Friend’s Wife Kalpana Pt. 01

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A friend’s father-in-law paves the way for me to lose my virginity to an American stripper.


The ad in the paper said, “Available For Private Shows’ and provided some details, a few mugshots of female dancers and a phone number. I was anxious as this was my first time. But I gathered some courage and called the number.

“Hi, honey,” a sweet voice said from the other end. “What’s your pleasure?”

“Uh… I…we…we were wondering if you are available….for…for…a..private…you” I said, trying to keep my nervousness in check.

“What, hon? You want a stripper? We only have girls, just so you know. I need more details, you know, so I can see who is available. Where and when?”

I was in a daze as I gave her all the details. At the end, all I knew was that I had arranged for a woman called Kristina to come over for two hours on Friday evening.

I put the phone down and looked at the other person in the room, who was looking at me questioningly. He asked, “Yes? Did you do it? Yeah, tell me. Come on, what?”

“Yes, uncle,” I replied. “All set. This Friday.” His face gleamed as I gave him the details.

A bit of background .

Mahesh and I met when we both came to work in the US in our early twenties, and we immediately hit it off.

We had a lot of common interests. We liked to play and watch all kinds of sports, we shared the joy derived from drinking and smoking, engaged in a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and camping and trekking, visited bars, but stopped short of dating or having girlfriends. We came to rely on each other at work and outside. We carpooled wherever we went, ate together more often than not, were interested in the same kinds of books and movies and cars. We gradually became close friends, and grew more distant from the others.

We both were quite conservative when it came to girls. I had long since reconciled myself to the fact that my marriage would be an arranged one, initiated mostly by my parents, but that I would have the final say. Mahesh was in the same boat as me. The fall of that year, Mahesh’s parents had arranged for him to marry, and he took a couple of weeks off work, and returned to the US with his new bride.

Her name was Kalpana. The name meant ‘imagination’. And she was beautiful. There was a tacit agreement, a gentleman’s code if you will, that decreed a friend’s girl or wife was out of bounds. But I couldn’t help but ogle at Kalpana. She exuded a quiet sexiness. She was a normal girl, very fair and naturally pretty. I was sure that her very homely features, shy demeanor and soft voice and her overall cool nature belied the heat within. I could see that she tried her best to hide and play down her figure. But her fantastic breasts, slim waist, wide hips, thick thighs and best of all, her gorgeous behind, beckoned to one and all. At least to me. She knew perfectly well the effect she had on boys and men. Kalpana had a great ass, and it was not easy for an ass-man and a panty-man like me to look away. I was envious of Mahesh. Damn!

One day at work, I asked Mahesh to come out for a smoke and was surprised when he declined.

“What, da, Mahesh? What happened?” I asked.

“No da, Murali. I .. I promised Kalpane I’d know smoking.”

“What? Oh my, she has her claws in you already!” I said.

“No no..nothing like that. It’s just that, you know, health and stuff.”

“Ok, Ok,” I said and went on my way.

I could imagine the conversation he and his wife had on this topic.

Kalpana:’ If you love me you’ll stop smoking’

Mahesh: ‘What? Why?’

Kalpana: ‘You think it’s good for you? Does your mom know about this? They did not tell me you smoked and drank. If I’d known I’d have refused you.’

Mahesh: ‘C’mon. Everybody does that. It’s normal.

Kalpana: ‘Normal for you maybe. Not for me’

Then she must’ve played the sex card, for sure.

Kalpana: ‘Hmm. You stink. Your breath stinks. I will let you come near me or touch me only if you promise not to smoke.

What was a guy to do? Mahesh and I had ridiculed guys who gave in to their wife’s unrealistic demands. And now, he too had gone to the dark side!

But that was not all. Mahesh gave up drinking alcohol altogether. His wife must have had an ace up her sleeve to make him give up his favorite Black Label whiskey. What? Did she promise to give him her ass, allow him to fuck her gorgeous ass, if he promised to give up alcohol? Could be. I would have done the same if my wife promised me a daily blowjob. I did not blame him. Mahesh and I grew apart. Our interactions stopped and it happened rather quickly, which surprised me. I don’t recall even going to his house more than a couple of times since Kalpana’s arrival.

One day at work I overheard someone talking about a party in Mahesh’s house that past weekend. Party? At Mahesh’s, and I wasn’t invited? What was wrong? Was it something I did? Did he see me ogling his wife? I had plenty kadıköy escort of opportunities, no doubt, and I grabbed them. What could I do? I was provided unfettered views of Kalpana’s ample boobs and deep cleavage, and magnificent ass on many occasions. Was I that obvious?

