Getting Cured

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*** Edited by the Lovely Anon, thank you for everything. — LizzysFriend

Chapter 1

“It’s a disease.” I said firmly.

“You’re crazy, it’s not. Virginity is not a disease.” My tall dark older brother fired back.

“So sayeth the guy that doesn’t have this disease.” I stated pissed off.

He sighed. “Our parents think you are someone special for keeping pure so long. They are really proud of you. You wouldn’t want to be called a slut or whore, would you?” He took a deep a breath. “It’s just because we live in a small town. In the city you would have lost your cherry five times over by now I am sure. When you start college in the fall, things will change.”

He didn’t understand, and I couldn’t connect emotionally with him. I couldn’t tell him I wanted to have sex with a guy already. Every single girl in my class already bragged about their exploits and some of them as early as our sophomore year. I hate keeping these desires inside of how I felt. He was rambling awhile before I snapped out of my thoughts.

“… Jake and me found a rat snake over by the western fence. I have it boxed up, and ready to give as a present to Pam this afternoon.”

He started laughing, and I started laughing caught up in his prank to his girlfriend. Oh, she would squeal.

“So, you will be gone all afternoon then?” I asked softly.

“Yea, why?” He asked suspiciously.

“I just wanted to borrow Dad’s truck to go into town.” I said. I couldn’t use it if he needed it for work on the ranch.

He relaxed. Then he considered what I was asking. “I was going to use Dad’s truck this weekend, but I will let you use my car all weekend long if you don’t tell Mom and Dad I will be out with Pam this weekend. Her parents are at the stock show too.”

I looked at his face, and was disgusted. His plan was to fuck Pam, and he just told me my virginity was oh so pure minutes before. What a fucking asshole.

“All weekend? It’s a deal if there is a full tank of gas in your car.” I said. Damn Pam for getting laid. It would disgust and please me to hear all the details come Monday. Discretion was not in her character.

“How about I spot you ten, and a half tank of gas?” He said. “I was in the pasture with Jake, understand?”

I understood, but his lack of courage for a twenty year old male was repulsive to me.

“I’ll take it.” Ten would not get me above the three quarter mark, but I had some cash.

He dug in his pocket and tossed me his key ring and the bill.

Chapter 2

Twenty minutes later I was laying in my bath water thinking. My ebony skin glistened with sheens of water. I lazily thought how my brother was going to be about seducing Pam. I tried to think of maybe some unknown guy I had yet to meet, taking me. The water grew cold, and my frustration grew with my dreaming.

The whole house was empty, and the cows in the pasture looked hot and tired as I gazed out the window. I hated this place. I didn’t hate my family; I just hated being stuck on this ranch. The nearest neighbor was within sight, but it would take twenty minutes to walk to Mrs. Sherman’s place, the nearest ranch next door.

As I was walking around in just my robe, I tried to formulate a plan on what to do with my brother’s car. Where should I go? I sat down at the computer desk, and noticed my brother had not logged out of his account on the only computer we shared in the house. It wasn’t really important; I just needed an online map or something, until I maximized his browser.

Many tabs of porn, the kind where my mom would kill him if she knew, topped the program. I laughed thinking of my Bro trying to get a quick look before Mom or Dad came into the room. He is twenty, but Mom still treated us like kids. I looked at his history, and saw he was online around two am when the parents were asleep. Of course, that made sense. Mom and Dad wouldn’t be back until Sunday at the moment, and I suppose that mattered.

The last tab was an online sex chatting site. Hmmm. I had to create a login, and bam, I was looking at all the available people around me, and not surprising most people were not close. The nearest guy on this site that wanted to fuck was forty five miles away. I read his profile, and looked at his picture. I couldn’t place him, but he was exactly like the all the rednecks I had around here. I wanted something else. I wanted someone that did not talk about cows, horses or the fucking weather.

Lucky number seven profile had a picture of a male juggling clubs. The distance was too great in the picture to see his face with any great detail. Yet, the action image caught my interest. His juggling reminded me of a clown, and his profile was very fun to read. None of his interests matched mine, but the last line. The perfect woman: She does dishes, does laundry and picks up my socks.

Not a mention of boobs or physical attributes, he was different from the last six I read.

