Fun at the Pool

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There you were, casually floating in the water, soaking in the sun as the cool wetness of the water surrounds you. Suddenly, a tingling rush spreads from your back as fingers stroke the sensitive skin and your roll over to stare into the eyes of the one person you love more than anything in the world. He floats there, his icy blue eyes staring back at you. You recognise a familiar glint within his eyes as he suddenly charges forward, sweeping you out of the water and holds you in his arms. The sudden breeze is chilling on your soaked body but you’re too happy to notice. You once again stare into his eyes before reaching up and pulling his face in for a passionate kiss.

He lowers your body down until you too are standing in the shallow water as your arms wrap around his neck and you bodies touch, creating warmth that heavily contrasts the now freezing water. He picks you up by the thighs, pulling backwards until you are resting on his lap as he floats through the water. He eventually comes to the edge of the pool near the deeper water where he slowly starts to submerge until your eyes are level once more. You pull him close as the coldness of the water starts to register against your skin, your bikini doing little to mask you from it. Noticing how you are now shivering he pulls you in closer, using his body to heat yours. You return the favour with a small kiss on the neck, which must have been good cause he suddenly pulls you even closer. You repeat the kiss, but this time you do so for a few minutes.

You twist your body until you are floating in front of him, too which you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling yourself in. The thin material of his shorts and the small fabric you wear do little to hide the secret he is hiding. You smile at this as you look up once more and plant a passionate kiss on his lips once more. His hands rise to your back, pulling you deeper into the kiss. You both start to slide down into the water until only your heads are showing, hiding what is going on underneath.

His fingers once again brush against your sides, sending bolts of excitement coursing through your canlı bahis body. As you start to claw at his back with your nails, slowly driving him closer to the edge as he is doing to you.

His lips leave yours and find their way to your neck, gently kissing the skin, nearly causing you to lose control. Within realising, you slowly start grinding against him, only to have him return the act. His left hand moves around to your front, slowly sliding under your bikini top and cupping your breast. His fingers brush your now hard nipple, pleasure radiating from his touch.

Your own hands have by now explored his body and have come to a stop on the string the holds his pants in place. You look around, pleased to see that all other swimmers are either in the shallow end or leaving the pool. You turn your attention back to the situation, wherein he now has both of your breasts in hand and both nipples are ringing with sensitivity. Your fingers trace the cord of his pants until you finally give it a tug. The one swift movement undoes the knot and you can feel the fabric of his shorts loosen against your legs.

You begin grinding against him harder now; loving the reaction you are getting from his body. You both know by now that he is becoming aroused and the thin fabrics don’t hide that. Less obviously, you can feel yourself becoming wet. Not like the cool water that is currently sending your nerves crazy, but a warm wetness you’ve learnt to enjoy.

Gradually his hands glide down your body until coming to a stop on your soft bottom. His fingers snag the edge and slide under the fabric, the warm flesh delightful against your skin. Your hands also begin to enter the now loosened fabric of his shorts, learning the curves of his hips and sensing the muscles in his thighs. He breaks your kiss and looks at you questioningly. You stare back before giving a slight nod, accompanied by sly smile. The glint in his eyes returns as his right hand moves around to the front of your bikini bottoms.

His touch is gentle, almost faint at first, as he slowly works his hand along the now warm crease of your most bahis siteleri sensitive area. Soon his contact becomes firmer, more invigorated as you now start to grind against his fingers. His hand slips slightly, going further up and brushing your nub. The sudden burst of pleasure causes you to pull him closer, releasing a moan into his neck so as not to alert the other swimmers. Once you recover you pull back again and urge him to keep going. The pleasure builds as he continues the secret act, driving you so close to the edge you feel like screaming. As the pleasure overcomes you, you reach down and pull the bikini bottoms to the side, granting him direct access to your body. He resumes his act; his touch now twice as stimulating against your bare skin. It is only a few minutes before you are holding him tight as you squirm against his body in ecstasy, glad you are submerged and out of view from the other swimmers. You regather your breathing and stare into his eyes again. He smiles at your look of satisfaction only to hear you whisper “Give me more!”

One hand around him for support, your other snakes down, pulling the front of his pants down, his member springing free of the confines of his clothing. Wasting no time, you pull it between your legs to hide it from any swimmers. You are amazed at how hard and warm he is and you wriggle your thighs against it, releasing a slight moan from him. You smile at this as you slide your body down further until his length rest against your recently stimulated clit.

The warmth compelling you, you start grind on his member, relishing the hardness of his cock against you. You look at his face and realise that he is trying to hide the feeling just as much as you are. You continue this for a few minutes before stopping so as not to tip him over the edge. Both of you are now breathing heavily, your hair now soaked from sweat rather than water. Your pleasure once again takes over as you reach down and wrap your hand around him.

He realises what is happening and waits in silence as you guide his sensitive end towards your opening. Once the two meet, you hover bahis şirketleri there marginally before slowly lowering yourself down. There is a slight resistance at first, but you breathe deep and relax your body, allowing him to start entering. He progresses slowly, not wanting to hurt you as you slowly take in his length. Eventually he is completely within you and you both sit there in silence, hot passion burning between you.

Once you grow accustomed to it, you begin the slow movement of your hips, sliding along his length, becoming more and more stimulated with each passing second. He joins in the movement, his hips meeting yours as you perform the sacred ritual. The bottom of his shaft brushes you clit with each thrust, send ecstasy pulsing through your body.

Eventually the lust overcomes you as you pull him close once more and scream into the water so as to muffle all the pleasure. You come up for air only for your body to finally give into the stimulating touch his is giving you.

Your body tenses, your insides tighten around him and a buzz spreads from your waist to you head and out through your limbs. The sexual high is all too much for you as you once again claw at his back, relishing every minute the two of you share.

The tightened confines of his member also send large amounts of stimuli to him as his starts to feel a tingling build within him.

Your orgasm subsides and you begin to feel his member radiating more heat than before. You realise he is close. A sudden realisation strikes you, “He can’t finish in the pool, everyone will see it!”

You quickly lean in to his ear as you feel his dick grow slightly bigger. You whisper, “Don’t pull out!” as your legs stop him from doing so, their grip like iron.

The sensation is mystifying as he falls over the edge and the liquid warmth fills your body. The heat emanating from his body sends you over once more and you squirm through the whole rush.

When it all is over, he slowly pulls out and you both pull your clothing back on quickly. You are both out of breath but still get out of the pool. The feeling of his release inside of you keeps you stimulated for longer than you thought. You collect your things and leave, knowing the as soon as you get home you will need showers.

However, the issue remains; There is only one bathroom. 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32