One day they had gone out shopping and I helped bring stuff back from their car to their apartment. I clearly remember walking up the stairs behind Kalpana. She was wearing a pretty skirt that day and unwittingly my eyes went up her legs. From the beautiful strap leather sandals, up her shapely calves, and thick, marbled thighs. And then….then…her beautiful bright blue panties, hugging her ass. Fantastic, full back panties, tight on her ass cheeks. I was so close I could see the band that went around the top of her thighs, the bottom of her ass cheeks were practically hanging out for me to touch and feel. There was a deep wedgie and it ran up her butt. The image stayed with me for a few days and I masturbated to it many, many times.

++++++ My imagined conversation between Kalpana and Mahesh ++++

Kalpana: ‘You really have bad taste in friends.’

Mahesh: What? What do you mean?

Kalpana: Yes. All of them. None of them has clean habits. If you continue being friends with them you’ll become one of them’

Mahesh: Come on. It’s not like that. They are just friends’

Kalpana: ‘Yeah? What friends you have! And that Murali? He is the worst. He is a bad, very bad influence on you. You should stay away from him.’

Mahesh: ‘Murali? He’s been my best friend here. He’s helped me a lot. You don’t know him.’

Kalpana:’Well. I don’t like him. I don’t like the way he looks at me! Eats meat three times a day, morning, evening and night. Hmmph..tell you what? Choose me or your friends!

Mahesh: ‘Now you are being dramatic! C’mon!’

Kalpana: ‘Dramatic? I am from a pious, religious family and I expected you to be too, like your mom, dad and sisters. Now I come here and see you cavorting with guys who are just, just, just.. I don’t know what to say. Drinking, and smoking, and going to bars looking at naked women, and eating meat! I never imagined you would do all these things.

Mahesh (feebly): ‘I never eat meat!’

Kalpana: ‘Well, you did the other things. If you want me, you’ll stop with all this, starting with those friends. I am serious! Promise me this, and I will do anything you want. Anything!’

Mahesh (looking at her sharply): ‘What do you mean? By anything?’

Kalpana (softly, eyes down to the floor): ‘Remember, what you tried to do, tried to make me do, on Friday night? That thing, turned me around and…and..?’

Mahesh (excited, now): ‘Yes! I thought you said it will hurt?’

Kalpana: ‘Well, I will bear it if you do what I tell you to do! I am willing to do things for you and you are not even thinking about me!’

Mahesh (fucking excited): ‘Ok. Really? You’ll let me fuck you in the ass? How about what I asked last night? I want to finish in your mouth….Please, please, that too and I will do anything!

Fuck!! Man, I was sure that was their conversation. That scheming bitch! Slut! And Mahesh, that sonofabitch. To be fair, I would have done the same, forsaken everything for my woman who was willing to do anything for me.

But now I wanted to teach her a lesson. But how? What to do? I needed to be patient, take my time and plan well.

That’s when Kalpana’s dad came into the picture.

After about six months, Kalpana’s dad came to stay with them for a while. I called him uncle Murthy. He was retired with nothing else to do in India so what better than to visit the US when the opportunity provided? I learned that he had worked in a company that had an oblique relationship with the Indian Armed Services and had travelled all over the country during his time.

He and I hit it off. Party because I was the only remaining bachelor in the group and in part because I became his smoking and drinking partner.

When I realized his habits, I asked him, “Well uncle, doesn’t Kalpana object to all this?”

He said, “She can’t control me. I am not her husband,” and we laughed. “I don’t do it inside her house, so she should be ok. Besides, what am I going to gain by stopping now, what I have done all my life, eh? Let’s enjoy it!”

Kalpana enforced a 11 PM curfew that uncle followed strictly. On Friday or Saturday nights when he and I got together for a few drinks, smokes, games of cards or movies, we both made sure he was back in Mahesh’s apartment by 11 PM.

Uncle was a pervert and a lecher. He had a roving eye. He ogled girls and women of all kinds as much, if not more, than I did. When we went to a mall (he had me drive him there on some pretext or another), I could see him leering and looking at the other sex, young and old, black, white, asian, spanish, indian – you name it. He tried to hide it from me, but his nature came üsküdar escort out anyway. We both made comments on women, all in good taste. He peeped into lingerie stores, stared at their window displays, spent a lot of time in the lingerie section of stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom and JC Penney. The man had a fetish like mine. In him I found a kindred spirit. We will work out well, I thought.

