Forbidden Fruit

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(Be honest. If you’re a guy, you have always thought about what it would be like to bed a lesbian. It’s not the noble cause of converting them back to becoming a hetero or even becoming a bi. It’s the thought of what it would be like. Would she be as tight as a virgin? Would she know how to suck cock or would she have to be taught everything? This is a story about that very thing. It’s a fabrication of course because after all, it’s a fantasy.)


If there was ever a contradiction walking, it was Wanda. Wanda was a gorgeous Latina woman with long black hair, a gorgeous rack and a pretty ass smile. Sounds like a hot girl, right? Well, she has one flaw. It’s not a minor flaw, but a major one that screws up the whole picture.

She’s a lesbian.

Yeah, the wet dream walking is a dyke. Not only is she a carpet muncher, but her girlfriend works in the same division and she’s not even close to her looks. Wanda’s pretty tall, but Stacy is short and built like a keg. She is definitely the butch of the duo. It was heart breaking the first time I saw them walking hand in hand from one end of the job site to the other. It felt even worse when I saw them kiss. It wasn’t a real kiss, mind you. But it was a kiss nevertheless. Talk about an immediate buzz kill. I had to think of Wanda as off limits.

But it was so hard.

In the heat of the day, she would take off the flannel she wore to show off a tiny T-shirt that held her chest in place and I would feel my coveralls getting tight around my lower regions. The way she smiled at everyone didn’t help either. I remember one time looking canlı bahis over and watching Stacy and she was as mesmerized as I was. Later, they would argue in Spanish about how Wanda shouldn’t tease the guys like that. I swear that Stacy was as possessive as any guy with a hot girl.

There was a week that Stacy was out for whatever reason. I think she was either sick or she was visiting a mother or something. I ended up getting partnered with Wanda for the week. I was screwed in my mind because I wasn’t sure if Wanda would complain of sexual harassment if she saw the bulge in my coveralls. I tried to think of every mood killing thought I could the first couple days just to keep me under control. Wanda merely looked at me and smiled as we worked.

It was Wednesday of that week that the unthinkable happened. We were just finishing moving some crates to one end of the structure when the lunch whistle blew. I simply reached over and grabbed my lunch pail before I sat down to eat. For the first time, Wanda brought her lunch and sat down next to me. I could smell her sweat mixed with a fruity perfume and it was causing the assumed reaction. I tried to hide it by moving my lunch pail on top of my groin. Wanda started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked. Wanda looked at me.

“You try so hard to be the gentleman. I know you have a hard-on. Stop hiding it. I am flattered,” she said in a very thick accent. I decided to relax and moved the lunch pail so she could see the damage she was causing.

“If you were not in a relationship, I’d ask you to fix this,” I said sarcastically before bahis siteleri Wanda allowed her hand to slowly rub over it. She slowly began to move her fingers til she was stroking me through the coveralls. I looked around and the floor we were on was deserted. As I closed my eyes to enjoy the tease, she slowly reached up and unzipped my coveralls until my shaft was exposed.

“Oh my, he is excited,” she said. She started stroking my naked shaft slowly before she looked me in the eyes.

“Here’s the deal. I am horny and haven’t had a dick since Stacy came in the picture. This is a one time thing. If you tell anyone about this, Stacy will come after you and cut these off, understand?”

I nodded in compliance before Wanda lowered her face. I couldn’t see what she was doing because of her hair, but I could feel her mouth enclosing my shaft and tentatively sucking me. My hand went immediately to the back of her head as she started sucking quicker. I started closing my eyes not believing that this dyke was sucking my cock. It was a few more sucks before she flipped her hair back and lay there smiling at me.

“You want to cum in my mouth or all over my face?” she asked. I started to ponder the options before I watched her mouth enclose me again. I moaned loudly before I answered.

“Can I fuck you first?” She looked at me slyly before she got up on her knees and removed the tight T-shirt she wore. I saw a white lacey bra before it was undone and discarded to show off really large nipples. She edged closer and pushed my head against them where my mouth started kissing and sucking them excitedly. bahis şirketleri It was a moment or two before her hand held me closer and I could hear her moan softly.

My other hand slowly slid down and slipped into her jeans where I felt nothing but skin. Sensing my desire, she stood and undid her jeans and pulled them off with a nice pair of white hi cuts. There she stood before me naked like a dream before she sat down on a nearby crate. I took the hint and buried my head between her legs to sample her naked clam. She moaned louder as I started licking. I figured out later that it had been a while since she felt goatee against her naked pussy and it helped out a bunch. I felt her body tense before she went limp like a ragdoll. It was then she surprised me. She flipped over so her perfect ass was in view. As I edged closer, she stopped me.

“You have to promise to pull out before you get ready to cum. I don’t want Stacy to taste you in my pussy later,” she asked before I started sliding inside her. As I started pumping my rod inside her, the thoughts of Stacy eating her out after I climaxed inside her became overwhelming. I tried to stay the course and keep pumping until I could feel myself getting closer.

“Wanda, I’m going…” I started to say before Wanda slid around and took me into her mouth where I shot my load. Like a good slut, she swallowed all of my seed before flashing me that smile again. We then got cleaned up and went back to work when the lunch whistle blew again.

Gentle reader, I would love to tell you that Wanda and I fucked many more times after that. However, it was only a one time thing and Stacy was back at work the next day to watch me like a hawk until I changed jobs. It was an experience though. Wanda was a really good hetero, if only for a lunch break.

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