Getting Intimate with a Pillow

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In the haze of between sleep and awakening, there is a sexual hum humming throughout my body. Night time just seems to bring out the lust. Lust is coursing through my veins. Soft skin still fresh from a cleansing bubble bath yearns for that intimate touch. A touch that can send my lust from neutral gear to overdrive.

I’m sandwiched between my mattress and the soft cotton sheet draped over my body. My hand, my ever faithful lover and so true, lazily cups my breast. My hand stays there for a moment feeling the natural soft pillow in my hand. My fingers move up and over my erect nipple until it is in between my pointer and middle fingers. The nipple rubs from the crevice of the fingers to the nails over and over and over again. The other hand over my panties is cupping my mound creating a super protective shield. I rock gently back and forth on my hand for a bit. Just rocking. Rocking. Rocking. Letting out a long dissatisfied breath. I feel as if it is not enough. I crave more. My body craves more.

I grab the fluffy pillow next to me and stuff it in between my legs. I position myself to lay on my side. While still in my panties, I rock back and forth on the pillow. Back and forth. I rock as if I’m on kaynarca escort a mechanical bull. My arm goes up as if I’m trying to keep my balance with my hand gripping the headboard of the bed. Yet, the pillow is not positioned right to hit the spot I need. What to do? What to do? In a fit of mild frustration, a lightbulb moment comes on revealing what I must do.

Like a slave to my desire I hastily remove the pillow and quickly take off my lace panties. I throw the panties haphazardly somewhere in my room, not caring where they land. The lustful side of me wants to be satisfied. I breathe in and out while laying on my back. In and out and in and out. The breathing centers me again and the horniness comes back to full lustful zen center, causing me to try the soft pillow yet again.

My body goes back to the horizontal position and I replace the fluffy soft goodness between my legs until the edge of the pillow is firmly positioned right smack dab in between my pussy lips. Ah, that’s better! I take a moment to twist one of my nipples. Twist. Twist. Twist. I flick the nipple with the edge of my nail causing a shiver to work all the way down to my inner pussy. My hips rock back and forth on the pillow. orhanlı escort Back and forth. Faster goes my hips back and forth. Back and forth. My hips circle a bit to get a different motion going. I bite my lower lip hard. Hard enough to cause indentation from my teeth.

The position of the pillow is definitely right, because I’m beginning to feel the rise of the orgasm thermometer go up. Up and up it goes. I continue with the rocking. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Oh so fast do they rock as if my hips know what my pussy craves. My mouth opens up with soft moans escaping out. My hips circle. Circle. Circle. Rock. Rock. Rock.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck!” I say huskily.

I grab my nipple and pull. I pull with just a bit of my nails pinching them causing me to hiss. I reposition myself until I’m on my stomach, while keeping the pillow firmly fixed between my legs, my pussy lips, never losing contact. They are magnetize together. They can never part. I rock back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth I go. Hips gyrating. Gyrating.

The momentum increases and the moans coming from my mouth get louder. I grab my ass squeezing each cheek hard. I squeeze hard enough to leave tepeören escort nail indentations on them. I even smack my own ass. Biting my lower lip, I gyrate harder into the pillow. Gyrating. Gyrating. The orgasm thermometer is reaching to its highest point. I can’t stop moving. My hips are possessed now. Nothing can stop it now. Nothing. It’s as if my hips and my pussy has a mind of its own. Their only goal is to bring me to my climax so that the orgasm thermometer can break wide open. I want it to break wide open. So, I continue to rock. Rocking back and forth. Gyrate. Oh gyrating. Rocking. Rocking in that rapid back and forth motion. The red hot orgasm mercury reaches to its ultimate peak of the thermometer to where it has nowhere to go, but to explode.

So, I explode with a loud scream of a “Fuck. Fuck! Fuck. Fuck!”

I remove the pillow and place it underneath my head smelling my own sexual perfume. A satisfied soft hmm escapes my lips. My hand moves to feel the wetness between my legs and I contentedly smile. I place two finger into my pussy. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. My free hand’s thumb goes into my mouth and I suck. I suck pretending it’s a dick. So, I suck and suck. Licking around my thumb. Sucking. Licking. All the while I continue to go in and out, in and out with my fingers. A mini orgasm erupts with a satisfied sigh. All my mind and body wants to do now is go to a place where erotic fantasy dreams begin. Night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32