One evening over drinks, he started in earnest, “Hey man, Murali, I see a lot of signs for go-go bars. What are those?” I had a feeling he knew very well what they were.

“Nude dancers, uncle. Completely naked, not an inch of cloth on them, for the whole wide world to see. Lap dances. And other things, I have heard but not experienced.”

“Wow. Nude girls. All legal?”

“Yes, uncle. Look, but mustn’t touch – that’s the policy.”

He was quiet for a few seconds and I prodded him, “You want to go there uncle? I could take you.” I was ready and prepared for this conversation.

He jumped at the chance, like I knew he would. “Yes, yes, can we?”

“Oh yes. But what about Mahesh and Kalpana?” I asked.

“To hell with them!! They needn’t know. It’s my life. Hey Murali, I have money, if that is a problem for you. I have a boatload of money to spend for myself. Just don’t tell them.”

“Oh no uncle. That is not a problem. But Kalpana….you know….she..she thinks I am a bad influence on Mahesh, and if she came to know that I….and you..I helped you.. In this….”

He interrupted me by saying, “Murali, no no. I don’t think she will find out. You know, she is my daughter, but she has turned out to have that mean streak, you know, like her mother. But Kalpana can be very mean and vengeful and vindictive, take it from me. We just need to be careful. That’s all.”

So that was settled. I took him to a go-go bar that weekend. His eyes almost bulged out of his glasses as he took in the naked girls, so many of them, available for his pleasure. He insisted on tipping the girls himself, from his pool of money. After the first round of girls had done their numbers on the stage, he leaned in to me and asked, “So Murali, you said something about a lap dance?”

So I explained to him what it was. He was quick to select a statuesque brunette and asked me ro request a lap dance. Her name was Vicky and she was a goddess. She took uncle by the hand to a screened off area out of sight, and uncle emerged after about five minutes, flushed and sweaty and breathing hard. Vicky looked at me and winked, “Your dad is a horny bastard!”

Uncle was hooked. We went to a couple of go-go bars the next weekend and uncle had his fill of lap dances. Two or three in the same bar. I could see he was excited, and he tried hard to hide his erection in his pants, but I was too much of a player to not notice that.

Meanwhile, Kalpana was oblivious to our adventures. To her, it was just uncle and me spending some time together over drinks and games and food. Mahesh though, had a fairly good idea what his father-in-law was up to.

Uncle was getting bolder by the day. It was his idea to get a dancer for a private party. “Money’s not an issue, Murali. I have a stash, as I told you. My stupid daughter and her husband needn’t know.”

So that’s what I was doing that Tuesday evening. Arranging a private show for uncle and me.


“Yes, uncle,” I replied. “All set. This Friday.” His face gleamed as I gave him the details.

“Kristy will be here at 7 PM Friday. She is a brunette as you requested, twenty-four or five years old. Five feet three, One-hundred-and-twenty pounds. She said she was a knockout. But I guess they say that of all dancers.”

“Ohhh, great, Murali. Wow! I am excited. Damn! Can’t wait till Friday!!”

The next weekend was a long weekend, with Monday being a national holiday. And Mahesh and his new ‘group’ of friends planned on a trip to a desert resort. They were to leave Friday afternoon, reach the resort by night time, start on a trek or hike or safari for the next two days on horseback and foot and what not, coming back home only Monday evening. Uncle and I had three full days to ourselves. Knowing this, he had laid out a detailed plan,and having a private show was the kickoff to our weekend. It was going to be great. At least that’s what we hoped.

Kristy was at my door two minutes before 7 PM on Friday. She was really a knockout. Fantastic, body, well toned and fit, very, very pretty, not sexy like a slut. No flashy makeup. She was really cute and had a beautiful smile. I was aroused in just a few seconds of seeing her. I knew the effect she’d have on uncle.

“Hey there! I’m Kristy. Nice to meet you. Did you set up a session?”

“Yes, Yes,” I mumbled. “Please..please….come in.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed when she noticed uncle. “Is this for your father? How sweet of you.Wow!”

“No,no.,…friends…my…uncle,” I stammered.

“Well, I believe you. Ha ha. No worries! tuzla escort Let’s get to it!”

She set her stuff up – her stereo, some lights and the like – and she went into the bathroom to change.

Uncle was besides himself. “Oohh, Murali. She’s awesome, man!”