I laughed because my own Dad left his socks all around the house. It was my momma’s hell.

I bahis firmaları knew I shouldn’t even be on this site, but I sent him an email that just said, “Loved reading your profile.”

Within minutes, got an email back from him, “Yours was short, and no mention of doing dishes anywhere in it.”

I laughed at him keeping in character. So, I IM’d him.

Me: “Yo, what up?”

Him: “Not my socks, I left them by the couch.”


Me: “You should go pick them up.”

Him: “I can’t.”

Me: “Why not?”

Him: “My mom is not yelling at me to pick them up. Don’t you know there is an invisible force field around dirty socks and they can’t be moved until Mom’s give the passphrase, ‘Your socks are on the floor!’ You can see my problem right?”

Actually I did. Dad would never move his socks until Mom yelled at him too. He would let the pile of socks grow into a mountain if she wasn’t around.

We bantered a long time, and he did not even ask for sex. I forgot completely about sex. This guy was fun to talk to. We talked about celebrities, local news around him, and frogs (long story).

My brother called, and I reassured him I had not even left the house. Yet, this guy online was almost sixty miles away. Hmmm.

Finally, he asked, “Want some company tonight, it’s Friday.”

I couldn’t let him come to me, everyone in town would know a stranger’s car in the driveway.

“I do, how about I come to you?” I asked.

“I guess, but that means I will have to pick up my own socks. Ugh, the horror.” He said.

He sent me his address and his cell number. I didn’t volunteer mine, and it didn’t seem to bother him.

I told him two to three hours, but my yellow summer dress flew on body. Jeans were the normal in this area, but I wanted to look higher class than the locals.

I had a difficult time starting my brother’s car, but eventually it did start.

Stupid thoughts ran through my head, and I could not understand why I threw caution to wind and still drove to meet him. It was just his online presence that drew me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, and had I listened to my inner voice I would have not even started the car and left the ranch.

When I pulled into the parking lot of the address, I was confused.

The parking lot was of an upscale hotel. I had some fear about the location, so I called him. He answered in a pleasant tone, and did not invite me in.

In fact, we talked on the phone for almost half an hour. I felt at ease, this guy did not appear to be a serial killer on the phone. So I finally said, “Why don’t you come out, so we can meet in the parking lot.”

“Good idea, that way I can run away if you turn out to be a guy in drag.” He said. I hung up the phone and laughed. No, I was not a guy in drag.

I waited, but not long.

There he was. Slender and looking from afar just like his picture. He had not lied to me. He was obviously a white guy. For a brief moment I remembered I had not told him I was black. It didn’t matter to me, but did it to him?

He was tall, maybe exactly his six foot height he described in his profile. He didn’t look overweight, no visible fat showing outside his clothes. Yet, I remembered his profile as stating ten pounds overweight. It didn’t show.

He had green eyes, and clean shaven face. His full head of black hair cut short made his head look normal. He said thirty four in his profile, but he looked younger, maybe twenty eight to me.

His chest was bigger than his waistline, and his forearms looked thick and muscular from where they showed under his short sleeved blue t shirt. His brown shorts stopped at the knees, revealing a nice set of toned calves.

I was attracted to those legs, and I didn’t understand why. I got out of the car and walked towards him.

He stood there looking at me approach, watching me.

Then he spoke as I as I got closer, “Excuse me, Miss America, have you seen an obese woman with hair spikes and tattoos?”

I hesitated. Was that what he had considered me on the phone, or the earlier chat? The body language he displayed seemed relaxed. I was tense.

“It is me John, Jackie.” I said. He stepped closer. “Are you sure you are eighteen?” he asked shyly.

“Huh?” I said.

“It is nothing personal, but you look very young and beautiful, and ….”

I pulled out my license from my purse and showed him, later realizing that might have been a mistake without asking for his. How stupid was I? I just forgot, in my defense.

I was expecting a direct invitation to his room, after all that was why he invited me, wasn’t it?

“Ok, look, I haven’t eaten; care to join me in some Italian food before you go home? There is a great place down the street.”

Food. I had not thought of food the entire trip here. I wasn’t sure. I didn’t really want a full date, but it couldn’t hurt.

“That would be great.” My stomach concurred.

