knew nothing about. Yes, he had a wife, he was older than me by a long shot, actually, he could have almost been my father. And that was even hotter. I was starting to think I had a thing for older men, that knew better for me, that had load to teach me on sex, and that could easily have this kind of affair without getting involved.

And I had doubts, once in a while, thought about ending it for Dave’s sake, or ending it with Dave because clearly I didn’t love him enough if I was doing this. But I never resolved, it just kept happening. At times, I felt powerless, at others, especially during the webcam plays with Brandon, I felt so powerful, oh so powerful, that any man would fall at my feet if I wanted. It was my private pride, my escape, the thing that made think I had accomplished something, if even small and meaningless and dirty, when everything else shattered to pieces.

And then we fought, Dave and I, over something stupid, over a missed opportunity to see each other because of a friend’s birthday. He got way too angry at me, and I couldn’t take his shit.

He profusely apologized the next day, but it had shaken me up already. I liked being free, I realized, and he was setting up so many strings I just had the temptation to wriggle free and do something stupid. Like what I had agreed to do now.

It was in the middle of that day-long fight that I checked the messages from Brandon and he had this wild idea, this opportunity.

His wife was away for work, and his son was at summer camp. I could easily come down to his city, to his house. We’d have the weekend for ourselves.

Again, I don’t know why I said yes. I was angry at Dave maybe, ached for a little freedom, a little more excitement, and Brandon said the right words, pushed the right button, first of all he let me imagine what he could do to me in real life if he had me cum all the time for him without even touching me. I couldn’t stop myself.

I made up my plan. I got into my boss’s e-mail account, sent myself an e-mail talking of a conference I supposedly had to attend that weekend. Then canceled it and signed off. That night I made peace with Dave, my rage smitten by the incoming thrill. And as my phone rang when I was driving, I asked him to check the e-mails.

He read to me my own e-mail. I feigned sadness for the lost weekend, but he convened work was work, and suspected nothing.

I left for California the next week.

So here I was now, in the cab, in front of his house. I couldn’t get my feet to step out of that car.

“Miss? Are you going to get off?”

“Yes… in a second.” I was not taking shit from the cub driver too. I had my own pace.

In due time, I recollected my will and got off the car. I was standing in front of Brandon’s door, he sent me a photo to be sure I’ll recognize it, and I couldn’t bring myself to knock.

He saved me that pain.

“Sally?” A voice from behind me. I turned rapidly, and almost tripped over my heels, yes, I had worn heels, I had dressed up. Brandon is in front of me, on the other side of the front yard.

“It’s me. Hi Brandon.” Hi, what a stupid word. We knew each other way to well for a simple ‘hi’, but still… what else could I say?

He kaçak iddaa walked closer, and suddenly I wasn’t sure on how to greet him. Should I hug him, shake his hand, kiss him? If so, Cheek? Mouth?

He answers for me. He swiftly picks me up by tightening his arms right under my backside, swooped me around and kissed me blatantly on the lips. Right, that’s how he greets me.

All at once I was nervous. I had his intrigued over webcam and chat, but what if in real life my bravery let me down and he found me boring? It’d be such an hard blow to my self-esteem…

“I trust you don’t mind me taking you right inside?” his voice was familiar, we had tons of, very erotic, phone calls. The very sound of it makes my insides melt.

“Not at all.” I grin. He wastes no time bringing me into the house. Brief stop in the kitchen, where he set me on the counter asking me if I wanted water. I said no, I wasn’t thirsty, not for water. I showed off my most wicked grin. He laughed and opened the freezer anyway. I was about to ask him what he was doing, then I saw a little bucket of water, filled with ice cubes and a bottle of champagne.

Mmmh… I could like this.

And as he took an ice cube in his hands I was also reminded of one of our teasing conversations, about a game with ice.

“Stand up on your feet Sally.” Here? Right in his kitchen? Where he’d be preparing dinner with his wife? Hot, really hot.

I did so without hesitation, his heated stare on me.

“Take off your dress.” My blue dress was zipped at the back, I could take it off myself, but the contortion of my arms and back wouldn’t look very sexy.

I just turned and let him see the silvery zip.

“Mmmh… need help huh?” I heard him set down the bucket, and a noise of moved around ice.

When his fingers touched my bare back to slid down the zipper, I jolted. They were ice-cold.

