Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 05

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As Steve drove home after dropping off Matt and Christie, he thought about Katie. This was the first time that she had ever taken a day off work. And she had sounded really vague on the phone that morning when she had called to tell him not to pick her up. He hoped that everything was all right with her, and with them. He most certainly didn’t want to stop seeing her. Although now that Jane and Richard had found out about them, things did seem to be a little weird.

When Steve reached his house, he was very surprised to see Katie’s car in the driveway. As he came to a stop next to it, his mind raced, wondering what was about to happen. Was there about to be a confrontation with Jane and Katie, and maybe Richard as well? He was a very worried man as he entered the house.

“Hello, darling,” said Jane calmly, as soon as she saw him. She came over and gave him a kiss.

“Hi, handsome,” said Katie, and she kissed him as well.

“What’s going on?” asked Steve.

Jane ignored his question. “Why don’t you go and have a shower and relax after a hard day at work,” said Jane. “And maybe a shave as well?”

“That’s a good idea,” said Katie.

Steve was smart enough to know not to argue with women, so he went and showered. He tried to figure out what was going on, but every scenario that went through his mind ended in disaster. After his shower he shaved as instructed, and then walked out in to the bedroom, wearing just a towel. He stopped in his tracks and just stared. Jane and Katie were both sitting on the bed. They were both wearing black bras, panties, suspender belts, stockings, and stiletto heels. And nothing else.

“Surprise!” they said in unison.

‘Surprise’ was hardly the right word to describe Steve’s reaction — stunned disbelief might have been more accurate. He just stood there, staring, with his mouth open but saying nothing. Then both of the girls jumped up, ran over to him, and istanbul escort dragged him onto the bed, pulling off his towel.

“I want to watch you and Katie make love,” instructed Jean. Katie smiled, and reached down and pulled down her panties. Steve’s cock already was hard, and Katie sat on top of him. She looked deep into Jane’s eyes as she rubbed her pussy against Steve’s cock, and then she thrust down, taking Steve completely inside her.

Jane gasped as she saw her husband’s cock slide into Katie’s pussy. She felt as though Steve was fucking her, and she knew just what pleasure he would be giving to Katie. Katie was her new best friend, and Jane was so happy that her husband could pleasure her friend like this. As she watched Steve’s cock slide in and out of Katie’s pussy, Jane slipped her hand into her own panties and started to rub her pussy.

Katie saw the look of joy on Jane’s face. “You like watching your husband fuck me, don’t you, Jane?” she teased. “You like watching his big cock fuck my cunt, don’t you? Tell me that you like it.”

“Oh yes!” gasped Jane. “I like seeing his big cock fuck your cunt.” Jane couldn’t believe that she had just said both the ‘f’ word and the ‘c’ word for the first time in her life. One again she felt so naughty, she was such a bad girl.

The thought that she was fucking another woman’s husband while the other woman watched, also thrilled Katie, and she squealed with pleasure as she came. At the same instant Jane reached a frenzy stroking her pussy, and she made herself cum for the first time in her life. Seeing his wife make herself cum for the first time caused Steve to shoot a huge load deep into Katie’s pussy.

They all collapsed together on the bed. As Steve lay there, with a beautiful woman on each side of him, he found it hard to believe what had just happened. He had expected an argument, avcılar escort maybe even a fight, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect anything like what had just happened. But soon Steve wondered what else might happen, and he reached out and caressed both women.

“Steve, is Katie any good at sucking cock?” asked Jane.

“Oh Yes,” said Steve. “She’s very good!”

“Then I want you to teach me how to do it,” said Jane.

Katie smiled at Jane, and slipped down, taking Steve’s cock in her mouth. Jane watched fascinated, as Katie used her lips and tongue, and soon Steve was hard again.

“That’s the easy part,” said Katie. “The next part is a bit trickier.” Jane couldn’t believe her eyes as Steve’s cock disappeared completely down Katie’s throat. “How do you do that?” she asked.

“It just takes practice,” said Katie. “Now you try.”

Jane moved down the bed, and took Steve’s still-hard cock into her mouth. “Oh!” she said, surprised at the nice feeling of his cock-head on her tongue. “Now take it all the way down,” instructed Katie. Jane forced herself not to gag as Steve’s cock filled her throat, but she soon learnt how to handle it. “Now when Steve cums in your mouth, you have to swallow it all down,” said Katie. Jane nodded. Steve had held off as long as he could, and now he filled his wife’s throat with his cum.

Jane spluttered a little as Steve’s cum filled her throat, but then she smiled. “Oh wow!” she gasped. “I can’t believe I’ve never done that before!”

Again they lay together for a while, and then Katie said, “We have another surprise for you, Steve. Stand up, Jane.”

It took Jane a few seconds, but then she understood what Katie meant. She stood up next to the bed, and then slowly pulled down her panties. Steve gasped with surprise at he looked at his wife’s smooth shaved pussy. “Wow!” was all that he could say.

Steve reached şirinevler escort out and grabbed Jane, and she squealed as he pulled her onto the bed. He immediately buried his face between her legs, and started to lick her pussy. Katie had taught him well, and Jane shivered with delight as his lips and tongue explored her. She grabbed the back of Steve’s head and pulled him to her, gasping with each movement of his tongue, until she cried out with pure delight as she came.

Steve just couldn’t wait to thrust his cock into his wife’s smooth pussy. He threw Jane back on the bed and climbed on top of her, rubbing his cock against the smooth skin above her pussy. Then slowly, teasingly, he pushed his cock into her, until Jane wrapped her legs around him and pulled his cock completely into her.

Jane lay there, enjoying the sensation of her husband’s cock in her pussy. She remembered the taste of Katie’s cum from Steve’s cock, and then she remembered the joy of eating Katie’s pussy that afternoon. She reached out for Katie. Katie knew what Jane wanted. She moved and sat over Jane’s face, so that Jane could eat her pussy. Then Katie reached out and kissed Steve.

Suddenly Steve stopped in mid stroke. He had suddenly realised that Jane was eating Katie’s pussy. Jane saw him stare at her. “Oh don’t be so shocked, darling,” she said. “Katie taught me a thing or two this afternoon, as well. Now please don’t stop fucking me.”

Steve recovered quickly, and as he fucked Jane while he watched Jane and Katie, his mind was filled with visions of the two of them together, rolling around naked on that very bed. The thought of this made him cum hard, filling Jane’s cunt with his cum. As Katie heard Jane squeal with delight she came at the same time.

Once again they lay together, and then Katie said to Jane, “Steve’s cock is so big, I just love the way that it stretches my pussy when he fucks me. You’re so lucky to be able to fuck him anytime that you want.”

“Well, maybe I’ll let you come over and fuck him anytime you want as well,” said Jane. “Just as long as I can join in.”

“Of course you can,” said Katie, as she reached out and kissed Jane. And Steve’s mind was filled with fantasies of what the future held in store for them.

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