He walked over to a nearby car, got in, and started it. He got out, and kaçak iddaa then came back to me. “Here, wait in my car with the AC on, and I will go get my wallet.”

He pulled me over to the passenger side, and opened the door for me. I got into the stranger’s car.

The car was running. I could have driven away in it easily. I didn’t move from my seat, and just looked at the key dangling in the steering column. It took him maybe ten minutes to return.

He returned wearing blue jeans and a collared grey shirt. He got in, and said, “You got here sooner than I expected. I think I should have coordinated with you beforehand what I was wearing. That outfit makes you like a fashion model with that dress, and all I brought with me was casual clothes. Don’t worry though; from now on I will picture you as vagrant trying to steal my wallet.”

I relaxed. He did not seem anxious about meeting me in shorts and a t shirt, but with him talking about clothes; it was a very safe topic.

The drive was short, and dinner was excellent. Never in my life had I laughed so much while eating food. We had this vibe going. Every time I talked, I felt like he connected with me. It was a natural progression back to his hotel, and to his room. There was a sexual tension in just the way he behaved around me. He wasn’t timid about teasing me, or disagreeing with me. That was important, that he had his own mind.

We went back to the hotel and up to his room. After he closed his room’s door behind me, he took my hand.

He touched his face with my hand, and started to kiss my fingers. His smile was infectious.

I was nervous though as he came in for a kiss on my lips. What was he thinking? I wanted him to desire me, but not rush me.

I was expecting a small kiss, and got a full blown lip lock with tongue interplay. Wow! I mean, he just knew. The kissing continued a long time. I don’t even remember when I placed my arms around his neck. His hands had moved to my hips, and I melted in his embrace as he lightly pinned me to the wall right next to the door he had just closed moments before.

When I bit his lip, he touched my left nipple through my blouse and bra. He hand was firm and solid. I am not sure what I was supposed to feel. What I told myself though was, “OMG! This is really happening.”

He got braver and braver, and every new area of his touch excited me. Soon, his hands were touching my bare breasts under my clothes and his lips were kissing the left side of my neck. “Yesssssss.” I hissed.

He was so quiet. Maybe it was because his kisses never stopped. Maybe it was because I couldn’t hear him over my own pleasure.

I don’t think I moved, but I felt his strong right hand under my dress and between my legs. He was sliding a finger between my panties and my pussy. I trembled as I felt the roughness of his touch down there. The difference between my own fingers and his was dramatic.

“I am glad you had dinner with me.” He said as I felt his finger go into my sex.

“I…” Shit, this felt so good. “… liked it.” He hooked his finger in my pussy and sawed part of his digit against my clit. I came. I fell and shook on the floor as he stood above me.

He had a wry grin on his face and I calmed down a little. “You know, if you want to lie down, I have a big bed.” He pointed to the next room.

I just looked up at him and smiled. Was he supposed to catch me? The absurdity of me falling down made me realize he had no real hold on me. I nodded my head.

He bent down, and picked me off the floor. He helped me rise to my feet, and glided with me to the bed which was in the adjacent room. I was still wobbly as he undressed me.

I was fully naked as he lightly eased me to the bed. Damn, that was freaking quick.

He undressed and smiled occasionally. I had to ask, “What are you thinking?”

“That you missed my socks being on the floor next to the couch in the living area.” He said.

Living area? I didn’t even remember looking around in the room. My thoughts and feelings were on his lips and hands. The air in the room was cool, and when he finally removed his boxers I got my first look at his dick.

I had seen porn before, and had looked at big dicks, but they didn’t seem real. His was real, and it fit him. It was proportional to his body, and that just made it sexy for me.

My perception was slightly confused, because he had really nice looking muscular arms. I was attracted to his arms and not his cock. I could make out strong shoulders and when he approached his thigh muscles flexed. I got wet, and embarrassed by it. I know I had already orgasmed, but the sight of his legs made me feel wet down there, even more than when I was standing up being fingered.

He crawled onto the bed and we locked in a naked embrace. We rolled and touched all over each other’s bodies. Just the look of the contrast of his hands on my breasts created more sexual tension for me. My breathing rate increased with every new placement of his hands on my body.