And as the zipped came down, actual ice descended down my spine in its place. He let the cube slide down my back even after the dress had fallen off and continued down to my behind, my ass-cheeks exposed by the black lacey thong I was wearing.

“Remember this Sally?” he breathed right next to my ear.


“Is it as you imagined?”

“Better…” I moaned.

He groaned. “You were shyer over the phone.”

I gasped as his cold hands grasped and squeezed my ass. “I get embarrassed moaning over the phone.”

“But not on real life?” his fingers probed between my cheeks.

“No…” my head reclined back and to the side.

He caught on swiftly and placed his lips on my neck, quickly replacing kisses with bites. He knew me well.

His hands sneaked to my front and I heard him stifle a gasp. I know, I’m wet, I can’t help myself.

“Ready so soon Sally?”

I groaned, knowing he liked to tease me at this point.

He unclasped my bra and let it fall, then brought the ice cube on my belly, sliding up. From the crease between my breast he slowly tortured one nipple after the other.

Oh, sweet torture! Cold and hot at the same time, my nipples standing up to attention. I moaned again.

“Mmmh… my greedy little girl.” his tongue traced a line down my neck, then his teeth. The ice was melting on my warm breasts, trickling cold water down my belly, getting my thong wet, if it wasn’t enough already, sliding down my legs and pooling by me feet.

As the ice cube melted away, his kaçak bahis free hand rubbed my wet folds without baring me of my last piece of clothing. My sticky wetness reached his fingers nonetheless.

He brought them to my face. “Suck Sally.”

I opened my mouth and welcomed his fingers, tasting my saltiness on them. I sucked as if it was his cock, my tongue eager to taste him instead of me.

I heard him groan and he turned me around abruptly. Suddenly he was facing my, and a second later his tongue was in my mouth, his hands pressing me on him, my own tangled in his hair, pulling.

He bit my lower lip and, staring into my eyes, slid my thong down my legs. I wriggled it down and stepped out of it.

He picked me up, making me wrap my legs around his waist so that he was impossible for me not to feel his hardness. He tried to set me on top of the counter, but grinning, I stepped back down, to his confused face. As I dropped to my knees, still glaring at him, he smirked. I undid his belt and took pants and boxers out of the way. His cock was bigger from up close that it seemed in photo or on webcam. I grabbed his length with my hand firmly, enjoying his intake of breath. I lowered my gaze just a second to allow my mouth to position right on his balls. I licked and kissed, until I felt his shake, while still rubbing him with my hand. Then I put my mouth over my hand, sliding down to his length, working patterns with my tongue on the bottom side.

He closed his eyes, his breathing hitched. “Mmmh… My skillful little Sally.” I loved it when he said things like that, and it only spurred me further. I took him all in my mouth, bobbed up and down faster, massaging his balls with my hand.

He growled and pulled me off his cock. I knew he wouldn’t let me make him cum when he didn’t ask for it. He liked to be in charge, and it was perfectly okay with me, he was more than capable to handle me.

This time he dragged me to the living room, and unceremoniously bent me over the couch. My insides withered in longing.

He plunged deep inside me with one stroke, meeting no resistance at all from my more than ready body. I gasped loudly at the feeling of his length inside me.

“Like it this deep little girl?” I groaned in response, more than aware of what that will bring.

He slapped my ass pretty hard, erotic and a bit painful at the same time. “Answer me.” He growled, sliding out and thrusting real deep back in.

I screamed my answer. “Yes… Oh God yes I like it. Make me take it deeper please.” I knew he loved it when I begged.

“Beg for it.” exactly.

“Please, this little girl wants to be fucked senseless. Please… fuck me. Ah!!” he had at last fulfilled my wish, and he was ramming into me, groaning his pleasure.

As my muscled started to clench on him regularly, I held back until he said so, or it would turn out badly, I knew it. Though the thought did excite me…

“There Sally…” he growled. “Cum for me little girl, cum!” and on cue, I did, I exploded right there and then, with his semen spurting inside me. He knew he could, he knew I was on the pill.

As he slid out of me, making me wince, I collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily. I might have passed out there, from the intensity of my orgasm, from the flight, the time zone…

Last thing I saw was his face while he scooped me up and brought me up to his bedroom. I felt the soft mattress giving in to my weight and his figure laying beside me. I closed my eyes content, heart still hammering, and wildly anticipating this weekend.

Perhaps giving in to forbidden desires wasn’t so bad.

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