Fuck The Law

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Big Tits

When I was going to law school at night and working as a paralegal at a non-profit children’s advocacy group (called “Child Assist”) during the day, despite my high libido I didn’t have much time for romantic, or even just straight sexual, relationships. Aside from a few infrequent all sex, no romance, three fucks per session, evenings with one of my night school classmates named Jen (who worked as hard and was as stressed out as I was), I went for almost a year without sex. In an attempt to retain my sanity, I developed on-line relationships with three different women; I used “Blake” as my screen name. I’m not really sure I know what they looked like even though we exchanged allegedly accurate photos, and of course I couldn’t be sure what they told me was true; but any information I could confirm checked out.

Sharon (I didn’t know any last names) was a big buxom brunette, provocative and entertaining, but turned out to be a quean. She was the only one of the three who overtly proclaimed she wanted to hook up in real life, but I wasn’t interested in that.

Katie was a sexy upbeat woman, with very long blond hair, and if the photos she sent were real, had the best crotch in history! Wow! We had very pleasant exchanges, but even though I considered once or twice asking to meet her, I never did — nor did she ask to meet me.

Cindy was a vivacious redhead with a bombastic personality. We had some very hot exchanges, and each of us always teased the other about not having the guts to follow through on what we “threatened” to do to the other sexually. In actuality, however, neither one of us had any illusions about a real life relationship especially since we lived more than a thousand miles apart.

I lost touch with all of Sharon, Katie and Cindy once I graduated from law school, concentrating on real life relationships — none of which worked out for more than a few months. However my legal career was bouncing along nicely, and by the time I was 36 while I continued to work pro bono a couple of days a month for Child Assist, I was making decent money litigating for corporate clients.

I showed up for a court hearing in a case I had in Raleigh, North Carolina, and for the first time I met opposing counsel. Her name was Katherine Morris. A really attractive woman in her mid 30s, about 5’6″ tall, slim build, short blond hair, big blue eyes, and unique eyeglasses that made her look sophisticated and cute at the same time. She was dressed in a conservative but elegant blue jacket and skirt with a small slit along one side, three inch patent leather heels, and a chic silk blouse. Yes, I did notice!

The hearing was on a motion to dismiss brought by Ms. Morris; the argument was heated, but civil; there were some tense moments, but fortunately for me the judge denied the motion. Since the case would continue, Ms. Morris and I met in a conference room in the court to discuss discovery. We were both being adamant, yet primarily fair, in what we were looking for, and cool toward each other. At the same time we curiously kept looking at each other with quizzical expressions on our faces. I don’t know why I was so intrigued by her appearance, and I’m sure she didn’t know why she was intrigued by mine either.

During the exchange of discovery in the ensuing months we had a number of fairly acrimonious disputes. Near the end of discovery, one of the documents produced by Ms. Morris’ office was clearly attorney work product. I just glanced over it, and quickly determined that it was her trial strategy. That put me on the horns of a dilemma. Should I remain quiet and use the document to my advantage — under the local court rules I didn’t have an ethical obligation to return it, or even let her know that I had it. Or should I do the moral, as opposed to the “ethical,” thing and not read the document and return it to her. I called her up, told her I had it but hadn’t read it, she asked me to shred it, and I did.

After the document incident our relationship got much more cordial. Of course we still needed to remain fairly strident in our positions to adequately represent our clients, and once the trial started we were at each other’s throats. At the start of the second day of trial, just as the jury was about to be seated Ms. Morris, who I had determined was a Miss Morris, walked past me to her seat and said “How are you today, Blake?”

Blake? What the fuck? I’m Rob Dawson; the only people who referred to me as “Blake” were my long-ago Internet sex friends! As I glared over at Katherine Morris with my mouth agape, I mouthed “Katie?” A devilish smile came over her face.

I got destroyed that morning in court. Katie had thrown me way off my game, and she was profound. It got so bad that my client’s in house attorney asked me “What the fuck’s going on, Rob?” Talk about embarrassing.