His kaçak bahis kisses continued along the right side of my body as I tried to mirror his actions. I felt clumsy as my hands would reach out to him and some touches tickled him. He would laugh if my fingers touched near his ears or near his hips.

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck raise when he touched an erogenous spot on my body. The inside of my elbow seemed to be one. The back of my thighs was another. I thought my ass would be another, but it wasn’t. He liked touching my ass, but I kept moving his hands nearer to my pussy or thighs.

I loved his touch on my thighs and pussy because he would lick and kiss my nipples at the same time. When he would tease my black curly pubic hairs with his fingers I felt hot chills. The only downside was he would stop too soon. The cycle of his hand movements seemed random and my mind emptied of questions. The word “Yes” echoed in my brain continually. I knew I was purring and I got more aggressive moving my hands over his body.

He tensed when I yanked on his cock. I could feel his hands get more forceful, and that excited me more. Not the feel of his cock in my hands, but how intense his hand movements became with each caress along his member. I thought maybe he was getting close.

He pulled away, and I was frustrated and horny before both of us came. I don’t know why, but I wanted more touch. I wanted to feel more of his skin next to mine. The contrast of his white skin to my black skin was so exotic to watch and feel. I was on fire from the earlier coupling.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I am going to taste you.” He said.

I tensed. He moved to the foot of the bed, and pulled my legs apart. My sex was exposed to him. What did he think of my pussy? He was the first man to actually see it. Did he notice how I trimmed it? I looked at him and his dick jumped as he looked back at me. That must be a good sign.

It felt ticklish as he had wrapped his hands around my ankles, and I didn’t like it. I was about to say something when he let go. Then slid his hands upwards and massaged my thighs. My skin was burning from the touch of his hands. I was on the verge of having an orgasm with just his touch around my thighs.

I don’t know what he was thinking, but I was thinking something really stupid. What if he thinks I am disgusting down there? What will I do? I have seen videos of a guy going down on a girl and girls sucking dick, but I have never experienced either to this point in my life. My so called friends at school talked about it a lot. Don’t think about those bitches, be in the moment.

Now I was over sixty miles away from home. I was lying naked on a stranger’s hotel room bed and I thought I could hear him smelling my pussy of all things. Why would he do that? Then I felt his lips.

He kissed my pussy so gently at first that I barely registered it. Then he grew more forceful and I felt tingles up my spine. I was so nervous I thought I couldn’t come, but John was so fucking good at eating my pussy I squished after a few moments. His tongue was amazing; no wonder people like oral so much.

My clit throbbed and pulsed and I thought I had peed on him. Holy shit I was so embarrassed. I was on the verge of crying when I heard him finally say something.

“Yum.” He said, and I relaxed. “That was a fun surprise.”

“I am so sorry.” I said.

He laughed with my juice running down his chin. I cringed.

“Baby, relax, it was unexpected, but you didn’t pee. You just squirted.” He said confidently.

Instead of easing my fears, “What do you mean?” I asked. I felt stupid for asking him; after all it was my body. I don’t remember doing that before when I masturbated in my baths.

He looked at me weird. I could tell he was thinking.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“We can stop now, if you want.” He said softly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Your body language tells me you are stressed.”

“I have never felt like that before.” I said seriously.

“Did you like it?”

I didn’t have to think on my answer. “Yes, it felt really good. So, what’s next?”

He laughed. My body could almost not take the roller coaster of emotions from stressed to relaxed when he finally laughed. Thank God he laughed.

He got off the bed, opened a drawer on the night stand closer to bathroom.

He pulled out three condom packages. I inhaled – it was really going to happen. My nervousness stole my earlier excitement.

He broke one package open, then rolled the pink latex on his hard dick. I just watched, grateful he was taking care of this part. I was so stupid, not remembering to even bring a condom. I had a ten, but I thought I still might to use it for gas getting back.

He approached me waving his cock and smiling.

“Ok baby, it’s my turn.” He said.

“How do you want me?” I asked.

“On top to start.” He said confidently. I was not so sure.

He laid down and lifted me on top of him. I was nose to nose to him. Looking into his beautiful eyes, I could tell he wanted something. I could feel his dick pressing on my sex. “What happens next?” was what I was thinking. He didn’t move initially, but then I felt his hands grab my ass.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32