Forbidden Fruit

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Public Sex

***Note: This account is entirely fictional and is meant for entertainment only. If you are offended by the topic of kidnap or bondage, please do not read this story.***

I saw her walking down the street every day. To most she was probably entirely unremarkable. Short, not more than 5′ 3″, with mousy brown hair and a little face that lacked any real distinction. But her smile, she didn’t smile often, but when she did… That little shy smile, not quite experienced enough to be coquettish, but begging for any kind gesture in return. She was an innocent entirely, and god how I wanted her!

I sat outside at a coffee shop across the street from where she would walk by each day, probably on her way to some dead end job somewhere. Maybe she was a student. I didn’t know, and I didn’t care. I didn’t want to get to know her, I didn’t want to be her friend, I didn’t even need to know her name. I just needed to possess her, ravish her, break her, and send her back to the world more experienced, more knowing, maybe even jaded. If I cared, perhaps I’d realize how monstrous and inhumane my plans sounded. But to me, the very idea sent my blood racing.

I planned how to do it for months. There could be no detail missed. I wouldn’t permanently damage her, and perhaps she’d even like it, but I sincerely doubt she would come along willingly if I told her my plans for her.

I followed her a few times to see where she went and when she left, lucky for me she left quite late in the evening from a dive diner she worked at up on 6th Street. There were blocks of lonely quiet street between work and her home. Too easy.

Finally the night I’d chosen arrived. I waited against a building about halfway to her home. There were no street lights here, and no open businesses. As she walked by she didn’t even notice me, she was too immersed in the music coming from her iPod.

I sidled up behind her and wrapped my arm around her torso pinning her arms as my other hand came up to cover her nose in chloroform. After a few moments of struggling, she was out, limp in my arms.

I picked her up quite easily, she couldn’t weigh more than 90 pounds, and tossed her on the back seat of my car. I secured her hands and legs with a length of silk rope, I couldn’t have my precious cargo bruised after all. Carefully I arranged a blanket on top of her to make sure she wasn’t visible and headed back home.

My friends don’t understand why I chose to live in the middle of nowhere. They never visit, I always make the drive to civilization. But a remote setting has advantages. Namely, when kidnapping a little bit of fun there is no one around to hear her scream should she get feisty during the ordeal.

As I pulled into my driveway I pondered the headache she would have when she woke. I certainly. What shall I name her for the weekend? Tabitha? No, too old fashioned. Sarah? Too plain. kocaeli escort Ah, I know. I’ll call her Basha. My little beautiful one.

I should thank my ex for that sometime. I chuckled to myself at the thought of how that would sound. “Hi Joe, just thought I’d call you to say thanks for calling me Basha. While you were a total asshole, the name came in handy to use for this cute little thing I kidnapped and toyed with for a weekend. Ok, bye now!”

I pulled to a stop and hauled my little Basha out of the backseat, slung her over my shoulder and made my way to the house. Once inside I carefully secured her in the master bedroom. Untying her hands first, and retying them with a length of rope wrapped through the bed frame, then the same for her legs. I left enough length that I could untie and reposition her easily throughout the weekend.

I arranged her on her back, with her arms stretched above her head and her legs spread. Then I carefully secured a blindfold over her eyes before I began cutting her clothing away piece by piece. As I cut her little blouse into shreds and pulled each piece from underneath her, I couldn’t help stopping to run my lips and tongue across the swell of her perfectly tiny and pert breasts. Her skin tasted clean and felt perfectly smooth.

Once her blouse was out of the way I proceeded to cut her pants off in the same manner. She had small but beautifully proportioned legs. Nicely muscular in that athletic way, with shapely calves and very pretty feet. Her hip flared just a little and her stomach had just the slightest roundness to it. She looked soft and touchable, and so vulnerable tied the way she was.

After taking her sandals off her feet and ridding her of the scraps I’d shredded her pants into, I cut through the middle and straps of her bra, and then as I was about to cut the sides of her panties I thought better of it. The white cotton against her milky skin was just too sexy, I wanted to appreciate it a bit more.

Once I’d finished I put away the scissors and sat down to wait for her to stir. I didn’t have to wait very long. Only an hour or so. As she first began to move, I watched her face intently. I was waiting for that moment where she realized she wasn’t waking up from a nap. Where she remembered the last thing before she blacked out. Where she tried to move and realized she was tied.

It came quickly. She tried to stretch as she groaned and twisted a little, and her hands and feet would not move the way she wanted. Panic crossed her pretty little features. She tugged at her wrists, and then rather than screaming as I’d expected, she began talking to herself.

“Wake up, Nancy. This is just a dream. Ready? Okay. Wake up!”

Nancy, so that was her name. I liked Basha better. From the look on her face she was clearly puzzled and afraid. As much fun as this was, I was ready to hear her start begging.