At lunchtime I was able to regroup and did OK in the afternoon, and actually ended on a high note. It was the strangest half day I’ve ever had in a trial, though. Throughout the halkalı escort afternoon Katie and I kept on exchanging barbs full of sexual innuendo, not just at bench conferences, but even in front of the jury. I think our comments went over the head of most of the people in the courtroom; however:

–One juror in the back row almost started laughing out loud when Katie blurted out, in response a question I asked a witness, “Objection, your honor, apparently Mr. Dawson doesn’t know how hard it has to be to go in the back door.”

–The court reporter had at least a dozen wicked smiles on her face, the biggest when I said in response to another objection from Katie “Is that all Ms. Morris wants to get off her chest?” and in response to a cross-examination question from Katie “She’s trying to lick my lollipop.”

–Even the judge chuckled occasionally, especially at “Mr. Dawson is trying to wax the banana with that question, your honor,” and “With that attempt, instead of spooning Mr. Dawson is forking.”

When the session was over for the day, the Judge called both Katie and I into his chambers. “You two are good attorneys. You should have figured out by now that this is a 50-50 case. Do you really want six laymen deciding your clients’ fates? You need to figure out a way to settle this case.”

“What if we can’t reach some resolution, your honor?” I asked.

“I have two rulings on evidence coming up — both are bad for one of your clients — I’m not saying which one — so one of you really will be rolling the dice. Be here at 8:30 tomorrow morning to tell me what progress you’ve made, and if you didn’t settle it, why.”

Katie and I each told our clients what the judge said; I got a bottom line, I’m sure she did too. She and I then went into the court’s conference room, which had a frosted glass door, and no lock.

I had something more pressing on my mind than settlement. “So, you little minx, when did you realize I was your long lost Internet love?” I asked with a big smile on my face.

“I thought it was you after our first meeting. So I decided to pull the trick with my work product document. I knew you were always straight with me, and if you told me about the document I was going to be quite sure that it was you.”

“That was a trick, you little scamp?”

“Yeah, clever, huh!” Katie responded with a cat-that-ate the canary look. As she removed her glasses (those and the short hair were probably what threw me off), unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse, and sat on the conference room table with her legs apart, she continued while staring into my eyes “Of course the trial strategy on the document was fake, so if you were a bad guy it wouldn’t have helped you.”

All my fantasy feelings about Katie rushed back into my brain — and dick. I remembered how hard she got my dick during our Internet chats; how the photos she sent me were of the most perfect pussy and rosebud I had ever seen in my life; how her smile and flaxen hair were enough to cheer me up on even the grayest day.

I walked right up to Katie’s face. With my nose no more than a foot from hers, I silently rubbed my hands up and down her thighs and peered into her eyes. Neither of us blinked, like cobras trying to stare each other down. As I started running a finger over her panties she put her hands on my shoulders; then the most intense kiss and clinch of my life. Hormones were detonating throughout my body — my dick hurt as it tried to burst my zipper — I could feel my entire head flush.

As we were trying to lick each other’s epiglottises, Katie brought a hand into contact with my dick. Any inhibitions either of us had were gone in an instant.

I reached under her skirt and yanked her panties off with both hands as she fumbled with my belt. I almost ripped my pants off after she loosened my belt as my cock snapped out like a Jack-in-the-box. I pulled her body so that her pussy was at the edge of the table — her snatch was so wet there was no need for any vaginal foreplay, and the way she was twisting her hips and squeezing me tight it was clear she didn’t want any. So I stabbed her with my dick and we both groaned louder than an old truck trying to drive up Mt. Washington.

We continued sucking each other’s faces as I pumped my hips and Katie squeezed my dick with her powerful pelvic floor muscles. It was only three or four minutes before Katie started screaming and writhing in orgasm, and I blasted charge after charge into her. The animal nature of our fuck made it the most powerful orgasm of my life, and based upon how limp Katie got, and the moans she was emitting, it had to be one of her most powerful ones too.

After about five minutes we were finally able to speak:

“Was that one of your fantasies, Blake, fucking me in a public building without even stripping down?”

“No, but it was better than any fantasy. Now I’m going to live out all my fantasies olgun escort with you.”

“You are, huh? So you expect to be able to rim and fuck me all night, and make me squirt all over the place, huh?” Katie smirked. When a big possum grin came over my face she bit my lip than said “Your room or mine?”