Kristy came out of the bathroom in a pink bikini, and smiled at us, and started her show. God! This was great. Even Mahesh and I hadn’ thought of this. And here was this sixty year old showing us the way!

She looked into our eyes as she danced. It was intoxicating and I couldn’t hide my erection. She smiled knowingly. She took turns dancing near our respective chairs. Uncle almost jumped out of his seat. Kristy just giggled. This went on for about half an hour and she took a break. So did we.

Before she started again, she sat on the chair away from us and made small talk. Fuck, did I say she was pretty? Not sexy, not slutty, not model-like beautiful or unreachable. But normal pretty. Then she started her routine again. This time she changed the music and set it to a fast, latin beat. And she danced like an angel. This time she tossed off her bra and panties and was fully naked! Her tits were small and close to her chest. They were firm and hardly jiggled as she moved this way and that.

Then, incredibly, the second time around when she danced close to uncle, he leaned in and said something to her. I couldn’t hear it over the sound of the song that was playing. She was surprised, and she stopped dancing and leaned back, and mouthed the word. “What?” Uncle leaned in and repeated what he said. If Kristy was offended, she did not show it. She just got up and walked up to her stereo and stopped the music.

I was scared. What the fuck did he do, now? Kristy put her hands on her hips, looked at me and cocked her head and moved her head towards uncle Murthy.

“He wants a blowjob,” she said matter of factly.

Fuck! What? I turned and looked at him and he smiled sheepishly, and looked down.

I turned to Kristy and said, “I’m sorry..I…I.”

“It’s gonna cost you. $$ bucks. Each”

Fuck me sideways! I almost burst out of my pants. Before I could say anything, uncle jumped in, “OK, OK, yes, yes, $$ is fine!”

“I need to see the $$ first, ” she commanded. Uncle complied. She went to where he was sitting and knelt before him.

And for the first time in my life, I saw a woman giving a man a blowjob, live, right in front of me!

I couldn’t but notice that uncle Murthy had a huge cock. It was almost as big as mine, and the motherfucker had it out and ready, with the foreskin pulled under the bulbous purple head, for Kristy. She opened her mouth and put it over the old geezer’s cock and thrust her mouth up and down. He was moaning and groaning. He had his hands on her head as he followed her up and down motion.

What was I doing, you ask? Without realizing it, I had dropped my pants to my ankles and I had my cock in my hand, and stroking like I was seeing a porno movie! This was fucking great. I hadn’t seen a live sex act in my life, and here it was in my living room.

Then suddenly uncle shouted, “Wait, wait, wait! Ahh.. Ahhh!”

Hearing this, Kristy lifted her head from uncle’s cock with a ‘pop’ sound and looked at him. Her spit was still drooling from the thick head of his cock.

“Do him, do him,” cried uncle., “Please..I…I…”

I was in a trance as Kristy crawled on her knees towards me. And reached out and grabbed my aching, throbbing, hot, veiny, dick.

For the very first time in my fucking life, my cock was in someone else’s fist. I gasped. Kristy was experienced. She looked up and said, “This is your first time, isn’t it?”

I nodded. And she said, “I knew it,” and giggled. And then she opened her mouth and took my cock in it. I almost left my skin! Motherfucking god! I was in a girl’s mouth! So fucking great! Her lips were tight around my shaft as her head went down slowly, then up, over the edge of my cock head and over the purple head. I was delirious, intoxicated with pleasure. It felt like electric waves were running up and down my spine. Her spit was cool, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth and making slurping sounds. Damn, I was about to come! It was only a few seconds that I was in her mouth and I was about to ejaculate! You couldn’t blame me. This was my first time and I couldn’t help it. With a great force I stood up, taking Kristy with me. Now we were in the classic blowjob position with her kneeling and holding my ass with one hand and stroking my cock with the other.

“I am going to come, ahh! Aaah!! Ohhh noooo,” I screamed a warning to her and tried to pull out. But she wouldn’t let go! God in heaven! Motherfuck! I went absolutely still a few seconds before my cum shot out as I realized she was taking me in her mouth, allowing me to ejaculate, and I watched as my cock pulsated against her lips and I exploded in her mouth.

I love my mom, my dad, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, my dogs, my house – but I would have forsaken everything I loved and owned for these few seconds – when my cum rocketed out from my cock into Kristy’s mouth in long unending ropes, and she continued stroking my cock slowly until she drained my balls. Fuck! I was shaking from head to toe, my orgasm spreading like shock waves from my crotch to all parts of my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32