“Hello”, kocaeli escort bayan I said. Shock registered on her face.

“Hel..llo?” she managed to get out in a squeak. “Is ssssomeone the…there?”

“Yes Nancy,” I replied, “and if you’re a good little girl you’ll be on your way in no time.”

“Wha…what do you want wi..with me?” she asked.

“You’ll see, if you’re good you’ll be unharmed. If not, I make no promises.”

“Please let me go” she replied. “I’m not worth anything, really, please please let me go.”

“Quiet!” I barked. She immediately slunk back into the mattress as though she’d been struck. “That’s better. If you continue to talk, or attempt to scream, I will gag you. I’d really rather not do that. If you’ll be good and promise to be quiet, this will be over very soon and you can leave.”

“What are you going to do with me?” she whispered.

I didn’t respond. Instead I trailed my finger very lightly up the length of her right leg, all along the side of her stomach and chest, and up to her neck. Then I leaned in and kissed her soft little lips very lightly.

She pulled in air sharply, and I continued teasing her lips lightly while my hand trailed to her left breast and made a large circle around it before trailing lightly back up to her neck and running along the outer edge of her ear. She started groaning ever so slightly and I felt her lips part just a touch.

I kissed her again, still teasing, but with the slightest touch of my tongue across her lips, down along her lower lip and then up over the top before pressing a slightly firmer kiss to her lips. Meanwhile my hand continued its path from her breast to her ear, finally tracing light little circles across her nipple. She moaned into my mouth the first time I did and involuntarily arched toward me.

The one advantage to being a woman when seducing a woman, is that women are much less threatening. Women aren’t programmed to defend against other women, I’ve found it’s so much easier and quicker to get even the staunchly straight to succumb to pleasure. Knowing where and how to touch helps too, of course.

I moved off her lips and trailed down to her neck, gently sucking and kissing up and down the side, and nipping at her earlobe very lightly on each pass. My hand slowly trailed down to her panties and ran down across her slit. She was completely wet, soaked through her panties entirely. I grinned against her neck. She was mine.

Little Nancy moaned and turned her head toward me as my hand gently ran across her pussy. I slid my fingers under the band of her panties and dipped into her welcoming wetness. She moaned again and pushed up against my hand as I slipped a single finger inside her.

As I pushed it in deeper I stopped short as I came into contact with something. My little Basha kocaeli escort had never been fucked. She had to be at least 22, but she was unmistakably a virgin. What a lovely bonus!

I eased back out of her and then back in, and she arched against my hand again. I moved my mouth back to hers and gently kissed her, and her tongue snaked out to meet mine. I kept sliding my finger in and out of her pussy and started brushing the palm of my hand against her clit on the way each time.

She kissed me, hard, like an urgent desire had just exploded inside her. I smirked against her lips and met her fervor, kissing her hard and deep, claiming her mouth and gently capturing her tongue.

I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy and tease her clit, until her body started to tense and her hands balled up into little fists. She squeezed her eyes shut and shuddered and groaned as the first orgasm of the evening washed over her little body. But I wasn’t anywhere near done.

As soon as she stopped shuddering I moved down her body between her legs and ran my tongue across her entire slit, from bottom to top, ending by flicking over her clit, and then delving my tongue inside her pussy and coming up to lap across her clit, back and forth, over and over. She was hyper sensitive and going crazy begging me to stop. I didn’t let up. She kept groaning an squealing until I finally stopped to let her rest a moment.

She looked pouty and relieved at the same time. I undressed myself and climbed back onto the bed with a few toys along. I bent down and kissed her again, letting her taste herself on my tongue. She didn’t seem to mind and kissed me back again. I moved to her ear and whispered “I’ll make you feel real good again if you’ll do something for me.”

“What can I do?” she breathed out.

“You can lick me the way I licked you while I make you feel the way you did earlier.”

“I… I can try.” She said in an uncertain tone.

Good enough for me. I positioned my pussy right above her mouth and told her to lick my clit. She very tentatively stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked.

It felt lovely! Doubly so because I was making this innocent little girl do it for me. I move back down to her pussy and encouragingly told her “Yes, that’s it Basha, just like that. Just keep it steady and keep licking.”

She paused a moment when I ran my tongue over her clit, but then she went right back to her task in earnest. I circled my tongue around her clit, and then isolated the little nub and made her pull her hips as far away as she could when it got to be too intense.

I grabbed one of the small toys I’d brought back to the bed and ran the tip around her pussy as I licked her little clit. Slowly I inserted the tip and moved it ever so slightly in and out. Pretty quickly she was on the verge again and I felt her stop licking as she tensed up and thrashed underneath me.

I pushed the toy in as far as I could without damaging her hymen and sucked her clit lightly as she came. Once her shuddering stopped I moved off of her and decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to cum.

***to be continued?

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