“Yours, but we better leave separately. You’ve got the most obvious ‘just fucked’ look I’ve ever seen and we don’t want the guards figuring it out.”

“Look who’s talking,” Katie laughed, as she pulled her panties back on and started buttoning up her blouse.

I think we both got past the guards without raising any suspicion, though I’m sure the male guards looked Katie’s slinky body over from top to bottom. She had given me her room number so after I dropped my briefcases off in my room, I knocked on her door. She opened it with apparently only a smile and a skimpy robe on.

Given my keen legal mind and years of practice winning over judges, juries and clients with my golden oration I had the perfect eloquent words: “Holy Shit!”

Katie grabbed my belt, yanked me inside, closed the door, and then pushed me against it, her little fist on my chest.

“Listen, Blake; we need one rule and one rule only. I’m in charge. You do whatever I say, capire?” Katie barked at me with a combination sneer and grin on her face.

Staring down at that beautiful face and bright piercing blue eyes, with a third of one of her creamy breasts visible at the partially open front of her robe, I couldn’t have said “No” if I wanted to; I didn’t want to.


“Yes what, Blake?” she smirked, pushing her little fist harder into my chest.

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you say, Katie.”

With that she got a big smile showing her beautiful teeth (everything about her was beautiful), quickly ditched her robe exposing a body just as spectacular now as it was in the photos she e-mailed to me years ago, and continued “OK, then, follow me into the bathroom; we’re sweaty from your courthouse attack and me, and we need a shower.”

“Hey, if this is ‘whatever she says,’ I’m totally on board” I cackled to myself.

I was naked in seconds, already hard, and came up behind her and squeezed her scrumptious ass as she was testing the warmth of the stream coming from the shower. She slapped my hand away, turned toward me and snickered “I didn’t tell you to touch my precious ass, did I? That’s the first time you broke Rule

, and you will be punished for it.” By then the water was apparently to her liking, and she ordered “Get in.”

The shower stall was large — much bigger than the one in my room. I hadn’t really noticed when I entered her room, obviously distracted by her shorty robe, but she apparently had a luxury suite. Well her client did have a lot more money than mine did.

The shower experience was bizarre. She never really touched me, except inadvertently, but made me gently wash, with my hands and a mild raspberry-scented body cleanser, every inch of her body from her neck to her toes, barking at me when I lingered too long on her tits and inner thighs. As I was washing the crack in her ass and her rosebud she warned “Better do a good job there, Blake, because you’re going to be rimming me until your tongue falls off.”

After I was finished with her she watched as I washed myself, making playfully insulting comments now and again, but not touching me — even though I was dying to have her wash my cock and nuts. When finished, we stepped out of the shower and she had me towel her off, again chastising me when I spent too much time on her tits and crotch.

When she was dry she said “Meet me in bed, and bring that lube with you,” pointing to a tube on the bathroom counter, and then walked out. I quickly dried myself off, grabbed the tube, and scurried into the main room. Katie was lying on her stomach on top of the satin sheets (how did she rate those?) on her California King bed, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Get over here and rim my asshole, Blake — I told you it was coming.”

I had never been much into rimming, although I seemed to remember from our Internet chats that Katie expressed a penchant for it. However, seeing her there naked, with her cute round ass sticking up in the air, her legs slightly spread to give a glimpse of her perfect pussy, and sucking on one of her fingers after she gave her order, I was instantly with the program. My dick hurt like hell so much blood was coursing through it, but I was doing whatever she wanted.

I alternated moving my tongue slowly and quickly over her rosebud, while running the fingers of one hand up and down her ass crack, and massaging one of her enchanting inner thighs with the other. I must have been doing a good job because she was emitting all sorts of pleasure sounds, and occasionally a buttocks or thigh muscle would involuntarily twitch. However, after about ten minutes şişli escort of this my tongue was wearing out. Mercifully, just as I was about sure my tongue was going to cramp up, through her pleasure moans, she commanded “Lube me up and fuck my ass.”

With great alacrity I removed the lube tube top, squirted some on my middle finger, and gently inserted it into her ass. That was greeted by low sounds expelled into a pillow as her body tensed up. After moving my middle finger in circles and up and down in her ass for a few minutes, I lubed and inserted a second. I started trying to gauge if my cock would fit into her pucker hole, and determined “Not yet,” so I lubed and inserted a third.

Katie was now almost spasming as her guttural emissions got louder. Soon after my three fingers were twirling in her she said “Fuck ne now; goddamn it Blake, fuck my ass.”

I removed my fingers, lubed up my cock head, straddled her, and slowly started pushing in. At first I didn’t think it would work, but as I rocked back and forth she relaxed her sphincter muscles, and suddenly I was in. She obviously really liked anal and I did my best to make it an intense experience for her. I pumped away as her back and my brow and chest glistened with sweat. About the time I was ready to blow she clamped hard onto my dick and started writhing in orgasm, and I blasted her good.

What an over-the-top climax!

By the time my flaccid cock popped out of her anus, we were both coherent again.

“Hey, Blake, I really liked that. You use your tongue better in bed than in the Courtroom.”

“Yeah, wait until you see what else my tongue can do to you Katie-dear,” I shot back.

“Time for another shower,” she replied as she crawled over me not making the slightest attempt at subtlety as she ran her hand over my taint, balls and dick as she did.

This time when we showered the contact was totally mutual, as she spent a great deal of time washing my sex organs and periodically kissed me deeply while pulling me into her. When we were done we were both in a great mood — but our stomachs were rumbling.

“Man can’t live by sex alone,” was her flippant remark as she suggested we get dressed and get something to eat. “I’m too hungry to wait for room service, but we both need food if we’re going to accomplish everything I want to tonight.”

“Can’t argue with that, Katie,” I replied as I pulled on my pants and pretended to help her with her blouse while copping a few free feels.

We went to a nice, but casual, restaurant, had a wonderful conversation and a little wine, and did “rock, paper, scissors” to see who picked up the tab. Then we went for a stroll to have our dinner digest, and to a dance club.

At the dance club, Katie was stellar. She moved as smoothly as a jungle cat, then suddenly wildly, though all the while rhythmically. I simply bounced around in my typical musically challenged manner, enjoying the spectacle before me. However Katie was soon garnering so much male attention I decided to get her out of there and back to our hotel room.

As we virtually skipped back to the hotel I knew I was in the presence of the most fascinating woman I had ever come across. I was filled with both wonder and lust and started attacking her in the hotel elevator, not even able to wait until we got back to her room.

In her hotel room she realized she was no longer in control, but kept on teasingly trying to get me to let her take the lead. I was in no mood for it. Watching her gyrate on the dance floor had made me so hot and hard I had to fuck her now!

My primitive urges took control. I know, from after the fact inspection, that I tore some of her clothes in removing them as quickly and forcefully as I could while pinning her against the wall right next to the door. I ripped some of my clothes too.

Once she was naked I got down on my knees and sucked her clitoris while reaching up and massaging her tits. She was moaning and writhing around, and muffled her own scream with one of her hands as she climaxed solely from my stimulation of her clit with my mouth and her nipples with my hands. As soon as that happened, I stood up, stuck my rock hard dick up her saturated pussy, lifted her up by one thigh and one ass cheek, and started pounding.

I never heard more erotic sounds in my life than those coming from her mouth, and from the relative movement between my dick and her cunt. She smelled like a combination of sex and raspberry (must have been that body wash she used). I lightly bit and licked her neck and shoulder, periodically looking down at the push-pull of my dick, or at the look of ecstasy on her face. All my senses were being overwhelmed, sight, sound, smell, taste, feel — especially feel. It was like her vagina was molded to perfectly fit my cock.

I shot a full load into her as this time when she screamed she made no attempt to muffle it. It was like shock waves went through every nerve ending in my body as she shuttered and shook.

While still in a euphoric stupor I felt my knees starting to buckle, so as carefully as I could I backpedalled toward the bed and when I felt the back of my thighs hit the mattress, fell over backwards with Katie still impaled on my cock. As I lay in this position she pushed herself up off my chest and shoulders, smiled, and bounced up and down on my cock a few times, before collapsing onto me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32